HGH for Women

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As a woman have you been hesitant to use anabolic steroids to gain some muscle, lose fat and improve performance because of the notorious side effects they can cause? Or are you a comfortable female steroid user and looking to expand out into new compounds for additional benefits?

HGH for Women
HGH for Women

Whatever your situation is, you would be seeing more and more people talking about HGH – human growth hormone.

What is this hormone all about? What benefits can it have for you as a woman? How much does it all cost what are the side effects? Is HGH better than steroids?

These are just some of the questions that prospective females are asking about HGH. There’s a lot to know about this compound and you will want to have a good understanding of the ins and outs of growth hormone before you even consider using it.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of steroids (PEDs).

What is HGH?

Growth hormone is naturally produced by our bodies. It is vital for the development and growth of bones, muscle, organs, skin and it plays an important role in the metabolism.

In fact researchers are still learning new ways that HGH affects multiple different processes in the body, and this makes it an exciting area for medical research.

HGH for Females
HGH for Females

HGH has multiple medical uses and more potential uses are being researched all the time, ranging from the treatment of debilitating conditions right through to more therapeutic and anti-aging purposes.

Treatment of HGH deficiency is one of the main medical uses for synthetic growth hormone. HGH is also used to help with muscle wasting related conditions like HIV, where the patient can otherwise struggle to maintain and gain lean muscle weight. Victims of burns are potential beneficiaries of HGH as well, due to its excellent ability to promote collagen synthesis.

Anti-aging is another area where HGH can have some powerful benefits, and is one of the reasons many women will choose to use HGH regardless of being a bodybuilder or an athlete or not.

Once you know the basic concepts of what the role of HGH is in the body, you can quickly see just how this could be beneficial to females who either want to gain some muscle, lose fat, improve your physique and body composition, and potentially some anti-aging effects as well.

HGH is not an anabolic steroid so females can use it without the great worry that comes with steroid use. Despite this, there are still other hazards you need to be aware of before taking the plunge into HGH use.

Female Steroid Alternatives That Work

I often get emails from female readers asking what is suitable for women in terms of strength, fat loss, and lean muscle. The problem is that almost anything that provides faster results for women also has defeminizing effects as well.

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HGH Benefits for Women

Women can enjoy the same benefits as men when using HGH. Women might see some more powerful effect when it comes to muscle gains if using HGH on its own, although this will still be quite mild compared to what you can gain with a female-friendly anabolic steroid.

Fat loss

Possibly the most common reason females turn to HGH is for its fat loss benefits. HGH has powerful effects on the metabolism and it’s able to tell the body to preference fats over carbohydrates for energy use.

Even though growth hormone is known as quite a slow working compound, it can still deliver exceptional fat loss if you stick with it. There is a downside to this shift to fats as energy, and that’s a possible rise in blood sugar levels. A bonus benefit of HGH’s fat loss effects is that cholesterol levels can decrease. This is in stark contrast to steroids which often increase cholesterol levels.


HGH has many prospects as a future anti-aging treatment, and there’s much more to learn about its benefits in this area but we know it is powerful in the way it repairs tissue, and promotes collagen synthesis. These aspects alone can help combat the wear and tear of aging.

HGH is by no means a miracle anti-aging drug (one does not exist), but many people swear by its positive effects on increasing elasticity of the skin while strengthening nails and hair. Wellbeing can improve as well, and you are likely to have more energy when using HGH which can certainly make you feel younger.

Lean muscle gains

Muscle gains with HGH will not come close to what can be achieved with steroids, but it will promote some lean gains in women. There are some benefits in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, which are then basics of muscle growth. HGH will also help you maintain muscle if you’re using it primarily to lose fat.

HGH works uniquely when it comes to muscle growth as it promotes hyperplasia – resulting in more muscle cells. Compare that to the hypertrophy brought on by steroids where muscle cells increase in size. Steroid muscle gains are easy to lose, while HGH gains should remain forever so long as you are in good health. So while your muscle gains with HGH will be moderate, they will be high quality and maintainable for the long term.


Possibly the best benefit of HGH is how it promotes recovery. Even seasoned steroid users will often find that HGH is even more powerful in this area than most steroids. A large part of this is the way HGH can increase collagen synthesis and improve joint strength.

