Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

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Post Cycle Therapy Guide
Post Cycle Therapy Guide

When you’re fully focused on planning your steroid cycle, your workouts and your nutrition, it’s all too easy to give little thought it what could essentially be the most critical aspect of your steroid use: post cycle therapy (PCT).

This guide covers everything you need to know about PCT and how to incorporate it into your routines. Treating PCT as high a priority as every other aspect of your bodybuilding program will not only enhance your results, but also protect your health.

My post cycle therapy guide has been broken down into the following sections:

What is Post Cycle Therapy?

Taking an anabolic androgenic steroid cycle completely changes the functioning of your natural hormone system. You might stop producing natural testosterone altogether. One of the big goals of PCT is to get your hormone balance back on track.

Post cycle therapy is a critical action to take and one that deserves just as much thought and planning as your steroid cycle itself. It involves taking several prescription medications that may or may not be easily available to you, while also requiring you to understand how they all work together and what is the best combination, dosage and length of time to run your PCT protocol.

Why Do You Need PCT? The Importance of PCT

PCT is essential and you need to do it because your body’s normal production of testosterone has been interrupted.

Depending on which steroids you’ve been using, how long your cycle was, and other individual factors, your natural testosterone production could be very low to non-existent following a steroid cycle. So getting your test back on track is a critical reason for undertaking PCT.

Just as importantly is the fact that once you stop using steroids at the end of a cycle it stops the anabolic state your body is in, which can lead to difficulty in maintaining the gains you’ve worked so hard to make. So the importance of doing PCT is centered on:

  1. Restoring natural testosterone production
  2. Maintaining muscle gains
  3. Getting your body’s natural systems back on track after steroid use

PCT can be thought of as a post-cycle detox. You are essentially going to be telling your body to work properly again without the influence of steroids in your system. The ultimate goal is to be able to come out of your steroid cycle while maintaining as much of your muscle gains as possible, and a fully functioning, normal hormonal system.

The Three Primary Testosterone Stimulating Agents for HPTA Recovery During PCT

1. SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators)

SERMs are designed to block the effects of estrogen. But as the term “selective” in the name implies, SERMs don’t provide a complete mitigation against estrogen. Instead, while the effects of estrogen might blocked in some areas, in other areas of the body it can actually bring about an increase in estrogen effects.

This means there’s a balance between the potential positive and negative impact of SERMs which makes it clear that it, like any class of drugs, is not a cure all for your estrogenic side effects post-cycle. However SERMs are considered to be a popular option in PCT and still provide satisfactory results for bodybuilders when they are used correctly.

As SERMs are often used as a breast cancer drug for women, they act as an estrogen antagonist on breast tissue and so are useful for mitigating the effects of one of the most dreaded and distressing side effects of using anabolic steroids in gynecomastia (gyno).

There are different types of SERMs that each come with their pros and cons. When it comes to using SERMS in PCT, Tamoxifen (under the brand Nolvadex) and Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) are the two names you will most commonly come across. Clomid is considered the more powerful of the two, but with that comes a higher risk of more serious side effects.

While SERMs are a critical aspect of a PCT protocol no matter which steroids you’ve been using, they should not make up the entire post cycle therapy protocol due to their mixed effects on estrogen.

Benefits of SERMs

  • Stimulates the production of testosterone
  • Blocks the effects of estrogen
  • Helps restore the body’s natural hormone function
  • May help keep cholesterol low

Side Effects of SERMs

By acting as an estrogen agonist in some areas, rather than an antagonist, estrogen’s effects may be enhanced. However it is disturbances of the vision that is possibly the most worrying side effects when it comes to some SERMs. Clomid in particular presents a risk of this potentially serious health problem as it is one of the more powerful SERMs available.

2. Aromatase Inhibitors (AI)

Like SERMs, aromatase inhibitor drugs also mitigate the effects of estrogen when levels rise too much as a result of bring converted from the higher testosterone levels present from steroid use.

However unlike SERMs which work to block estrogen in the tissue cells, AI’s reduce the amount of estrogen that is circulating in the body by inhibiting the conversion of androgens into estrogen which ultimately results in higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels.

Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) include:

Benefits of Aromatase Inhibitors

  • Blocks the enzyme aromatase to stop androgen converting to estrogen
  • Brings about an increase in testosterone by lowering estrogen
  • Prevent or reduce Gynecomastia
  • Also mitigates estrogenic effects of HCG

Side Effects of Aromatase Inhibitors

  • Possible hair loss
  • Hot flashes
  • Increased risk of blood clots
  • Abnormal heart beat
  • Joint and muscle pain

The purpose of using aromatase inhibitors as part of your PCT protocol is to prevent that cycle occurring, reversing it, and bringing about an increase in the production of testosterone. AIs are also important for PCT when you’re including Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in your PCT protocol, since aromatase inhibitors are needed to moderate the estrogenic effects in HCGs.

3. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

HCG is a hormone that can help reverse or prevent some of the more serious side effects we see with steroid use like shrinking of the testicles and the potential infertility that comes along with reduced sperm production. Medically it is used by men who have low testosterone and infertility.

Benefits of HCG

  • Restores and increases natural production of testosterone
  • Returns testicles to normal size and function
  • Increases sperm production
  • Prevents breakdown of the muscle tissue you’ve gained

Side Effects of HCG

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Gynecomastia
  • Leg, feet and hand swelling
  • Prolonged use can inhibit sperm and testosterone production

In a PCT protocol, HCG should be used with aromatase inhibitor and also a SERM. Not only is there no use or benefit in using HCG alone in your post cycle therapy, but doing so will bring about a reduction in leutinizing hormone. Instead, always use HCG with an aromatase inhibitor and a SERM to counter the effect of a rise in estrogen levels caused by HCG’s impact of increasing aromatase activity in testicles.

SERMS for PCT: Nolvadex and Clomid

1. Clomid for PCT

Clomifene Structure
Clomid (Clomifene Citrate) Structure

Clomid is designed to improve fertility in women. The way it goes about this is to stimulate the pituitary gland to increase LH (luteinizing hormone) levels and follicle stimulating hormone which leads to a stimulation of testosterone production in men.

Clomid is most commonly used in PCT to restore natural testosterone producing function.

Clomid Benefits

  • Considered stronger than Nolvadex
  • Can block estrogen
  • Stimulates natural testosterone production
  • Positively impacts on cholesterol levels through the liver

Side Effects of using Clomid

Potential side effects with Clomid include problems with vision and mood swings. Visual problems can include blurriness, floaters, light sensitivity and more. While most of these visual complications are often reversible, some more serious and permanent disorders can come about from heavier or longer term use of Clomid. At the more serious end this can include cataracts, build up of fluid in the macula, and even loss of vision.

When to take Clomid?

Starting Clomid in PCT two weeks after your steroid cycle ends is most recommended. However if you’re using a shorter ester testosterone like propionate then Clomid can be started as soon as 5 days after the end of your cycle.

Clomid Dosages

50mg per day for 3 weeks following a mild to moderate testosterone cycle is considered sufficient for Clomid. See my in-depth Clomid PCT guide for more information.

2. Nolvadex for PCT

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) Structure
Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) Structure

The common brand name for Nolvadex is Tamoxifen and its goal is to stop the binding of estrogen to receptors, especially in the breast tissue as it was developed to treat breast cancer.

Nolvadex helps reduce the side effect of gynecomastia. This is a useful and very popular PCT compound for most people on a regular steroid cycle.

Benefits of Using Nolvadex

  • Helps prevent gynecomastia
  • Restores natural hormonal function
  • Less side effect risk than Clomid
  • Provides both anti-estrogenic and pro-testosterone
  • Can maintain low cholesterol due to estrogenic agonistic effects on the liver
  • Helps keep estrogen levels at a low level

Nolvadex Possible Side Effects

  • Doesn’t stop estrogen from forming
  • Headache
  • Digestive upset
  • Hot flashing
  • Possible reduction in levels of IGF-1
  • Reduction in libido
  • Potential thinning or loss of hair

When to take Nolvadex?

If you’ve done a basic testosterone cycle, Nolvadex can be started two weeks after the end of your cycle. However, some bodybuilders tend to take it during the cycle as well as right after it, in order to keep testosterone levels high by preventing the binding of estrogen. The recommended period for using Nolvadex is 4 weeks, although some protocols exist that cover as little as 21 days.

Nolvadex Dosages

Like all SERMs and any drugs that you use in your PCT protocol, you need to dose Nolvadex properly if it is to work the way you need it to. There are a number of example and recommended protocols for dosing Nolvadex for PCT, and they can vary markedly.

One recommended dosage is 40mg per day in the first week, 20mg per day for the next two weeks, and 10mg daily for the fourth and final week. In a 3 week protocol, one of the recommended dosages is to take 100mg on the first day, followed by 60mg for 10 days then dropping to 40mg for the final 10 days. For more information see my in-depth Nolvadex PCT guide.

Clomid or Nolvadex? Which one for PCT? Or Both?

Nolvadex comes with the benefit of a reduced risk of serious side effects when compared to Clomid. The most concerning possible side effect from Clomid is the vision problems and potential long term eyesight issues that are certainly enough to raise alarm. Clomid is considered very strong, while Nolvadex is weaker and for this reason some people consider using them both. But this does not remove the risk of side effects; in fact it’s likely to increase them.

