Cardarine Results

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Cardarine (GW-501516) is one of those compounds that splits opinions straight down the middle. Some people rave about GW-501516 and think it’s one of the best performance enhancers available, while others swear they won’t even touch it because of the scary scientific literature that’s out there.

Cardarine Results
Cardarine Results

Then there are some others in the middle who have tried it once or twice and couldn’t see what much of the fuss was about.

I think I’ve been on all sides of the Cardarine debate. It’s definitely an exciting compound in terms of what it does. There’s no question that Cardarine is great for boosting cardiovascular performance, but there’s a dark side to Cardarine and we ignore it at our own peril.

Despite this, plenty of people are still looking to buy Cardarine. After all, with so many people sharing their incredible results the temptation to try Cardarine is strong.

What results can YOU get with Cardarine, and does it make it worth using this compound? Are there better alternatives to consider instead? Find out all about Cardarine results and what it can and can’t do for you.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of SARMs.

Cardarine Benefits

Cardarine comes with a list of benefits, but the two main ones will appeal to athletes and anyone wanting to lose some fat without using steroids.

Cardarine Effects
Cardarine Effects

Endurance and stamina increases are the biggest benefits of Cardarine and that’s why this is a compound that is often more appealing to athletes, sporting participants and cardio junkies than bodybuilders who want to bulk up. With that said, carefully planned bulking stacks can strategically take advantage of Cardarine as a supportive compound.

Cardiovascular improvements come on quickly with Cardarine. Many people report noticing improvements within the first day, and after a week you’ll be training like a different person. Cardarine increases muscle cell ATP production, and ATP essentially provides the energy you need to move and use your muscles.

Cardarine can modify how the body uses energy, especially when it comes to using fat instead of glucose for energy. The obvious result of this is faster fat burning than you could possibly get through just dieting and exercise alone.

Cardarine usually reduces recovery time, and can also boost your mood and mental energy. It can be stacked with other SARMs and anabolic steroids and this is often how it’s used because it can fit into a cycle that is designed for almost any purpose.

Importantly, Cardarine is NOT a stimulant and that’s a benefit for anyone who prefers to avoid stimulant substances that cause increased heart rate and other negative effects.

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Cardarine Results

Your Cardarine results will be just as dependent on Cardarine’s effects as they are on the efforts you put in. Thinking of taking Cardarine and sitting back hoping fat will drop off? Not going to happen.

Or not willing to take advantage of Cardarine’s substantial boost to endurance by extending your workouts, training, or sports performance? You’d be wasting your time using it.

But if you’re prepared to go the distance, you’re unlikely to be disappointed with the results.

Cardarine Results for Men

Men will enjoy amazing endurance benefits on a Cardarine cycle. Big endurance boosts means a new capacity for working out, training, playing sports, running or just doing anything that involves pushing your cardiovascular system to the limit. Men aren’t going to see substantial muscle gains on Cardarine, it’s just not that type of compound.

You could burn a nice amount of fat, in the 5lbs range. But most men use Cardarine to run further, beat times, and just train harder. Whichever other compounds you stack Cardarine with, its ability to push cardio performance further is going to multiply the results you’d normally get with any other compound.

Cardarine really is for the dedicated performance athlete and for the person who is committed to regular, high intensity cardiovascular exercise no matter what type it is.

Cardarine Results for Women

Women will be able to see very similar results and effects from Cardarine as men do. Since Cardarine is not a steroid and has no steroid-like properties, its activity in the body is not male or female specific.

Naturally, women will also see the level of results that correspond with the associated training and diet using in a Cardarine cycle. If you’re a runner, you will able to run further and harder before tiring.

Same goes for cycling and any other long distance endurance sports. Even just heading to the gym on the treadmill will see you smashing through previous records and women will find noticeable fat loss within the first month of using Cardarine if your diet supports this goal.

Despite its effectiveness, it’s widely believed that Anavar (an anabolic steroid) is a better and safer option than Cardarine for women.

Anavar is the most mild and female friendly steroid and its use at low doses can result in no side effects for women. It’s also not known to have a cancer risk like Cardarine and that’s the main reason many women will select Anavar instead of Cardarine.

Lean Muscle Mass Results

Cardarine has some anabolic effect and this can lean to small gains in lean muscle. But since most people will use Cardarine for the purpose of losing fat, a low calorie diet is usually consumed and this is hardly compatible with putting on muscle.

One study showed a small gain in lean muscle of 2.8lbs over 12 weeks at 10mg dosage. So Cardarine can certainly not be considered a compound to use for any serious bulking purpose; at least not on it’s own.

If stacking Cardarine with any SARMs or steroids that promote more powerful lean gains, it can play a useful supporting role for increasing endurance and cardiovascular performance.

For the minority who might want to see how much muscle can be gained with Cardarine alone, many will find the mild to moderate gains to at least be clean and long lasting. There won’t be any water retention and the gains will contribute to increased muscular definition and vascularity.