HGH in general has exceptional healing properties where it can repair, build and maintain muscle tissue, organs and even the brain. This gives us a clue as to just how powerful HGH is when it comes to recovery and overall health. When you recover faster after a workout, you’ll be ready for the next workout sooner. You will also notice you can workout at a greater intensity; all of these aspects are going to speed up your results while reducing the risk of injury.

Possible Side Effects

It’s all too common to assume that HGH will bring about the same types of side effects for women as anabolic steroids do. But this is not the case at all. HGH is a completely different type of hormone. Even though it has powerful anabolic properties, it is not an androgenic hormone so women on HGH are not going to suffer with virilization type side effects.

Some HGH side effects will be short lived and often disappear early in the cycle – provided you don’t increase your HGH dosage too high or too quickly. These temporary or short term side effects can include:

  • Joint pain: It can seen confusing that HGH improves joint strength, but also causes joint pain in some women. This is a very common side effect and is caused by the way HGH expands and grows the joints while growing new tissue – essentially a type of growing pain. Pain in the joints is usually a short term temporary side effect that disappears as you progress further through your cycle.
  • Fluid retention: Swelling or bloating around some joints is another common HGH side effect. It is more likely to happen at higher doses or when you inject a high dose in one injection. This is another reason why starting a HGH cycle at a low dose is essential.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: This leads us to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome when water retention around the wrist area and other joints leads to compression of the nerve. You can experience a tingling and numbness in the hand and fingers. If it gets worse, pain can occur and you can lose normal use of your hands. This can be a sign that your HGH dosage is too high and must be decreased if this problem is to subside.
  • Insulin sensitivity and Type 2 Diabetes: Ongoing high doses of HGH can raise blood glucose levels and reduce your sensitivity to insulin. In extreme cases, type 2 diabetes can develop.
  • Organ growth: another side effect of HGH misuse (high doses) is the unwanted growth of organs and body parts. Growth of external body parts on women like the hands and feet would be quite noticeable and needless to say, virtually all female HGH users want to avoid this happening. It can be avoided by not using high doses of HGH for long periods of time.

Long term and more serious health effects are a risk when you use HGH at excessive doses and this should be avoided at all costs. There is no need at all for females to use HGH above 4IU at the most, anything above that level is considered a high dose for women. The majority of females will never have the need to increase the dose above 2-3IU.

It must be kept front of mind that HGH is not going to give you rapid results. Don’t make the error of thinking that it is not working because you’re not seeing results within the first weeks or even the first two to three months – and therefore refrain from raising the dosage in an attempt to speed up results. HGH doesn’t work that way; slow and steady wins the race with growth hormone. If you want rapid results, stick with anabolic steroids instead.

HGH Dosage for Women

Working out your HGH dosage means finding a good balance between benefits and side effects. If it’s your first time using HGH then you are always advised to start low. This minimizes your risk of shock side effects, and let’s you evaluate how YOUR body responds to synthetic HGH.

Just because you might have heard about other women’s experiences with HGH at a certain dose, it by no means will translate into you having the same experience or reaction.

Regardless of your prior experience with HGH, steroids or any other compound, dosage of HGH will always be kept a at a low level. This is an advanced compound to start with, and even low doses come with risks of the sudden onset of side effects like joint pain and fluid retention. But taking a high dose brings a virtual certainty that your side effects will be more severe and risk diabetes and organ growth developing.

When women use HGH purely for anti-aging purposes – as more and more women are choosing to – doses under 1IU can be used with good results. This is a very low dose, but also provides the safest level to use HGH.

When it comes to performance and fat loss doses you do need to increase the dose – but not by as much as you might think. Women can see good fat loss results with just 2IU per day of HGH. If muscle growth is a high priority for you, you’d be looking at the 3-4IU daily dose range. This is considered the upper limit for all but the most hardcore female users.

Female HGH Cycles

HGH cycles for females will be very similar to those of males, with two important variables to consider:

  • Men will often stack HGH with powerful anabolic steroids that women can’t or don’t wish to use
  • Women will usually use a lower dose of HGH compared to men

A basic fat loss, recovery and anti-aging cycle for women is very simple: HGH at 2-4IU daily (adjusted according to your response). Cycle length of 4-6 months.

Women who wish to stack HGH will usually use Anavar. The cycle length and HGH dose stays the same, but you then add Anavar into the last 4 weeks of the cycle at a dose of 10mg daily. This will provide more dramatic fat loss and lean gains towards the end of the cycle.

