Ostarine Results

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So you’re thinking about using Ostarine and wondering what kind of results you can expect? Should you just stick with steroids, or is Ostarine a legitimately good alternative option now for both muscle gains and fat loss?

Ostarine Results
Ostarine Results

Without getting too far ahead of yourself, it’s understandable that you’d like to have some idea of how Ostarine might compare to the type of results you would see with anabolic steroids, and whether it’s worth adding this SARM to a cycle.

What experiences are other people having with Ostarine? Keep reading to find out the answer to all these questions and more.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of SARMs.

Ostarine Benefits

Ostarine’s dual benefits of promoting lean gains and fat burning make this a versatile compound you can use for both cutting and bulking.

Ostarine (MK-2866) Benefits
Ostarine (MK-2866) Benefits

But it’s in SARMs cycles for cutting that Ostarine’s real benefits shine. Although you can definitely gain some muscle with Ostarine, it will be a moderate amount and certainly not that which you can achieve with steroids.

That shouldn’t persuade you against using Ostarine though; results after a cycle done right will usually have you appearing noticeably more muscular thanks to the simultaneous fat loss and the increased definition you’ll have – with no fluid retention.

Ostarine has shown it can promote the loss of both subcutaneous and visceral body fat. Visceral fat is often called the hidden fat, because it’s stored around the organs and abdominal area. Steroid users can struggle to get rid of visceral fat, resulting in a distended mid-section. This should not be an issue with Ostarine where you can achieve a more comprehensive fat loss result.

When cutting, Ostarine also helps preserve lean muscle by enhancing nitrogen retention. This makes sure you’re not falling into a catabolic state where muscle starts getting burned for energy. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of Ostarine, and the reason why so many will include it in a cutting cycle.

Ostarine’s anabolic muscle building effects, while not extreme, can still see you gaining up to 10lbs in a cycle. What you don’t get is the water retention that many steroids are known for. This makes your gains clean and most users will find that gains are more easily maintainable after a cycle.

Any weight gained is lean mass, with no water weight to mask your gains. This is all thanks to the selective nature of SARMs – only selected androgen receptors are targeted and these are exactly where we want them: in muscle and bone. This does away with the biggest downfall of anabolic steroids that are targeting almost all androgen receptors in the body, resulting in unwanted activity like hair loss.

Ostarine’s other big benefit is the lack of estrogen and DHT conversion. These processes are responsible for the majority of short term side effects of anabolic steroids, but you generally won’t be dealing with them when using Ostarine.

Ostarine can have benefits for healing and joint health. Some users will notice faster recovery times. Early research has shown the potential for Ostarine to play an active role in healing tendons, ligaments and joints. This will be especially beneficial when you’re dieting in a cutting phase where discomfort of the joints is a common problem.

Ostarine is equally beneficial and usable for both females and males. Women can expect no additional side effects when Ostarine is used at sensible doses (women will generally take a lose dosage than men).

Females can gain a good amount of muscle even at low doses of Ostarine, and the results will be very noticeable as women only need to gain a small amount of muscle while losing fat to see an incredible physique transformation.

It goes without saying that if you want to experience the maximum benefits from Ostarine you need to make adjustments to your diet and exercise schedule. Most users will want to eat a calorie deficit diet when using Ostarine. This will speed up fat burning, but you won’t lose muscle thanks to Ostarine’s lean mass protection.

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Ostarine Results

Being one of the more versatile SARMs that can be used for cutting and bulking, you’re able to tailor your Ostarine cycle to get specific goals. Your results will not only depend on how much and how long you use Ostarine, but even more importantly will be your diet plan and training.

That means a calorie deficit diet and plenty of cardio workouts for a cutting phase, or taking in enough calories for growth and supported with intense weights training if your Ostarine cycle is focused on bulking.

Ostarine Results for Men

Men will notice a much leaner, more defined, muscular and vascular physique by the end of a 6-8 week Ostarine cycle.

The transformation of the physique can be quite remarkable, with many men starting an Ostarine cycle with no muscle definition at all, and by the end of it appearing that much more than 8 weeks of work and dieting has been put in to achieve the muscle fullness and definition of is new physique.

On a 20-25mg per day dosage, Ostarine results for men should come without side effects in most users.

Ostarine Results for Women

Noticeable gains in lean muscle and a decrease in body fat will be at the core of the results that women can achieve with Ostarine. At a dose of 10mg per day (some women will even increase this to 15mg, but it’s not recommended for your first cycle), Ostarine side effects should be non-existent in most women, although in rare cases some females will experience headaches and fatigue.

