LGD-4033 for Sale

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LGD-4033, or Ligandrol, is a SARM with great popularity among athletes and bodybuilders for its steroid-like effects and benefits.

LGD-4033 for Sale
LGD-4033 for Sale

With its selective targeting of androgen receptors in skeletal muscle, bone and connective tissue Ligandrol is a SARM that is used for gaining lean mass, increasing stamina and athletic performance, and several other benefits. It’s little wonder then that LGD-4033 is often called the most popular SARM among not only bodybuilders, but almost any type of athlete.

If you’re thinking about trying LGD-4033 to see what you can get out of it, where do you buy it from? How do you take LGD-4033 and how can you know that you’re buying high quality Ligandrol to get the best results? Find out all this and more below.

Author’s Note: If you decide to try Ligandrol I recommend buying it here (the source I am currently using). For those who follow me, you know I’d never steer you wrong.

LGD-4033 Benefits (Effects)

LGD-4033 is one of the very best SARMs for building muscle and strength, rivalling some anabolic steroids in its ability to provide you with some substantial bodybuilding results.

LGD-4033 Benefits (Effects)
LGD-4033 Benefits (Effects)

Even at very low doses, LGD-4033 is very effective and many users won’t ever see the need to raise the dosage of LGD-4033 beyond moderate levels (doing so will certainly bring an increased risk of side effects).

These are the most important benefits and effects of LGD-4033:

  • Muscle gains: LGD-4033 is considered the most powerful SARM but it still won’t give you massive gains like steroids, however you can easily take things to another level by stacking LGD-4033 if you wish. But even on its own, gains of 10-15lbs in a cycle are doable with the right diet and training. You don’t need a huge dose of LGD-4033, in fact lower doses are always recommended and the best gains can be seen with doses below 20mg daily.
  • Muscle Strength: Increased strength is the most prominent benefit of LGD-4033. In short time you’ll breaking through previous lifting limits and that of course means faster, bigger muscle gains. One other talked about aspect is the massive pumps people experience on LGD-4033 and that’s a very welcome benefits and something that has always been difficult to achieve without steroids.
  • Endurance: There have been more than a few instances of athletes being caught using LGD-4033 which shows just how valued it is for athletic pursuits that don’t involve bodybuilding, but rather are focused on stamina, power and endurance. These effects are also of great interest to us as bodybuilders. You’ll be able to train at a higher intensity for longer, noticing that fatigue sets in much later than it previously did.
  • Bones: LGD-4033 targets the androgen receptors in bones and its potential as a future osteoarthritis treatment tells us how effective this SARM could be in improving bone strength and bone mineral density. This helps support your resistance training, especially if you take advantage of the strength benefits of LGD-4033 and start increasing the weight you’re lifting beyond normal limits.
  • Fat loss: There are plenty of better compounds if fat loss is your primary goal, but LGD-4033 will help with maintaining muscle mass, and it can promote some fat loss through its anabolic effects with the gaining of lean muscle tissue inadvertently making it easier to burn fat at the same time.
  • Recovery: You can expect great improvement in your recovery times after intensive workouts or sport. LGD-4033 promotes faster muscle tissue healing, which ultimately leads to faster muscle gains (if that’s your goal). Regardless of what training pursuits you’re using LGD-4033 for, you will find a normal two or three day post-exercise recovery time reduces to a staggering 24 hours or so; improving efficiency and progress.

The treatment of muscle wasting and osteoporosis are the two main medical research areas of interest with Ligandrol and this gives us a good idea of what this SARM excels at. With its anabolic and anti-catabolic effects it can be used effectively for multiple purposes.

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LGD-4033 Side Effects

LGD-4033 comes with many of the similar side effects that you’d experience when using anabolic steroids. Those who are hoping for a SARM that has all the positive benefits but none of the negatives can be disappointed with LGD-4033 as this SARM is one of the more challenging ones to use when it comes to dealing with side effects.

The main LGD-4033 side effects to watch out for when using it are:

Water retention

One of the biggest downsides of LGD-4033 is its tendency to cause water retention in some users. You will often read that LGD-4033 should not cause ANY water retention; that it’s impossible for it to happen.

This points to external factors being the most likely causes rather than the activity of LGD-4033 itself. After all, this is a SARM you use to get a ripped, defined and vascular physique.

You can take some steps to reduce or even try to prevent this side effect, mainly through keeping well hydrated, eating a low sodium diet and avoiding high doses of LGD-4033.

Critically, the quality of your LGD-4033 can make all the difference here with it being possible that many fluid retention complaints being the result of low quality SARMs.

Testosterone Suppression

LGD-4033 is one of the most suppressive SARMs and suppression will happen even at the lower doses. It’s known that a dose as low as 1mg can bring about some significant testosterone suppression, so most bodybuilding dosages will cause severe suppression or shut down.

