Dianabol for Sale

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Dianabol’s popularity has not waned one bit over the past 50 years, so you can be sure that when you’re searching for Dianabol for sale that this is going to be one of the most widely available and easy to find steroids. Still, like all anabolic steroids Dianabol is not a legal substance to purchase in the vast majority of countries.

Dianabol for Sale
Dianabol for Sale

If you’re a seasoned steroid user you probably already have your suppliers lined up, but if you’re new to the game it can be totally daunting finding out how and where to buy Dianabol without getting yourself caught, let alone buying gear that’s genuine and high quality so you can get the best results without jeopardising your health.

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Dianabol Benefits (Effects)

Dianabol has some of the most straightforward benefits we will ever see with anabolic steroids. The two big reasons this steroid is used are: to gain massive muscle fast, and to substantially boost strength.

Dianabol does both these tasks extremely well and it does them quickly because Dbol is an oral steroid that takes effect within a matter of hours of your first dose. Within just a few days most users start seeing significant increases in strength which powers your workouts to a whole new level.

Dianabol’s main effects are benefits are:

  • Muscle gains: this is why people use Dianabol. Muscle gains come on quick and dramatically. While your early gains will likely consist of a lot of water, after a short time you’ll see significantly more lean mass gains. It’s entirely possible for a Dianabol user to gain anywhere from 15lbs to 25 lbs and beyond of mass after using Dianabol for a short cycle of 6 weeks. Your dosage will play a big part in what you can achieve however gaining 20lbs of muscle is within reach of even the average bodybuilder.
  • Strength: Dianabol is famed for increasing strength and most guys will find this to be the first noticeable benefit once Dbol starts kicking in within days. Significant gains in strength will be felt and this leads to a massive increase in your workout capabilities. Dianabol is considered up there as one of, if not the premier strength building steroid available.
  • Athletic performance: although not a primary reason for using Dbol, athletes can gain benefits in the areas of endurance and speed thanks to Dbol’s strength boosting properties. These days there are better steroids for athletes to use, but athletic enhancing effects can be beneficial even for bodybuilders.
  • Better recovery: Dbol will speed up recovery, allowing you to get back in the gym at maximum intensity sooner. All of this contributes to faster gains, and with Dbol being used for such a short cycle you will want to squeeze in as much as you can during those few weeks to get the most from this steroid, while taking care to avoid injury.

What about cutting? Can Dianabol be used for a cutting cycle? This will rarely if ever be the steroid of choice in a cutting cycle, as there are far better options available. Dbol will assist with lean muscle retention, but its water retention issues do not make it a viable option for a true cutting cycle so you will primarily be using Dbol in bulking phases only.

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Dianabol Side Effects

Dianabol has some notorious side effects. Water retention is probably the most dreaded side effect of Dbol, and it’s a very common one. Let’s look at Dianabol’s main side effects in more detail:

Estrogenic side effects

Dianabol is an aromatizing steroid so estrogenic side effects are expected. Rather than converting to estradiol like other steroids, Dbol actually converts to methylestradiol and this is more potent than estradiol.

This can bring about a seemingly overnight development of estrogenic side effects that can be a shock if you haven’t used Dianabol before.

Anti-estrogen drugs are commonly used during a Dianabol cycle to combat these symptoms. SERMs are more desirable as they cause less impact on cholesterol than aromatase inhibitors. The main estrogen related side effects to look out for are:

  • Water retention: The famous bloat caused by water retention is an almost certainty with Dianabol, but it is mostly short lived in the majority of users. You will likely see a sudden development of bloating very early on in your cycle and this will make up most of your weight gain at that stage. But as the cycle progresses fluid should subside while muscle gains increase – as long as you’re managing estrogen properly.
  • High blood pressure: Excess water retention can bring about a rise in blood pressure. To reduce the risk of increased blood pressure, controlling fluid retention should be a top priority on Dianabol. One of the best ways is simply to minimize your Dianabol dosage to low and moderate levels, but anti-estrogens will still be required for many users.
  • Gynecomastia: The development of breast tissue in males is one of the very first side effects of Dbol for most men. The higher the dose and more severe it can be. SERMs like Nolvadex are often used to combat development of gyno and water retention.

Androgenic side effects

Dianabol isn’t what we’d call the strongest androgenic steroid, with its androgenic rating reduced compared to testosterone. Side effects are still more than possible, with the two main androgenic side effects being acne and hair loss:

  • Acne: Increased stimulation of the sebaceous glands causes oily skin and acne to develop, especially if you’re genetically predisposed to it. It’s not only your face that can breakout, but also your neck, chest, back and shoulders. Did you have bad acne as a teenager? Then Dianabol is more likely to cause a breakout compared to someone who has never had acne before, although there’s always a chance that anyone can suffer with this side effect.
  • Male Pattern Baldness: Dianabol can speed up the process of male pattern baldness in the genetically inclined. So if you were going to start losing hair in future, Dianabol can cause this to happen much sooner due to increased levels of DHT which can lead to hair follicle damage. Once the hair is lost and follicles damaged, it is difficult or impossible to reverse.

