Cardarine for Sale

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Cardarine (GW501516) has quickly built up a reputation as a superb fat burner or cutting compound, as well as a serious performance booster.

Cardarine for Sale
Cardarine for Sale

You might have read about this SARM and how powerful it is, but did you know that Cardarine is not actually a SARM at all? That’s right, chemistry types call this one a PPAR Agonist. It works a bit differently to SARMs and is not actually anabolic, while SARMs have high anabolic activity.

But that doesn’t mean Cardarine isn’t of great interest to bodybuilders and athletes. Technicalities aside, what we really care about is what Cardarine can do and it turns out, Cardarine does quite a lot and the fact it’s a PPAR agonist does give it some benefits over your standard SARM.

But it’s no secret that Cardarine has been the subject of some alarming research and this can lead you to rightly question whether you should use it at all. Read on to find out all you need to know about buying and using Cardarine.

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Cardarine Benefits (Effects)

GW501516 is primarily used by people who want a reduction in body fat, and for its performance benefits.

Cardarine Effects
Cardarine Effects

This compound is essentially capable of modifying the way fat is used by the body and this makes it one of the top choices for those with fat loss as a primary goal.

Fat burning

One of Cardarine’s main function is to alter the metabolism and the way energy is used by the body. This is appealing for those of us wanting a non-steroid method of burning fat efficiently, while being able to maintain energy while eating a calorie controlled diet.

It’s often said that Cardarine will make substantial fat loss possible with little work, but if you’re serious about reducing body fat you will want to use Cardarine with the right type of diet and doing the right type of consistent training. In other words, Cardarine should not be thought of as a fat loss miracle that requires no work on your part.


Cardarine is a very powerful endurance booster. Some people will use it solely for this benefit, which makes it possible to ramp up workouts and especially where you’re cutting and on a calorie deficit diet.

In those cases, energy can deplete and you can find it hard to maintain a high level of exercise intensity. It’s interesting to note that this endurance benefit was discovered by accident during research, but it’s now the very activity that holds so much appeal for athletes and cardio enthusiasts, even more so than for bodybuilders.

Improved nutrient efficiency

By encouraging the use of fat as the main source of energy instead of glucose, Cardarine naturally encourages the efficient burning of fat and does so quickly with body fat loss of 10lbs or more possible on a standard cycle.

Users carrying a lot of body fat who commit to a serious Cardarine cycle can see much more substantial fat loss: Caradrine results such as 30lbs body weight loss has been reported in some individuals.


If you’re used to using compounds that negatively change your cholesterol levels, it’s pleasing to find out that Cardarine can actually have the opposite effect. It can cause an increase in HDL levels, while promoting a decrease in LDL levels.

Some users will even include Cardarine in a stack mainly for its cholesterol supportive effects and to offset the cholesterol damage caused by some SARMs and steroids.

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Cardarine Side Effects

Cardarine is remarkably side effect friendly for most people. It’s never possible to predict if you will experience any adverse effects, and some users do see issues pop up that are considered uncommon (and usually mild and temporary). As always, higher doses will always raise the risk of adverse Cardarine effects.

Overall, Cardarine is well tolerated and many users note that they have zero negative effects.

Mild headaches and fatigue type symptoms are sometimes experienced, especially early in the cycle. This is usually thought to just be an individual response to a new substance and rarely will these side effects linger on for more than a week or so.

Cardarine is a highly valued compound for body recomposition goals, as well as general body fat loss and physique enhancement cycles that the lack of estrogenic type side effects makes it almost perfect for such use – without the risk of water retention you can aim for an exceptionally ripped, defined and vascular physique.

Androgenic effects are also not possible with Cardarine, as it has no steroid properties so therefore does not bind to any androgen receptors. Hair loss and acne won’t be an issue with Cardarine, which is a welcome relief if you’ve used just about any other cutting or performance enhancing SARM or steroids.

Cardarine isn’t known to pose a risk to the liver when used as a sole compound.

And when it comes to cardiovascular side effects, Cardarine is known to have the opposite effect: it can actually improve your cholesterol levels.

So without any of the major traditional side effects to worry about, what raises the most concern with anyone thinking of using Cardarine is the knowledge that it resulted in serious and widespread cancerous tumor growth in rodents at high doses. This led to the abandonment of Cardarine for medical research for obvious reasons.

No one can say that Cardarine is not going to be a cancer risk for any user in the long run. The most current and widespread recommendation coming from the community of Cardarine users is to keep the risks in mind if you do want to this substance and to maintain a sensible cycle and dosage schedule.

A dose of 10mg to 20mg over a 6 to 8 week cycle is considered moderate and it’s a sensible strategy not to exceed this usage.

