Anavar Results

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There’s one reason and one reason only some of us decide to do steroids: to get results. Or more specifically, results that you can’t possibly get naturally without any assistance from any substances; results that are just impossible even with the best diet and workout alone.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Results
Anavar (Oxandrolone) Results

So when looking at all the different steroids that are available now, it’s natural for your mind to wander forward to what you might look like at the end of a cycle. What will my results with Anavar be like?

The good news is that your results with Anavar are going to be impressive. It’s more a matter of just how far you can go (and ultimately, how far you WANT to go) to achieve the ultimate physique outcomes that you have in mind.

We can’t predict exactly what will happen when using Anavar, but the best way I was able to choose the steroids I wanted to use (and Anavar was near the top of the list), was to learn about the main effects and benefits, and how these can translate into results – both performance results during the cycle, and of course what your body shaping results could potentially be.

We can look closely at the results other people have gotten while keeping in mind that your body is unique and the only sure-fire way to learn about the results YOU can get with Anavar, is to give it a go.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the use of illegal steroids (PEDs).

Anavar Benefits

Anavar has been around for a long time and has long been one of the most popular and well-understood steroids. We have a very good understanding of what the benefits of Anavar are and how they work together to help achieve goals and results.

Anavar Results
Anavar Results

It’s important to remember that Anavar is the top steroid used by females, and its benefits for women look quite different from what men usually like to achieve with Anavar.

In short, women get the greatest Anavar benefits when using it for improving strength, performance, and lean gains, while male users include Anavar in a cycle almost exclusively for its excellent fat loss properties, as well as performance gains.

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The main Anavar benefits that are going to contribute to your overall results are:

Fat loss

Studies on the medical use of Anavar show that it is very effective at decreasing two types of fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

Decreasing fat is one thing, but doing it without loss of muscle is where the true benefit of Anavar comes in for bodybuilders and competitors.

Anavar’s prime medical purpose is to prevent loss of muscle that is caused by aging and various medical conditions so it’s no wonder that it does this very well.

Anavar is appealing to athletes who are already lean but want to break through those very tough barriers where your body fat percentage is getting down to a low level where it’s notoriously harder to shift fat.

Anavar is not a substitute for eating a proper diet, but when you use this steroid (particularly when you want to get very lean and shredded) you’re likely to be eating a pretty strong calorie-deficit diet. But if your diet isn’t compatible with fat loss then Anavar on its own won’t get you results.

Put simply, Anavar’s powerful fat-burning ability goes hand in hand with what you’re eating and can give you results you simply couldn’t otherwise achieve.

No water retention

No one wants to do a cutting cycle and have to deal with bloating. That’s why the best cutting steroids like Anavar are non-estrogenic, and that means you don’t get any fluid retention at all.

Depending if you’re stacking Anavar with any steroids that do aromatize, Anavar will make it easy to obtain a dry, shredded physique.

You’ll only have to deal with water retention in an Anavar cycle if you stack it with another compound that causes estrogenic side effects – generally, if you’re only using Anavar with testosterone at low TRT doses, fluid retention is still not likely to cause any problems.

You might come across people talking about water retention that they experienced when using Anavar. One explanation for this is that they’ve unfortunately found themselves using low-quality “fake” Anavar, which might not contain Anavar at all or only tiny amounts. This is just one example of why finding a quality Oxandrolone product is essential.

Female Anavar users may notice some water retention even when using pure Anavar. The reasons are not fully known, but drinking plenty of water all day and lowering the dose are the recommended methods for reducing any bloating during the cycle.

Lean muscle gains

Male Anavar users are not going to use this steroid to bulk up. Anavar is an oral steroid, and it’s simply not suitable for being used as a compound to pack on mass when there are dozens of other far more superior compounds to use.

Doses of Anavar that would be required for men to gain significant muscle would be far too high to be safe, despite Anavar’s high anabolic rating. For this reason, males focus on the fat loss benefits of Anavar.

Female users are a different story altogether. At low doses that are considered safe for females, Anavar can help women gain lean muscle and those gains will be dry, full look while also promoting fat loss. This makes it an ideal compound for physique competitors.


The extra strength boost that Anavar provides allows you to power up in the gym, being able to lift noticeably heavier weights and working out for longer with extra endurance.

This performance enhancement benefit speeds up your results with higher intensity workouts, and potentially more frequent workouts with better recovery.

Anavar Results

You won’t find a template that can describe the exact results you might get with Anavar. There are so many factors that influence your results when using this (or any other) steroid.

Hopefully, there’s no one out there who thinks you can just take a steroid and then sit back with your feet up eating chocolate cake all day, expecting to magically transform into Vin Diesel. As long as you’re willing to work for it, Anavar can and does deliver satisfying results in most cases.

Anavar Results for Men

Men on a cutting cycle with Anavar can expect a superb fat loss, and it will be quite fast because Anavar is a quick-acting steroid that you’ll only use for 8 weeks max. Your physique will be more defined, with Anavar pushing water out.

The combination of fat loss and lack of subcutaneous water is what will give you that lean look. Holding on to it after the cycle presents a greater challenge than achieving your shredded physique during the cycle, and this is something you should plan for.

