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DBULK is all about boosting your anabolic state to achieve the biggest muscle, mass and strength gains possible without resorting to steroids. You won’t find any synthetic hormones in DBULK.

DBULK Dianabol
Brutal Force DBULK

Made with a new formula as a legal and safe alternative to possibly the most respected anabolic steroid ever – Dianabol – DBULK is a product I was very keen to evaluate to see if it can live up to these claims.

Author’s Note: I made use of DBULK as part of a 12 week cycle using the Brutal Force stack to enhance my results further. Read on to find out what I discovered about DBULK.

Brutal Force Supplement Stack
DBULK as part of the Brutal Force stack

DBULK is a carefully selected formula that provides powerful benefits particularly for bodybuilders wanting maximum strength and mass gains. Like Dianabol, it also addresses recovery and improves muscle repair, speeding up recovery times so you can get to your next workout sooner.

DBULK enhances the anabolic activity in the body which is the underlying mechanism that gets your workouts powered, muscle growth happening, and faster fat burning with the body more efficiently using stored energy. Boosting free testosterone levels is a goal of DBULK and we know the importance of testosterone in powering all anabolic processes.

DBULK vs Dianabol

Both of these products have similar goals but go very different ways in achieving them with Dbol being a real anabolic steroid and DBULK a much safer and totally legal option.

The benefits of these two products are similar in what they can help you achieve. We will always expect a real anabolic steroid like Dianabol to have unmatched potency – it is after all a direct administration of a powerful hormone into the body. DBULK takes a gentler approach to achieving the same goals.

DBULK Benefits

Although the core aims of DBULK are to maximize muscle and strength gains, there’s more to it than that. DBULK goes a step further than your average mass gainer to promote healing and recovery which is also a prized feature of Dianabol.

What I like about DBULK:

  • Totally safe with no short or long term side effects or risk to health
  • Only taken once daily
  • Increases testosterone naturally and does not suppress testosterone like steroids do
  • No side effects and no water retention so all mass gains are muscle without bloat
  • Low cost and no additional financial outlay on side effect or PCT drugs
  • No risk of toxicity to kidneys or liver
  • Does not raise blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Completely legal and won’t show in any drug tests

What I don’t like:

  • Will take a little longer to work than Dianabol
  • Gains might not be as extreme

The big benefits or effects of DBULK are in the areas of mass and muscle gains, strength gains and increasing levels of free testosterone which is available for use by the body. DBULK decreases soreness of the muscles after working out so you recover faster. All of these effects are based on exactly what Dianabol can do. If you decide to try DBULK I recommend buying it here.

Dianabol Benefits

Dianabol is famous for its ability to deliver fast and huge muscle mass gains, big strength gains, fast recovery and healing, greater power and endurance and a noticeable reduction in fatigue that supports longer workouts.

What I like about Dbol:

  • Great for starting a cycle with fast gains
  • Less androgenic side effects compared with some other steroids
  • Can be stacked well with other steroids
  • No injections required as Dianabol is an oral steroid
  • Works fast and ideal for kick starting a bulking cycle

What I don’t like:

  • Strong liver toxicity limits use to short cycles
  • Works best when doses are broken down and taken several times daily due to short half life
  • The higher the dose, the more serious the side effects will be

Dianabol works very well either for starting off a mass building cycle with a bang or breaking through plateaus mid-cycle. Dianabol is a powerful performance enhancer with benefits for strength, power, speed and endurance.

Typical Results at the End of the Cycle

It’s not unusual for a Dianabol user to gain 20 pounds of mass within just a few weeks, but whether this is achieved without water retention comes down to how well you can control these side effects with various drugs.

DBULK requires no such measures because it doesn’t cause water retention so you can expect all gains with DBULK to be top quality and easier to maintain after a cycle.

The extent of your mass gains on DBULK will greatly depend on your diet and workout plan so typical results can vary but it’s more than possible to gain 15 pounds on a cycle if you’re eating right and training well. Expect to be able to smash through your reps and sets with heavier weights as well with the strength boost that DBULK provides.

Side Effects

As you might expect when comparing a true anabolic steroid to a natural alternative like DBULK, the difference in the side effect profiles could not be more stark. Dianabol has a long list of side effects, some potentially very serious, while DBULK has a list of zero side effects.

Dianabol is an aromatizing steroid which results in rising estrogen levels. With this comes with dreaded estrogenic side effects that are the bane of steroid users: gynecomastia and water retention. Excess water retention can also lead to high blood pressure.

Another side effect of Dianabol relates to cholesterol and the way this steroid can greatly reduce levels of good cholesterol in some people, especially if your diet is not rich in cholesterol friendly foods such as omega-3 sources.

Testosterone suppression is a concern when using Dianabol. This side effect is one we see with most anabolic steroids and while it is not overly powerful with Dianabol, suppression certainly still exists and is strong enough that virtually every Dianabol user will want to be using testosterone alongside it to prevent the devastating effects of low testosterone. Adding testosterone to a Dianabol cycle then brings along its own additional side effects.

Liver toxicity is another risk of this oral steroid which passes through the liver unchanged before entering the bloodstream. This is a major reason why Dianabol users must seriously consider limiting the length of a cycle when using this steroid, to allow liver enzymes to return to normal.

What about DBULK? Thanks to the use of purely natural ingredients with no hormones, this bodybuilding supplement is side effect free. We can safely use the formula even for longer periods of time. With DBULK you can focus all your time and energy on your workouts, diet and results with no side effect distractions.

DBULK is not toxic to the liver or kidneys and will not elevate blood pressure. There is no risk of estrogenic effects so you won’t have to worry about gyno or water retention ruining your gains, or waste time and money on combating any side effects with prescription drugs. If you decide to try DBULK I recommend buying it here.

