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People can be surprised at just how challenging it can be to buy HGH for bodybuilding use. For a compound that is widely approved and used as a prescription medication around the world, it is not only hard to obtain but also very expensive.

HGH for Sale
HGH for Sale

If you’re used to buying anabolic steroids and perhaps have a preferred supplier, you might get lucky in sourcing high quality HGH. In any case, buying and using HGH without a genuine prescription for medical needs is illegal and this adds another hurdle to your purchasing attempts.

In this guide I share the best ways to purchase Human Growth Hormone for bodybuilders.

Author’s Note: If you decide to try HGH I recommend buying it here (the source I am currently using). For those who follow me, you know I’d never steer you wrong.

HGH Benefits (Effects)

HGH is nowhere near as powerful as steroids, but once you understand what it does and how best to use it, it can elevate your steroid cycles to new levels.

Using HGH on its own can provide satisfactory benefits, particularly if anti-aging and fat loss are your main goals, but for the most desirable results you will likely always be using HGH as one part of your steroid cycle.

Here are the main benefit and effects of HGH that you can look forward to:

Muscle Building

Although far from a bulking compound when we compare it to anabolic steroids, HGH has the ability to supercharge the anabolic effects of steroids. This is why most users (men especially) will use HGH with steroids – it just makes sense with the main effect of HGH being growth.

This allows HGH to essentially help multiply the muscle growth effects of steroids. While HGH can be a useful muscle growth agent for females when used on its own, it is regarded as too weak to be of much use for men wanting to bulk up without being combined with steroids.

Fat Loss

HGH strongly effects the metabolism in a way that is favorable for losing fat. It can stimulate the body to use body fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. This can bring on surprisingly fast fat loss, and even a reduction in cholesterol. The latter effect is a bonus benefit for steroid users, as many steroids will cause an increase in cholesterol levels.

Connective Tissue Repair

The healing, repair and growth of connective tissue is an aspect of HGH which makes it appealing to those who have no interest in bodybuilding. These potential anti-aging effects have lead many to think HGH could be useful in slowing down some of the inevitable decline in collagen production as we age.

But this effect of HGH is also hugely useful to bodybuilders. Recovery will be enhanced significantly, while tendons, joints and ligaments can strengthen – becoming less prone to injury and supporting more intensive, heavier workouts.

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HGH Side Effects

It’s easy to assume that HGH comes without side effects, firstly because it’s not an anabolic steroid, and secondly because it’s produced naturally in the body. What could go wrong? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Although real world studies are few and far between on the long term side effects of using HGH, it’s broadly understood what some of the main risks can be when the body is receiving too much growth hormone, and for too long.

Taking synthetic HGH means your body is obviously getting more of this hormone than it requires. The pituitary gland controls HGH release, so once you introduce more into the system you can expect certain side effects to develop.

These are the known potential HGH side effects that you could experience when using this compound for bodybuilding and performance purposes:

  • Joint Pain: this is a common side effect and one that is considered harmless, but annoying. This is due to the growth of new tissue, especially in the early stages of using HGH. Joint pain usually disappears a short time into your HGH cycle.
  • Hypothyroidism: studies of medical use of HGH have shown that it can cause changes in thyroid function, including a study that found some children on growth hormone treatment developed hypothyroidism. This condition results in the thyroid being underactive and not releasing enough thyroid hormone. This causes a slower metabolic rate and thus, weight gain. This is obviously the opposite of what you need to be happening when using HGH for fat loss. This is one of the reasons many people will take T3 (Cytomel) when using HGH.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: compression of the median nerve in the wrist, as a result of fluid retention, can cause a tingling and numbness in the hands and fingers. In severe cases this can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. This can be painful and prevent you using your hands as normal, which will impact your ability to lift weights effectively among other actions.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: HGH’s effects on the metabolism can cause changes in insulin sensitivity and increases in blood sugar. In the worst case this could lead to type 2 diabetes developing. Often mistaken for a temporary form of diabetes, type 2 can not be cured and those with it can only go into a form of remission. This means avoiding the development of type 2 diabetes by maintaining sensible use of HGH is critical if you are to avoid the long term health impacts of diabetes.
  • Excessive growth of bone, tissues and organs: when using extremely high doses of HGH you run the risk of enlargement of various parts of the body. The most likely affected areas are the hands and feet, as well as the jaw area. Internal organs can also become enlarged.
  • Heart disease: one of the more extreme adverse effects of high dose HGH use is hypertrophy of the heart and this drastically increases your risk of developing heart disease. This once again points out the importance of not using excessive doses of HGH. Most people who use HGH at low to moderate doses will avoid the most serious side effects such as those that cause cardiac atrophy.
  • Cancer: although it would be incredibly difficult to prove through scientific study, many experts believe that there is likely a link between some cancers and the use of growth hormone. In particular, cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, esophageal cancers, brain cancer and even melanoma (skin cancer). Research showed some patients were both anabolic steroid and HGH users who developed these cancers with the potential underlying cause being excessive stimulation insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).