Anavar Results for Women

Women wanting to achieve maximum leanness will, in all but the most extreme circumstances, focus on getting to 10%-15% body fat. But Anavar isn’t just great for fat loss for women, but even more so for sustainable and aesthetically pleasing lean gains with no or minimal side effects.

Fat loss is still likely to occur for women (unless your diet is very calorie-heavy). The fat loss combined with lean gains can result in an overall gain in body weight, but importantly it shouldn’t be water weight, and the gains should be all muscle. Enhanced muscular definition is possible after a single Anavar cycle for women, even at lower doses of 10mg.

Strength Gains Results

It’s fun to check out before and after photos of people who’ve used Anavar, but this tells us nothing about any gains in strength they’ve experienced on the cycle.

Anavar is well known for its ability to boost strength. This steroid causes an increase in red blood cell production which gets more oxygen to the muscles.

This gives you a noticeable increase in strength, as well as increased endurance and stamina. Anavar likely also increases ATP which directly contributes to more strength and endurance.

The result of this? The ability to lift heavier weights, and work out at higher intensity. Just how much you can lift is dependent on each individual, but as a percentage you can expect to be lifting 20% heavier or even more.

That doesn’t mean pushing it until you’re injured – common sense rules should still apply and extra attention paid to rest in between sets.

Muscle Gains Results

Anavar is not a bulking steroid when it comes to male use. It has a high anabolic rating, but this doesn’t translate into powerful anabolic effects that can rival those of true bulking steroids (which are almost always injectables).

Anavar would need to be used at much higher doses than is recommended to contribute to a large amount of muscle growth in men, which is unsafe because it’s an oral steroid (it’s also much more expensive than many better bulking steroids).

Anavar can contribute somewhat to some lean gains, but for male users, it’s very unlikely to be a reason for using this steroid. Instead, the anabolic properties of Anavar are most valuable for men when it comes to MAINTAINING muscle when losing fat.

If you’re a male who wants to put on extra lean mass while using Anavar, the best and only way is to include another steroid in the cycle – even if it’s just testosterone at a higher dose (keeping in mind water retention will rear its head).

What Anavar will do for the muscles of men is make them much more noticeable, as subcutaneous fluid is pushed out and fat is burned.

Females can see a more noticeable gain in muscle when using Anavar. They won’t be turning into the Hulk (nor would most women wish to), but increased definition is a certainty and with muscle replacing fat weight, any body weight put on is going to be lean muscle.

Fat Loss Results

Anavar actively works to help the body burn more fat, and to burn it faster – all while protecting lean muscle from being burned up as energy. Exactly how much fat can you lose on Anavar? There are countless factors to consider along with the abilities of Anavar itself:

  • What is your current weight?
  • Your metabolism and genetics
  • Your diet during the cycle (what you don’t eat will be just as important as what you do eat)
  • The type, intensity, and frequency of your workouts
  • Your Anavar dosage and whether or not you’re stacking it with other steroids

As you can see, estimating a simple loss of fat in pounds is virtually impossible. If you’re already very lean and are just trying to shred those last few stubborn pounds, you’re clearly going to be losing less than someone who’s doing their first cutting cycle.

If your body fat is very high (or you’re overweight), it’s ideal to try and lose as much weight as possible before using a steroid – remember that Anavar isn’t a weight loss miracle drug. Ideally, you will want to already be at at least 15% body fat before using Anavar.

At the point where you’re trying to get down to under 10% body fat, without a compound like Anavar you are going to feel like you’re hitting a dead end. It just gets harder and harder to cut down each percentage point at that stage without a boost, and that’s what Anavar is for.

Your goal might be to lose a certain percentage of body fat. It is entirely possible to lose 5% of body fat when doing a simple Anavar and testosterone cycle. If you’re already at 10% body fat or less, 5% would be a very extreme result. In that case, you might look at a goal of 3-4% body fat loss. The male body needs at a bare minimum a body fat percentage of 2% for organs to function properly.

During competitions, most male competitors will be at between 3% and 5% body fat. Remember that these are the most extreme users, and they are very likely to be using other compounds alongside or instead of Anavar. Can Anavar get you these results? With hard work, it’s possible.

Maintaining this low percentage of body fat can take just as much dedication, but if your goal is to compete, you will be looking at short-term fat loss at this most extreme end around the time of competitions.

Females on the other hand require a lot more body fat to stay within the medically safe range: at least 10% body fat for women. The most extreme female physique and bodybuilding competitors have been known to drop to 8% body fat, but this is considered dangerous territory by medical experts.

Anavar is particularly good at getting rid of fat in more stubborn areas, and for women, this is normally around the thighs and buttocks. Although overall body weight may not drop or change much, this is due to muscle gain – fat is still being lost. On a proper diet, women can expect to lose 5-10lbs of fat on an Anavar cycle unless already very lean.

Best Dosages for Maximum Results

The minimum dosage for men who are using Anavar for cutting is around 50mg daily. Most men will find that they require a slightly higher dose, and many find that 80mg daily provides a good balance between results and side effects.

