Winstrol Results

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If we had to rank steroids based on their popularity and their benefits, Winstrol would surely be in the top 5 – at least. This is a well known steroid that needs no real introduction.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) Results
Winstrol (Stanozolol) Results

Despite its popularity and decades in use though, it can still fall victim to misunderstanding. Especially among new users who can easily assume all steroids do the same thing. After all, they’re all pretty much based on the same hormones, right?

It’s not quite that simple, and Winstrol is surely a steroid that is one of the more unique. If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate Winstrol even more after understanding what it’s all about and most importantly, what results you should be able to get from it.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of steroids (PEDs).

Winstrol Benefits

If you’ve heard that taking Winstrol will make you lose fat, get shredded and gain more strength and power – you’d be right.

Winstrol Results
Winstrol Results

What Winstrol isn’t, at least for men, is a mass gaining steroid. Not all steroids are about bulking up and Winstrol is one of few that has the ability to enhance your physique and performance in unique ways.

This is a very popular steroid and that level of popularity doesn’t happen without good reason.

At its core, Winstrol is a steroid that appeals to two groups of people: those doing a cutting phase for either bodybuilding or contests (or simply for personal satisfaction), and for athletic performance enhancement.

So what are the most important specific benefits that Winstrol can deliver? There are two big ones:

Physique enhancement

Winstrol’s big benefit for the bodybuilder is all about optimizing your physique and to get the most from it, you should be lean to very lean already and intending to use Winstrol to harden the physique.

It’s ability to dry out the body is possibly its most desired benefit, and results in a chiselled, extremely defined physique for those who have got down a low body fat ratio.

Winstrol helps you squeeze out that extra definition that can make or break your contest preparation. Importantly: if your body fat is not low enough, Winstrol isn’t going to work magic. Guys will want to be near 10% body fat to get the maximum out of this particular Winstrol benefit.

Strength increase

Winstrol’s strength boosting effects provide benefits that extend out to a range of goals – whether you’re a sporting athlete wanting to use that extra strength to translate into more power and speed, or if you’re in the gym lifting weights.

Even though you’ll be able to lift heavier thanks to Winstrol’s strength enhancement, this won’t translate into big gains if you’re just using Winstrol alone without a bulking steroid. For athletes this is a desirable benefit, because you will very likely want to keep your Winstrol use under the radar by benefiting from its strength and power boost, without having your body appear as thought it’s steroid enhanced.

Additional Winstrol benefits include lean muscle preservation while on a cutting diet, moderate boost to the metabolism, and potential strengthening of bones and tendons.

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Winstrol Results

Both males and females can see excellent results from a Winstrol cycle. It’s reputation for delivering results is what has kept Winstrol as one of the most popular anabolic steroids for decades.

Winstrol Results for Men

Men who use Winstrol will experience a wide variety of results simply because Winstrol will be just one agent used in a male steroid cycle – it is not usual for this steroid to be used on its own by males. So your results therefore will be more determined by the other steroids you’ve included in the stack. We do know that Winstrol’s role in any male steroid stack is to harden and dry the body – and those are the results you can expect specifically from Winstrol.

There are no figures to aim for here, this is not a bulking compound nor is it one that will burn a significant amount of fat. Rather your results will be visual instead of determined on a scale. Muscle definition, dryness, hardness, vascularity: these are the expected results for a male who uses Winstrol, particularly when it’s used toward the end of a cutting or contest prep cycle.

Winstrol Results for Women

The results that females can get from Winstrol can be substantially different from those of men. It’s no surprise, since Winstrol is based on the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, an androgen that is responsible for males developing the characteristics that make them men.

Just like testosterone, women also naturally have very low levels of DHT but never enough that it would cause development of masculine physical traits. When taking Winstrol then, women are taking in significantly higher amounts of DHT than the body would ever produce on its own, and this comes with some desirable effects for female bodybuilders, as well as potentially negative effects if too much is taken.

Strength Gains Results

Improvements in strength can be the very first thing you notice when you start a Winstrol cycle. This fast acting steroid will provide a substantial boost in strength, which is going to provide the baseline for all the other performance enhancement benefits: particularly power and speed.

Increased strength can mean you’re lifting heavier weights, increasing the speed of developing a shredded physique (rather than putting on a lot of mass, which is not Winstrol’s primary purpose for men). For athletic pursuits, the powerful strength boost will increase speed, endurance and power so you can run faster and harder, jump higher, or simply perform athletically at a much higher level and intensity than you otherwise could.