There’s little point in combining these two SERMs for PCT, and instead select one based on the type of steroid cycle you’ve done. Nolvadex can suffice for a basic or moderate cycle, while a heavier or stacked cycle, or a much longer cycle, the extra strength of Clomid might be required to get you back to regular hormone function and mitigate the more severe drop in natural testosterone and rise in estrogen.

Aromatase Inhibitors for PCT: Aromasin, Arimidex, and Arimistane

AIs prevent estrogen formation and lower circulating estrogen. Many steroid users will take an AI throughout the steroid cycle, as well as during PCT.

1. Aromasin (Exemestane)

Aromasin (Exemestane) Structure
Aromasin (Exemestane) Structure

A breast cancer treatment drug commonly used in PCT to prevent estrogen related side effects like gyno and water retention.

Compared with other AIs, Aromasin has shown to have less of a negative impact on cholesterol which is one of the reasons it is often the most popular choice in this category of PCT compounds.

Aromasin Benefits for Steroid Users

  • Reduces estrogen levels and allows normal testosterone levels to rise
  • Helps you avoid gyno

Aromasin Possible Side Effects

  • Hair loss from conversion of testosterone to DHT
  • Some reports of increased anxiety and depression
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Reduced bone density, bone and joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes and headache

When to take Aromasin?

Many users will take Aromasin both during and right after a steroid cycle to keep estrogen levels down.

Aromasin Dosage

10 to 25mg daily is the range of dosages for Aromasin, depending on the strength and length of your steroid cycle. For more information see my in-depth Aromasin PCT guide.

2. Arimidex (Anastrozole)

Arimidex (Anastrozole) Structure
Arimidex (Anastrozole) Structure

This is an estrogen lowering breast cancer treatment drug and is useful for bodybuilders due to being able to lower the levels of existing estrogen and stop the formation of more estrogen.

Here are the main benefits of using Arimidex:

  • Stops more estrogen forming
  • Lowers existing estrogen levels
  • Helps prevent gyno
  • Reduces acne risk
  • Prevents water retention
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Restores testosterone

Arimidex Side Effects

  • Becomes ineffective when used with Nolvadex
  • Headache and nausea
  • Sore joints

When to take Arimidex?

Like Aromasin, Arimidex is often taken during a steroid cycle as well as for post cycle therapy in order to prevent a rise of estrogen from occurring at any part of the cycle.

Arimidex Dosage

0.5 to 1mg daily is generally recommended, depending on your steroid cycle. If you’ve been in a lighter or shorter steroid cycle, reducing Arimidex to just 0.5mg every two days can be sufficient for some guys. For more information see my in-depth Arimidex PCT guide.

3. Arimistane (ATD)

Arimistane (ATD) Structure
Arimistane (ATD) Structure

Arimistane is another aromatase inhibitor that stops testosterone converting to estrogen and thus preventing the estrogenic side effects of anabolic steroid use.

Benefits of using Arimistane include:

  • Increases testosterone levels
  • Has less negative impact on cholesterol compared with other AIs
  • Helps retain your gains
  • Brings about a fast decrease in estrogen
  • Reduces estrogen over the short and long term
  • Used to prevent gyno
  • Positive effect on cortisol

Arimistane Possible Side Effects

This compound has few reported side effects. Heavier doses or prolonged use can strain the liver.

When to take Arimistane?

Arimistane is used both during a cycle and for post cycle therapy to prevent estrogen levels from rising.

Arimistane Dosage

Between 25 and 75mg daily is considered an effective PCT dosage for Arimistane, with new users starting at the lower dose and raising it as needed. For more information see my in-depth Arimistane PCT guide.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) for PCT

HCG has a medical use for stimulating the testicles to produce testosterone. When it comes to steroid use, HCG is used in post cycle therapy to perform the same task, due to the reduction in normal testosterone production activity.

HCG acts similar to luteinizing hormone which stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone and sperm. When this happens, the testicles can begin growing back to their normal size. HCG is considered a fast and effective way to restore your testosterone function and to recover from a steroid cycle.

Possible Side effects of Using HCG

  • Can cause gyno
  • Pain at injection site

When to take HCG?

Because of the risk of gyno being caused by HCG, it should always be used with an aromatase inhibitor. Cycle length of HCG is normally 4 to 6 weeks.

HCG Dosage

2500iu weekly for a two week period is generally considered effective for steroid users who want to make quick use of HCG to get leutinizing hormone levels back to where they should be. For more information see my in-depth HCG PCT guide.

Putting Them All Together (SERMs + HCG + Aromatase inhibitors)

Because HCG actually increases estrogen, it needs to be combined with an aromatase inhibitor to combat the estrogen. This can bring about some potential conflict when adding a SERM into the mix, depending which compounds you select or are able to get your hands on.

There are known interactions between Arimidex and Nolvadex where one may counteract the other, essentially making it pointless to combine these drugs. Selecting Aromasin as an AI in PCT along with Nolvadex and HCG is not known to cause these negative interactions. The issue that most bodybuilders face is not always having the ability to obtain the specific drug of choice to create the most ideal and effective PCT combination.

To mitigate the heightened aromatase activity that HCG causes, Aromasin is considered the most effective option for combining with HCG in post cycle therapy, with the most recommended daily dosage being 25mg whilst HCG is being taken. Both of these compounds should be stopped at the same time. This can be followed by several weeks of Nolvadex at a daily dose of between 20 and 40mg to stimulate natural testosterone production.

Ideal Post Cycle Therapy Protocol To Use?

While there are many recommendations, opinions and examples out there regarding the most ideal PCT protocol, these differ for reasons including the type, length and strength of the steroid cycle and ultimately which PCT products an individual is able to access. However, a general recommendation for the most ideal post cycle therapy protocol to use in general can be considered as follows:

  • The first two weeks: HCG – 1000iu/E2D, Aromasin – 25mg daily, Nolvadex – 40mg daily
  • Starting at week 3 and continuation for between 2 and 4 weeks: Nolvadex – 20mg daily

This results in a total PCT period of between 4 and 6 weeks, the duration of which will depend on your individual ability to recover adequately.

Common Q&A Related to PCT

What are the main benefits of PCT?

PCT is critical if you want to maintain the gains you made on your steroid cycle and to regain a naturally functioning endocrine (hormonal) system, especially when it comes to stimulating testosterone production. Reducing the effect of gyno is a high priority of PCT.

When should I start PCT?

The timing of your PCT depends on which steroids you’ve used and how long lasting they are. Generally PCT starts 2 weeks after your last steroid injection, although shorter acting steroids like Test propionate will have you starting PCT within a few days of ending your cycle. Steroids like Winstrol can require PCT to begin in as little as 12 hours.

CompoundWhen to start after last admissionDuration of PCT
Testosterone Enanthate2 weeks3 weeks
Testosterone Cypionate2 weeks3 weeks
Testosterone Propionate3 days3 weeks
Testosterone Suspension6-8 hours3 weeks
Sustanon 2503 weeks3 weeks
Winstrol12 hours2-3 weeks
Dianabol6-8 hours3 weeks
Trenbolone Acetate3 days4 weeks
Deca-Durabolin3 weeks4 weeks
Anavar8-10 hours2 weeks
Anadrol8-9 hours2 weeks

What happens if I don’t do PCT?

Several things can happen: you can lose the gains you sweated over during your cycle, making the whole thing almost a complete waste of time (and money). More seriously when it comes to your health though is that your hormone levels can be out of whack for a long time after a steroid cycle, bringing about problems like gyno, high blood pressure, no libido and the list goes on. In short: you don’t want to do a steroid cycle without PCT so don’t think about taking shortcuts in this area.

How Long is a PCT Cycle?

A PCT cycle can last anywhere from three to six weeks depending on the steroid cycle you were on and the PCT drugs you will be using. My ideal post cycle therapy protocol above lasts between four and six weeks for a standard user.

SARMs vs SERMs – What’s the difference?

SARMs bind selectively to androgen receptors and are used medically to treat conditions like muscle wasting and obesity. They are often used by bodybuilders and athletes to build muscle quickly, to bulk up and for cutting. SARMs come with a low risk of side effects although some can cause some suppression in natural hormones, nausea, as well as potential vision problems. SARMs are often used instead of steroids with some SARMs having a similar effect to anabolic steroids without the more serious side effects.

SERMs on the other hand target specific estrogen receptors and so are used to treat serious conditions like breast cancer, as well as menopause, osteoporosis, and infertility. SERMs block the effects of estrogen in selective tissue. Bodybuilders use SERMs in post cycle therapy to combat the appearance of gyno that comes about from elevated levels of estrogen following a cycle of steroids.

What does “Anti-E” mean?

This is short for anti-estrogen, which are also sometimes called estrogen antagonists or estrogen blockers. Anti-E is simply a more common term used to describe the various SERMs and Aromatase Inhibitors we use during PCT to lower estrogen and increase testosterone production.

My Conclusion and Recommendation

Choosing the right PCT protocol is based on so many variables: your age, time on cycle, steroid compounds, dosages throughout cycle, time in between cycles, and what you have available. I hope this guide helps explain PCT in a little more detail. There are some products that I didn’t mention here simply because I’ve never used them.

What do you think? What PCT protocol are you going to use for your recovery? SERMs, HCG or Aromatase inhibitors? Share your proven to work PCT protocol in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: If you’d like more real, NO-BS information on using steroids be sure to check out Straight From The Underground (my recommended underground steroid guide). Everything in this book is a real-life experience, not theory.

PS: If you aren’t sure what ancillaries you should add to your cycle, leave a comment below and I will see if I can give you any ideas.