It has to be considered that any other steroids being included in a cycle can influence your Anavar dosage – in these cases, Anavar can provide a boost to results, but may not be the driving force in a stacked cycle.

Females can choose to use Anavar for bulking or cutting, or both. If you want to gain a good amount of lean muscle, doses of 15mg daily are possible but females must pay close attention to any virilization development, and potentially reduce the dosage if this occurs.

For cutting, women can still get great results with only 5mg daily. One method that many women use to drastically reduce the risk of Anavar side effects, is to use Anavar for 2 weeks, then take 2 weeks off, then do another 2-week cycle. Known as the burst cycle method, this can allow females to continue using Anavar for a longer period until specific goals are met.

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Anavar Reviews

There are thousands of Anavar reviews, opinions, experiences, photos, and discussions out there. It’s easy to lose yourself among them all, but there are certainly some issues that are regularly brought up on both the positive and negative sides of using Anavar. The best Anavar reviews are those based on facts and real-life experience.

Positive Reviews

Positive Anavar reviews are heavily focused on all the best benefits that Anavar offers: excellent fat loss, maintaining lean muscle while cutting, enhanced muscle definition, and boosted strength and endurance. And of course, no side effects.

Positive reviewers will state that Anavar is the most well-tolerated steroid they’ve used, but it’s important to check out what dosage they’ve used as well, so you can make your own determination about how the dose might be influencing their results and (lack of) side effects.

Negative Reviews

People who can’t wait to share their negative experiences with Anavar will almost always focus on side effects, rather than a lack of results. This is understandable, after all, Anavar CAN indeed cause side effects in some people and it’s never pleasant. Some users will be prone to acne and hair loss, and this makes using Anavar uncomfortable.

Some of these users will simply stop using the steroid for this reason. Others find that testosterone suppression is a lot higher than expected. Unexpected water retention is another occasional negative comment users make about Anavar – but these people are almost certainly victims of purchasing counterfeit Anavar.

Stacking Results

The results you can get with Anavar when stacking it with one or more other compounds will clearly heavily depend on the properties of those other steroids (or other types of) compounds.

By carefully planning which compounds you want to stack Anavar with and their respective dosages, you can steer your cycle and results in different directions depending on what you want to achieve. For men, this will still likely be a cutting or contest prep purpose.

While men will usually be using Anavar in a stack, female users will almost exclusively just use Anavar on its own. Men will often stack Anavar with Winstrol for two of the best cutting steroids combined. This requires using both at lower-than-usual doses.

The result of this oral-only stack is increased muscle, thanks to Winstrol, while Anavar takes on most of the fat-burning work. Results are impressive with this stack because you can gain more muscle than by using Anavar alone, while still avoiding water retention.

Clenbuterol stacked with Anavar is a common fat-burning combination. It will provide excellent body composition improvement results for those already at a lean point (think below 13% body fat for men).

The Anavar and Testosterone stack can be used for a whole range of results like cutting, bulking, and strength. Just lower or raise the dose of testosterone to meet your goals – a higher Test will seriously boost strength and muscle gains, but you’ll then be dealing with water retention and other androgenic effects.


Does Anavar burn body fat?

Anavar can actively help the body burn fat, and speed up the metabolism. It does this while promoting the maintenance of existing muscle, so the body is not entering a catabolic state. So while your overall body weight may not drop considerably on Anavar, fat weight will decrease while being replaced with lean muscle.

Is Anavar safe for females?

All steroids come with health risks, but Anavar is considered the safest and least harmful of all anabolic steroids for women to use.

It’s probably the only steroid females can use without developing side effects – however, this will depend on dosage and individual reactions to the compound.

If virilization starts developing, females can reduce the dose or stop using Anavar and these symptoms will usually subside.

Can I gain muscle with Anavar?

Men are unlikely to use Anavar for any significant muscle gains, as it is simply not an efficient steroid for that purpose.

Female users can enjoy excellent lean gains with Anavar, without worrying about developing an extremely male physique.

Muscle definition will improve significantly for both sexes, with Anavar removing water and allowing a shredded, ripped physique to develop.

How much fat will I lose with Anavar?

It depends on a lot of factors – your current weight, diet, training, and how extreme you want to go. Men can get below 10% body fat on a high-quality cutting diet when using Anavar.

Does Anavar cause water retention?

Anavar does not aromatize into estrogen so on its own, it doesn’t cause the body to hold extra water.

There are two main reasons why you might find someone talking about water retention when they’ve used Anavar: firstly, they’re most likely using a counterfeit product that is not pure Anavar.

Secondly, they’ve combined it with another steroid that does aromatize, and it’s the other steroid causing bloating. On its own, Anavar can not possibly cause fluid retention.

Final Thoughts

Anavar can deliver some impressive results. It’s far from the most powerful steroid we can use, but for females in particular it could be thought of as the “safest” steroid to use.

Of course, no steroids are truly safe. Anavar not only comes with all the possible health risks of any steroid, but buying Anavar is very expensive and a single cycle can cost a substantial amount.

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