Liver toxicity

Dianabol is a C17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroid so it is hepatotoxic at moderate levels. Once again we can reduce the risks of liver stress by keeping Dianabol doses as low as possible, and limiting cycle lengths to no more than 8 weeks at the most.

Most people will opt for no longer than 6 weeks. The break in between cycles should ideally be a minimum of twice your cycle length to allow the liver time to recover fully.


One of the worst side effects of Dianabol is its impacts on cholesterol by lowering good cholesterol levels while simultaneously raising levels of bad cholesterol. If you already have cholesterol issues, avoid Dianabol completely.

Even healthy people will need to be making an effort to manage cholesterol levels while on Dianabol, including a suitable diet and including cardio work in your training.

Additionally, if you’re using an aromatase inhibitor while on Dianabol, the effects on cholesterol will be even more pronounced and you’ll need to increase your monitoring including, potentially, having regular blood work done.

Testosterone Suppression

Dianabol causes quite severe suppression of natural testosterone production. You will certainly need to be using exogenous testosterone in a Dianabol cycle. Failure to do this will result in low testosterone and a range of debilitating side effects that will impact your results, and your physical and mental health. Post Cycle Therapy is also required to speed up the process of recovering normal testosterone production.

Any or all of the above are all possible undesirable side effects that can develop at any stage while you’re using Methandrostenolone.

Where To Buy Dianabol?

Buying Dianabol requires working outside the law, so you need to be prepared with all the risks that come with that. You can’t go to a doctor and get a prescription for Methandrostenolone because it has been a prohibited substance for many decades now.

You can’t just walk into a store or pharmacy and pick up a bottle of Dianabol. That means there’s no legal avenue to purchase Dianabol like there was in the good old days when it was legal.

Dianabol’s popularity means you will always be able to find it on the black market. There are two main ways people acquire Dbol: through underground labs bought online, or by sourcing it in countries where it is manufactured such as throughout Asia and Eastern Europe.

I should be very clear in saying that whatever method you take to get your hands on Dianabol, it is not legal. So you risk being fined or even time in prison if you’re caught out buying or possessing Dianabol. Clearly, a lot if people take this risk because countless bodybuilders continue to use Dianabol on a daily basis.

There are only two countries in the world where the legality of Dianabol is more lenient – Mexico and Thailand. These two countries are well known as being hotspots for “steroid tourism” – people who travel there specifically to purchase anabolic steroids like Dianabol. They can often be simply found over the counter at most chemists – something unheard of throughout western countries.

In recent times, Thailand in particular has started cracking down on the thriving steroid market, with Mexico often considered the more appealing option. This will largely depend whether you live in southern or northern hemisphere though – most Americans will naturally prefer to go to Mexico, while if you’re in Australia then Thailand is the more cost effective location to travel to.

Then of course, you take a great risk in transporting your purchase back to your home country.

Not only can Dianabol be legally bought in those two countries, it can be found remarkably easy and cheaply. Many people will choose to just stay in Thailand or Mexico and do their Dianabol cycle there, using local gyms. This eliminates the need to travel with your illegal steroids. Naturally you take a big chance doing this: regulation can be questionable or non existent in these locations and you could be buying low quality or contaminated Dianabol.

Pharmaceutical Grade Dianabol for Sale

Does Dianabol come in pharmaceutical grade? This is the first question new users will often ask, because it makes sense to want to seek out the highest quality and purest form of Dbol for best results, and for safety reasons. When it comes to pharma grade Dianabol, this is a very rare product indeed.

The vast majority of the world’s pharmaceutical companies ceased production of Dianabol when it became a prohibited substance well over twenty years ago. You will certainly not find any pharmaceutical grade Dbol for sale in any western countries.

A small number of pharmaceutical labs in the Mexico and south-east Asia (such as Thailand) still manufacture Dianabol at pharmaceutical grade. These can come under different brand names like Anabol, Methandienonem Methanabol and Naposim.

Where we have pharmaceutical products, we have counterfeits, and you will find counterfeits of any or all of these brands being sold. It takes due diligence and a good knowledge of sources to know whether you’re buying a genuine or fake Dianabol.

Because of lower standards of regulation in the countries which still manufacture Dbol as a pharmaceutical product, this does not guarantee you will get Dianabol of the same quality as if you were to purchase it from an FDA approved facility in the United States or similar in other western countries. What this means is that even if purchasing pharma grade Dbol, it won’t necessarily be of any high quality, purity, or sterility of that coming out of some of the better underground labs.

