MK-677 for Sale

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MK-677 (also known as Ibutamoren) is a compound often thought of as a SARM although it is not technically one. It is classed as a growth hormone secretagogue and a ghrelin agonist.

MK-677 for Sale
MK-677 for Sale

You don’t need to know exactly what this means, but it does mean that MK-677 works quite differently to actual SARMs, even though people will so often put it in the SARMs category.

Despite all this, it comes with attractive performance benefits like SARMs do and while it’s still an unapproved drug in the research phase, it does have more study behind it compared to a lot of SARMs.

A lot of these studies show some very positive results in multiple areas, and not necessarily directly related to bodybuilding or even athletics at all.

MK-677 is a compound that could have wide ranging benefits focused on everything from bone health, to muscle growth, to supporting sleep and cognitive function and physical anti-aging benefits. This compound mimics the hormone ghrelin, which plays a big role in stimulating your appetite.

In the US, MK-677 is classified as an Investigational New Drug, so there are no approvals at all yet for it to be used medically in humans however you will find it quite easy to find for purchase at reasonable prices.

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MK-677 Benefits (Effects)

MK-677’s main effects of interest to bodybuilders come from its stimulation of human growth hormone (HGH) release as well as release of Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).

MK-677 Benefits (Effects)
MK-677 Benefits (Effects)

These powerful hormones will contribute to lean mass gains, and bone and ligament healing; among other benefits. But this isn’t a compound that will lead to huge mass gains. It can be used well as a supportive compound when stacked with SARMs that have more powerful muscle building ability.

MK-677 has a short half life of less than 6 hours. But it’s known from studies that one dose of MK-677 will result in a boost to IGF-1 levels for much longer – potentially up to 24 hours. This makes it short half life not especially relevant, as its the longer lasting effects that interest us most.

The 24 hour activity allows you to take MK-677 once per day if desired; however many will choose to split the dose for reasons I’ll detail more below.

These are the primary benefits of MK-677:

Muscle Gains

You can see some nice gains with MK-677 but they won’t be rapid so you need to be prepared for a longer cycle, and slower and steadier lean gains with this compound.

These muscle growth benefits are thanks to an increase in growth hormone and IGF-1, but also due to the fact that you’re likely to be able to consume more food with the appetite boost MK-677 causes.

To see noticeable gains many people will use it for a 6 month period to achieve satisfactory MK-677 results.

Bone Mineral Density and Bone Strength

Another reason for using MK-677 over longer lengths of time is to allow it to do its work in strengthening bones and improving mineral density.

Stronger bones provides an increased support for muscle and greater capacity for intense workouts, as well as longer term health benefits like reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Increased Appetite

MK-677 can stimulate your appetite, but just how much this affects you won’t be possible to know until you’ve given it a try.

Some people find if they take their MK-677 dosage early in the morning, the appetite increase effects are strong. But taking it in the evening can reduce this effect somewhat.

Your experience might differ and in many cases people find the appetite increase can be balanced out by splitting the dosage into half morning and half evening.

Sleep and Recovery

Sleep is one of the main factors that can make or break how well and how quickly you recover after exercising. MK-677 can, in some people, improve the quality of your sleep. Those who experience the unusual side effect of vivid dreams may or may not get these sleep benefits – depending if deep sleep can be maintained all night or if you wake feeling tired.

Sleep improvements therefore are quite an individual effect that some will be fortunate enough to experience with MK-677. One of the common experiences is feeling like you’ve had a full 8 hours sleep when in reality you’ve only slept for 6 hours, resulting in increased energy throughout the day.

Skin and Nails

So improvements in the appearance of your nails and skin might not be a top priority but it can be a welcomed bonus benefit of MK-677. Often thought of as an anti-aging compound, it’s the effects of growth hormone on skin cells that can increase their vitality.

Some users will take only low doses of MK-677 just for this specific benefit alone and more than a few times I’ve noticed people looking a few years younger simply by using MK-677.

Fat Loss

While MK-677 can promote fat loss indirectly with its anabolic effects and while you’re gaining lean mass, there are several factors that make MK-677 a difficult compound to use for the primary purpose of losing fat (such as increased appetite and lethargy) and in that case, many other SARMs are better suited.

MK-677 can certainly help maintain existing muscle while you’re fat burning and it can improve muscular definition. It has known anti-catabolic effects and studies have shown that MK-677 can help prevent muscle wasting.

