Anavar for Sale

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Deciding that you want to use Anavar is one thing, actually buying it can present you with more hurdles than you might have imagined. With Anavar being such a popular steroid, my beginner self thought it would be a piece of cake getting a hold of some of this stuff.

Anavar for sale
Anavar for sale

But I had no connections at the time, and no idea where to start. Then I learned that Anavar is really, really expensive. And that it’s almost impossible to get genuine Anavar these days.

So if you still want to use Anavar, you’ll need to do some homework about the how, where, and what to purchase when you’re looking for Anavar for sale.

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Anavar Benefits (Effects)

For male users, Anavar is an excellent cutting steroid. For female users (and it is considered the best steroid for women to use), it can provide quality lean muscle and strength gains. The effects of Anavar are nowhere near as powerful as some of the top injectable steroids, but for those wanting more specific results, it has its place in a cycle.

Oxandrolone is an oral-only steroid, which can be a benefit in itself if you’re someone who wants to avoid steroid injections. With that said, male users will almost certainly need to take a form of exogenous testosterone when using Anavar to maintain normal testosterone function.

The biggest benefits and effects of Anavar include:

Fat burning

Anavar can directly influence metabolism and encourage the process of lipolysis (the breakdown of fats). It’s this effect that makes Anavar such a desirable steroid for cutting and shredding, and more so because you don’t get any water retention thanks to the fact Anavar does not aromatize (so does not cause estrogen conversion).

Most important is the way Anavar doesn’t only burn the fat under the skin (subcutaneous), but also visceral fat – which is the fat much deeper in, including around the organs. Few other steroids can match this particular ability of Anavar.

Muscle retention

Anavar’s powerful anabolic properties (three times that of testosterone) mean that when you’re eating a cutting diet (usually at a calorie deficit), the body does not become catabolic and starts burning muscle for energy along with fat. Without this anabolic protection, you are almost certain to lose muscle when cutting and dieting.

Anavar makes it easy to keep your existing muscle (and possibly gain a bit as well), and this is for sure the number one benefit of Anavar for anyone using it in a cutting cycle because you want your body purely to be burning fat only – and the more and faster the better.

Lean muscle gains

Anavar is not what we would call a bulking steroid, at least when it comes to males. Females can make good use of Anavar to gain some quality lean muscle, but males would need to take extraordinarily and dangerously high doses to achieve a similar goal, and countless other steroids can do the job better for guys.

Strength, endurance, recovery

The secondary benefits of Anavar relate to general performance enhancement. Most users see a noticeable strength boost, endurance, and stamina should improve, and recovery times are often better. These aspects are rarely as significant as we see with most other steroids though.

Minimal side effects

It’s difficult to look past the benefits of Anavar without mentioning that its relative lack of side effects – as compared to most other compounds – is a major benefit and attractive feature for a lot of would-be users.

There are still Anavar side effects to consider, and some people will experience more harsh adverse effects than others, but generally, it is a much milder steroid when it comes to the side effects you need to manage.

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Possible Side Effects and Safety

If you’ve heard some horror stories about steroid side effects, there’s little chance that any of those are associated with Anavar. It is at the lower end of risk compared with almost any other anabolic steroid.

That doesn’t mean we should be complacent – make no mistake: Anavar is still a powerful steroid and it was not created for use at the high doses that are required for bodybuilding purposes.

Side effects and health risks are still a real possibility with Anavar, but for most of us, they are unlikely to be anywhere near the severity that can be caused by steroids that are significantly more potent than this one.

The main categories of steroid side effects are androgenic and estrogenic side effects, testosterone suppression, and cardiovascular effects. Effects on the liver also need to be considered, especially when looking at an oral steroid like Anavar.

Androgenic side effects

We know that Anavar has a low androgenic rating, which means its androgenic effects can be thought of as mild compared to testosterone.

That’s more of a generalization – yes, few people will see the type of androgenic side effects that are seen with the most powerful steroids, but some individuals who use Anavar WILL in fact notice that their genetics have made them susceptible to some fairly harsh side effects; in particular acne and male pattern baldness.

If you’ve been an acne sufferer in the past, Anavar might cause some flare-ups but this should subside once you stop using it. Those males with the hair loss gene will have a harder time stopping the inevitable thinning of hair on the head, but reducing your Anavar dose is an option if this becomes a major issue. Some users simply won’t notice any androgenic side effects at all.

Estrogenic side effects

Anavar is not an aromatizing steroid, so it doesn’t cause estrogen conversion. This means no dreaded estrogenic side effects like gyno or water retention.

This is what makes Anavar such a powerful cutting steroid because you won’t have to deal with bloating which makes it significantly easier to get that shredded and dry look.

