Straight from the Underground: The Ultimate Guide to Using Steroids

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The Best Underground Steroid Handbook

Tired of wasting money and time on steroids but not seeing the results you expected?

Or have you just made the big decision to start using roids to get huge and shredded but don’t know where to start?

You’re not alone.

Thousands and thousands of guys have been where you are now. If you’re brand new to steroids you’re gonna have a lot of questions and concerns.

You’ve probably heard the bad stories and rumors: shutdown of testosterone, injecting nightmares, making gains in a tough cycle only to see them fall away, and the side effects no guy wants to deal with like losing your hair or growing man boobs.

Then there’s the other side of the coin: hearing from guys who will tell you steroids are safe to use at massive doses and they’ve had any problems. This is dangerous thinking because steroids have to be used properly or it’s inevitable that you will suffer consequences.

So where do you turn for real world, accurate, proven information about using steroids safely and effectively to get the best results while minimizing or eliminating negative impacts of steroids. The sort of information that can set you up for life – you’ll avoid all the mistakes that other guys made in their first year or two of using gear and skip right to the good stuff.

Enter Straight From The Underground: An all in one reference guide for any level of bodybuilder and steroid user to build your dream body by using steroids the right way.

$29.99/Buy It Here

I’m going to share exactly the recipes and deep gear know-how I use to get a killer physique year-round:

  • You’ll learn how to get the best results with the minimal gear.
  • You’ll learn how to cut through all the marketing bullshit.
  • You’ll discover what’s really worth your money to get in the best shape of your life.
  • You’ll find out how to stay safe when pushing your limits.

P.S. This book contains everything I know about steroids. Not marketing crap. Not lies. Get the Underground Steroid Guide for Only $29.99!

The Underground Steroid Guide

Everything A Beginner Needs To Get Going From Day One

Beginners: you’ve got everything covered in Straight From The Underground. With a focus on helping you face one of the greatest fear new steroid users have – injecting, the guide takes you through it easily and painlessly. From safety and hygiene essentials when using syringes, to learning the prime places to inject and what to do if you mess up when injecting for the first time.

The Underground Steroid Guide has the basic stuff laid out for you.

  • How to pin (so you’re safe and sterile).
  • The best places to inject (without feeling like a pincushion).
  • What happens if you hit a vein.
  • How to know if you’re getting good s***!!

Everything a newbie needs to know to use good product safely is written down in an easy-to-understand way.

But we’ll also get into more advanced stuff.

Everything An Advanced Bodybuilder Needs To Get a Truly Next-Level Physique

Advanced steroid users will discover how to take your body to a whole new level. Whatever you thought you were doing right before: think again. Even the most seasoned bodybuilder has more to learn and in Straight From The Underground you’ll discover how high dosage cycles can be used to your advantage to outdo the competition (or just your buddies at the gym). And you’ll learn to do it both safely and affordably while avoiding the mistakes that many others before you have made.

I go in-depth on how to safely (and affordably) use HGH, insulin, and fat-burners to get a truly next-level physique.

You’ll also learn what you must avoid.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Steroids Safely and Effectively

If it’s a question you’ve asked, it’s in there.

Whatever your experience level, here’s a taste what you’ll be able to quickly learn and put into practice after reading Straight From The Underground so you can starting using steroids like you never have before and see extraordinary results quicker and bigger than you ever thought possible:

More Than 30 Examples of Cycles That You Can Copy Immediately

Based on real life experience, each of these 30+ cycle templates reveal all you need to know about dosage, cycle length, PCT and how to control side effects. Since not every steroid compound is easy to find, the examples also give you multiple options to substitute if you can’t find the recommended compound.

3 Beginner Cycles – For Those Just Getting Started

  • Test Only Cycle – (The Most Popular Cycle for Beginners)
  • Dbol Only Cycle
  • Tren/Test Prop Cycle

8 Intermediate Cycles – To Put On Some Serious Size (Mass)

  • EQ/Test Kicker
  • Test/Test Suspension
  • Deca-Durabolin/Dianabol/Testosterone Cycle
  • Dbol/Tren/Test – (The Super Mass Builder!!)
  • Anavar/Winny – (The Spring Break “Pussy Slayer” Cycle)
  • Primobolan/Anavar/Deca/Test
  • Sustanon/Tren/Anadrol – (My Go-To Mass Stack)
  • Winstrol/Deca/Test Cycle

7 Cutting Cycles – To Carve Out The Diamond

  • Winstrol/Deca/Test
  • Masteron
  • Prop/Tren/Winstrol – (My Favorite Competition Stack!!)
  • Masteron/Test Prop
  • Masteron/Test Prop/Anavar
  • Masteron/Test Prop/Winstrol
  • Tren/Test Prop/Halotestin/Anavar

7 Advanced Building Cycles – For Guys Who Want To Appear On Stage

  • Sustanon/EQ/HGH/Insulin
  • Test Enanthate/Tren/IGF-1/Anadrol
  • 20 week Primobolan run
  • HGH/Lantus/Novolog/Test/Tren/T-3
  • CJC-1293 (or 1295 w/out DAC), GHRP-2, Test/Tren
  • HGH/IGF-1/Novolog/Test/NPP
  • HGH/Anadrol/Test/Tren/Novolog

The cycle templates cover every possible goal and level: beginners, intermediate, cutting and advanced cycles for contest prep. There’s something for everyone here.