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  1. Hi , thanks for this great info, I just wondering if I should take an Aromatase inhibitor while the cycle is on? U know to make sure that no testosterone is converting to estrogen.

    1. Go with arimidex 0.5mg/e3d, you shouldn’t need more than that because you don’t want to crash estrogen. Usually 0.5mg twice a week is normal for using 200mg/week of testosterone.

      1. True, 12.5mg every two days or every other day works very well but your dose will depend on the intensity of the steroids you’re using and your individual sensitivity to estrogen.

      2. Hi juice,

        I’m about to start a 12 week cycle of test e 300. Using 500 a week. What do you recommend? Really worried about it as don’t want to get it wrong.

        Cheers brother

      3. Throughout the cycle use 0.5mg/eod Arimidex or 12.5mg/day Aromasin. After your last testosterone shot wait 2 full weeks before starting PCT. Use 50mg/day Clomid for 20 days.

      4. Hi, I started a cycle a week before but I can’t continue. I took just boldenone 300 once and testosterone enanthate twice and I’m off because of the situation of the coronavirus. Do I need a post cycle therapy or not? Thanks a lot.

      5. Can you use arimidex 0.5 eod, after your last test enanthate injection for 2 weeks cause your testosterone levels will drop and don’t want higher estrogen, then start 500 iu hcg then novedex 20mg for 3 week’s???

  2. Can you recommend a 12 week program for a cycle containing the following? When to start each and what dosage?
    Cypionate 250
    I’ve had several different suggestions from other guys who have used this combination but would like as many opinions as possible before I start.

    1. Week 1-12 Test Cyp 100-200mg/e3d. Week 7-12 Anavar 40-80mg/ed. Week 13 nothing for the first 2-3 days. Starting day 3-4 for 2 weeks – Clomid 25mg/ed or 50mg/eod or Nolvadex 20mg/ed. Throughout the cycle Arimidex at 0.5mg/e3d or Aromasin 25mg/ed.

  3. I’m looking at taking a short break from my cycle that was the following:
    500mg Test E per week
    400mg deca per week
    50mg dbol daily (5 weeks only)

    What best PCT protocol should I follow? How long after my PCT can I start one up again? Should I PCT if I plan on starting again?

    1. I suppose this is a 12 week cycle (test e and deca). Week 13-15 take nothing to clear your body. Start PCT week 16-18. 50mg/day Clomid for the first week, then 25mg/day for the remaining. You can add 0.5mg arimidex/e3d for 2-3 weeks. PCT is important after each cycle. For the start of your next cycle I have one simple rule: time on = time off.

    2. Subham Pattanayak

      hello… I m Subham.. I want to know about pct cycle to follow for my cycle..
      my cycle was as follows ;
      *testosterone propionate 100mg per week for 16 weeks.
      *stanazolol 50mg/week for 8 weeks & 100mg/week for 4 weeks.
      *trenbolone acetate 75mg/week for 8 weeks.
      *masterone 100mg/week for 4 weeks.
      *hgh 2ius/day for 24 days.. total 48 ius.

  4. For a simple Testosterone Enanthate mild cycle of 300mg/week for 6 weeks what would you suggest. I would do that several times

      1. Hi there, thank you for this post.
        Want your advice please.
        So I’m goimg to run a test combo 450mg a week and winstrol 40mg a day and CYT3. Can you reccomend is the best to start the wini and CYT3 and also when to start PCT please

      2. Hi juice,

        I’m am gonna start my first test cycle of 250mg per week injecting twice week.
        I will problem wait one or two weeks to start .5 arimidex if I feel any sensitivity every other day if that is correct?

        My main question is after I cycle off 2weeks after my last pin, what pct should I take and how much?

    1. Hi there

      What is the perfect pct for

      Week1-15 test E 500mg week And EQ 500 mg a week

      Week 1-5 anavar 30 mg daily

      Thanks bro

  5. Hello sir Juice,

    I would like to do a purely enanthate testosterone cycle.
    What would be a recommended cycle?

    I’d say i would be comfortable with 400-500 mg / week and hcg, and then some PCT.

    What pct would be best?

  6. Iv done Testosterone Enanthate cycle of 250mg/week for 4 weeks and 500mg/ week for 4 weeks. What would you suggest for a 3 week PCT cycle.

    Many thanks

      1. Hello,

        I’m 6’4 220lbs.
        This is my second cycle.

        I am currently on week 4 of a T400 cycle taking 200 mg E3D so 400mg/week for 6 weeks. I am also running 25mg DBol everyday for 4 weeks and .5 Arimadex E2D.

        I have read that HCG isn’t necessary for such a short mild cycle but I got it anyway. I am unsure of the dosage I should use as there is a ridiculous amount of misinformation out there on this topic. I also have nolvadex, I am planing on using 40mg two weeks after the last pin for two weeks ED and 20mg for another two weeks ED.

        I also was planning on using Arimadex for PC but apparently you shouldn’t mix it with nolvadex? Do I need to get Aromasin instead or is HCG and Nolva sufficient for my situation.

        To sum up my questions,
        1) How much HCG should I use, at what interval and for how long.
        2) Should I use the Nolva with arimadex, just use the nolva or go ahead and purchase Aromasin and if so how should I use that.

        Thank you for your time!

      2. For PCT I’d use 2500iu HCG per week (split it in 2x1250iu shots per week) for 2 weeks, start it the day after your last shot. 2 full weeks after your last test shot use just Nolvadex for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20.

  7. I took 750mg of Sustanon 250 for 10 weeks + 50mg of Anavar everyday for 9 weeks. Tomorrow would be exactly 3 weeks since my last injection of Sustanon. I have been take HCG twice a week of 500 IU and also Arimedex of 0.5mg every other day throughout the cycle.

    I have a full box of Clomid, Nolvadex, Arimedex and around 5000 IU ofj HCG left.

    Recommendations for PCT using Arimedex, Nolvadex, Clomid and HCG, all together?

      1. Hey Juice,

        Week 1-2: 1000mg Test E
        Week 3-6 750mg Test E
        Week 7-24 750 Test E/400mg Tren E
        Running 0.5mg of Arimidex every third day after the first 2 weeks.

        Recommend PCT?
        Thanks for your time.

      2. I would certainly not run a 24 week cycle personally. TBH I dont know what sort of a PCT needs to be run after a 24 week cycle. I would run a 3-4 week typical SERM PCT (Clomid + Nolvadex) and will do blood tests 3-4 weeks after I come off EVERYTHING to re-evaluate. Adding hCG + AI is also an option.

      3. Hi Juice,
        I’ve been taking 500mg of sustanon 250 and 400mg of boldenone each week for about 13,5 weeks, now I’m starting to take 500mg of test prop for another 2.5 weeks so I can start pct 3days later (in about 3 weeks)
        I would like your opinion for what would be the best pct to take after this cycle.


  8. After the first 2 weeks there is no need to do HCG?

    Also, can I do both Nolvadex and Clomid together but at lower dosages?

    I read somewhere that the protocol for Clomid and Nolvadex should be reduced slowly throughout the PCT. Is this true ?

  9. Hey I used 800 iu hcg per week through a long 8 month cycle along with aromasin 12.5 mg Ed and then while my Sust was clearing I blasted around 1500 iu a week for 3 weeks. I stopped the hcg right before I added in my clom and nolv but I continued to use my aromasin at 12.5 mg a day still. My question is I was going to stop my aromasin 7 days after my last hcg shot because I assume clom and nolv willing do the trick and aromasin might crash my e2 if I keep it in? Or should I continue maybe 12.5 mg eod until my pct is finished. Clom is 100 mg for 14 days and 50 mg for 16 days and nolv is 20 mg for 30 days along side. Thanks in advance

  10. My current cycle was

    Tren A 300mg/wk
    Test E 500mg/wk
    Dbol 50mg each day

    My PCT was going to consist of Clomid 50/50/25/25 for a 4 week period. I also have Adex and Nolva but not HCG on hand.

    What do you recommend for a proper PCT?

    I’m supposed to be starting another cycle before my show starting end february beginning march.

  11. Hi Juice
    Bundle of Thanks for this great info
    I am starting my first cycle testosterone enanthate 125/Week for 6 weeks what should i use in PCT please guide .

    1. I’d say Clomid only. A lot of guys want to get other stuff like HCG, Nolva, Arimidex as well as Clomid, but as a beginner cycle the only thing you need is 25mg/day Clomid for 2 weeks.

    2. My cycle is test -p = 100 mg a week
      Stanazalol – 100 mg a week
      Boldenone- 250 mg per week
      It is for 10 week what should be ideal pct for this ?

      1. This is not the best cycle. For example my cycle will consist of 100mg/e2d Test Prop for 8-10 weeks, 400-600mg/week EQ taken 2-3x per week (Mon/Wed/Fri injection schedule), 50mg/day Winstrol for 4-6 weeks. Begin your PCT 2 weeks after your last shot with 0.5mg/day Arimidex for 3 weeks, 2500 iu/week HCG for 2 weeks (split into 2 shots of 1250iu per week) and 100mg/day Clomid first 5 days, then 50mg/day Clomid for the next 15 days.

  12. Hi Juice- thanks for your insights.
    I have just finished my 4th cycle in 20 years. 🙂 This last one was :
    12 weeks of 500mg Test E
    Growth Hormone 6ius a day

    In the past I used HCG (with good results) and nolva/clomid. Research I have done lately says skip the HCG. My balls have shrunk, and I want to get them back. It has been 2 weeks since last injection and I havent started PCT. I have HCG, Nolva, and Arimidex on hand… can you help with dosage and protocals. Thank you so much.

