Winstrol for Women

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Most anabolic steroids are off limits to females simply because their powerful androgenic properties quickly cause women to develop masculine features which vastly outweighs any benefit for most women.

Winstrol for Women
Winstrol for Women

There are only a handful of steroids that the majority women would ever consider using, and Winstrol is one of them. While it’s not the mildest of steroids for females, it is more than usable. There’s just a couple of rules that women need to stick to if you’re going to enjoy the benefits of Winstrol without increasing your risk of experiencing adverse side effects.

As long as you stick to sensible and moderate use of Winstrol, your use of this steroid as a female can be hugely beneficial when it comes to gaining muscle and other benefits relating to bodybuilding and performance.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of steroids (PEDs).

What is Winstrol?

Winstrol is an old steroid, and to this day it still remains one of the most popular steroids. Not may things stay popular for many decades, but Winstrol certainly has and there are lots of good reasons for that.

Stanozolol (Winstrol) Structure
Stanozolol (Winstrol) Structure

The Stanozolol hormone is based on DHT, which is actually much more potent than testosterone. Despite this, Winstrol’s action in the body makes it a steroid that isn’t used for bulking or mass gaining among males – however in women, it’s a different story.

DHT, while present naturally in very low levels in women, and the way it has been slightly modified chemically to create Winstrol does indeed allow women to gain lean muscle and to gain a good amount of it.

Winstrol has several other uses as well, namely to improve athletic ability.

Winstrol is a steroid that works fast so results come on pretty quickly once you start a cycle. This steroid is available in both oral and injectable forms. And both types are chemically identical.

The injection is known to be one of the most painful of all steroids, but regardless of that it is not usual that female steroid will users will use injections.

The oral form of Winstrol is almost always used by women and it allows an easier maintenance of optimal blood levels, while providing a simple daily or twice daily dose.

Female Steroid Alternatives That Work

I often get emails from female readers asking what is suitable for women in terms of strength, fat loss, and lean muscle. The problem is that almost anything that provides faster results for women also has defeminizing effects as well.

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Real results with the Crazy Bulk’s female stack
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Winstrol Benefits for Women

Winstrol’s benefits for women are partially similar to those that men enjoy, while also being different in some ways due to the way the Stanozolol hormone affects the female body. It only takes a very small amount of legit Winstrol to start delivering some dramatic changes to a woman’s body. The key benefits that you as a female can experience with Winstrol are:

Lean muscle gains

Women can easily see impressive gains within just a couple of weeks of starting Winstrol at low doses. Naturally, you’ll need to be doing regular resistance training to build muscle and Winstrol will simply supercharge the results you get. This leads to both bigger and faster muscle gains than you could ever normally naturally achieve without Winstrol.

Better muscle definition

Winstrol dries out your physique, so as the water is removed your body becomes more and more toned. You need to already be lean and fit to get the most from this aspect of Winstrol, as the less body fat you have, the better muscle definition you’re obviously going to attain. Vascularity and hardness are enhanced significantly and this is what makes Winstrol such an appealing pre-contest steroid.

More strength

Winstrol provides an increase in strength and power, which gives your workouts an extra kick. You’ll be able to burn more fat faster, lift heavier weights, and see those results come on sooner.

Fat loss

While building muscle, Winstrol will also make it easier to lose fat. We know it is not specifically a fat burning steroid, it does provide a moderate boost to the metabolism. Also, when you’re gaining muscle your body is more efficiently burning fat at the same time. This happens even without using steroids, but again Winstrol significantly speeds up and optimizes the process of fat loss to a level that you could not otherwise see.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects from Winstrol will fall into two categories for women: those that also apply to males, and those that are unique to female steroid users.

The masculine side effects that women are certain to develop when using any steroid are something that most women will want to avoid completely. The benefit of Winstrol for females is that they can use this steroid at low doses and often have no unwanted side effects, and here we are talking about 10mg or below. Anything above 10mg and women significantly raise the risk of virilizing effects and it’s virtually guaranteed at 15-20mg which most women will choose to avoid.

These side effects are what women need to watch out for when using Winstrol:


Winstrol is well known for its negative impacts on cholesterol levels. Even at very low doses, studies have shown a significant increase in LDL levels, while HDL levels decrease. This can lead to dangerous heart risks if left unchecked. Since women are mainly going to use Winstrol at the lower doses, the risks are minimized – however should you have any existing cholesterol levels it is recommended to completely avoid using Winstrol.

Liver toxicity

Many women use the steroid Anavar, and it should be known that Winstrol comes with a much higher liver toxicity risk than Anavar does when we compare it on a mg to mg basis. This means females who have experience using Anavar should have a higher level of diligence concerning liver health when using Winstrol.