How Much Does a Cycle Cost?

Anabolic steroids are a big financial investment. It’s not only the steroids themself you need to buy, but also the additional prescription mediations in the form of SERMs and AIs needed to combat side effects, as well as for post cycle therapy.

On the scale of steroid costs, Dianabol does come in at the cheaper end but the amount you pay will greatly depend on where you can source Dianabol from, given that it is an illegal substance. Additionally almost everyone buying Dianabol will want to at least stack it with a testosterone steroid so that cost also needs to be factored in to a cycle.

DBULK on the other hand is very straightforward when planning your budget for a cycle. You pay only for DBULK and require no extra compounds or drugs. You can of course choose to combine DBULK with other potent supplements such as SBULK, TBULK, CCUT and ABULK as I did with the Brutal Force stack.

Using DBULK alone will cost $55 for a single month or even better – purchase a 12 week supply and receive one month totally free. This puts the total cost of a 12 week DBULK cycle at $110 and not a cent more.

Using DBULK in the Brutal Force stack gets you four other powerful legal steroids, with a total cost of a 12 week cycle coming to just under $330 for all five products. An anabolic steroid stack cycle containing two, three or more compounds including Dianabol can cost into the many hundreds, or even into the thousands of dollars in comparison.

DBULK Ingredients

The formula includes MSM to reduce muscle soreness, Hyaluronic acid to speed up bone and tendon healing, and many more powerful ingredients.

  • Vitamin D3 (7.5mcg) – Powerful for supporting the immune system and strong bones, Vitamin D3 could also have great benefits for optimizing testosterone. Some studies have shown that men deficient in Vitamin D in total and free testosterone levels after supplementing with Vitamin D, indicating this essential vitamin plays a vital role in testosterone health. With Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency levels are high throughout the population, often without an individual even knowing, the inclusion of this vitamin in DBULK is ideal both for testosterone support and overall health.
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) (800mg) – This compound has become well known for its potential use in reducing pain and studies are still ongoing to find out just how effective it could be in this area. Decreasing inflammation and soreness after intense physical activity is the main purpose of MSM in DBULK and it can achieve this by reducing oxidative stress which is a process that occurs during exercise. MSM may also help relieve joint pain and stiffness, and increase immunity.
  • L-Leucine (300mg) – This amino acid, one of the branched-chain amino acids, is required for protein biosynthesis. L-Leucine does not require the other two BCAAs to have a powerful effect. It is useful for energy and endurance enhancement as well as muscle tissue repair.
  • Ashwagandha (200mg) – This long used herbal ingredient is valued for its ability to improve the uptake of oxygen which ultimately boosts your workout performance as increasing the maximum oxygen uptake heightens your aerobic capacity. This allows the cardiovascular system to work at a higher than normal level in providing oxygen to the muscles. The muscles can then increase ATP to power the muscles.
  • Suma Root (200mg) – Suma contributes to the testosterone enhancing goals of DBULK. It is known to help balance hormones by decreasing stress hormone activity; when stress hormones are suppressed, testosterone is enhanced. Suma root has long been used to boost the immune system and as a natural booster for the libido. It is known as an adaptogen because of the way it can help the body resist a range of stressors. Reducing stress and fatigue can also boost physical performance and recovery.
  • Tribulus Terrestris (75mg) – A natural testosterone enhancing extract that also has a range of other benefits including reducing cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (30mg) – Helps to heal damaged connective tissue including in the joints, so is an important ingredient for the recovery and healing goals of DBULK.

What is DBULK?

DBULK is a natural and legal alternative to possibly the most well known steroid of all time: Dianabol. DBULK is not a hormone like Dianabol, but instead is a formula of multiple natural ingredients which work together to naturally stimulate the body to improve performance and recovery, promote muscle gain and increase testosterone levels without any of the side effects that we experience with Dianabol.

Is DBULK legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate safe and legal alternative to the steroid Dianabol. DBULK won’t cause you any legal issues or have you searching the black market to buy steroids.

You know you are getting a high quality product straight from the source, unlike anabolic steroids which may be counterfeit or low quality – making them more dangerous than they already potentially are.

Is DBULK dangerous?

DBULK poses no danger to your health. Unlike Dianabol and other steroids that come with countless side effects and long term health risks, there’s no such problem with DBULK which is safe to use for much longer periods than Dianabol.

Does DBULK increase testosterone?

Yes, DBULK works to naturally increase levels of free testosterone. Free testosterone is the measure of unattached testosterone circulating in the blood. This bioavailable testosterone is used easily by the body for all the important processes that this hormone contributes to, including muscle growth.

Is DBULK a steroid?

No DBULK is not a steroid like Dianabol is. There are no synthetic hormones found in DBULK. The formula is completely legal and uses only natural extracts, vitamins and minerals to achieve its goals. DBULK will not show up in sports drugs tests like Dianabol does.

Does DBULK have side effects?

Unlike Dianabol and other real anabolic steroids, DBULK does not come with any side effects at all. This is one of the greatest appeals in using a product like DBULK: you can focus fully on your performance and results without wasting a second of time on trying to control side effects.

What does DBULK cost?

It depends on how long you want your cycle to be, but no matter how long your DBULK cycle is it is likely to be much cheaper than a Dianabol or any other steroid cycle where you also need to factor in additional costs for side effect busting prescription drugs and PCT.

DBULK costs $55 for one bottle for a one month supply, or save money by purchasing two bottles and getting a third for free – this lets you do a 12 week DBULK cycle for under $110 with no additional costs. If you decide to try DBULK I recommend buying it here.

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