The type of side effects and their severity will greatly depend upon your HGH dosage. In general, side effects will be more sudden and severe when you start HGH at a high dose. It’s always recommended that new users begin at the lowest possible dose to evaluate your response.

Where To Buy HGH?

Unless you are eligible for a HGH prescription from a doctor to treat a medical condition, you will need to source your HGH from the black market. To get the best quality, as with anabolic steroids, pharmaceutical grade HGH is the ultimate choice.

Unfortunately finding high quality and pure generic pharmaceutical grade HGH is not quite so simple. The quality from different sources can vary wildly, and it can even vary from one purchase to the next from the same source.

HGH is also extremely expensive and this makes it a prime target for counterfeiters to try and pass off HGH at a premium price. This is because HGH is in constant high demand. It’s not only bodybuilders who are trying to get their hands on HGH, there’s also a separate group of people who are purely focused on using HGH for its alleged anti-aging benefits.

This high demand combined with lack of genuine, high quality and reliable HGH results in very high prices. In fact HGH will almost certainly be multiples more expensive than any anabolic steroids you’ve used.

Keeping in mind that buying HGH anywhere without a prescription is completely illegal, you will need to take just as much caution as you might when purchasing anabolic steroids.

Pharmaceutical Grade HGH for Sale

Even though HGH is an approved pharmaceutical medication in many places around the world, getting your hands on pharmaceutical grade HGH is not easy. It’s also a very expensive drug, no matter where you get it from.

As you would expect, to get the very best quality HGH pharmaceutical grade products should be your first priority. While there are generics available on the black market, these can also be very difficult to come by. Unfortunately, even generic HGH can be of low quality, so there is never a guarantee that you will be receiving a pure fully dosed product no matter what it says on the label or how much you pay.

The source of most generic HGH often sold as pharmaceutical grade is China. True pharmaceutical grade HGH will come with a very high price tag, while Chinese generics will often be half to one third of the cost.

Anyone who has used genuine pharmaceutical grade HGH will usually say it was well worth their investment. The high price is justified by the perfect quality HGH that delivers expected results at the expected dosage. After all, HGH is something you will be using for many months, so if you’ve bought a questionable generic version and are disappointed in your results, you’ve not only wasted a lot of money but potentially several months of a cycle.

There are many brands of pharmaceutical grade HGH. The best and most trusted ones include Humatrope, Zorbtive, Omnitrope, Saizen, Norditropin, Serostim, Genotropin, and Hypertropin. Expect to pay $1000 or more for any of these genuine pharmaceutical grade HGH products.

Reminder: Buying and using pharmaceutical grade HGH without a genuine prescription from your doctor to treat a diagnosed illness is illegal. Importing and purchasing HGH in any form can put you a risk of authorities which can lead to prosecution.

Underground Lab HGH for Sale

Due to the difficulty and expense involved in obtaining genuine pharmaceutical grade HGH, the generic versions that you come across will have come from underground labs around the world. As mentioned, many of these are Chinese but some may be manufactured in other locations such as Mexico.

Underground lab HGH comes with many risks, not the least of which is under-dosing of the formula. It’s not uncommon for a vial of HGH from one of these labs to contain 50% or less of actual HGH in the formula; this means not only will your results be drastically reduced, but you really won’t know exactly what you’re injecting into yourself.

If you’re a regular anabolic steroid user you’ve probably grown used to buying quite good quality steroids from underground labs. Most of those products are very usable and often dosed accurately. Unfortunately we just can’t say the same about underground lab HGH.

The expense of manufacturing HGH leads the labs to take shortcuts to ensure their profits. Although this cheaper HGH is very tempting when you’re on a budget, most users will find it much more worthwhile to save money and wait until you can afford genuine pharmaceutical grade HGH.

Typical Pricing

As I’ve mentioned, HGH is a very high priced product and this can be a shock if you’re only used to buying anabolic steroids.

Even if you get caught out buying low quality or counterfeit HGH, you have probably paid a small fortune for it. This means you want to get your source sorted out before handing over any money – the risk is simply too high with all the fakes and poor quality HGH being sold on the black market.

