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If you’re like me and have long hoped you would one day have another option besides steroids, then SARMs have probably got your attention.

Ostarine for Sale
Ostarine for Sale

One of the best known SARMs is Ostarine (also called MK-2866) and it appeals to athletes and bodybuilders for some very good reasons: it is an effective SARM at both promoting muscle growth and fat loss at the same time.

Depending on your personal goals, that sort of combination can mean you get an all in one compound that does a bit of everything and does it quite well without going to extremes.

But nothing is perfect, so what are the downsides of Ostarine? Do SARMs like Ostarine really come without any of the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids? And how do you go about buying it with the confidence you’re getting the best possible quality? Keep reading to find out all this and more.

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Ostarine Benefits (Effects)

In general terms we can say that Ostarine mimics many of the effects of testosterone, at least in terms of of its anabolic activity. And that is one of the most exciting prospects for SARMs being used in medical applications – experts have long wanted an alternative to steroids to treat a large number of medical ailments.

Ostarine Benefits (Effects)
Ostarine Benefits (Effects)

So while it has similarities to testosterone’s effects on the body, because Ostarine is selective in the androgen receptors it targets, it’s able to focus on receptors in skeletal muscle and bones without targeting other areas which lead to those familiar steroid related unwanted androgenic side effects. But that doesn’t mean Ostarine is totally side effect-free, as I will talk about more below.

Strength, endurance, fat burning, lean muscle growth, bone density, faster recovery – these are just some of the reasons that athletes are choosing to use Ostarine for. The most important benefits of Ostarine that will interest you are:

Fat Loss

Ostarine is one of the best options for cutting SARMs as fat loss is one of its major benefits. And rarely among any substances, Ostarine can reduce both subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Losing visceral fat can help reduce that extra bulge around the middle waist area that is often seen with steroid use. It can also keep you healthier by reducing fat build up around the liver and other organs.

Ostarine indirectly promotes an optimal metabolism (essential for losing fat), by promoting lean muscle growth while also protecting against muscle loss (catabolism) while you’re dieting.

Without this anabolic protection for your lean muscle tissue, a strict cutting diet runs the high risk of muscle catabolism and a noticeable reduction in muscle mass and body condition.

Muscle and strength gains

The treatment of muscle wasting is the primary medical research area for Ostarine, where it has shown excellent results so far in studies. So it’s no surprise that bodybuilders will look to Ostarine for its ability to promote lean muscle growth, as well as muscular strength.

Although gains will rarely be in the range of what you can get with the best steroids, with low risk of water retention and with the simultaneous fat loss that you should experience, your post cycle appearance will be a ripped, more defined and noticeably more muscular physique even when gains are in the 5-10lbs range.

Of course, if bigger muscle gains are your primary goal then you have the option of stacking Ostarine with any of the other more powerful muscle building SARMs which will then give you the ability to take your lean gains into anabolic steroid sized territory.


Ostarine can be useful for muscle healing as well as joint health which is going to aid in your recovery process and reduce risk of strain and injury.

When you’re using Ostarine mainly for cutting and getting your body fat as low as possible, your calorie deficit diet can bring about discomfort to the joints.

Ostarine has shown in medical studies to be a potential future treatment for conditions relating to the tendons, ligaments and joints so it can provide valuable support during a cutting phase for this part of the body.

Another benefit which must be celebrated is that Ostarine is not known to cause virilization side effects in females. This allows women to get the anabolic benefits of Ostarine in a similar way to steroids, minus those distressing side effects.

Again this is due to Ostarine’s highly selective targeting of androgen receptors in muscle and bone. Women will often see more substantial gains than men simply because the anabolic effects of Ostarine are going to be more pronounced in the female body, so women are able to see quite a transformation in muscle tone, size, and physique definition on a low dose and short Ostarine cycle.

This provides women with another welcome choice outside the very limited range of steroids that females can comfortably use.

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Ostarine Side Effects

Anyone with anabolic steroid experience is pleased to find out that Ostarine comes with less of the classic steroid side effects in the categories or estrogenic or androgenic effects.

There’s some evidence it could cause stress to the cardiovascular system and the liver in some people. Another area we do need to watch out for is testosterone suppression.

At higher doses and with long term use, Ostarine can bring about suppression of natural testosterone in men. This could start occurring in as little as five weeks so it’s advisable to keep Ostarine as a shorter term compound. PCT is often needed after an Ostarine cycle with Nolvadex and HCG being an effective combination.

The impacts on cholesterol and the wider cardiovascular system still need much work to be done to be fully understood. As of now, we are essentially guinea pigs using Ostarine and it is at your own risk with due diligence needed to monitor your cholesterol levels while using Ostarine.