    1. HCG is most commonly used as a kick start to your PCT cycle in preparation for the use of SERMs (Clomid, Nolvadex) afterwards. I’ll start my PCT with 1500iu/e3d HCG, 40mg/day Nolvadex for week 1-2 then will continue with 20mg/day Nolvadex for week 3-4.

      1. You’re a stud, thanks for the quick reply- what an amazing resource you are…starting your protocol today! Thank you!

  13. Hi,

    I’m 5’10, 165lbs

    I just finished a PCT of Nova/clomid 40/40/20/20 and 50/50/50/50 for 4 weeks. My cycle before was 14 weeks tren 400mg and test 500 mg, then an 8 weeks only tren 500mg.

    After this PCT my libido is still shot. Do I continue for another week? Get something else, or will it just recover naturally now that it’s complete?

    Thank you

    1. I’ll continue with 50mg/day Clomid for 10 more days. If on hand you can add HCG as well or 0.5mg/ed Arimidex for 10 days.

  14. Hello!
    I have a cycle of assault labs m-sten that I want to take as a bulking cycle. I originally got a methylated ph and SARM to stack. I cannot get a SERM prescription and want to know if arimistane would work as a PCT, if so, which one? I have competitive labs: PCT assist and cycle assist. I also have osta-shred, and Lean Xtreme.

    What would you recommend for a 4 week bulking cycle? Should I get something else or will what I have work?

  15. Hey Juice – I am thinking of taking Test Enanthante 1ML/200MG/week with Equipose Bold 250 1ml/200mg and finish it off with Masterone Enanthanate 1ml/250mg for 7 weeks. What PCT during if necessary or after would you recommend?

  16. Hello Juice,

    Thoughts or research into HCG 500iu e3d + 250mg TestE e3d, with the HCG added to aid in preventing ball shrinkage?

    1. Sounds good to me, but I’ll stick to 250ui/e3d HCG for a period of 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind that HCG itself can cause gynecomastia, which is why it’s almost always advised to use an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex at 0.5mg/day alongside HCG use.

      1. Right, meant to also add the Adex to the list. Math is hard and I also meant 250iu HCG. Thanks for the help, excellent writings.

  17. I’ve ran SARMS and a test cycle, ran nolvadex after test and it didn’t really help. Spent months feeling like crap. Got Clomid and ran that for 4-6 weeks of 40mg a day then down to 20mg for the last couple weeks. After that, I felt great again. Then about a month off of Clomid I developed gyno AGAIN (very vulnerable to gyno) and no sex drive. I’m trying Clomid again. Not really sure what to do at this point.
    Should I try running aromasin with or after Clomid to help with my estrogen?

  18. Hey JUICE, hope you had a good Christmas!

    I’ve finished taking SARMS (8 week cycle) not long ago.

    So far, I’ve done 2 weeks of Nolvadex 40mg.
    I’m up to week 3 now (taking 20mg).

    My left nipple is starting to get sore for some reason when touching it. Should I finish Nolvadex first then take Arimidex 0.5mg EOD for 4 weeks?

    Your advice would be great.


  19. Ciao, ho 50 anni. SOno alto 175 cm per 87 kg in gara. Ho ncessità di aumentare altri 5-7 Kg. durante il 2020. Che tipo di ciclo mi consigli ? Io uso sempre detox per fegato e reni. Complimenti per la tua grande passione e professionalità

  20. Hi, I’m planning of taking Dbol and Deca for 4 weeks, and that’s my first cycle ever. What should I take for my PCT? Thanks.

    1. Start your PCT 2 weeks after your last shot. Run 1 tab of Clomid (50mg) for 20 days. I would also use 0.5mg/e3d Arimidex while on cycle.

  21. Hello, I started taking Test Cyp 500mg a week about 10 weeks ago and two weeks ago switched over to Test E 400mg a week and am currently tapering down.
    I didn’t see much results from the entire cycle whatsoever but I am experiencing signs of estrogen affects such as gyno.
    What do you think is a good protocol to follow when I fully come off in two weeks?
    I do believe I wasted most of the testosterone due to estrogen conversion so I’m curious how to go about the correct way to get my levels to normal with a pct so that I can start another cycle the correct way in the future.
    Your help is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you

  22. Hey Juice,

    Great write up. I’m coming off a 12 week test cyp course, 400mg/week.

    Would Nolva (40/40/20/20) and Arimistane be sufficient? Both to start 2 weeks after my last jab?

    1. Looks good to me mate!! Begin PCT 2 weeks after your last shot. Keep the Nolvadex at 20mg/day, you don’t need more. For Arimidex stick with 0.5mg/eod, I would do just a 3 week PCT here. You don’t need to go overboard on just 400mg/week test.

  23. Really appreciate your information Juice.

    I am on a 12 week cycle of 500mg Test E / 200mg Deca plus
    0.5mg Arimidex every 2nd day.
    Will start PCT with Clomid for 3 weeks at 50mg daily as you suggest after 2 weeks from last shot..
    How much Arimidex should I take during the PCT phase?
    Also how long do you suggest I wait between my next cycle. I was thing 3 weeks after the end of PCT for a total of 6 weeks since last shot?.
    One last thing please Juice, I naturally have issues with converting Test so I am on HRT at 250mg/10days. When I finish the PCT and waiting till I start the next cycle should I continue my HRT or remain free of Test until I commence the new cycle?

    Many thanks Juice.

  24. Hello ,
    I have been on testo E for 7 months 250mg each week +30mg epistane eachday for 30 days on 30 days off

    Whats the recommended pct please!!

  25. Hi! Planning on starting my cycle (first timer), can you comment on my planned protocol? I am planning a 12-week cycle:

    Week 1-3 – Testosterone propionate 100mg/EOD, Anastrozole 0.25mg/E3D, No HCG
    Week 4-7 – Testosterone propionate 100mg/EOD, Anastrozole 0.25mg/E3D, HCG 250iu/E5D
    Week 8-10 – Testosterone propionate 150mg/EOD, Anastrozole 0.5mg/E3D, HCG 250iu/E5D
    Week 11-12 – Testosterone propionate 100mg/EOD, Anastrozole 0.25mg/E3D, HCG 250iu/E5D

    PCT (for 2 weeks) 3 days after cycle – HCG 500iu/E4D, Anastrozole 0.5mg/E3D

    Can you comment mainly on HCG dosing and timing and on my PCT. Thank you so much!

      1. Is that okay? Since HCG is more commonly used in PCT. I’ve read that clomid has some nasty side effects

      2. Keep the cycle as simple as possible. TBH there is no need of HCG for such a cycle. Keep the Arimidex on cyle and use Clomid post cycle. If you have sides from Clomid, use Nolvadex.

  26. Hey juice, about to do my last week on a mild 8 week cycle. 250 mg test enth per week/400 mg of masteron per week. I have nova and a bottle of 5000iu hcg if necessary. What would recommend for a pct. I’m 5’8 190lbs. Thanks.

    1. Wait 2 weeks after your last shot, then begin Nolva PCT for 30 days at 40mg/day on days 1-15, then 20mg/day on days 16-30. It’d be a wise idea to use HCG starting directly after the cycle with 2500iu/week HCG (split into 2 shots of 1250mg/e3.5d).

  27. Hey been on TRT for a year test c 200 mg a week with hcg e3d, I am having some issues and have to go off the trt, I have HCG, Armidex, and Clomid all from a pharmacy, how should I PCT off of the test?

  28. Hi Juice,

    Thanks for you info. I will be on a mild short cycle (first cycle too), doing
    Week 1-4 Test E 400mg p/w
    Week 5-12 Test E 250mg p/w
    Week 1-12 Deca 200mg
    What pct will you recommend? Im also suspecting i naturally have lower test to begin with.
    Thank you!

    Add: i will be able to obtain nolva, arimidex, clomid, also hcg if necessary.

    1. I’d use 50mg/day Clomid for 3 weeks. Start PCT 2 full weeks after your last test shot. To stay on the safe side right after your last testosterone injection you can also use Arimidex for 3 weeks at 0.5mg/day.

  29. I just got done with a 16 week cycle, 800 test E, 600 EQ/week, 50mg Proviron ed. For PCT, I have Clomid 100mg/ed week 1, then 50mg/ed weeks 2-3. HCG 2,500UI first two weeks (1,250/e3d). I have arimidex but don’t plan using it. Thoughts?

  30. Hi Juice, Im on a comp prep cycle consisting:
    Week 1 to 8 300mg Test E
    Week 8 to 12 300mg Test P
    Week 1-12 600mg Boldenone
    How should I kick start with my pct?

    Thanks heaps!

  31. Hi juice

    Iv been on test n tren for 8 weeks cycle and off for 4 months without pct then go back on sustanon n decca for 4 weeks cycle then on the next month 4 weeks on mk677 then nxt month 4 weeks rad 140 then stop for 6 months without pct. What pct should i take and how long?

    Thanks more power

  32. Hi! Juice!
    I’m from México
    I only used enanthate
    300 mg/ week
    10 weeks
    What You recomend me for ptc?
    I was thinking
    Day 18 after last shot
    1000ui HCG e3d+ 10mg NOLVA
    After 2 weeks
    20mg NOLVA eD+50 clomid eD two more weeks

    Or You recomend me
    1000ui HCG e3d+ 40 NOLVA 2 weeks
    Then another 2 weeks with novela 20mg( pct without clomid)

    1. I’d use 50mg/day Clomid for 20 days. Start PCT 2 full weeks after your last test e shot. If you have side effects from Clomid (feel like shit), use Nolva at 40/40/20/20.

