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Recently I took on a personal challenge to find out what kind of results I could get out of ACUT – a Brutal Force cutting supplement – when used for 12 weeks. I admit that I didn’t have high hopes, but I ended the 12 week cycle pleasantly surprised with how this supplement delivered for me.

Brutal Force ACUT
Brutal Force ACUT (Anavar alternative)

ACUT is designed to be one of the more potent bodybuilding supplements that mimics the effects of the highly popular anabolic steroid Anavar (Oxandrolone).

Anavar is a very effective oral steroid that is particularly powerful for cutting cycles and fat loss and that is also what ACUT is best used for:

  • to help you shed fat, attain and maintain a toned and lean physique
  • to retain muscle while you’re doing that and provide the energy and strength you need to complete the workouts that will drive these results.

For this reason ACUT is possibly the most important inclusion in the Brutal Force cutting range, just as Anavar is so often considered a must-have compound in a cutting steroid cycle.

If you decide to try ACUT I recommend buying it here.

Below you will find a more detailed ACUT review including how it compares to Anavar (the real steroid), how to use ACUT, and what is actually in this product that makes it so effective for cutting.

ACUT vs Anavar

What do ACUT and Anavar have in common and how do they differ? We know one is a real steroid and the other is a natural alternative, so side effects and results are obviously going to differ. Let’s take a look at the details:

Benefits (Effects)

Anavar will get you lean, toned and muscle hardened without excessive bulking. It is perfect for cutting and mostly used for that purpose.

Anavar increases nitrogen retention and red blood cell production for enhanced performance, decreases SHGB so allows more free testosterone to circulate, has powerful muscle retention properties by stopping a rise in hormones like cortisol which can cause muscle wasting, and boosts the metabolic rate and the ability of the body to burn stored fat.

All in all, Anavar is one of the most potent cutting compounds available. But steroids are not to everyone’s liking, so what about the benefits of the Brutal Force alternative ACUT?

It actually has very similar benefits to Anavar overall, which is indeed the goal of Brutal Force when it created a legal Anavar alternative.

ACUT improves performance and energy and one of the main ways it does this is by boosting the process of ATP production which powers muscle contractions. ACUT also helps you burn fat without water retention, so your physique is lean and defined; just what you want in a cutting phase.

And of course we can’t look past the benefits of ACUT without mentioning that the results are achieved without side effects and even though Anavar is one of the more side effect friendly steroids, it still comes with many risks which I described elsewhere in this guide.

Pros & Cons

As you will expect, both of these products come with their pros and cons. Your goal is to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each to decide what’s most important to you when it comes to choosing between ACUT and Anavar. They both have some pros in common, for example:

  • Both can be used by females: Anavar is one of the few anabolic steroids that is relatively well tolerated by women. ACUT is also suited for both women and men such as CCUT, WINCUT, DEKABULK and HBULK.
  • Both are taken orally; no injections are required.
  • Both are made for cutting and serious fat loss while promoting muscle retention.

Then there are some additional benefits of Anavar:

  • It’s not as liver toxic as some other oral steroids and presents less side effect risk than many other steroids.
  • It is a steroid so it’s not surprising that it will give you faster results than natural ingredients that work a little slower
  • It’s one of the few steroids that you don’t have to inject so is often favored by beginners

And some of the big cons of Anavar include:

  • It is a costly steroid that will set you back potentially hundreds of dollars per cycle due to the high cost per tablet
  • It requires post cycle therapy, which means more substances, more time and more money to spend
  • It comes with side effects like testosterone suppression and androgenic side effects
  • It’s not legal so you purchase and use it at your own risk both legally and quality wise

Specific pros of ACUT include:

  • No side effects at all are expected because all ingredients are totally natural
  • It costs significantly less per cycle than Anavar does
  • It delivers powerful results but is gentle on the body with no short or long term health implications
  • You won’t need any post cycle therapy after an ACUT cycle
  • There’s no quality control risks, no legal issues and no sneaking around required in buying ACUT because it’s completely legal. In other words, you won’t be looking over your shoulder constantly when you buy and use ACUT.

Does ACUT have any cons?

It depends on your expectations, but some potential downsides to consider include:

  • It won’t give you as fast or extreme results as Anavar but this is just a fact of biology and the way each of the substances work in the body. Anavar acts similarly to testosterone and DHT so has a direct and immediate effect on hormones in the body while ACUT relies on effective natural ingredients to work with the body’s natural processes.
  • It’s best to use ACUT for an 8 or 12 week cycle, while an Anavar cycle is usually shorter at no longer than 8 weeks maximum for males and just 6 weeks for females.

Typical Results at the End of The Cycle

This is what it’s all about: how you’ll end up at the end of your cycle compared with how you were at the start. It goes without saying that results can and will vary significantly between individuals.

Genetics, diet, training, dose and other factors will always greatly contribute to your personal results with any steroid or supplement.

Both Anavar and ACUT require you to eat a suitable cutting diet and undertake intensive fat targeted exercise in particular including both cardio and resistance training if you want to see the results that either are capable of.

So what can you expect to achieve with either product?

With Anavar you can expect excellent advantages in muscular endurance and enhanced recovery. You will notice yourself able to exert for much longer with less fatigue, which is why Anavar is popular with athletes and not only bodybuilders.

On a calorie restricted cutting diet you can expect Anavar to work quickly with its short half life, to burn excess fat tissue and noticeably maintaining your muscle mass and by the end of the Anavar cycle your body will be toned, cut and potentially competition ready.