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Typical HGH Results

You might have some experience with steroids like Anavar, and if so you would be used to fast results. HGH is quite the opposite in this regard. You won’t be seeing substantial results from HGH in the first week, or even in the first month or two.

The reason HGH needs to be used for such a prolonged period of time is because this is a slow working hormone. If you’re not comfortable using it for at least 16 weeks, it is best not to use it at all. Why? This is an expensive compound to use, so if you’re going to use it, it should be done with the best possible chance of great results and that means long term use.

Typical HGH results will heavily depend on your lifestyle – diet and exercise predominantly. HGH gives you the tool to lose an impressive amount of fat and achieved a toned, defined physique as the fat falls away and muscles are exposed.

Importantly, your results will also include a noticeable improvement in recovery and rejuvenation. Plus, HGH’s anti-aging benefits will provide striking improvements to the look and feel of hair, nails and skin. To achieve the best results with HGH, avoid high doses so that your long HGH cycle will be manageable with minimal side effects.

HGH vs. Anavar for Women

There’s one anabolic steroid above all others that is considered best suited for women to use: Anavar. It is a powerful cutting steroid and an oral steroid, and compared to most other anabolic steroids it comes with a milder androgenic effect on females when used at lower doses.

Just like HGH, Anavar has a direct impact on the metabolism and this translates to powerful fat burning. Anavar is a very fast working steroid, and it is likely to result in faster and bigger muscle gains in women using it for that purpose. It is also only used for 6 to 8 weeks, while you’re looking at many months of HGH use to get acceptable results.

It can come as a surprise that Anavar for women, despite being a steroid hormone, can cause less side effects than HGH. At low doses, many women can avoid virilizing side effects with Anavar. While HGH has a different side effect profile, most people will still experience some of them even at lower doses.

Finally, we can’t compare HGH and Anavar without talking about the cost. HGH is probably the most expensive compound to buy, and the fact that you need to use it for months on end to get decent results just adds to that cost. It can easily set you back many thousand of dollars to a 4-6 month HGH cycle.

Anavar is one of the more expensive anabolic steroids, but an investment in an Anavar cycle is not likely to cost you anywhere near that of HGH. Depending on your source and quality, you’re probably looking at hundreds of dollars per cycle rather than thousands for HGH. For many women, cost alone will be the determining factor when choosing to use either HGH or Anavar.


What are the effects of HGH on women?

Women receive very similar benefits to men using HGH. Some lean muscle gains are possible, more efficient and fast fat loss is the main benefit, plus possible improvements in the strength and appearance of the hair and nails. To see these effects, women need to use HGH for at least 4 months, but 6 months is strongly recommended.

How much HGH should a female take?

Females can see excellent results with very low HGH doses. Even a daily dose of 2IU can promote powerful fat loss (combined with a suitable diet and exercise regime), plus improvements in skin health due to HGH’s anti-aging effects. If muscle growth is a priority and no steroids are being used with HGH, females can use 3-4 IU daily but should be extra cautious about side effects.

Is HGH expensive?

Yes, HGH for sale is one of the highest priced substances that a bodybuilder can buy. The top quality genuine pharmaceutical grade HGH can cost thousands of dollars per cycle. This is a difficult product to come by, so most women will look at black market HGH where quality can be questionable and the price slightly lower.

How long does it take for HGH to start working?

HGH is a very slow acting compound compared to what you might be used to with steroids. It takes a while for HGH to build up in your body, meaning it needs to be used for 16 weeks at the very least otherwise it is not worth using at all.

Can you stack HGH?

Many women will use HGH as the sole compound and enjoy multiple benefits, but if you’re a more serious bodybuilder you can stack HGH with Anavar for enhanced fat loss and lean gains. Anavar is considered the most suitable steroid for women and can be used with minimal side effects while working in synergy with HGH.

Final Thoughts

HGH clearly comes with a list of benefits for the female user, from fat loss to lean gains, excellent recovery, anti-aging benefits and improved joint strength.

But on the downside, we can’t just ignore the equally long list of possible short term and long term side effects – some of which can be very serious and even life changing.

To add to that, the sheer cost of HGH is through the roof and the difficulty in finding high quality, genuine HGH can be almost impossible. All of this can have a negative effect on your results while you essentially waste 6 months using a compound of compromised quality that has cost you thousands of dollars.

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