Diet and Cutting Essentials

A whole section dedicated to learning the secrets of successful cutting cycles and that critical factor that will make or break your results: your diet! No matter how awesome your steroids are, if you don’t eat properly you’re gonna waste a whole lot of money and time on trying to get shredded with disappointing results.

Straight From The Underground shows you the three BEST steroids to use for cutting and how to use them alongside a diet that works not only to cut fat – but to preserve muscle. After all, if you’re losing muscle in a cutting cycle: you’re going backwards! Straight From The Underground shows you how to avoid common cutting mistakes and lays out the author’s absolute best cutting cycle ever so you can copy it exactly.

Go Beyond Steroids

Straight From The Underground covers even more than anabolic steroids. Discover how to ramp up your results by using HGH, peptides, thermogenics and even insulin. It’s all laid out in plain English so you’ll be powering towards your goals with results that compound on what you get with just steroids and you’ll learn how to do it safely.

Discover The Most Advanced Cycles

Ready to go to the pinnacle level of steroid use? Want to up your dosage to the maximum while still keeping your health in check? Add some peptides and copy the cycles revealed in Straight From The Underground, or use them as a base and tweak them to meet your specific goals: you’ll discover the most advanced combo stacks of steroids and peptides with cycles starting at 10 weeks and extending right up to 20 weeks for the most extreme bodybuilders.

Warning: these cycles are only for advanced users!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Find out if you need TRT (or HRT: hormone replacement therapy). Discover dosing and administration that will make you feel like a new man every single day. If you’re getting up there in age and feel yourself slipping in the testosterone department, these TRT plans will knock decades off the way you feel and take you back to your younger self in your prime.

The Power To Fit Steroids into Your Life (Not The Other Way Around!!)

Straight From The Underground is a no bull, straight down the line guide to getting the absolute maximum from steroids and other performance enhancing compounds; and importantly it has a heavy focus on health because the author knows from experience that without good health and proper fitness then steroids are pointless. Straight From The Underground gets straight to the point of the do’s and don’ts of steroid use.

There’s nothing being sold to you; just rock solid information gained from years of personal experience and experimentation – saving you the pain hard work of finding things out the hard way by making tons of mistakes. Get the right info the first time, and get yourself on track to using steroids the way they’re meant to be used. Check out Straight From The Underground and you’ll have a resource that you can refer to now just today and tomorrow, but for years and years into the future.

The same steroids that get results today have been used by the best for decades: take advantage of their experience and hard work and skip the mistakes by implementing Straight From The Underground starting today!

Here’s a taste of some of the exceptional cycles you will discover in Straight from the Underground:

  • Super mass builder: a combination of the three most potent steroids to pack on mass in 12 weeks. Gaining 20 pounds in this cycle is totally possible and you’ll learn how to do it while controlling water retention.
  • Three steroid stack for super fast mass gains: A 10 week cycle that packs a punch with Anadrol, Sustanon and Trenbolone will have you packing on mass faster than almost any other cycle. If time is short and you need fast results, this is the cycle to hit up. Straight from the Underground shows you the BEST way to combine these three compounds plus a detailed breakdown of how to control the aromatizing effects.

All of these cycles and every single cycle detailed in Straight from the Underground comes with a detailed PCT plan tailored to the specific steroids you’ve used.

A Resource You Can Turn to Through The Next 10 Years of Your Gym Life

Guys can waste years and years of life experimenting with different steroids. But why do it all yourself when it’s already been done by others? Guys who know which compounds aren’t worth the time, and which ones you should be making a permanent fixture in your bodybuilding routine.

Sure, every individual has his own personal goals and not every steroid will work for you like it does for someone else – but if you can get 95% of the way there by virtually replicating what has absolutely worked for guys who’ve come before you – you’ve literally skipped ahead years of wasted time and money and can work on tweaking your cycles for maximum personal gains.

In Straight from the Underground you benefit from discovering the secrets and experience of someone who’s been working at this for 15 years. How old will you be in 15 years and do you have that much time to waste experimenting with every compound you can get your hands on? Or do you want to cut to the chase, jump right into the best gear AND have the best doses, the best cycle routines and ultimate cycle examples for every major goal: massive mass gains, cutting and shredding, and contest prep.

Post cycle therapy is not forgotten either: you get a step by step instructive guide on the best recommended PCT plans. There’s no point doing roids and pushing the limits in the gym every week if you can’t maintain your gains. Straight from the Underground makes PCT easy and simply yet an absolutely critical part of your cycles – each beginner, intermediate and advanced cycle template comes with its own PCT recommended where required.

There’s no guesswork and nothing that will have you asking “what do I do now?”. It’s all laid out on the table and simple enough for even the greenest beginner to follow.

Get “Straight from the Underground” for Only $29.99

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