Testosterone suppression

Anavar is a moderately suppressive compound. It will rarely shut you right down, but you’re going to need a form of exogenous testosterone throughout your cycle at a low dose, to avoid low testosterone. Then you will need to do PCT following your Anavar cycle.

Liver toxicity

Although it’s an oral steroid, and we know oral steroids pass through and are metabolized by the liver, Anavar isn’t as toxic to the liver as other orals.

The kidneys take on more of the metabolic work of Anavar than the liver does, so it is in fact the kidneys which experience greater stress with this steroid.

Anavar users should maintain a moderate dose and limit cycle lengths to no more than 8 weeks, with ideally several months in between cycles, to allow both the kidneys and liver to recover.

If you have existing liver health issues, and especially kidney issues, you should avoid using Anavar altogether.

Where To Buy Anavar?

Anavar is a popular steroid, and this has led to unscrupulous suppliers selling counterfeit products under the Anavar name. Wherever you choose to buy Anavar, it is vital to make sure you aren’t purchasing a fake – for many reasons. Not only will you not get the benefits of real Anavar, but you could also be purchasing contaminated or very low-quality products that come from unknown locations.

These products can possibly contain ingredients that are not only ineffective but downright dangerous. Avoid counterfeit Anavar at all costs, and always be aware of who and where you’re buying from. For most of us that will mean sourcing Oxandrolone from underground labs, either directly or through a local dealer.

Having contacts at the gym is worth its weight in gold because many guys would have been buying it for years so should have a quality source that they can supply you with.

Of course, this also means you’re probably paying extra to a middleman, but it does take the worry about having to source from your own supplier, and concerns about shipping and legalities.

Of course, it’s still illegal to purchase steroids regardless of who and where you get it from, so you’ll need to be able to trust whoever you’re dealing with 100%.

It’s not unheard of for authorities to set up sting operations for those buying and selling steroids, and although they usually go for the big players, there’s always the possibility that you’re being watched when you don’t know it.

In short, you simply can’t remove the numerous risks of buying Oxandrolone or any steroid no matter where you choose to get it from.

Pharmaceutical Grade Anavar for Sale

The best source of Anavar is pharmaceutical grade, but this is not at all easy to get your hands on these days. The name Anavar is no longer used at all for pharmaceutical-grade Oxandrolone. It instead comes under several other names in various countries.

In the US, the brand name is Oxandrin. Very little Oxandrolone is produced for human medical use nowadays, which means there’s hardly any supply of pharma-grade products. That means if you can find some (and be sure it’s legitimate and genuine), it won’t be cheap.

Most people would find that the cost of pharmaceutical-grade Anavar would just not be worth it, as it is considerably more expensive than most other more widely available steroids.

Underground Lab Anavar for Sale

The only path for most of us looking to buy Anavar is from an underground lab. The problem here is that you never know exactly what you’re getting, and with the cost of Anavar being so high it’s not at all uncommon for products sold as Anavar from these labs to have a mixture of ingredients in them. Sometimes they even include cheaper compounds in them, like Winstrol or Dianabol, or even ingredients that aren’t even steroids.

This can present safety issues and is the reason why you should only consider a supplier if they have a solid reputation for delivering a quality product. If it wasn’t for the production in underground labs of Anavar, it would be nowhere near the popular steroid it is today (and has been for many decades), as there is simply not enough genuine pharmaceutical-grade product in production.

Some of these labs even produce Anavar in a liquid form. In any case, buying Oxandrolone from an underground lab is still expensive, so if you’re going to spend that type of money it is essential that you do some asking around to locate the best possible source.

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Typical Pricing

Anavar can be one of the more expensive steroid cycles you can do. Even though it’s a popular steroid, it’s never been a cheap one. There is high demand for Oxandrolone, but fairly limited supply, even with underground labs selling it. This naturally causes prices to remain high.

The other factor that dictates high pricing is unavoidable – the raw material for Oxandrolone is expensive. Lower quality materials are therefore often used to save costs, but this obviously gives you a lower quality product.

If you’re lucky enough to find a source for pharmaceutical-grade Anavar, it will cost quite a bit more than the underground labs’ versions, which is to be expected as it is the purest and best quality available.

Pricing for pharma-grade Oxandrolone can vary considerably depending on the country. In the US, prices are listed at around $480 at the low end for 100×2.5mg tablets, and up to $500 or more at the higher end.

This has you looking at over $5 per 2.5mg tablet, which will add up very quickly once you start taking doses of 30mg or more every day. But if you can afford it and know where to get it, you’ll have the peace of mind that your Anavar is as good as you can get and you won’t be throwing the dice on what you’re putting into your body.

The cost of Anavar from underground labs will be even more variable, from the cheapest (and probably very low quality), up to the pricier end but still cheaper than genuine products.