Pricing of HGH needs to take into consideration that not only is the base price itself extremely high – much higher than virtually any steroid – but the fact that HGH needs to be used for many months to get the most benefit from it means you need a lot of it. A six month cycle of HGH, which is a standard procedure, can cost you well into the thousands of dollars.

By far the highest priced HGH is genuine pharmaceutical grade. Even if you can find it – which is often difficult – it can cost $1000 or even more for 100 units. If you purchase black market or underground lab generic HGH the price can be as low as $300.

But the catch is the lesser quality, cheaper HGH is very likely to be under-dosed so the cost difference is not as great as it seems. This is why experienced users will almost always wait until they can find and afford genuine pharmaceutical grade HGH; if you are going to spend that much, it is well worth trying to get the best quality HGH money can buy.

Stacking HGH

Stacking HGH with steroids and other compounds it the most widely used strategy. In fact using HGH alone has little benefit for most of us, and its real power is in the synergy it has with steroids. Because HGH directly promotes growth, it works to multiple the muscle gain and fat loss effects of most anabolic steroids.

Another compound regularly stacked with HGH is T3, which is a thyroid hormone and is also useful for fat loss, while helping with any potential reduction in normal thyroid function that can occur with HGH.

Stacking HGH for a Male

Men who stack HGH have a long list of anabolic steroid options. Depending on your specific goals, this will often be the most popular steroids like testosterone and Trenbolone for bulking cycles, and Anavar or Winstrol if you’re on a cutting cycle.

For the most hardcore fat loss, Clenbuterol (which is not a steriod) is sometimes stacked with HGH. Deca Durabolin and Anadrol are other steroids that males will stack with HGH.

When stacking HGH with any steroids that aromatize, men should take extra care to reduce the risk of gynecomastia developing with the more pronounced growth of breast tissue being caused by HGH. A dose of 4iu daily of HGH is standard when stacking it with steroids, although some men might choose 6iu.

The minimum time frame for HGH use is 16 weeks, but 24 weeks is recommended for best results. The stacked steroids will normally be added to the second half of your cycle.

Stacking HGH for a Female

Many women can use HGH on its own and see good results when it comes to fat loss, improvements in skin and hair health, and even some muscle gains. Longer term, low dosage use of HGH is generally safer for women than using steroids.

There are no risks of developing masculine features as with steroids, but women need to be cautious of not over-using HGH to the point where the hands, feet and other parts can start to become noticeable enlarged. For more advanced fat loss and muscle gains, some women will stack HGH with Anavar which is considered the most female friendly steroid.


Is HGH better than steroids?

HGH is a weaker substance to use than steroids, and it takes a lot longer to take full effect. HGH is useful when used stacked with steroids because it can amplify your muscle growth and other results. On its own, HGH will have minimal benefit for most male bodybuilders who are primarily looking to achieve muscle gains.

The only time HGH is legal is when you have a prescription from a doctor to use it to treat a medical condition. HGH is illegal to buy or use for the purpose of bodybuilding, fat loss, anti-aging or any other reason. HGH is listed as a prohibited substance by world doping authorities.

How can you get HGH?

Most people wanting to buy HGH for performance enhancement will find a source of pharmaceutical grade HGH, which is very expensive, or purchase on the black market where the quality of HGH can be very questionable.

How much does HGH Cost?

HGH is probably the most expensive substance a bodybuilder will ever use. You can expect to pay many thousands of dollars for a 6 month HGH cycle. At the highest end, you could be paying up to $4000 per month for HGH.

Will HGH show up on a drugs test?

HGH can be difficult to detect in drug testing due to the fact that it occurs naturally in the body. However more advanced drug detection methods are being developed all the time, and you can never be 100% certain that you won’t be caught using a banned substance.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, finding top quality HGH is neither easy or cheap. This can come as a big surprise to long time steroid users. After all, most steroids are quite easy to find and relatively affordable. HGH is a different story altogether and for so many of us, it’s simply not affordable to buy good quality HGH. Using poor quality and cheap HGH can do more harm than good.

To add to this, HGH on its own has minimal benefit for bodybuilders and you really need to be using it with steroids to make it worthwhile. What if you’re not a steroid user and don’t want to be? Then HGH is an inferior choice – you would be better off using much more powerful and cheaper anabolic steroids. But they come with their own serious side effects and legal risks.

Then there’s the side effects of HGH itself. They are nothing to sneeze at and can potentially do you more damage than even the most powerful steroids.

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