Cardarine’s muscle retention benefit is also important to note. You should not see any muscle loss while intensively burning up calories with your new found endurance and stamina.

Fat Loss Results

Fat loss results with Cardarine will vary. If you just take Cardarine but put little effort into working out, and don’t change your diet to facilitate weight loss then it goes without saying that your results will be disappointing. No matter how powerful Cardarine it is, if excessive calories are consumed you’re going to struggle to meet any goals.

Those with an average body shape (including being out of shape) before using Cardarine can see a significant reduction in body fat. It’s generally easier to lose fat from a normal or slightly overweight position than it is to cut down those very final percentage points. The latter will normally require a more powerful compound including steroids.

But if you’re not at the very extreme end of fat loss goals, Cardarine can have you losing 10% of your body weight over a 12 week cycle. This results in a noticeable change to body composition and muscle definition and abdominals can start becoming more prominent.

At the top end, some users report up to 8 pounds of fat loss on a shorter 8 week Cardarine cycle taking 20mg. This can rival some steroids and SARMs and even the famous fat burner Clenbuterol. But you’ll need to work hard to get that level of fat loss in such a short space of time, and work hard to keep it off once your cycle ends.

You don’t have to do a 12 week cycle of Cardarine if you aren’t comfortable with that length, because decent fat loss results can be achieved in a very short cycle. Some users find that just 4 weeks full of intensive workouts combined with a moderate Cardarine dose brings about body fat reductions in the 5% range.

As you would expect, if you want to keep that fat off once you stop using Cardarine then your diet needs to be well managed and you’ll need to keep up your cardio training.

Cardarine provides a big boost to fat loss that would otherwise take many many months to achieve, if at all, but you will still need a way to maintain your weight loss since Cardarine is not going to be a compound that you can keep using over the long term.

Endurance Results

Cardarine’s most powerful effect is its major boost to muscular endurance. Cardarine users will notice the ability to workout much longer, and at a higher intensity before fatigue starts to set in.

You’re not a mouse, but you might find it impressive that when mice were given Cardarine for three weeks their endurance was measured to increase by 68%.

If you’re already fit and regularly partake in something like long distance running, this can be a substantial boost and will have you beating your regular times early on in the cycle.

What’s most impressive is that your cardio gains come on almost instantly after taking your first dose. That means you can get right into it from the very first day of a cycle.

You will notice your regular workouts just feel easier. At the point you’d usually need to stop, you’ll feel that there’s still plenty of fuel left in the tank and you can just keep going.

These effects will be considerable for most people. Of course, you will need to be pushing yourself to the limit during training to even notice this.

Improved Cholesterol

Cardarine has shown it can raise good levels of cholesterol while reducing levels of bad cholesterol. This is a benefit we rarely see with any performance enhancing compound.

Even at low doses of 10mg per day, one study showed an LDL decrease of 7%, and an impressive increase in HDL cholesterol levels by 17%.

There’s another side to Cardarine’s cholesterol benefits: this can be a compound you use for cholesterol support when using substances that cause cholesterol to increase.

Steroids are notorious for their negative impacts on cholesterol, sometimes to dangerous levels. Some SARMs also have similar effects. By stacking Cardarine with substances that result in negative cholesterol effects, the risk to cardiovascular health may be reduced.

Trenbolone is a prime example of stacking Cardarine to get a cholesterol benefit. Tren comes with serious cholesterol risks and some people avoid using it for that reason.

The inclusion of Cardarine can make Trenbolone a more usable substance for anyone who would otherwise avoid it for this reason.

Cardarine Reviews

There’s no shortage of reviews being shared by Cardarine users. There’s reviews right across the spectrum ranging from exceedingly positive and joyful at the results, to disappointed and discouraged.

Plus those in the middle who feel they got somewhat OK results, but can probably do better with other compounds.

Positive Reviews

There are thousands of comments, reviews, experiences and before and after photos shared about Cardarine. The majority lean towards the positive, which could be expected with a compound that normally doesn’t cause immediate side effects that can otherwise tar the experience of using it.

People can focus on progress and results rather than mitigating debilitating side effects as is so often the case with other substances.

Increased cardio capacity and fat loss are, as expected, the results that everyone focuses on and there’s a strong pattern of people who are involved in regular intensive sports like martial arts and long distance cycling and running who are finding Cardarine’s endurance benefits to be substantial.

Negative Reviews

It can be surprising that a lot of the negative reviews about Cardarine are not focused on side effects so much, but on lack of results. Some people believe it is just not effective enough to justify using.

Some of these people might be experienced steroid users who are used to more powerful results, and find their Cardarine results disappointing by comparison.

Others use Cardarine and expect extreme fat loss within a short space of time. Those sorts of expectations will often lead to disappointment.