On the positive side, since almost all females will use Winstrol at very low doses, hepatotoxicity will be kept to a minimum (but still existing). The other key factor that will help protect your liver from too much stress is ensuring your Winstrol cycle length is as short as possible; generally 6 weeks is the absolute maximum recommended for females anyway due to virilizing symptoms.


When a female develops characteristics associated with male hormones (androgens), it is called virilization. Winstrol is based on a powerful male androgen (DHT) and so at anything besides minimal doses, women are guaranteed to start seeing a range of symptoms that are masculine. This includes a hoarseness or deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, reduction in breast size, hair loss on the head, and growth of body hair. If allowed to continue, these signs can become difficult to reverse. If you stop using Winstrol at the first sign of virilization, the symptoms should disappear on their own.

Joint pain

The drying out effects of Winstrol will often lead to joint pain and aches in all users. In fact this particular problem can even lead to peoples stopping all use of Winstrol as the pain affects quality of workouts and life in general. At lower female doses, your risk of joint pain is lower than in men, but this is a side effect that will impact individuals differently and you will not know how your body responds until you’ve started using Winstrol.

Winstrol Dosage for Women

Women will almost exclusively use Winstrol in oral form only because only very low doses are used, and this has a half life of about 9 hours. You might choose to either take your entire dosage once daily, or split it in two each day. There is a very small dose range for female Winstrol users and this is simply because of the near certainty that exceeding the recommended dose is going to bring about signs of virilization very quickly.

For the most hardcore female bodybuilders, these side effects might be acceptable if it means obtaining the very muscular physique that’s desired, especially when using Winstrol as a contest preparation compound. But for the intermediate and more casual female Winstrol user, avoiding virilization will be an absolute priority.

This means a dosage of 5mg daily is as high as many women will want to go – and this is a perfectly find Winstrol dosage that is more than capable of delivering outstanding results. If you have successfully used a 5mg dose while responding well to Winstrol and without masculine traits developing, attempting 10mg daily is not out of the question for females. But this isn’t a dosage to start at when using Winstrol for the first time and you should be already confident in using 5mg before thinking about doubling the dose for your next cycle. In the 5-10mg dosage range, a cycle length of 4 to 6 weeks is recommended, and 6 weeks should be the maximum limit.

The most serious female users, which will purely be those in the bodybuilding field rather than athletes, are known to extend dosage to 15mg and even 20mg. It is almost guaranteed that virilization will occur at these doses. Additionally, higher doses are going to stress the liver and cholesterol levels significantly more, requiring a cycle length at such high doses to be limited to just two to three weeks. In such circumstances, the purpose of high dose Winstrol is almost for the goal of contest preparation with results coming on fast and strong in the two or so weeks prior to the contest.

Hardcore female bodybuilders and bodybuilding competitors will often not mind the extra bulk and potential masculine features that develop at higher doses; in fact they may be aiming exactly for that result.

In these more extreme cases, women can be using 15mg or even 20mg of Winstrol everyday. Even if used for only two weeks prior to a competition, this level of dosage is almost certainly going to start causing virilization. Anyone besides the most advanced hardcore bodybuilders should not consider using Winstrol above 10mg daily.

Once the higher dose of these more extreme bodybuilders is stopped, virilization should subside – however this is not guaranteed, especially with prolonged and repeated use. This is why such users will aim to use high doses right before a competition, to achieve maximum muscle definition and dryness and then ideally allowing the body to recover without steroids afterwards.

It’s important to repeat that this is a highly advanced strategy that goes beyond what most women will be looking to use Winstrol for – especially if you’re someone who wants to avoid virilization at all costs.

Female Winstrol Cycles

Females will often use Winstrol on its own without the requirement of stacking it with another steroid. It’s also often used in a stack, depending on the specific goals a woman wants to achieve. It should be noted that Winstrol is generally not recommended as a first steroid for new female users, with Anavar often being a better choice. As these two are both oral steroids, they are better not to be combined because the risk to liver health can be significant.

The most simple Winstrol cycle for females is often the best, and simply takes in a 4-6 week cycle length with a dosage starting at 5mg daily. If this is tolerated well, it can be increased to 10mg daily after two weeks, but virilization signs should be carefully monitored, as well as possible joint pain.

Primobolan is a compound that women will often stack in a cycle and it can be used with Winstrol. It is considered a mild steroid with much lower risk of liver toxicity compared to Winstrol, while providing superb enhancements to body composition. With Winstrol at 5-10mg daily and oral Primobolan at between 25mg and 40mg daily, women can gain the benefit of both steroids while keeping the risk of side effects from either at a minimal level.