PCT is essential following a LGD-4033 cycle, using the same strategy that follows a steroid cycle. Nolvadex or Clomid, and HCG are the most effective PCT drugs of choice.

Possible liver toxicity

LGD-4033 is not though to pose a high risk to the liver. Studies to date have only produced very rare cases of liver issues and these may be unique to the individual. But as LGD-4033 is still very much under investigation in its effects, we can’t completely rule out any risk to liver function especially at higher doses.

Cholesterol levels

LGD-4033 may impact your cholesterol levels and there’s some early evidence that it can be at an alarming level in some people with a study showing a big drop in HDL good cholesterol levels even at a very low dosage.

Hair Loss and Acne

You’ll often see people saying that it’s impossible for acne or hair loss to develop from LGD-4033 because it doesn’t target androgen receptors away from muscle and bone.

However, there are some users who see a loss of hair and while it’s probably a small minority, it does mean the possibility of hair loss is there if you’re especially genetically sensitive.

The same goes for acne. The good news is that hair loss with LGD-4033 is often temporary and most guys find that it grows back. You can minimize the risk once again by avoiding high doses of LGD-4033.

Virilization in women

Females using LGD-4033 are at risk of virilizing symptoms like body hair growth and a deeper voice. Women who use this SARM at no more than 5mg daily can get by without these side effects, but each case will be different and in some individuals an even lower dose will be needed to avoid unwanted developments.

It’s important to remember that LGD-4033 is extremely effective at low doses, especially in females who can get impressive LGD-4033 results with as little as 1mg to 2mg daily.

As you would expect, the higher your dose of LGD-4033 the higher risk of any of these side effects becoming more severe. It’s considered unnecessary to use high doses of LGD-4033 to get good results and where more extreme results are desired, stacking LGD-4033 with other compounds is a more practical option with better outcomes.

We might still have more to learn about LGD-4033’s short and long term effects on health and further studies and clinical trials in future might reveal unexpected side effects that are as yet unknown. As always, using a SARM like LGD-4033 is entirely at your own risk.

Where To Buy LGD-4033?

Buying LGD-4033 is generally very easy and you will find countless online suppliers openly selling this and other SARMs. But as there is no approval for medical use for LGD-4033 anywhere in the world, it is not manufactured pharmaceutically at all.

Research labs that manufacture and sell LGD-4033 are often of high quality and many will be supplying high purity Ligandrol. But bad eggs exist, and it will be up to you to identify a good supplier so you can avoid the perils of buying poor quality LGD-4033.

Ligandrol is sold as a liquid and as a capsule. Capsule products should be especially scrutinized as they might also contain other ingredients in the form of a supplement. Sometimes these additional ingredients are not prominently displayed on the packaging, but can be found in small print.

Those wanting a pure LGD-4033 only product should stick with research grade liquid or buy it in capsule form only from the most reputable SARMs sellers.

Research chemical companies are the best place to find LGD-4033 for sale. In most countries including the US, they are legally allowed to sell SARMs as research only chemicals although there is virtually no enforcement of this regulation. This makes it easy to buy LGD-4033 for personal use.

Pharmaceutical Grade LGD-4033 for Sale

LGD-4033 is still classed as an investigational chemical which is in the research phase. This means it may or may not ever become approved for medical use, but it would need to be taken through extensive research and clinical trials prior to that ever happening.

For now, this means LGD-4033 is not manufactured in any pharmaceutical facilities anywhere in the world. Therefore pharmaceutical grade LGD-4033 does not exist and the closest we can get is to buy research grade Ligandrol.

This comes from chemical research labs who are legally allowed to provide chemicals like LGD-4033 to researchers – this might have you saying “I’m not a researcher, so how can I buy LGD-4033?”.

The gray legal area that research chemicals operate in makes it possible for anyone to purchase them online and you can easily find research lab grade (high purity) Ligandrol for sale online at reasonable prices. The best suppliers will state that their LGD-4033 comes at 99% purity, backed up by third party lab testing.

When you’re looking at online retailers who sell LGD-4033 you will almost always find the disclaimer that the SARM is being sold for “research purposes only and not for human consumption.”

This disclaimer is legally necessary, and also provides protection for the supplier in the case of any serious adverse effects on those who consume LGD-4033. You will always be taking SARMs like LGD-4033 at your own risk with the knowledge that you will not be protected by any FDA or other laws if you do suffer with any severe health implications.

Underground Lab LGD-4033 for Sale

With wide and easy availability of LGD-4033 direct from chemical research labs, few people will see the need to seek out underground sources.

These underground labs are often a necessity for anyone wanting to buy anabolic steroids in countries where very strict laws exist (such as the United States), but SARMs are legally able to be sold by research labs which makes underground lab manufacturing of LGD-4033 mostly unnecessary.

What you might come across is third party sellers, such as supplement makers, who include LGD-4033 in capsules or powders with a list of other ingredients.