SARMs in general come with warnings from authorities about their negative impacts on cholesterol, with studies showing decreases in HDL. We don’t yet know if Ostarine itself is one of the more or less harmful SARMs when cholesterol levels are considered.

Low doses, short term use, and a healthy diet and cardio exercises are the ways to at least minimize your risk of negative cholesterol effects.

The liver toxicity risk of Ostarine is still up in the air. Some small studies have shown changes in liver enzymes while on Ostarine at low doses. No serious risk was found, but considering bodybuilders will be taking higher doses than those used in studies (often not more than 3mg daily), you should pay close attention to liver health. It’s quite common now for users to take a liver supplement while using Ostarine just in case.

Headaches can be a commonly reported side effect and may come down to individual response. Keeping hydrated can help prevent headaches, or stop them getting worse.

With more research needed into Ostarine, there’s always the possibility that other Ostarine side effects could be discovered in future and some of these could be at the more serious end – providing us with another reason to limit Ostarine cycles to short periods and low to moderate doses only.

Where To Buy Ostarine?

You won’t find it particularly difficult to buy Ostarine in most countries. That’s because SARMs have not (yet) been made illegal in many places including the US, so their sale and use are not policed or regulated in the same way that anabolic steroids are.

Strictly speaking, SARMs are classified as research chemicals only and they should only be sold by research labs for the purposes of research. In reality there is little or no enforcement of this requirement and there are now a huge number of online suppliers openly selling SARMs without legal complications.

The chances are very high that in future it will become much more difficult to buy Ostarine and other SARMs online, as their regulation at some point is inevitable. WADA and other sporting bodies classify SARMs as performance enhancing drugs and they are prohibited in competitions.

So while you might currently be able to easily buy your Ostarine online, you will still want to use them with the same limitations as anabolic steroids with the assumption that if you are a competitor of any type and expect to be drug tested, the consequences will be the same as with steroids.

One of the problems with buying Ostarine, especially over the internet, is that suppliers can be here today and gone tomorrow. You want to find a supplier who has a long term reputation for providing quality and also with good customer service. Good old fashioned word of mouth is the best way to go about it, whether it be asking locally in person or from web forums.

The consequences of buying from questionable suppliers ranges from losing your money to receiving low quality Ostarine (which might not even be Ostarine at all), resulting in poor Ostarine results and unexpected side effects and health risks.

Pharmaceutical Grade Ostarine for Sale

You won’t find any pharmaceutical grade Ostarine for sale anywhere, because this SARM (as with all SARMs) has no approval for medical use.

It’s still being researched and under investigation for possible future medical applications, but there’s no guarantee that will ever happen. Therefore: the closest you can get to pharmaceutical grade when buying Ostarine is to get research grade.

Research labs provide chemicals including Ostarine for the purposes of research. This allows scientists to undertake their own study on Ostarine. This also provides a legal loophole that athletes and bodybuilders have long taken advantage of.

With very little oversight into the trading of research chemicals, buying Ostarine does not come with the same legal risks (in the US, at least) as buying anabolic steroids does.

But it’s smart to stay on top of policy developments, because there has been talk about implementing stricter regulations around SARMs in future, with it being well known that Ostarine and others are used extensively for performance purposes.

For now, you can quite easily buy research grade Ostarine online from the large number of suppliers that exist. Pricing is usually reasonable and comparable to many steroids.

It’s also important to be aware that some supplement makers will include SARMs in their formula. Where Ostarine is included as just one ingredient in a supplement, it’s likely to be at a very low dose.

While these supplements can be useful, you’ll want to steer clear of them if you’re after pure Ostarine. Checking the ingredients list of any bottled capsule product is essential, as it’s not out of the question for some manufacturers to promote their product as Ostarine despite the supplement containing a large number of (not necessarily beneficial) ingredients as cheap fillers.

Underground Lab Ostarine for Sale

Thanks to Ostarine having virtually no legal restrictions on its sale and use currently in most countries, there’s little need for underground labs and black market operators to manufacture and sell this SARM.

You will find it simple to find online, with many sellers promoting their Ostarine products as having a 99% purity rating.

While it would be difficult to provide without a doubt that you’re receiving a 99% purity Ostarine product, it provides significant more confidence than if you did buy Ostarine from an underground lab as such sellers may not be operating under the same level of scrutiny by the bodybuilding community as the most well respected online SARMs websites are, who often rely on word of mouth as to the quality of their products and their reputation as a reliable supplier.