Where To Buy Cardarine?

Liquid Cardarine is widely available and can easily be purchased from online suppliers. Mostly these are sold as 30ml bottles at a concentration of 20mg of Cardarine per milliliter of liquid.

The supplied dropper makes it easy to measure out a dosage if you plan to take 20mg each day. Alternatively, you will be able to find products at 10mg/ml which makes it simpler to take a lower dose.

It’s become increasingly common for SARMs and other compounds like Cardarine to also be produced in capsule form. This can have its pros and cons, but the choice is mainly a matter of convenience and personal preference.

Swallowing a capsule is quick and easy, and might be preferable for you compared to dropping liquid under your tongue.

Some regular supplement makers sell a capsule form of Cardarine, but you need to look closely at the ingredients list to discover whether it’s a pure Cardarine-only capsule or if other ingredients are included.

The most common capsule concentrations are 10mg or 20mg of Cardarine per capsule, making it easy to measure out your daily dose (usually one or two capsules daily).

Suppliers will usually label this compound as Cardarine, but often use the name GW501516 as well so it’s important to be familiar with alternative names.

Whichever form of Cardarine you prefer – capsule or liquid – where to buy it comes down to where you’re located, the reliability of the supplier, and the cost.

Pharmaceutical Grade Cardarine for Sale

As Cardarine has no FDA or other approval for any form of medical use – and likely never will due to the alarming cancer developments in rodent testing – there is no manufacturing of Cardarine in any pharmaceutical labs anywhere in the world.

It is available exclusively as a research only chemical and this will be the closest you can get in quality to pharmaceutical grade.

Research chemical companies will sometimes have their products purity checked by third party testing facilities, and provide the documentation online. Many will then promote their Cardarine as being 99% purity (and sometimes 99.9%), but you should still do your due diligence as there is little in the way of stopping suppliers from making these claims.

The best way to have the most confidence in buying top quality Cardarine is to stick with tried and tested SARMs suppliers who have a long term positive reputation among the bodybuilding community.

Underground Lab Cardarine for Sale

If you have experience in buying anabolic steroids from underground labs, you might think to look there for SARMs and other similar compounds like Cardarine.

But due to the fact that Cardarine is technically legal for research chemical labs to sell, there is not often a need to seek out underground sources.

Cardarine is a compound with high popularity in the bodybuilding and fitness community so the majority of research lab suppliers will find it beneficial to keep in stock, making it almost unnecessary for Cardarine to be produced and sold by underground suppliers.

If you do come across underground lab produced Cardarine, the same checks and balances should be carried out to determine (as well as you possibly can) that the Cardarine is high purity.

However underground sellers are unlikely to take the steps that research chemical labs do in having their Cardarine purity tested by third party labs and there is nothing stopping these suppliers from promoting their products as 99% purity even if it does not come close to that.

As always, it’s buyer beware but your best bet to find the highest quality Cardarine is to stick to then most reputable research chemical lab suppliers rather than hitting the underground market.

Typical Pricing

Cardarine is still sold by a large number of suppliers, so with its wide availability there’s a good amount of competition to keep pricing at a reasonable level.

Cardarine is a compound we would normally use for about 8 weeks so it’s not going to be a major financial investment, but you will still want to shop around and compare pricing because a higher price does not always translate to higher quality.

Capsules and liquid will come in at different price points, but the main thing to look for with either of these formats is the concentration or dosage contained in either the liquid or capsule. From there you can calculate what your required total dosage for a cycle will be, and buy the right quantity.

Cardarine in both liquid and capsule will usually have a recommended shelf life of about 2 years when kept in ideal conditions so it’s possible to stock up for a few cycles at once and save money.

Liquid Cardarine in 30ml bottles at 20mg/ml can often be found for around $60, while a bottle of 50x20mg capsules will be similarly priced. Cardarine is therefore one of the lower cost non-anabolic steroid compounds we can use.

Availability of Cardarine and Legality

Cardarine can be thought of similarly to SARMs as far as its legal status and availability goes.

So while it’s a banned substance by all international sporting authorities, it is generally legal for personal use in most countries including the United States, Canada and the UK.

You can therefore easily find Cardarine for sale, and the easiest method is to simply purchase over the internet from a reputable supplier. There’s virtually no need to buy from black market or underground suppliers in countries where SARMs are legal, and doing so will just raise the risk of not getting genuine Cardarine.

Cardarine is sold as a research only chemical and not for human consumption and you will that disclaimer on most products.

However currently there is not known to be any notable oversight over who is buying and selling compounds like Cardarine and you will rarely have to worry about running into legal issues.

If however you plan to compete in any type of events where there’s drug testing, Cardarine will be tested for and treated at the same level as anabolic steroids.