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Typical Winstrol Results

Women can expect to see nice lean gains on Winstrol. Results will come on quickly with this fast acting steroid. Just how much mass you can gain (or want to gain) will greatly depend on your diet and workout routine. Women taking lower doses of Winstrol are likely happy with a few pounds in lean mass, while those wanting a more hardcore result on a higher dose are often looking for significant gains can easily put on 10 pounds or more by the end of a cycle.

Winstrol will also be speeding up fat loss to an extent, and may help you lose those last areas of stubborn fat – if your diet allows.

One of the best ways to gauge your results is not on the scales, but by looking in the mirror! Your body composition will be significantly different after a few weeks on Winstrol. Greatly enhanced definition thanks to Winstrol’s drying effects, greater muscle hardness and noticeable vascularity should all be expected.

Another area of results which you can’t see, but will feel, is the increase in strength that Winstrol provides. You’ll notice yourself able to lift heavier weights and complete more reps and sets. You should take care not to have this lead to injuries, but rather to still work within your limits while enjoying the extra capacity for more intensive weight lifting and overall workouts (including cardio endurance) that Winstrol delivers.

Winstrol vs. Primobolan

Another steroid that women will often use is Primobolan (Methenolone). Primo is also considered a relatively mild steroid and comes with less androgenic potency and less virilization risk than Winstrol.

In the opinion of many, Primobolan is actually better suited to women than Winstrol is and in general should come with less side effects. Primobolan also comes in oral and injectable forms and like Winstrol, is a DHT based steroid and this means no aromatizing and no estrogenic effects like water retention.

A great benefit of oral Primobolan is that it is not very liver toxic. Unlike most orals, it is not of the C17-alpha alkylated type which removes the liver toxicity risk. This is certainly a big benefit that Primo has over Winstrol. Primo is also considered much less harmful to cholesterol health compared to Winstrol. To add to this, Winstrol’s reputation for causing sometimes very severe joint pain is not a known issue with Primobolan.

Just like Winstrol, Primobolan won’t give men much of a muscle gain boost, but it will provide some significant lean gains for females and a reduction in body fat. Primobolan is particularly good for cutting as it can directly promote fat loss, which is something Winstrol doesn’t do.

Overall, Primobolan is a better option for female steroid users, particularly those more focused on fat loss. It comes with less side effects, less liver toxicity and is an overall more mild and better tolerated steroid.


Is Winstrol safe for women?

No anabolic steroid can ever be considered safe to use by anyone. These are hormones that were created to treat medical problems and at very low doses. When it comes to females, anything above the lowest dose is certainly going to lead to virilization symptoms developing as well as risks to the liver and cholesterol. Winstrol therefore is relatively safe to use at very low doses and for short periods of time, but there will always be an element of risk.

Do females need PCT after using Winstrol?

Post cycle therapy is undertaken by men following a steroid cycle because of the suppression of their natural testosterone production. This is not an issue for female steroid users, and means that once a women finishes a Winstrol cycle there is nothing else to do and no PCT to worry about.

Can women gain muscle on Winstrol?

Yes, gaining lean muscle is one of the main reasons females use Winstrol. It is much more effective for this purpose for women than with male users, and women can see excellent gains within just a few weeks even at very low doses of Winstrol such as 10mg per day. Exactly how much muscle can be gained comes down to multiple factors like your Winstrol dose, any other compounds you’re using, your workouts and your diet.

What is the maximum Winstrol dosage for women?

For most women, 10mg will be the most comfortable dosage of Winstrol where excellent results can be seen, while keeping the risk of virilizing side effects low. At the maximum level for the most experienced women, 20mg would lead to substantial almost male level muscle gains, but a certainty of virilizing effects as well.

What are the side effects of Winstrol for women?

At low doses women can often use Winstrol with no side effects, although individual response will vary. Most women will be concerned about virilizing side effects like voice deepening, clitoral enlargement and growth of body hair. Other side effects can include stress to the liver, and raising of cholesterol.

Final Thoughts

Winstrol is a fantastic steroid. There’s no way it would have sustained its popularity after this many decades if it wasn’t awesome. But it comes with a lot of risks, and a lot of potential complications. Some of these are just uncomfortable, like painful joints, but others are serious health risks when it comes to cardiovascular and liver side effects.

Winstrol really isn’t the best steroid for women to be using; in fact no steroids are considered safe. No matter how mild you might be told Winstrol is, the fact is this is a steroid that a lot of people have issues with (both males and females) and I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve seen and heard people saying not to use it due to their own bad experiences.

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