So while it’s always better to aim for pharmaceutical grade Dianabol, effort will still be required to ensure you’re getting the real thing and that in essence you are still purchasing this steroid on the black market.

Rather than order from pharmacies overseas, many people will travel to the countries where Dbol is sold openly in pharmacy stores and simply purchase it there and use it there. This can go some way to clearing up the legal risks in your own country, but can potentially put you at legal risk in a foreign country.

Underground Lab Dianabol for Sale

New steroid users can be surprised to learn that there are thousands upon thousands of labs around the world manufacturing anabolic steroids. These are termed underground labs and can be anything from a tiny backyard setup run by one person, to a major operation in a factory. Much of the raw material required to make steroids in these labs comes from sources in Eastern Europe and China.

This helps keeps the costs down for manufacturers who are of course operating illegally in most cases. The better underground labs will maintain a high level of quality control, including how they source their raw powder ingredients while also taking strong measures to ensure sterility. These are the type of UGL you want to buy from.

At the other end of the spectrum are labs that pay little to no attention to quality or hygiene and its these steroid providers that can put your health at great risk. Dianabol is a steroid always in high demand so virtually every underground lab will manufacture it, and this keeps the price of Dbol down as one of the cheaper steroids we can buy.

Dianabol bought from an underground lab will usually be cheaper than pharmaceutical grade, but its quality will be more of a lucky dip and that’s why it’s critical that you find a lab that has a top reputation for quality.

Typical Pricing

Dianabol is a very affordable steroid when you compare it to almost any other. In fact it could very well be the cheapest steroid you will ever use. This is a simple supply and demand benefit. Dianabol has been in demand for many decades and it never goes out of fashion. All steroid sellers and manufacturers know that Dianabol will always sell well, so it is manufactured in large amounts and kept in stock everywhere.

Dianabol tablets are often sold in varying doses, from just 5mg, up to 20mg and on to 50mg tablets. Most users will find the 20mg the best option, as it allows you to easily modify your dosage as needed in response to your side effects and results. If 10mg is required, simply cut the tablet in half.

Pharmaceutical grade Dbol can cost as much as $400 for 1000 x 5mg tablets. When buying from underground labs the price is generally lower, such as $80 for 200 x 10mg pills.

Stacking Dianabol

Dianabol is almost always used as part of a stack. Few people will want to use Dianabol as the sole steroid in a cycle, but instead its real power is when it’s used to kick start a bulking cycle.

Dianabol starts working very fast, so while any other injectable steroids are taking their time to get going, Dianabol gets your performance and results off to a flying starts.

Just as importantly is the fact that Dianabol’s use needs to be limited to under 8 weeks if you are to prevent serious liver damage or impacts on cholesterol and blood pressure.

The good news is that Dianabol stacks exceptionally well with a lot of other compounds so you aren’t going to be too limited with what you use it with, and this means we get a near unlimited choice in combinations.

Just remember that if you want to stack Dianabol with another oral steroid, the dosage should be kept at the lower level or you’ll get some seriously compounding effects from both on your liver.


Can you buy Dianabol in stores?

Dianabol can not be bought in stores or pharmacies. It is not available to legally buy anywhere and is listed as a prohibited substance in the US and most other countries.

Where can you get pharmaceutical grade Dbol?

Only in some countries such as Mexico and Thailand can pharmaceutical grade Dianabol be found, although due to lower manufacturing standards the quality may not always be as pure as you would like.

Can you get a prescription for Dianabol?

Dianabol has long been banned as a drug permitted for human use, so you won’t find doctors giving out a prescription for this steroid. Most Dianabol users will source it from overseas suppliers where it is often easily found, or via underground black market labs.

How much does Dbol cost?

Depending on where you buy from, Dianabol can cost anywhere from $80 for 100 x 20mg tablets, up to three or four times that much for pharmaceutical sourced Dbol.

Most countries list Dianabol and all other steroids as totally illegal to buy, sell or use. There are very few exceptions, with a small number of countries either not having laws against Dianabol and other steroids, or having a largely unenforced system.

Countries such as Thailand are known for their widespread open availability of Dianabol and in Mexico many steroids can be legally sold with a doctor’s prescription.

Final Thoughts

Dianabol is a cheap, widely available and brilliant steroid to use – if you don’t mind the side effects. If you don’t mind the water retention, the acne, the high blood pressure and the scary cholesterol and liver changes.

Some guys like me will use Dbol for years, then find the adverse effects harder to handle. The results are also difficult to maintain once you end a cycle, which is OK if a competition is your only goal but I like to keep my gains longer than that.

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