By the end of an 8 or 12 week ACUT cycle you can expect noticeable loss of fat to the extent depending on your current physique – those wanting to trim off the last ounces will clearly see a different amount of fat loss to those needing to drop more pounds but in both scenarios you can expect maintenance of muscle tissue and an increasingly lean and cut physique appearing with improvements in muscle definition as fat burns away.

You can also expect to be able to lift heavier and exercise for longer with increased endurance. Body weight percentage should be greatly improved by the conclusion of your cycle as long as your training and calorie controlled diet has been maintained.

Side Effects

Put simply there’s a world of difference between the expected side effects of ACUT and Anavar.

ACUT does not come with any side effect risks and Brutal Force clearly states that this is because only 100% natural ingredients are used with the intention of giving you the same results as Anavar without the side effects.

The Anavar side effects can be nasty, as we know is the case with all steroids. Although its liver toxicity effect may be less than some other steroids, it can still stress the liver and potentially the kidneys as well which is passes through.

Other possible Anavar side effects include those relating to low testosterone because of testosterone suppression, the androgenic effects which include acne and male pattern baldness in men predisposed to those things, and females who use too much Anavar can see body hair growth, deepening of the voice and other masculine features develop.

So we can really see that it’s night and day when it comes to the side effect profile of ACUT and Anavar.

How Much Does a Cycle Cost?

We already know that most steroids are expensive and Anavar is up there as one of the more pricey steroid compounds. It can cost up to $4 per tablet of Anavar for a 5mg or 10mg tablet. This is at the highest end and some people may find it cheaper depending on the supplier.

Since most men will want to take at least 50mg daily we can see how quickly the price of an entire Anavar cycle can go through the roof. On the contrary, ACUT even when used in a cutting stack won’t cost anywhere near as much. ACUT on its own would cost you less than $2 each day of your cycle.

ACUT Ingredients

It consists of a simple formula containing just five natural ingredients. Here they are:

Soy Protein (450mg)

Soy is a quality form of plant protein that is known to be equally effective as traditional protein types. Although some skeptics claim that it can have a bad effect on testosterone there is no evidence that this is the case at all.

Soy may be even more effective when combined with other protein sources like whey which makes the inclusion of both these protein sources a wise choice from Brutal Force. Soy is a slower digesting protein than whey so they compliment each other.

Whey Protein (450mg)

A fast digesting source of protein, when combined with the slower digesting soy the process of protein synthesis may be sustained for longer. Whey is a complete protein made up of all 9 essential amino acids as well as being low in lactose. Whey contributes to recovery and muscle growth.

Branch Chain Amino Acids 2:1:1 (225mg)

These are the building blocks of muscle growth and help you to retain your lean muscle while you’re focused on getting lean and cutting fat during your cutting cycle.

Yam Root (150mg)

This natural extract can be useful for enhancing recovery and reducing pain thanks to anti-inflammatory properties. A compound in yam called diosgenin is a powerful component of this ingredient. It is comparable to a steroid and is structurally similar to DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and in fact synthetic DHEA is often made from diosgenin. DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone that can help burn fat and build muscle. So we can see the importance of yam root in ACUT and the excellent role is plays in a cutting phase without having to use real hormones or anabolic steroids.

Adenosine 5-Triphosphate Disodium (125mg)

Studies show that Adenosine-5-triphosphate (ATP) improves peak muscle torque and torque fatigue during high intensity exercise. ATP provides the energy source for muscle tissue so we can see the critical role it plays in ACUT in powering your bursts during weight lifting.

ACUT speeds up ATP production so you are able to workout longer and harder, speeding up those results getting that fat burnt much faster than you otherwise could.

PeakATP is a patent form of this ingredient and its specific goal is to target body composition and athletic performance, so this is potentially the most important ingredient in ACUT because it will power so much of your workouts and results.

Is ACUT the same as Anavar?

No, ACUT is a natural and legal alternative to Anavar. Anavar is a true steroid that comes with some serious side effects and health risks. ACUT contains only natural ingredients that are both legal and safe to use and which do not cause side effects.

Yes, ACUT is sold as a legal Anavar alternative. It contains no prohibited ingredients. Everything in the ACUT formula is natural and includes protein sources, plant extracts, and amino acids.

Is ACUT effective?

ACUT provides the ingredients that help drive your workouts and results. You can get out of ACUT what you put in when it comes to your diet and training; this is not a magic pill, but neither are steroids.

ACUT is very effective when used alone and it will have you lifting heavier weights and a noticeable reduction in body fat within weeks.

Does ACUT cause side effects?

Brutal Force and my own experiences provide great confidence that ACUT does not result in any side effects for the vast majority of people.

Unless you have a rare allergy or sensitivity to one of the natural ingredients then you can expect smooth sailing and no adverse effects unlike with Anavar and other steroids.

How long until I see results with ACUT?

Whether using ACUT alone you can expect noticeable results within the first two to three weeks but should wait for at least four weeks for real positive changes to start kicking in.

After all, ACUT as a natural product works more slowly and steadily than Anavar and other steroids but with the proper diet and exercise you can still expect solid results within weeks.

What happens once I stop using ACUT?

You might not want to use the supplement forever and the good news is that as long as you keep maintaining your quality diet and workout routine then you should have no problem keeping the gains you’ve made when using ACUT.

What does ACUT cost?

You can buy ACUT considerably cheaper than buying Anavar which can cost several dollars for each and every pill.

It’s not unusual for people to spend $100 per week on Anavar, and then you have the added cost of PCT drugs on top. On the contrary, ACUT costs under $55 per bottle which lasts one month.

If you decide to try ACUT I recommend buying it here.

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