Often the LGD-4033 in these products will be at a very low dose (which is not altogether useless with this powerful SARM), but the inclusion of other ingredients can bring about results or other negative side effects you did not expect.

Typical Pricing

The cost of LGD-4033 will depend on the format, brand, concentration, and country you’re purchasing from. Liquid and capsules are both commonly found.

Liquid LGD-4033 often comes in a concentration of 10mg/ml in 30ml bottles and a dropper to allow accurate measuring of your dosage. Pricing of $60-$70 for these products is typical.

Liquid formations of LGD-4033 do not require injections. They are not designed for injecting. Instead, you place your dose under the tongue and (optionally) hold it there for about 10 seconds to allow for thorough absorption before swallowing.

Capsule products of LGD-4033 will contain a fine white powder inside a standard capsule and the standard concentration is 10mg of LGD-4033 per capsule.

If you plan to take a daily dosage that differs from the standard concentrations, generally the liquid format will be easier to customize to a specific dose rather than breaking open a powder filled capsule.

Availability of LGD-4033 and Legality

With the exception of a small number of countries, LGD-4033 is widely available and straightforward to buy over the internet in much the same way as we purchase any other products online.

SARMs including LGD-4033 are not actually illegal for personal use in the US and many other countries including the UK and Canada.

This removes the serious legal risks that are found when trying to buy and use anabolic steroids as they are strictly prohibited and heavily regulated in the US.

In short you don’t need to look over your shoulder when buying and using LGD-4033. But there has been talk now and then about making SARMs illegal in these countries and that could happen at any point in future.

WADA and all sporting bodies class SARMs, including LGD-4033, as prohibited performance enhancement substances so you should follow regular drug testing protocols when using LGD-4033.

The lack of law enforcement around SARMs does come with a downside, and that is that manufacturers and sellers are not held to any standards or regulations and can essentially make claims on their LGD-4033 products without oversight from authorities.

It’s then up to you as the buyer to research and verify any supplier you’re thinking of buying LGD-4033 from, to gain an idea of their history, reliability and trustworthiness with the quality of SARMs they’re selling.

Stacking LGD-4033

Ostarine and Cardarine are two of the most commonly chosen other SARMs to stack LGD-4033 with and these are useful for a cutting cycle or for an athletics focus.

But if bulking up is your number one goal then you can hardly go past the powerhouse bulking stack of RAD-140 and LGD-4033.

These are possibly the two most potent SARMs available now and when combined can produce enormous strength gains, along with greater lean muscle gains than perhaps any other stack of SARMs.

Side effects will be more pronounced and a focus should be on monitoring cholesterol and liver values in particular, while testosterone suppression is a sure thing and PCT will be a must.

Many people swear by a LGD-4033 and MK-677 stack, even though MK-677 does come with some of the worst side effects outside of anabolic steroids.

You have dozens of options for stacking with LGD-4033 but regardless of what you choose to combine it with your Ligandrol dosage is still best kept within the 5-10mg range to minimize side effects.

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How do you take LGD-4033?

Liquid LGD-4033 is best taken by placing the once daily dosage under your tongue with a syringe, and holding it there for at least 10 seconds before swallowing. This helps it more quickly absorb into the bloodstream.

Does Ligandrol affect testosterone?

Yes this SARM will suppress your testosterone, ranging from mild suppression to heavy suppression depending on your dose, length of cycle and your health status. Most men will want to do PCT following a Ligandrol cycle, to get normal testosterone function back on track quicker.

Does LGD-4033 cause liver damage?

There’s been some evidence in small studies that LGD-4033 might cause negative impacts on the liver in some people, but little is still known about just how liver toxic LGD-4033 might or might not be. Many people are confident that LGD-4033 can be used with little to no stress to the liver.

Do you need PCT for Ligandrol?

Most men will want to do PCT after using LGD-4033 because it has strong testosterone suppression effects, even at lower doses. PCT usually runs for 30 days using Clomid or Nolvadex and HCG. Very short cycles with low doses may not require PCT but all men should pay close attention to any signs of low testosterone.

Which is better RAD-140 or LGD-4033?

Both of these SARMs are respected for their effects on muscle and strength gains and often guys will just stack them and get the full benefits of both. RAD-140 is better suited to some who find their gains are dry and lean for a shredded physique, but LGD-4033 is considered the stronger SARM for straight up muscle building.

Final Thoughts

LGD-4033 has a well earned reputation as possibly the very best SARM to use for all round results. For many of us, it’s the first SARM we tried and often the only one we might need because it covers all your needs quite well.

But the idea that SARMs come without steroid type side effects is so often repeated that we can so easily forget it’s simply not true.

As I’ve detailed above, LGD-4033 DOES come with too many side effects and while they might not be as harsh as some of the more potent steroids, you still end up spending a lot of time worrying about them and that takes time and energy away from what really matters: working out, eating well, and getting results.

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