      1. Two weeks after My last test shot start HCG 1000ui e3d? That same week start with the NOLVA?
        Week 10 last test shot
        Week 13 start hcg and NOLVA 40mg at same time of HCG? Excuse me i’m a beginner and that was My first cycle

      2. All I am saying is that at 300mg/week test e you don’t actually need hcg at all. I will wait 2 weeks after my last test shot and will run clomid only PCT for 20 days at 50mg/day. If you have side effects from Clomid, replace it with Nolvadex for 4 weeks at 40mg/day first 2 weeks, then 20mg/day.

      3. O just ask You about the Hcg because I got down My libido and my sperm is now very much less than before the cycle , and i’m worried about it,
        I Will follow Your intruction
        50 clomid 20 days is enought for recover My libido and natural test production? Thanks. For sharing your knowledge with us, good vibes ! very helpfull bro

  33. Hi Juice!
    Amazing article. Precious and detailed information. I think I’m gonna buy your guide because I want to learn more.

    In the meantime I have a question: I’ve been recommended by a powerlifter friend to run this cycle (my 1st cycle):

    Week 1 – Week 10: 500mg testo enanthate per week (250mg Monday / 250mg Thursday) and 0.5 mg Arimidex EOD

    Then stop for 16 days and after that start PCT consisting of: Nolvadex 20 mg per day and Clomid 50 mg per day (just for 20 days).

    Do you think this PCT is enough for this cycle? I’ve read a study stating that HCG is also FUNDAMENTAL. Maybe it is for longer and heavier cycles, what do you think?

    Thank you so much!

      1. OK. Thank you! I asked cause a bunch of people is telling me just 20 days is crazy and that I need at least 4/5 weeks of PCT…
        And what do you think of including SARMS in the PCT? Like Ostarine (mk-2866) and Cardarine (gw-501516)?

      2. *Another friend told me PCT should be something like clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25 + nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20… I’m aware that there are different school of thoughts and each body responds differently. But now I’m a bit scared that 20 days won’t be enough to restart natural testosterone production.

      3. You are going to do 10-week 500mg/week Test E cycle, nothing special here. Side effects are possible and different people respond in different ways to steroid compounds. You’ll never know what’s best for you until you try it. I am not giving you advice or recommendation, I am just telling you what works best for me. Thanks

  34. Hi Juice,

    I finished 12 week cycle:
    Boldenone 200mg a week
    Test. Enan. 250mg a week

    Whats the recommended PCT should be?

    1. Do you mean EQ 3x200mg/week or just 200mg/week? Usually I’ll run 600mg/week EQ (taken on Mon/Wed/Fri at 200mg per shot) for 12 weeks and 500mg/week Testosterone Enanthate. If it’s 200mg/week and just 250mg/week Test E, I’ll begin my PCT 2 weeks after my last testosterone shot with 0.5mg/eod Arimidex for 2-3 weeks and 50mg/day Clomid for 3 weeks.

  35. Hey juice
    I’m starting my cycle soon it is
    Dianabol 30mgs daily week 1-4
    Test E 600mg week for 12 week
    Deca 400mg weekly for 12weeks
    Tren A 50mgs daily from week 5 to 12

    What’s your opinion on that cycle any tips and what sore of pct should I do?

    Thanks in advance

  36. hello – i have never taken steroids before, but i have taken pro hormones, and quite recently, I’ve been using hi-tech arimistane. i take this to suppress estrogen and raise my test levels. well, i recently experienced the scariest thing in my life – shortness of breath; gasping. first, i noticed my stomach had “pouched” out, looking as if i was bloated, and after going to a Pulmonologist, he determined, the shortness of breath was a cause of a withdrawal or rebound from stopping arimistane. the estrogen coming back with vengeance and therefore, causing unwanted side effects. the “bloating” presses on my diaphragm therefore causing a terribly side effect of breathing, have you ever heard this??? also, how long does it take for arimistane to rid the system and hormone levels get back to normal??? this entire experience has been the scariest of my life.

  37. Hello
    I will be runing 12 week cycle.
    Tst c 500 per week 1-12
    Eq 300 mg week 1-10
    Win week 7-12
    Arimidex .50mg every day

    Any advice of best pct cycle please?.
    Thank you kindly

    1. Start PCT 2 full weeks after your last Test C shot. Use 1mg/day Arimidex for week 1, then 0.5mg/day Arimidex for week 2-3. 2500 iu/week HCG for week 1-2 (2x1250ui shots per week). 100mg/day Clomid for 5 days, then 50mg/day Clomid for 15 days.

      1. My question here is as you said 2500iu hcg 2x/week for 2 weeks then 50mg clomid did this means we take clomid together with 1st week of hcg or separately right after finished 2 weeks of HCG only is it ok to take HCG clomid nolva all together wht abt the power pct when many compounds are used i.e tren rimabolan winstrol test prop all together for 6 weeks how abt this PCT
        Day 1-20 : 2000iu HCG every other day.

        Day 1-30 : Nolva 40mg/day (20mg was taken twice per day) ; Clomid 100mg/day (50mg was taken twice per day)

        Day 31-45 : Nolva 40mg/day (20mg was taken twice per day)
        I am confused abt using clomid nolva along with hcg or HCG alone for 20 days and then start clomid nolva after and 20 days plus 45 days 65 total meant HCG first then serms or total 45 days hcg plus both serms together..regards

  38. Hi,

    Looking for your recommendation on PCT after the following cycle

    16week total

    Week 1-7 50mg test propionate
    60mg test
    70mg test isocaproate
    120mg test decanoate
    Every 4days

    Week 8-16 same test amount but added 100mg of drostanolone propionate every 2 days

    Ran hcg 250ui every 3 days as of week 8

    Thanks for the help

    1. Interesting cycle! These test esters are usually only included in mixed ester solutions like Sustanon. The inclusion of Materon and HCG to the cycle is good. Start your PCT 3 weeks after your last shot (Test Decanoate has a long half life of over 20 days) with 100mg/day Clomid for a week, then 50mg/day Clomid for 2 more weeks. I’d also add 0.5mg/day Arimidex to the PCT.

      1. Yes It was a mixed solution, just gave the run down because of the different type of esters. Should I keep on running the HCG throughout the pct or only until I start the PCT 3weeks later?

        Thanks for the help

  39. Hi,
    Test Cypio 500mg Week 1-16
    Dbol 30 Ed Week 1-4
    Arimidex 1mg EOD
    Can you help me with the best pct cycle please?
    Thanks bro!

  40. hi im starting my first cycle.anavar 40 mg week 1 to 6. test enthenate 400mg week 1 to 10. what estrogen inhibitor during cycle and what pct would you recomend. thanks.

  41. Juice,

    I appreciate you making yourself available and being a good reference for people. This is my second cycle and stupidly I did not PCT properly my first time. Thankfully there was no negative effects from this. I myself am about to start my first PCT and want to to get your thoughts. Here was my cycle:

    Test C: 500mg a week – Weeks 1-18
    Tren A: 200mg a week – Weeks 1-8
    Anavar: 50mg Daily – Weeks 3-9
    Aromasin: 12.5mg EOD – Weeks 1-18
    Equipoise: 450mg a Week – Weeks 8-16
    HCG: 250mg EOD Weeks 14-18

    For my PCT I have 10,000iu of HCG, Nolvadex 30ct 20mg and Aromasin 30ct 12.5mg

    My last injection was last Thursday and plan on waiting 14 days till I start my PCT.

    Should I not be taking HCG until day 14? Should I not take HCG upon starting Nolvadex? Would you recommend 40/40/20/20 with Nolvadex or is 20 daily enough?

    What can be expected from PCT as far as energy and libido?

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  42. Hey Juice thank you for this article and knowledge you have given.

    Just finishing up 14 weeks of Test E at 500mg/week. I’ve been taking 1mg of Arimidex E3D.

    Looking to do 1000IU of HCG E2D, after last pin. Then start Nolva 2 weeks after last pin of Test E. I’ll do 4 weeks of Nolva.

    How does this sound^^

    1. Hey mate, your PCT looks solid. Actually you probably don’t need the HCG, but you better be on the safe side. I’ll just do myself a 3 week PCT with 50mg/day Clomid and if necessary will add 0.5/day Arimidex for 2-3 weeks.

  43. Hello Juice, Is just taking clomid and arimidex somewhat effective for increasing testosterone and building muscle? No test injections. Thanks!

  44. Hi Juice,

    Finishing up a 300mg/week 16 week Test E cycle. Only have Torem and Aromasin. What would aromasin dosage look like for the 2 weeks after last pin but before I start Torem, and after I start Torem? What would you recommend for Torem doses/length starting at week 2?


  45. Hi! I did testosterone propionate for 3 weeks
    Week 1 – 250mg/week
    Week 2 – 300/week
    Week 3 – 350/week
    And then shifted to Testosterone enanthate so that I inject less often (will start in 2 days)
    At Testosterone enanthate
    Week 4 – 500mg
    Week 5 – 500mg
    Week 6 – 500mg
    Week 7 – 400mg
    Week 8 – 300mg
    Week 9 – 250mg
    Week 10 – 125mg

    Do you think 10mg of novaldex throughout my cycle is enough to prevent estrogen side effects?