Typical Pricing

Pricing of Ostarine will depend on where you live, the supplier, and what form the Ostarine is being sold in.

Capsules and liquid are both widely available and some sellers will provide both options, while those that are strictly research labs (as opposed to supplement makers) will usually only have liquid Ostarine for sale.

Capsules are normally sold in bottles of 60 at 15mg of Ostarine per capsule. These products can be found for under $90 per bottle.

Ostarine is often used for up to 8 weeks in a cycle, so the total cycle cost will be moderately (but not low) priced if we compare this to the cost of anabolic steroids – some of which are much cheaper, while others are significantly more expensive.

Availability of Ostarine and Legality

As a known performance enhancing substance which is banned by WADA and other sporting authorities, it can be a surprise to new SARMs users to find out that buying and using Ostarine for personal use is currently not illegal in most countries.

This includes the US, Canada and the UK. This makes it possible to for online vendors to sell SARMs openly and without restriction (for now). You will find an extensive number of websites selling Ostarine, but that doesn’t each and every one of them is selling a high quality product.

Top sellers will promote the fact that their Ostarine is up to 98 to 99% purity and that this has been verified through testing by third party labs. Often this documentation will be provided, but it’s still up to you to verify the information yourself.

The selling of SARMs is still essentially the wild west, with vendors unlikely to be scrutinized or held to account for their claims.

The availability of Ostarine is as easy as buying any other product online. You will find both capsule and liquid form of Ostarine. The format is down to personal choice, but it’s likely that liquid Ostarine is better and more quickly absorbed and may be more effective and more bioavailable.

Liquid Ostarine also makes it easier to customize your dosage, but capsules come with the benefit of usually having a longer shelf life so you can buy in bulk and plan for future cycles while potentially saving money.

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Stacking Ostarine

Ostarine can play a useful role in stacks ranging from cutting and bulking to body recomposition. Stacking with other SARMs is common, but some will also include steroids in the mix. Usually Testosterone is the steroid or choice and it will allow muscle gains well beyond those that are possible with Ostarine alone.

Whatever your stack of choice might be, your Ostarine does is recommended to be kept at the low to moderate range to minimize side effects. 15-25mg is a standard dosage and will provide some exceptional results in combination with your selected other compounds.

Ligandrol, Testolone and Cardarine are excellent compounds to stack with Ostarine.

For a powerful and pure fat loss cycle (with some potential muscle gains as well), you can’t go past this cycle and doses of 15-20mg daily of each compound results in two compounds that feel like they’re made to be taken together. Over an 8 week cycle it’s possible to reduce body fat by 10%, depending what your current fat levels are.

Ostarine is superb at preserving lean muscle while Cardarine will help protect your cardiovascular system and mitigate any negatives on cholesterol that Ostarine might produce.


What does Ostarine do to the body?

Ostarine helps repair and grow muscles, it can increase IGF-1, strengthen joints, tendons and bone and make it easier and faster to lose body fat.

Is Ostarine a steroid?

Ostarine is NOT an anabolic steroid. It is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). It has similar effects to some steroids, but it selectively targets tissue only in the muscle and bone which reduces the side effects that would normally develop with steroid use, while providing many of the same benefits.

How fast does Ostarine build muscle?

At moderate doses most bodybuilders use Ostarine for 6-8 weeks and can expect to see lean gains of 6lbs to 10lbs if Ostarine is the only compound in the cycle. More or less muscle might be gained according to your diet and training. For bigger gains of 15lbs or more, Ostarine can be stacked with one or more other SARMs or similar compounds.

What are the negative side effects of Ostarine?

Ostarine can slightly increase estrogen levels and might cause minor water retention at high doses, prolonged and higher dose use can cause some testosterone suppression, possible negative effects on cholesterol have been found in some studies, and the impacts on the liver are still not fully understood. Some users report headaches as a minor side effects.

Does Ostarine cause hair loss?

Ostarine should not cause hair loss for most people, but there are a small number of users who complain about loss of hair. This would happen due to rising DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels and sensitive genetics. Usually this would only happen at very high doses such as 50mg daily or more (which is not recommended).

Does Ostarine shut down testosterone?

Yes Ostarine can cause testosterone suppression, and while it might not completely shut you down it will usually require PCT afterwards the same as men do with steroids. Without PCT it will take about a month to recover normal testosterone function, but using Nolvadex and HCG will prevent symptoms of low testosterone.

Final Thoughts

Ostarine is one of the more mild and tolerable SARMs to use. But the fact is that we still know so little about its risks, and we might never have a full idea of the long term implications of its use unless more official clinical trials are undertaken at higher doses.

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