Expect pricing to be half to one-quarter of what you’ll pay for pharmaceutical grade. If you find Oxandrolone at a price that looks too cheap – there’s probably a good reason for it, and those ones are best avoided.

Stacking Anavar

Anavar is very often stacked with other compounds. For male users, this will be a common strategy in cutting cycles, where Anavar can take on the fast-acting initial action at the start of the cycle thanks to how fast it starts working.

Since you only take Anavar for 8 weeks maximum for safety reasons, most stacks will see one or more other compounds carrying on for the remaining weeks of a longer cycle. Anavar stacks are all well and good – but your results on Anavar will always be determined by your diet and your training!

Stacking Anavar for a Male

At its most basic, Anavar is almost always stacked with Testosterone for hormone replacement purposes. This will be at a low dose where the testosterone won’t be contributing much to your performance. But to take it a step further, raising your Testosterone dose can bring about powerful anabolic effects with muscle and strength gains.

  • Testosterone Enanthate: 300mg weekly for 12 weeks
  • Anavar: 50mg daily for the first 8 weeks

All of these stacks will require a post-cycle therapy protocol afterward. A standard PCT is Clomid at 100mg daily, starting 2 weeks after your last dose. Clomid can then be reduced to 50mg daily for the next ten days.

Another Anavar stack for men is a pure cutting cycle and includes another cutting-specialist steroid in Winstrol. Winstrol is absolutely one of the best cutting compounds available, and when combined with Anavar proves to be a potent duo for ultimate shredding.

  • Anavar: 20mg daily for 6 weeks
  • Winstrol: 25mg daily for 6 weeks
  • Testosterone at a TRT dose of 100-200mg weekly should also be included.

Winstrol poses a higher liver toxicity and side effect risk than Anavar, so we can keep this stack short. Doses are around half that of what we’d normally use for each compound because they are both oral steroids.

Stacking Anavar for a Female

Strength and lean gains can be obtained by females at low doses, and stacking Anavar with another type of compound called Ostarine (a SARM) can bring about outstanding results with minimal side effects.

Because Anavar is quite a female-friendly steroid that women can use with minimal or no side effects, using it with Ostarine which also comes with a low risk of side effects is the most ideal strategy for women. Notable strength gains and fat loss are possible with this stack.

  • Anavar: 5-10mg daily for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Ostarine: 12.5mg to 25mg daily for 6 to 8 weeks

Women who are comfortable with higher doses of Anavar, and who don’t suffer virilization effects, can consider adding another 5-10mg to the Anavar dose suggestion above.


Where can you legally buy Anavar?

Anavar can only legally be bought in some countries with a doctor’s prescription. Oxandrolone is no longer branded as Anavar for pharmaceutical use and comes under other names. The only other alternative avenue for buying Anavar is through the black market and underground labs, but this is not legal.

Can you buy Anavar online?

Underground labs and other types of black market sellers often trade steroids including Anavar online. Firstly, you would need to be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Fakes and low-quality products abound. Secondly, the legal complications shouldn’t be underestimated.

Put simply, if you’re caught receiving illegal Anavar in the mail then you can expect some serious legal consequences. Most people will instead seek out Anavar from gym contacts or other local sources rather than purchasing it online.

Is Anavar still available?

Oxandrolone is only manufactured in pharmaceutical grade in small quantities, but it is no longer sold under the name Anavar. These genuine pharmaceutical Oxandrolone products are only available in some countries with a prescription. All other Anavar products are only available from third-party manufacturers, who do not have the same quality control as pharmaceutical producers.

How much does Anavar usually cost?

Anavar is one of the most expensive steroids we can buy. This is because it’s a popular steroid, and it’s hard to come by – at least at the pharmaceutical level.

Buying pharma-grade Oxandrolone could cost you more than $500 for just 100 2.5mg tablets. Underground sources will be considerably less than this, but still expensive compared with many other steroids.

You will be looking at a cycle cost well into the hundreds of dollars, no matter where you source your Anavar from. Add in the additional cost of a middleman’s profits if you plan to purchase Anavar from a gym or other local contact.

Anavar is not legal to use for performance enhancement or bodybuilding. It is classed as a prohibited substance. Purchasing Anavar without a prescription is illegal in the USA.

Most users will buy from the black market, where quality and ingredients can often be questionable, however, this is the only way to obtain Oxandrolone for the vast majority of people.

Final Thoughts

The quality risks and costs associated with buying Oxandrolone can often outweigh the potential benefits you’ll get. Many people simply won’t be able to afford Anavar at all, even at the lower pricing that comes from underground labs. It is still one of the higher-priced steroids and the cost of running a full cycle will run into the many hundreds of dollars in most cases.

More concerning is that we’re left with little option but to trust manufacturers who have no regulation or oversight when it comes to the ingredients being used and quality control. For me, it all became far too risky and too expensive…

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