    Planning to continue Novaldex for 3 weeks PCT

    Week 11 – nothing
    Week 12 – 20mg Novaldex
    Week 13 – 10mg Novaldex
    Week 14 – 10mg Novaldex

    Kindly comment please

    1. Throughout the cycle I’d take 0.5mg/day Arimidex. I’ll start the recovery 2 weeks after your last test shot and use Nolvadex for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20.

  46. Hey juice

    Sarms cycle:
    – LGD3033 10mg/day for 8 weeks
    – RAD140 12.5mg/day for 8 weeks
    – Cardarine GW501516 30mg/day for 8 weeks

    Is this the good option for sarms recomp stack? and how about the pct? What pct should I use for this stack?

    1. Hello Juice,

      Im planning to do a cycle :
      Week 1-12 Test 400 1ml twice a week and Turinabol 40mg e/d for a week 1-4. For PCT I use HCG and Clomid. Done a few cycles before and never had issues with gyno. What you think ? Thanks

      1. Your cycle looks good. Probably I’ll add some Arimidex to the cycle only to stay on the safe side.

  47. Hey. I am in the middle of a cycle taking testosterone enanthate and stanozolol which will go on for 12 weeks, maybe longer.
    125mg Test E e5d and 25mg stanozolol ed, and im planning to use nolvadex for a 2 week PCT when i am done. Do you think that will be sufficient to prevent negative side effects.

    1. I’ve found that cycles with winstrol need to be no longer than 6-8 weeks because it can wreak havoc on your cholesterol levels. I’d suggest to stop Winstrol and to continue only with Test at 250-300mg/week. For PCT use 2500ui/week HCG if on hand (2 separate shots/week of 1250iu each) for 2 weeks, 0.5mg/day Arimidex (begin right after your last test shot) and 50mg/day Clomid for 20 days (begin clomid 2 weeks post cycle).

  48. Hello Juice,
    I have no idea what PCT to use after 10weeks cycle on Testosterone mix 400mg/week + LGD 4033 10mg/daily. Juice, recommend good PCT please. I have HCG, Aromasin, Nolvadex. If need i can buy Clomid as well. Thanks a lot. I so much confused.

    1. I’d suggest 10mg/day Aromasin throughout the cycle. For recovery use Nolvadex for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20 or 50mg/day Clomid for 20 days.

  49. Hi there great article, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    The only thing is that if you ask 10 people you will get 10 different answers 😉 So anywayz im trying to figure out the best pct for myself.

    Week 1-10
    250mg test e per week
    250mg deca per week
    Week 1-6
    40mg winstrol oral

    Previously have done nolvadex and hcg, but wondering if nolvadex only would be sufficient.

    Thanks in advance

    1. This is one of my favority cycles so this is what works for me. Once you are done with your 10 week cycle, continue post cycle with 0.5mg/day Arimidex for 2-4 weeks. Start your PCT 2 weeks after your last Test/Deca injection. You’d use 50mg/day Clomid for 3 weeks or Nolvadex for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20. You can also use 10mg/day Nolvadex (or 0.5mg/eod Arimidex) throughout the cycle if you have gynecomastia related issues. Sometimes I use HCG right after my last shot at 2500ui/week (split into 2x1250ui injections) for 2 weeks. Hope that helps.

  50. Hi Juice!
    Thanks for all the great info!
    What’s your thoughts on the following cycle?
    Week 1-4 100mg Anadrol Ed (to kick of cycle)
    Week 1-12 Test E 500mg e5d & 400mg Tren E e5d.
    PCT: Clomid 50/50/25/25

    Thanks Mate!!

    1. I’ll probably do it a little bit different.
      Weeks 1-6: 80-100mg/day Anadrol, 500mg/week test enanthate (shot at 250mg, 2 times/week)
      Weeks 7-12: 100mg 3 times/week Tren E (Mon/Wed/Fri), 500mg/week test enanthate (shot at 250mg, 2 times/week)
      For recovery, I’d go 100mg/day Clomid days 1-10, then 50mg/day Clomid on days 11-20. I would use 0.5mg/day Arimidex for 4 weeks post cycle, and start it the day after your last shot. It’s also recommended if you can use 0.5mg/day Arimidex throughout the entire cycle.

  51. Hi Juice, greetings from Greece!
    i just finished my cycle of
    week 1-10 250mg test cypionate per week
    week 1-10 500mg boldenone per week
    week 1-6 30mg ed ( plus 10mg more the days of training )
    week 1-10 50mg ed proviron
    what PCT you recommend to do?
    thank you very much

  52. Day 1-20 : 2000iu HCG every other day.

    Day 1-30 : Nolva 40mg/day (20mg was taken twice per day) ; Clomid 100mg/day (50mg was taken twice per day)

    Day 31-45 : Nolva 40mg/day (20mg was taken twice per day)
    Shed some light on this PCT and also from last pct low sex drive Ed I experienced tht ED is gone though but low sex drive and semen is more watery and yellowish what kind of pct you suggest and using serms HCG together or HCG first then discontinue hcg and serms only

  53. Hey there,

    I’m pretty new to enhancement drugs. As a beginner cycle I was recommended Test Enanthats 250mg every 3.5 days for 12 weeks. Anyway, I was also recommended 250iu of HCG DURING any cycle to keep natural test production up. Does that seem like a good idea?

    Also I am taking an AI – Arimidex every other day 0.5mg, however I was stupid enough to also buy a box of Aromasin, which is also an AI. Taking both doesn’t make sense but I wanna make use of Aromasin. Should I consider switching to Aromasin weeks 12-14 (after cycle but before PTC) or stick with arimidex as I’m already taking it?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. I usually take 250-500 iu of hcg 2x a week starting 2nd week of any cycle to keep my gonads running. It is good practice.

    2. I am a very gyno paranoid person, so i design my protocols sidestepping it.
      My protocol is simple
      100-150 mg test eth every 5 days + anavar 20 mg for 6 weeks only + (optional) 200 mg weekly primobolan/masteron to replace the anavar +hcg 250-500 iu twice a week. No need arimidex , no side effects.

      Pct would be waiting 2-3 weeks after last test ethanantate injection.
      Hcg 750 750 then 500 500 then 250 250 iu Eod. Start nolva or tamoxifen at 7th day use the 40 40 20 20. Don’t use clomid , it’s dangerous.

  54. Hi mate!!
    Just started a stack of Clen and anavar.
    50mg anavar for 6 weeks
    Clen starting at 20 week 1 40 week 2
    2 weeks off. Then upping it 40 -60 week 5/6 another two weeks off then 60-80 week 9/10
    Going to run nolvadex for pct for 3 weeks at 20mg a day. Just wondering should I start that after I’ve finished the var or wait till the end of the 10 week cycle?? I have arimidex on hand too if you think that would be better!
    Appreciate the help!

      1. Not really looking for the size boost from the test, just looking to strip and get some strength for performance!

      2. Clen can be taken any time. It’s not a steroid, i recommend you add a test base even a trt dose. If you don’t add a test base, well you gonna have low Testosterone after 2 weeks of anavar. You still have to do a pct , anyways why not add the test base.
        Anavar cycle only – pct starts 1-2 days after last anavar pill, 20 20 20 10 10 10 tamoxifen/nolvadex. You can add hcg to speed up the process although it’s quite a mild cycle so not really needed, 1500 iu perweek for 2 weeks.
        Personally i wouldn’t do anavar only unless for ladies.

  55. Hello coach,
    What would you prescribe for pct for a 4 week anavar 20-30mg daily cycle with 100 mg of sustanon weekly? Male.

  56. Beginner to anabolic steroids!!!

    500mg of Test E weekly for 12 weeks. ((1.4ml test e every 5 days?))
    10mg D-bol daily for 4 weeks
    1mg of Arimidex every other day for 12 weeks.
    Do you approve of this being a good first cycle???

    PCT I’m a bit stuck with? Can you advise on what you think would be the best PCT.

    1. D bol…… For first cycle. No.
      Just do a 150 mg test eth every 5 days. Add primobolan or masteron. 400 mg weekly, if you got real primo or masteron , it’s really weak so you need a lot. If you don’t like masteron or primo , then anavar 20 mg daily .
      You won’t really need an ai for this cycle. The goal would be definition and dry gains aka recomp. A slight caloric deficit of 300 cals.

  57. Hello juice.. Hope you’re doing well.. I Really need a recommendation.. What pct would you suggest after:

    Week 1-12 : 750mg of sustanex
    : 420mg of deca

    My question:
    1. When should i start my PCT?
    2. I was thinking about taking both clomid and nolvadex and nothing else as those 2 are easily available… So can you tell me the dosage and for how long should i take them?

    I will be really grateful if you reply.. Thanks in advance.

  58. Hey Juice! Thanks so much for the very informative article.

    I have a bit of a problem. I took my first cycle of Test E of 800mg twice a week for 12 weeks. It’s been about 2 months since last injection and I feel extremely terrible in every way possible. My good friend is getting me HCG, Clomid and Nolva and suggests I start a pct, but I don’t know whether or not it is too late to even start a PCT and if I should just wait it out. And if I could start a PCT now even after 2 months what would my cycle look like?

    I would really appreciate any help, it would be super appreciated as I feel terrible on the daily.

    1. 1600mg/week Test E for 12 weeks as a first cycle!???? And no recovery? Use 2500mg/week HCG (split in 2x1250mg injections per week) for 2 weeks. Right after start with 100mg/day Clomid for 10 days, then 50mg/day Clomid for 20 more days. Also if possible do a blood work.