Many women who have used Anavar previously have said that Ostarine delivers similar results. Anavar is a steroid that, while quite female friendly, can still have harsh side effects at higher doses as well as greater health risks, so being able to see similar results is a massive benefit for women who want to do away with all use of anabolic steroids.

Ostarine will help women retain existing muscle while stripping fat, and the end result will be a very defined and lean physique – provided a suitable diet and exercise program is followed for the duration of the cycle. Women can also benefit from increased bone density that Ostarine can potentially provide.

Strength Gains Results

Ostarine isn’t widely known for its ability to boost strength a great deal, but it does have some strength increasing capability that some users will notice. This won’t be at the level of massive gains in strength seen with many steroids, but any strength improvement will be welcome when using Ostarine and will result in greater ability to lift heavier weights.

Any noticeable gain in strength does tend to be an individual experience, with some Ostarine users not noting any improvement while others have been able to boost their weight lifting ability. This indicates a level of individual variation in Ostarine’s effects on strength as well as power and endurance.

Muscle Gains (Bulking) Results

Muscle gains with Ostarine will be moderate. This is no Dianabol; you won’t be able to gain 20 pounds in a cycle like with the most powerful anabolic steroids. But Ostarine will deliver impressive results with its combination of fat burning and anabolic properties.

While gaining some muscle, you should also be losing some body fat. All in all, this results in a much leaner but much more defined physique. You might not have gained a huge amount of mass, but your body will still look significantly more muscular – no water retention either.

How much muscle could you gain on an Ostarine cycle combined with a suitable diet? At best a 10lbs gain over 6-8 weeks is doable. Many guys will gain around 5 pounds during that time.

If you want massive gains, Ostarine won’t be the right compound for you but if you’re happy with clean, middle of the road gains without fluid retention and coupled with a decrease in body fat, Ostarine will be well suited to you.

Fat Loss (Cutting) Results

Virtually everyone who uses Ostarine wants to get fat loss results, because this is what Ostarine excels at. If you use Ostarine on a cutting cycle, you’ll not only drop weight but by the end you should have a much more muscular physique.

Firstly, Ostarine is going to help you preserve all your existing lean muscle. It won’t be burned as energy. Next, Ostarine will be promoting some muscle gains if you’re doing any weights training, even if they are small.

Without any fluid retention to mask your physique, muscle definition will be enhanced and it will be dry gains which won’t require any mitigation efforts to get rid of water weight.

The amount of fat you can lose will depend on many variables: your Ostarine dose, whether you’re stacking it with any other compounds, how long your cycle is, what your current weight is, and of course how many calories you’re taking in and how much you’re burning during exercise.

When all of these factors are at the optimal setting, users are able to achieve impressive fat loss results in the realm of 1% of body fat lost per week. Of course, if you’re already extremely lean it will be tougher, but not impossible, to shift the last few percent of body fat and in this case you might be aiming for just a 2-3% loss to achieve your goal.

If you still have a fair amount of body fat to lose to reach your goal, there’s no reason why you can’t lose 5% or 6% of body fat in a standard Ostarine cycle. Many users report just that and more. They also report that fat burning is steady throughout the cycle, so you won’t be waiting until right near the end until you start seeing results.

Best Dosages for Maximum Results

How much Ostarine should you be using to get the best results for your cutting or bulking cycle? As you would expect, a higher dose is needed if your goal is to gain muscle. When cutting, Ostarine will be responsible for maintaining existing muscle for which a lower dose is sufficient.

For the best results while dieting and losing fat, taking 15mg daily of Ostarine is effective.

When bulking you will want to increase the dose to at least 20mg daily, with some users opting for 25mg. Depending on your current weight and how much you aim to gain, 30mg is a choice that some men make based on their already heavy physique.

However, it has not been shown that 30mg of Ostarine provides any substantial benefit over 25mg. What this higher dose will do for men is increase the severity of testosterone suppression.

Females will generally use doses in the lowest range regardless of the purpose of the cycle. This can be as little as 5mg per day, with some females increasing this to 10mg daily. This dosage level will be more than sufficient for lean muscle m

Regardless of your Ostarine dose, a break of at least one month after the end of your cycle is required for recovery. This means not using any other SARMs or similar compounds during this time.

Ostarine has a 24 hour half life so most users will find a once daily administration works well. Depending on your workout schedule, some users will adjust this to take half the dose early in the morning and the other half in the afternoon.

Ostarine Reviews

There are thousands of reviews, comments, testimonials, opinions, before and after photos, and all other manner of commentary from men and women who use Ostarine everyday.