Muscle Gains Results

When it comes to gaining muscle or bulking, Winstrol is widely considered a steroid that isn’t really suitable or effective for men. There are countless other steroids which are substantially better mass gainers, as well as cheaper to use like Deca Durabolin. Winstrol simply isn’t safe at the very high doses which would be required for it to even start giving men any useful lean mass gains. But what Winstrol can do that has a flow on effect to the muscles is increase strength, and this is the first benefit most users will start noticing within a short time of starting Winstrol.

More strength means you can lift heavier weights, so if gaining some muscle is your goal and you’re making use of other bulking steroids in the cycle, Winstrol will most certainly assist you simply by providing that strength boost that will supercharge your training sessions. The specific muscle gain results you can get on a bulking cycle that includes Winstrol is going to come down to the other steroids you’re using, so it’s impossible to predict a result due to how many potential mass building steroids there are to choose from, and of course what sort of workouts and diet you’ll be on.

Fat Loss Results

While Winstrol is regularly used for cutting purposes, it is not considered a fat burner specifically. It won’t do a whole lot to directly promote a lot of fat loss itself besides providing some boost to the metabolism which is always welcome. What it does do very well is help the body shed water and this naturally leads to a physique that appears lighter and more defined. Winstrol’s anabolic effects will definitely play some role in helping you get rid of fat – but only if you’re on a calorie deficit diet and doing intensive regular cardio work.

For a purely fat burning cycle, Winstrol can be stacked with powerful fat burning steroid Anavar and the excellent fat burner Clenbuterol. When used on its own though, or with another steroid compound that also isn’t a fat burner specifically, your fat loss results are going to greatly depend upon your diet and exercise. So how much fat can you lose? Most people using Winstrol for contest preparation or physique modelling will already be very lean and will make use of Winstrol to dry the body, promote excellent muscle definition and give that overall shredded vascular look.

In these cases, when you’re already very lean you don’t have a lot of fat to lose besides perhaps some very stubborn areas. Winstrol results will start coming on fast thanks to its fast acting nature and without any estrogenic side effects you won’t be worried about bloating ruining your physique.

Best Dosages for Maximum Results

When it comes to getting maximum results from Winstrol, more is definitely not better. As you should know, high doses of Winstrol are strongly recommended against. The adverse effects you would definitely experience would far outweigh any benefits. Think sky high cholesterol and dangerous liver enzyme values.

It’s all about balance when dosing your steroids and while some other compounds might have more room to move for increasing the dose, we need to work within a certain limit with Winstrol mostly due to the above reasons.

Additionally, since Winstrol isn’t a bulking steroid for men there is literally no point in taking higher doses because Winstrol’s best effects are easily obtainable at moderate and safer doses.

For best results while reducing risk of serious side effects, consider the following Winstrol doses. Keeping in mind that Winstrol comes in both oral and injection forms, with both being of exactly the same chemical composition. This means the injectable form of Winstrol comes with the same risk of liver toxicity as the oral, and although it might be very slightly lower risk, it is still substantial compared to most other injectable steroids. This requires keeping the dose of injectable Winstrol to a very similar level to oral Winstrol.

Most males will enjoy satisfactory results by taking between 25mg and 50mg daily. If using the oral form, a simply 25mg daily is often sufficient to get the desired results. Injectable Winstrol, with its slightly longer half life, can be injected at 50mg every two days and levels should remain steady. The oral form has a short half life of just 9 hours so absolutely must be taken at least once per day.

While some guys will extend to 100mg daily, this is considered a very high dose of Winstrol. Most men will run the high risk of joint pain (which can easily occur at much lower doses as well), while putting cholesterol and liver health at great risk.

A 100mg daily dose would only ever be considered by the most hardcore bodybuilders; an athlete would see no benefit from such a high dosage. For most guys though, extending above 50mg is going to result in a side effect load that outweighs any benefits. There is one exception, and that’s taking a high 100mg dose for a very short time – say just seven days – as you’re in the final lead up to a competition. Winstrol acts fast and this strategy can provide a last minute dry out before a contest, but at 100mg you wouldn’t want to be running it for much longer than one week because the side effects are likely to be pretty heavy.

The limiting factor of female Winstrol dosages is determining when virilization symptoms will kick in, and this will be at a very low dose. Therefore women need to limit Winstrol to 5mg daily ideally, but some will feel confident in using 10mg. No female should jump straight to a 10mg dose before having experienced a 5mg cycle previously. Women will almost always use only oral Winstrol as it allows a much easier control of the dose.

Winstrol Reviews

Winstrol is one of the most reviewed and talked about steroids ever. There are thousands of happy Winstrol users, but as you might expect, some people don’t have such a positive experience. There are many reasons for that so it’s important to consider all Winstrol reviews with an open mind and know that every individual will have a different response and different experience with this and any steroid.