  59. 40-50mg/Day turinabol Only 8 week cycle. What do you recommend for pct?
    Also kind of interested in winny cycle after that

    1. You don’t need an AI here as Tbol does not aromatise. Nolva or Clomid are probably your best bet here. Take 40mg/day Nolvadex for 2 weeks and then 20mg/day for another 2 weeks or 50mg/day Clomid for 3 weeks.

  60. Awesome content, thanks for putting it all together so well!
    I’m 51, been on testosterone cypionate for 2 years now 100 per week, and looking to wean off. Have used SARMS quite effectively for 4 cycles over the past 2 years, none recently.
    Any suggestions on a pct for this? And possible next cycle of SARMS to use, and when?
    I know it will be tough, but hate being trapped to this ball and chain every week.
    Thanks in advance for your time!

  61. Great content and your replies are top notch as well.
    1st Cycle:
    TestE – 300mg per week – Weeks 1 – 10.
    Aromasin – 10mg eod – Weeks 1 – 12.
    Nolvadex – 40mg ed – Weeks 13-14.
    Nolvadex – 20mg ed – Weeks 15-16.
    Would you suggest this as a good 1st cycle? Any additional thoughts?

  62. Done a few cycles in the past with great results. Have been natural since 40 years old (protein, creatine, glutamine, multivitamin and BCAA´s). Now at 48 will do a very mild one, almost therapeutic dosages to keep my hard gained muscle and reduce bodyfat. Stats are: 48 years old, 5´7″ tall, 180 pounds, 22% bodyfat. Goal is to keep the 180 pounds but to lower the fat down to 15%, not going to compete and not planning on adding more mass, only want to look better since I´m not planning on stop training. Also, not trying to get shredded and want to keep my hair and prostate as healthy as they are now so no Masteron, Winstrol or Tren. Lab results before cycle came fine, a little high on the bad cholesterol but all under control now. Cycle structured with what I have at hand and all but primo (still good reputation brand) is pharmaceutical grade.
    Sustanon 250: 250 mg./week. Weeks 1-8
    Deca Durabolin: 50 mg./week. Weeks 1-8
    Dianabol: 10 mg./ ED. Weeks 1-4
    Primobolan (oral): 250 mg./week . Weeks 5-8
    Proviron: 25 mg./ ED. Weeks 5-10
    Nolvadex: 20 mg. weeks 11-12. 10 mg. weeks 13-14.
    Clomid: 25 mg. weeks 11-14.
    -I will take silimarine for my liver too if lab results come high.
    -Never used/needed HGC before so I wont mess with it.
    -When using the “strong” compounds at the same time (Sust/deca/dbol) I might throw in some aromatase inhibitor but just in case I feel the side effects we all know.
    -Thinking about using a SARM to fight the cortisol but not sure.
    -Will add some clen too in my PCT.

    What do you think???



    1. The cycle looks good. I’ll probably increase the Deca dosage to 100-200mg/week. The PCT is good, I’ll take 50mg/day Clomid for the first 10 days, then 25mg/day for 20 more days.

      1. Thanks amigo!. For a 48 yers old dude I dont look that bad, but palumboism is showing up. Guess is just aging. Never used HGH before but will hold it until I´m 60 and up until I die.

  63. First cycle, so im new to all this.

    Test 1 ml/week for 10weeks
    Deca 1 ml/week for 10 weeks

    I would apreciate some advice on how to a PCT properly for this?

    I have Nolvadex and hcg

  64. I know this isn’t much but, would be my first cycle. Thinking of running EQ 200mg a week, Test C at about 100-200mg a week, and Anavar at 30-50ed. Wouldn’t be able to get any HCG for pct so would Nolva and Clomid do it’s job? If so how should I take it? Should I use Arimidex while on cycle? Thinking of an 8-12 week cycle not sure. Can you guys give me an helpful cycle from this? Thank you.

  65. What is a good pct for this cycle?

    375 mg test e/week
    200 mg deca / week

    And would it be better to split them into two shots, monday and friday?

    Much apreciated reading, thanks.

  66. Hello Juice
    I started a 250 mg of test-enanthate per week just for a little help cause im an athlete all my life and i dont need more for me .Do you recomend taking nolvadex every other day till my cycle ends and most important what would be the best pct for such a mild cycle ? Thanks in advance

  67. Hello Juice,

    I have run a 10 week cycle of test e 450mg a week, what would be the best pct to do now after ive finished the cycle?

    best regards

  68. Hi
    I am about to finish a 12 week cycle of test-e. The last 4 weks i have added masteron to the cycle.
    Do you recommend pregnyl as a PCT with Armidex?

  69. Hi Juice,

    About to run a 16 weeks Test E/EQ cycle planned as follows
    I have
    x3 10ml bottles each of Test E and EQ
    x1 Arimidex 1mg 30pills
    x1 Nolvadex 20mg 30pills
    x1 HCG 5000iu

    1-16 Test Enanthate 500 mgs
    1-16 EQ 600 mgs
    1-16 Arimidex 0.5mg EOD
    19-20 HCG 2500iu PW
    21-24 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

    Is this a good plan ?
    can you add some recommendations if needed.. thanks

    1. The cycle looks good to me. I will split the HCG to 2x1250iu shots a week (Monday/Thursday) and will continue with 0.5mg/eod arimidex during week 19-20.

  70. First cycle 39yo. Going to do Test e 250mg once per week for 10 weeks with arimidex 0.25mg e3d. Week 13 start nolva for four weeks 40mg/40/20/20.

    Do you think the arimidex is necessary?

  71. Day 1-20 : 2000iu HCG every other day.

    Day 1-30 : Nolva 40mg/day (20mg was taken twice per day) ; Clomid 100mg/day (50mg was taken twice per day)

    Day 31-45 : Nolva 40mg/day (20mg was taken twice per day)
    Shed some light on this PCT and also from last pct low sex drive Ed I experienced tht ED is gone though but low sex drive and semen is more watery and yellowish what kind of pct you suggest and using serms HCG together or HCG first then discontinue hcg and serms only

  72. Hi Juice,
    Thank you so much for all the great info. So I’ve been taking test prop for about 8 months now. I was taking .5 every other day up until 2 weeks ago and lowered my dose to .25 every other day. I took my last dose on Friday and want to get off for a while. I have nolva and clomid on hand. What do you recommend for PCT? I’m 43 so not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks so much🙏

  73. Hi
    i was done with my cycle around 5 months back now i feel a bit irritation in my nipples at times like once a blue moon like , should i again do a pct ?? or is it just physo thing ?

      1. Hi Juice,

        I’m currently on week 3 of a 12 week Teston 400 cycle. I started taking .5mg Arimidex E3D the beginning of week 3. I have HCG and Nolvadex on hand as well and was planning on doing 5000iu HCG split between 2weeks, 3/4 days after my last Test shot for my PCT. Would you recommend including the Nolvadex as well or is the HCG sufficient? Thanks for your time.

  74. Hi Juice,

    I’m a beginner im in week 5 now

    I’m doing a 10 week test E cycle : week 1 & 2 – 300mg week 3 &4 – 375mg week 5 & 6 – 450mg then back to Week 7-8 375mg And 9&10 – 300mg

    Arimidex twice a week 24 hours After injection 0.25mg

    I have clomid , Nolvadex and HCG 5000iu

    When do I start to use the HCG ,Is 250iu every 5 days from week 6 Good ? and what PCT Protocol do you suggest ?


  75. Hello juice!

    This is my second cycle
    Total 8weeks
    1-4 week
    testosterone mix 200mg/week
    Eq 200mg/week
    Sustanon 200mg/week
    5-8 week
    testosterone mix 300mg/week
    Eq 300mg/week
    Sustanon 300mg/week
    What do you recommend my pct?
    Thanks !

  76. Hello juice.. Hope you’re doing well.. I Really need a recommendation.. What pct would you suggest after:

    Week 1-12 : 750mg of sustanex
    : 420mg of deca

    My question:
    1. When should i start my PCT?
    2. I was thinking about taking both clomid and nolvadex and nothing else as those 2 are easily available… So can you tell me the dosage and for how long should i take them?

    I will be really grateful if you reply.. Thanks in advance.

    1. Start your PCT 3 weeks after your last shot and use 100mg/day Clomid for 10 days, then 50mg/day Clomid for 20 more days (you can also use 0.5mg/day Arimidex for 4 weeks and start it right after your last shot).

      1. Thanks a lot for replying… Just wanted to know if i can replace arimidex with nolvadex…

        And i wanted to use both nolva and clomid to reduce the risk of side effect … Can you suggest me how to take the nolvadex along side with clomid…??

  77. Hey Juice. I plan on a ver simple test e cycle.
    250 mg first week
    500 mg (2 to 11)
    250 mg last week.
    Should i be taking anything between my cycle ? Also what do you recommend as a good PCT for this cycle?

  78. I took test E 250 mg/week for 6 week and winstrol 30 mg a day, anaver 20mg day ( 6 week ) what do you recommend as a good PCT for this cycle.

  79. So I have been on test now (cruising and boosting cycles) for 14 months. The current pct I’m looking at is..

    250mcg HCG for 7 days
    Then 250mcg every 3rd day for 20 days

    Clomid 100mg daily for 20 days
    Nolva 40mg daily for 45 days.

    Should I be using an AI as well during this pct?