This can provide some valuable insight into exactly what this SARM is doing for other people – whether that be a positive or negative experience. It must be kept in mind that there is never a guarantee that your Ostarine experience will be the same as anyone else’s.

Positive Reviews

It’s not surprising to see many positive reviews being shared about Ostarine. Like many SARMs, Ostarine’s popularity is growing by the year and it’s the people who have educated expectations about what Ostarine can and can’t do who are the ones who tend to have a positive opinion after using Ostarine.

This means being happy with moderate muscle gains, and enjoying the fat loss they’ve experienced with Ostarine as opposed to some who have used steroids and while they’ve seen great fat loss results, often found the side effects to be far too harsh. Regular reports of 5% body fat loss in a cycle can be found from happy Ostarine users.

Negative Reviews

It’s more than possible that people simply don’t enjoy using Ostarine, or that the results aren’t what was expected. What is important is whether anyone with a negative view of Ostarine after using it did in fact have reasonable expectations to start with.

Assuming that Ostarine can deliver the types of muscle gains you get with something like Dianabol will set anyone up for disappointment. Likewise when it comes to fat loss and physique, as this is not Winstrol or Trenbolone.

Some negative reviews mention moderate but not overly serious side effects like headaches, fatigue, dehydration and joint pain. Individual reaction from any substance will vary and for some people, Ostarine just won’t work well for them.

Another reason people might be less than impressed after using Ostarine is when they’ve found themselves with a poor quality product. Although you can easily buy Ostarine through research labs, there are the odd labs that put out low quality SARMs and this would certainly results in disappointing performance and results from Ostarine.

Stacking Results

Ostarine is very effective even when used on its own, but it’s a common strategy to stack it with other similar compounds for more pronounced results by advanced users. A compound of choice to include in a stack with Ostarine is Cardarine.

Cardarine is not a SARM but is also not an anabolic steroid. It is particularly good at weight loss. In fact, that’s one of the primary areas of research for Cardarine with excellent results in preliminary research to date.

So if you’re going to do an Ostarine and Cardarine stack, your main goal will be cutting. You will be aiming to strip as much fat as possible, while retaining lean muscle with Ostarine’s anabolic effects. Both these compounds are excellent at fat burning, but Cardarine is known for being used specifically for this purpose by bodybuilders.

An 8 week Ostarine/Cardarine cycle combined with a calorie deficit diet should result in significant fat loss. Muscular definition will be improved substantially, and you might even gain a small amount of lean mass with Ostarine. This stack is ideal for contest preparation as there will be no fluid retention and you will be able to achieve a very low body fat percentage.

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What does Ostarine do to the body?

Ostarine binds to androgen receptors in the skeletal muscle and this, signalling the muscles to grow. Studies have shown even at low doses in elderly people, muscle growth with Ostarine is notable. Ostarine can also promote fat loss by influencing the metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Is Ostarine good for bones?

Yes, one area of medical research is the possible use of Ostarine as an osteoporosis treatment. Ostarine may potentially increase bone mineral density, and bone strength but more study is needed to confirm this.

Does Ostarine convert to DHT?

Unlike many steroids, Ostarine does not convert to DHT. This means it will not cause dreaded hair loss and other side effects that most steroids do. Ostarine may in fact have a positive impact on hair with its potential to decrease how much DHT is available in the body.

How much muscle can you gain from Ostarine?

Moderate muscle gains are possible with Ostarine in a 6 to 8 week cycle. Most men can see gains in the 5-10lbs range. This is quite low compared to anabolic steroids, but these gains come with zero water retention.

What can I stack with Ostarine?

Andarine and Cardarine are two compounds that are most commonly stacked with Ostarine. When stacked with Cardarine you can expect more extreme fat loss results.

More advanced users will add Andarine to the cycle, for a total of three compounds. Andarine is also an excellent fat burner and muscle preserver, making this combo of three SARMs a very powerful cutting stack.

Can you bulk with Ostarine?

Ostarine can be used in bulking cycles. It is more often used to simultaneously burn fat while gaining modest amounts of muscle, with the overall goal being to achieve a hard, defined and vascular physique without any water retention.

Can I stack Ostarine with Stenabolic?

Yes, stacking Ostarine and Stenabolic results in a big boost to performance while you’re cutting because Stenabolic provides an impressive boost to endurance and speed, so you’ll be able to burn more calories faster with this stack.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an experienced anabolic steroid user, you’re probably used to closely weighing up the benefits versus the downsides. With Ostarine the decision seems much easier because the disadvantages (or what we know of them) do appear to be minor compared to the substantial benefits Ostarine has on offer. But that is the core of the problem: we have no idea what future risks Ostarine could pose.

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