People who are solely focused on fat burning will often state that Cardarine is a great option for endurance athletes, but there are better choices for fast and extreme fat burning.

All in all, negative reviews of Cardarine are so often based on personal expectations and even misunderstandings of what it can and can’t do. In the end, Cardarine is always going to be more suitable for some people than for others.

Stacking Results

Cardarine is flexible and versatile enough that it can be included in any stack that aims to achieve a range of goals, from cutting to purely athletic performance, to bridging stacks, body recomposition stacks, and even bulking and strength stacks.

In some of these stacks, Cardarine takes a more supportive role while in others it will be at the forefront of providing direct results. It’s all about what other steroids or SARMs you choose to combine it with.

Stacking Cardarine with any compound that causes liver stress needs to be considered with great caution because of the cellular proliferation effects of Cardarine.

Despite any risk involved, it’s common for Cardarine to be stacked with different SARMs and steroids to achieve certain goals.

One such stack is Cardarine and Ostarine. This can be a very effective cutting stack where you want to reduce body fat to quite low levels.

Achieving under 10% body fat on this stack is possible with the right diet and training if your body fat is currently around the 15% mark.

This is a low dose stack with the recommendation being using Cardarine at 15mg daily and Ostarine at 10mg per day.

Cardarine and Trenbolone might seem like an unusual stack, but as already mentioned, there’s a good reason why Cardarine can play a very beneficial role in a stack with what is probably the most powerful anabolic steroid.

This cholesterol benefit is very important, but Cardarine’s boost to endurance and stamina will have your bulking results sped up on a Trenbolone cycle simply thanks to being able to work out even longer and harder on top of those benefits that Trenbolone itself provides.

Other SARMs that can be stacked with Cardarine include Ligandrol, Andarine, Testolone, and Stenabolic.

Best Dosages for Maximum Results

Deciding on the best Cardarine dosage for maximum results will require learning from the experiences of other users, and possibly experimenting with varying doses until you hit a so called sweet spot.

Although Cardarine’s side effects are minimal or even non existent for many people, it’s still wise to keep the potential long term risks in mind when working out what dosage to use in your cycle.

Importantly, you don’t need to stick to the same dose for the entire cycle. Some users will start low then increase the dose for the end of the cycle.

After years of Cardarine being used for performance enhancement and fat loss, the consensus is that the best dosage is in the 10mg to 20mg per day range, with 25mg being at the top end.

If it’s your first ever Cardarine cycle, starting at 10mg is the smart choice. You might not even have to go beyond that level. People do get impressive fat loss results even at that low dose. Endurance will be substantially enhanced even at 10mg.

Those who choose to increase it to 20mg will see more prominent fat loss, but endurance will usually not substantially increase from what you experience at 10mg.

It’s best to evaluate your individual response before considering a higher dose, and consider running a shorter cycle if you do decide to take 20mg. Many users will find that an 8 week cycle of 10mg provides better fat loss results than a short 4 week cycle of 20mg.

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How long does it take for Cardarine to work?

Cardarine actually starts working quickly, and you’ll see some effects within the first day. But for maximum benefit expect to wait about two weeks into your cycle until the endurance boost ramps up to its full potential and you start noticing some fat loss.

How effective is Cardarine for fat loss?

Cardarine does increase fat metabolism but most of its fat loss effects come from the extra endurance you’ll have which leads to burning more calories while training.

So while Cardarine can definitely promote some fat loss, it is more of a secondary benefit and there are other compounds out there which are more powerful fat burners.

Do you need a PCT with Cardarine?

No, Cardarine does not suppress testosterone or have any effects on hormones at all. So you don’t need to do post cycle therapy when using Cardarine on its own in a cycle. If you stack Cardarine with any suppressive compounds, PCT will be required.

Does Cardarine have any side effects?

Most people won’t see any immediate side effects with Cardarine, although some users find difficulty in sleeping.

Long term cancer risk is the main hazard with Cardarine but it is still not known how high this risk is in humans who use Cardarine at moderate doses.

What is the proper Cardarine dosage?

First time users should start a low dose of 10mg and evaluate your response. The optimal dose is thought to be 20mg per day and very few people will see the need to extend the dosage beyond that level as the risks will start outweighing the benefits.

My Conclusion and Recommendation

Countless people are happy with their Cardarine results. Others find it moderately useful, while some think it holds no worthwhile benefits at all.

The big question is how many people who happily use Cardarine (and use it regularly) are aware of the past scientific research and history of this substance. I’m talking specifically about its cancer causing activity in that notorious study.

A lot of things can be ignored in our quest to use performance enhancement compounds, but when the big C word comes up (and it doesn’t happen often), you really do need to take a step back and ask, “is it worth it?”.

I really like Cardarine’s effects, but I don’t like the unknown risk. No matter how unlikely it might seem, we simply have no idea whether lower doses will result in any cancer risk over the long term.

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