    1. Hi, I’m in the middle of a cycle. I take 500 mg testosterone enanthate / week. Is it a good idea to gradually leave the dose? For example 14 weeks 500 mg / week. 15-20 a week 100 mg. 2 days later 1250 HCG e3d. for 2 weeks. After two weeks, 100 mg Clomid for 5 days and 50 mg daily for 3 weeks. I use 1 mg Arimidex during the whole cycle and 0.5 mg during PCT. What do you think about the gradual reduction of the testosterone dose? What do you think about my whole cycle? thanks for the answer.

    1. You should pair deca with testosterone to ensure your test levels are not shut down. Check my deca cycle guide for more info.

      1. Would like PCT advise for the following cycle:

        Week 1-10 Test E 500mg/week

        Week 1-8
        Anavar 50mg/day

        Arimidex 0.5 EOD throughout cycle

        I have nolva, clomid and arimidex on hand. Also, are you supposed to continue taking 0.5mg arimidex EOD during those 2 weeks after your last shot before you start PCT?

        Thank you

  80. Best PCT for;
    8 weeks of Test E 300mg and Decca 300mg 1ml a week
    8 Weeks of Tren E 200mg and Test Prop 100mg 1ml a week (currently 2nd week in)
    Got gyno effects from first course, but have done a month of Anastrozole, 1 a day and due to finish on Friday, would you reccomend getting more Anastrozole to combat the Gyno or get Tamoxifen? Worried about the gyno getting worse

    Also, what PCT would you think is best for when I finish?

    Thank you

    1. Also running Anavar with the course I am on now 50mg 2 a day.

      How long is it safe to take the Anastrozole for? I don’t want to stop whilst running the course for the Gyno to rebound


  81. Hello mate. I have just started a cycle from today. 400mg of test blend (E,C+P) injected every 4 days alongside 50mg of anavar a day for a month. What sort of PCT will I need for this? I’m aiming to go for 10 weeks and no longer. Cheers.

    1. I’ll add 0.5mg/eod Arimidex throughout the cycle. Start your PCT 2 weeks after your last shot with 100mg/day Clomid for 10 days, then 50mg/day Clomid for 10 more days. You can continue taking Arimidex during the PCT if you have gyno related issues.

  82. I took test E 250 mg/week for 6 week and winstrol 30 mg a day, anaver 20mg day ( 6 week ) what do you recommend as a good PCT for this cycle.

  83. Hi, if i do 6 week of DBol at 30mg/ day and after start my PCT, how many time i wait until a can restart a new cycle. Can i do cycle after cycle all years or i do 3 cycle a year exemple??

  84. Hey juice
    Starting my first cycle. Was going to do 12 weeks 250 e each week with 50mg anavor daily. Any recommendations for a pct ? Also should I take arimidex on this cycle ?

  85. Hi Juice,
    I’ve been on cycle a few times. The last one was for 19 weeks on test and 6 week anavar stack at the end to cut. I’ve finished my cycle now, have no sex drive, knackered all the time and feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. I’m just about to start my PCT and was wondering can you use clomid and HCG at the same time? Or do you use HCG before starting the climax? Does guides would be much appreciated I also have some armies if required with HCG…please help I’m low in mood and so knackered I’m even thinking about missing the PCT and going back on cycle.

    Thanks in advance for your expert advice.


    1. Start with 2500mg/week HCG (split it in 2x1250mg injections per week) for 2 weeks and 0.5mg/eod Arimidex (if you have) for 4 weeks. Right after the HCG use 100mg/day Clomid for 10 days, then 50mg/day Clomid for 20 more days. If possible do a blood work.

  86. Hi Juice. Think over bought to much HCG. How long does it last if not mixed, may be able to use it again on my next PCT. Also do I take Arimidex as well as clomid as you explained above as the times overlap after last HCG injection?

    Thanks Juice


    1. Yes, you can use it for your next cycle.
      Week 1-2 – 2500iu/week HCG (split it in 2x1250iu injections per week)
      Week 1-4 – 0.5mg/eod Arimidex
      Week 3-6 – 100mg/day Clomid for 10 days, then 50mg/day Clomid for 20 more days

  87. Hi, my cycle
    Week 1-8 tren a 100mg, test prop 100mg, masteron p 100mg eod
    Week 1-6 took winstrol 50mg ed
    What is the best pct?

  88. Hi Juice,

    I am on cycle of 1.5 ml/propionate and 40 mg of Anavar every day since last 6 months. Please guide how to use PCT. In this long steroids cycle use.

    Best regards

  89. Hey Juice,

    I’m currently 22 and have gone through 2 cycles. I had a coach helping me out & he f***** me over & didn’t give me any PCT. I was totally clueless and am finally reaching out for help. The cycle consisted of 16 weeks on Test Enanthate with Deca-Durabolin (First 8 weeks with test) & Dianabol (last 8 weeks with test) they were all 500mg shots once a week & I came off completely cold turkey. That cycle ended about a year and 3 months ago & I’ve felt like shit ever since. Workouts aren’t the same, motivation isn’t there etc. I’ve had bloodwork done & my T levels are really low. I’m currently debating whether or not to still take PCT or go through TRT. Please let me know what you think, I have had no one to turn to for advice & this is my last hope. Thanks!

  90. Hey Juice,

    I’m going to be doing a very light cycle of sustanon 250. I have done more aggressive cycles in the past however I have suffered from hair loss and gyno. I’m now 41 and just want a little pick me up to get back into shape. Not looking to be huge.

    Thinking 1 shot per week for 6-8 weeks. That might even make me bulk up more than I want. I might do 1 shot every two weeks seeing as sustanon has such a long half life.

    What PCT and AI program would you recommend for such a mild cycle. I want to avoid more hair loss and gyno at all cost.

    Thank you very much!

  91. Hello Juice.
    Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe🙏.

    I had started my cycle which was supposed to be:
    Week 1 to 7 test c 500 mg per week.
    Week 1 to 7 eq 300 mg per week.
    Week 7 to 12 win 60 mg.
    Arimidex 1mg eod.

    But i made a mistake in calucations and instead of spliting the dose 500c and 300 eq into 2 injections, mon and,Thursday i took double that dose per week

    In 4th week i felt like shit, too lazy and tired and zero motivation,and just wanted to sleep… I went back to my origional dose,,but,still woudnt recover,,despite taking 1mg arimidex every day.
    week 5-6 i stopped eq and took only test c 500mg,,along with 40mg with proviron & 1 mg of arimidex.
    Week 7 i took 250 mg testc and 40mg proviron.
    Week 8 and,9 stopped everything,,and,still feeling like shit
    Waiting to start my pct.

    Jst need your advise to what to take in my pct?
    Also wanted,to mention that i cnt get hcg at the moment.
    Thank you for your valuable insight.

  92. Hello juice!
    Hope you had a great day…
    I just finished my first cycle with sustanon 250 only for 10 weeks. My last shot was 2 weeks ago. Is it ok if i only use nolvadex for pct , or do i need hcg, and aromasin?

  93. Hey Juice, thanks a lot for all this information.
    I did:

    – Week 1 to 5: 750mg/week of Enanthate + 30mg/day of Stanozolol and Methandienone.
    – Week 6 to 8: 500mg/week of Enanthate + 30mg/day of Stanozolol and Methandienone.

    I have HCG, Clomid and Novaldex, what PCT would you suggest?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Week 9 to 10: 2500iu/week HCG (split in 2x1250iu/week shots)
      Week 11 to 14: 100mg/day Clomid for 10 days, then 50mg/dy Clomid for 20 more days.

  94. Hi Juice,

    I started my cycle. My schedule is
    1-12 week Test Cyp 500mg /week
    6-12 week Winstrol 40mg/ed

    Can I use and anavar ?
    Can you tell me please what will be the PCT in the end of this?

    Thank you very much

    1. The cycle looks good. If you want to add Anavar I’d do a 8 week cycle – 30mg/day Winstrol, 30mg/day Anavar, 200-300mg/week Test enanthate or cypionate.
      For recovery wait 14 days post cycle and use 50mg/day Clomid for 20 days, 0.5mg/day Arimidex alongside it.

  95. Hello Juice,

    Good info.
    I did a blast cruise blast cycle with test only. Together with hcg, aromasin and arimidex.
    What pct would you advice? Continue with the hcg?


  96. Hey juice

    I was taking 500mg a week of Test E and 50mg of anavar every day, I have clomid and Nolvadex. What dosages should I take and for how long?

    Thank you

  97. Hey! Im planning on taking 300mg of deca and 300mg of test e, do you think AIs are necessary or I’m good with SERMs only?
    This is my first cycle. Thank you!

  98. Richard Telapo

    Hey, I started a cycle of Test P, Test C, and Bio NPP about 2 weeks ago. I inject half a C of Test P, half a C of Test C, and 1 full C of the Bio NPP every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. My balls are already starting to shrink it’s just making me anxious and I want them to get back up. I have Tamoxifen pills on hand. I want to know is it alright to take them during my cycle and after, or only after my cycle. Will it help my balls get back to how they were if I take it during the cycle? What do you think?

  99. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this very complete article. It’s very clear.
    I have a question. I understand that things depend on many parameters but they are some “standard” protocol and concept when it comes to PCT.

    I heard an experienced bodybuilder saying that his PCT was 2 weeks long. First week HCG , second week Nolvadex+clomid. Dosages depend on what you have been on during cycle.

    Why isn’t any AI in his protocol ? is it ok ? Nolvadex+clomid can’t replace the AI right ? for me AI and SERM are all Estrogen blocker so I’m bit confused but I will read your article again…

    Thanks a lot!

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