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Stacking Cardarine

Cardarine has a good range of versatile effects that can make it a valuable addition to different types of stacks. Sometimes it’s used in more of a supportive role to boost endurance and provide cholesterol support.

But where it takes a lead role is in stacks focused on fat loss and body recomposition and for those goals we have a good number of other compounds, including SARMs, that will stack well with Cardarine.

For a hardcore endurance and fat loss stack, Cardarine and SR9009 (Stenabolic) is a powerful combination for achieving simultaneous fat loss with increased muscle mass for an overall leaner, chiselled look that’s perfect for physique competitors.

Stenabolic is known to increase the metabolism and promote muscle recovery but fat loss is the big benefit of this stack. You can see body fat loss of 5 pounds or more within just the first two weeks with these fast acting compounds.

Ostarine and Cardarine is another popular stack for more pronounced fat loss with Ostarine on its own being an excellent cutting SARM. You will see more side effects this combo though, although Cardarine will be able to offset some of the negative cholesterol effects caused by Ostarine.

This isn’t a stack that will build much muscle at all in men, although women can see some nice lean gains. On a moderate calorie deficit diet you can expect excellent muscle definition and anywhere from 10-30lbs of dropped body fat depending on your current physique.

One of the concerns when stacking Cardarine, especially with any compounds which are liver toxic, is the knowledge that Cardarine itself promotes cellular proliferation (which is potentially related to its tumor causing activity in rodents). So any toxicity issues caused by compounds being stacked with Cardarine may be amplified with faster hepatotoxic effects.

Although most healthy people won’t find it this to be a big problem as long as the cycle is kept to a moderate length, those with existing liver issues will want to avoid any Cardarine stack involving other hepatotoxic compounds.


How long does it take for Cardarine to start working?

Cardarine is a very fast acting compound with a half life of under 24 hours. Noticeable body fat loss should start being seen after the first week, but this will heavily depend on your diet and exercise. You should notice a boost to endurance and energy within just your first day of taking Cardarine.

How long can you cycle Cardarine?

There’s no standard rule on how long a Cardarine cycle should be but many users will keep in mind the issue of cancer development in rodent studies, and so limit cycles to minimize risk. Most Cardarine cycles will be between 6 and 8 weeks long, but some users will run Cardarine for 10 or 12 weeks to meet certain goals.

When should you take Cardarine?

The time of day you take Cardarine is not so important, but it should be taken at the SAME time everyday so you maintain a consistent level. Larger doses such as 20mg can be split into a twice daily administration.

What does Cardarine do for athletes?

Cardarine provides a massive boost to endurance and one of the ways it does this is to boost oxygen and nutrients to slow twitch muscle fibers, which staves off fatigue for longer during exercise. The big boost to muscular endurance as well as fat loss are Cardarine’s two main benefits for athletes.

Do you need PCT for Cardarine?

Cardarine does not affect testosterone function so you won’t need to do any PCT after using it. But if you stack Cardarine with any SARM or steroid that does cause suppression you’ll need to plan for a PCT cycle.

Does Cardarine increase recovery?

Cardarine can have some benefits for improving recovery after exercise by helping more oxygen get to the muscles. Some users note while on Cardarine their recovery times reduce and there’s a decrease in muscle soreness after intensive workouts.

How effective is Cardarine for cardio?

Cardarine is extremely beneficial for cardio exercise, in fact that’s considered it’s biggest benefit.

You will notice that where you previously got fatigued during cardiovascular training, on Cardarine you can push well past your normal limits and keep on working out.

This will lead to more fat burning but you should also notice some improved cardio performance even after finishing a Cardarine cycle, as long as you maintain regular exercise.

Do you take Cardarine everyday?

Yes Cardarine should be taken everyday of your cycle. It has a short half life so it’s recommended to take your dosage at the same time each day, or to split it into two and take half in the morning and half in the evening. A break of several months is recommended in between Cardarine cycles.

My Conclusion and Recommendation

Cardarine works very well and if you have a need for its amazing cardio benefits and fat burning effects then I can completely understand the temptation to use it, or to continue using it. After all, this is one substance that we can get through a cycle with almost no ill effects.

But that’s only the things that you can see or feel – what about the longer term ramifications of Cardarine?

This is the only thing we know: we do not know what the long term risks of Cardarine are going to be. Anything that has caused cancer in testing, even if it’s not in humans, is a frightening prospect. And Cardarine is something most of us don’t want to use just once.

Endurance, performance and fat burning are not things you want to enjoy for just a few months and then never again. That’s why regular Cardarine cycles are the only way of getting maximum benefit. I for one am no longer comfortable using Cardarine on a regular basis, given all the unknown risks.

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