Positive Reviews

Winstrol is a very effective steroid and no one should be disappointed in the results provided you understand its benefits and where it can sit in a steroid stack. Disappoint will come in if you expect massive muscle gains; that’s not what Winstrol is about.

Positive experiences will come from those who reap the benefit of the hard, dry, very toned physique that can be obtained in a short time frame with this steroid. Positive reviews come in their thousands with Winstrol, simply because its a tried and true steroid that has been used for so long and with precise benefits that are not difficult to achieve for the intermediate to advanced bodybuilder or athlete.

Yes, we face some pretty serious side effect risks with Winstrol but again – experienced users will know which dose balances the benefits with the risks and most importantly perhaps is knowing that Winstrol is a short term steroid – it’s not a compound you’ll be using for 12 weeks. Results with Winstrol are short and sharp and when used correctly you’re going to come away with a positive experience and satisfying results from a Winstrol cycle.

Negative Reviews

The side effects of Winstrol, which are virtually a certainty for all users, will almost always be the basis for negative reviews and experience with this steroid. It’s not a steroid that won’t deliver the expected results, but for a lot of users it’s the adverse effects that can outweigh any positives and result in a very negative experience using Winstrol – even sometimes to the point of stopping its use altogether before finishing a cycle.

Relatively harmless, short term but annoying side effects like joint pain can impact on some Winstrol users to a significant level, which can reach a point where undertaking normal workouts becomes too difficult. Joint pain and aches is a major reason why some Winstrol users will stop a cycle and replace Winstrol with another steroid that doesn’t result in joint discomfort – something that’s a well known effect of Winstrol’s drying properties.

Stacking Results

Stacking Winstrol provides considerable scope as far as what other compounds you can use, and your results will greatly depend on those other steroids. Bulking? Cutting? Athletic enhancement? Contest prep? Winstrol can fit into almost any imaginable stack for almost any goal.

For a hardcore cutting cycle, you can’t go past stacking Equipoise and Clenbuterol with Winstrol and your results will not only be Winstrol’s dry and hard effects on the body, but a more substantial amount of fat able to be lost earlier in the cycle.

A simple testosterone and Winstrol stack will provide an even greater strength increase and allow you to start gaining muscle – but only when testosterone is taken at a high dose than that used for hormone replacement. The sky’s the limit as to how much mass you could gain, but Winstrol’s role here will still be the same and that is to get that new mass looking toned and dry, with increased vascularity to top it off.


Will Winstrol help me lose body fat?

Winstrol can provide some boost to your metabolic rate, but it is not directly a fat burning steroid. Its anabolic effects can still assist in fat burning, however its most powerful benefit is to remove water weight, so you end up with a very defined and dry physique. When used in a cutting cycle where burning fat is the main goal, Winstrol is often stacked with powerful fat burners like Anavar and Clenbuterol.

Can you bulk on Winstrol?

Winstrol is not a bulking steroid for men. It simply won’t promote the growth of muscle mass in the way more powerful anabolic steroids can. For females it is a different story, and women can gain a good amount of lean muscle with Winstrol even when used at very low doses.

How long can you take Winstrol for?

Winstrol is quite toxic to the liver so will place a lot of stress on that organ, and it also significantly affects cholesterol by raising LDL levels. These two factors combined mean a Winstrol cycle really should not exceed 8 weeks at most. Many people will choose to use it for just 6 weeks as part of a longer cycle stacked with other steroids.

Can you build muscle with Winstrol?

Winstrol isn’t a powerful bulking steroid and men will not be using it for gaining muscle. Women can definitely use Winstrol for muscle gains as it has a much more powerful effect at building lean tissue in females.

Does Stanozolol increase strength?

Probably Stanozolol’s greatest and most desirable benefit is the way it increases strength. This comes in handy for multiple purposes – you can use the boosted strength to get through a plateau, just to power up your workouts, or as many athletes do; to see a substantial improvement in power and speed.

How long does it take for Stanozolol to kick in?

Winstrol is a fast acting steroid, in both oral and injectable forms. Within only the first couple of hours of taking your dose, Winstrol starts to take effect and after just a few days you’ll start noticing an impressive and powerful boost to strength and performance.

Final Thoughts

Winstrol has legendary status in the steroid world, and for lots of good reasons. Its positives are brilliant, but its negatives and price can be a deal breaker for so many of us. Rising cholesterol and liver toxicity are not things to sneeze at as they can bring about lifelong health complications if left unchecked.

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