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MK-677 Side Effects

MK-677 comes with a rather long list of possible side effects. While many are not serious risks to your health, there’s still a great unknown when it comes to being aware of the longer term risks of this compound. The effects on the cardiovascular system are of most concern, along with MK-677’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Here are some of the main MK-677 side effects to watch out for when you’re taking it:

  • Water Retention: Not everyone will experience water retention with Ibutamoren, but it’s not an uncommon side effect so you should be prepared for the possibility. The cause of water retention with MK-677 isn’t the same as with steroids with the process of testosterone converting to estrogen. MK-677 fluid retention may be caused by a combination of poor diet (too much sodium in particular), not drinking enough water, and in some cases it can just be down to low quality MK-677.
  • Appetite increase: Depending on the results you’re trying to achieve with MK-677, the increase in appetite it can stimulate might be seen as a hindrance rather than a benefit. It will often decrease after the first two to three months of use (remembering that MK-677 is best used for longer time periods to get results).
  • Fatigue and lethargy: These effects may be caused by the quick spike in growth hormone levels after you take your MK-677 dosage each day. You may be able to minimize the severity of tiredness and lethargy by splitting your daily dose into two administrations.
  • Blood pressure: The higher your dose of MK-677, the greater the risk your blood pressure will go up. This is a big reason why doses should be kept to the low range. Another potential issue here is insulin resistance. Mild insulin resistance with MK-677 should not be permanent, but long term and high dose usage could pose serious risks.

As with any drug or substance, individuals can sometimes report some uncommon (and usually mild and temporary) side effects as a result of individual response to MK-677. Some of the reported adverse effects I’ve come across include:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle cramps
  • Swollen joints
  • Pins and needles in the toes or fingers
  • Anxiety

These side effects are more likely in the early stages of using MK-677. Most people will find they subside after a few weeks. And once you stop using MK-677 they should disappear completely.

On the more serious end is a side effect that seems to be completely unique to MK-677, and more than a few people report this so it’s not thought simply to be a very rare personal response to MK-677. This involves the sudden development of unusual, vivid and sometimes alarming dreams or nightmares.

For some users who suffer with this side effect at the extreme end, it can be enough to stop using MK-677 altogether. There’s no known cause for this sleep related side effect, but it’s potentially due to the ghrelin receptors in the brain being overly stimulated. MK-677 can cross the blood-brain barrier and this is an area that has caused some concern for researchers.

Both men and women should expect to have similar side effect risks with MK-677, with females not having to worry about virilizing side effects as is the case with some SARMs.

Where To Buy MK-677?

Buying MK-677 is relatively easy in most countries, with some exceptions. In the US MK-677 technically falls into a legal loophole when it comes to purchasing it.

It’s still classed as an investigational drug and is available as a research only chemical. However it’s generally easy to buy these research chemicals without showing your reason for doing so.

The key when buying MK-677 is to be sure you’re purchasing from a reputable supplier, because a low quality formula is almost certain to give you disappointing results (and increase the chances of unexpected and possibly dangerous side effects).

You will come across hundreds of websites selling MK-677. This can be overwhelming, and there’s no doubt there are shady operators out there who should be avoided.

Asking online for recommedations is a good way to find out where the current best sources are – because while a website might have been good a few years ago, things can change so it’s important to stay up to date with the currently trusted suppliers.

Pharmaceutical Grade MK-677 for Sale

The best quality MK-677 we can get is research grade, because this compound does not have any approval for medical or other use.

That means it is not manufactured by any pharmaceutical companies. Legitimate research grade MK-677 will be of optimal purity and the best companies will have their products tested by third party labs, to ensure they meet quality standards. Often these lab reports are published online, but you might have to dig around.

Suppliers will often advertise that their MK-677 is 98% or 99% purity. Some even advertise 99.9% purity. Will you be able to tell the difference when you use it? Not likely. And you probably won’t be able to prove the purity of the product yourself without some expensive private lab testing.

So buying MK-677 really comes down to trusting the seller and trusting any provided documentation from third party testing labs.

Research grade MK-677 often comes in capsule form, while liquid Ibutamoren is another option. When purchasing capsule form, always check the ingredients list as some supplement makers will create MK-677 products but the majority of the formula can be made up of other ingredients.

Glutamine is a commonly added ingredient to MK-677 capsule products, known for its benefits to the immune system and the gut.

Underground Lab MK-677 for Sale

MK-677 that comes from underground labs may be produced in any type of facility, and not necessarily genuine research laboratories.

This means the quality can vary substantially, and rarely will underground produced MK-677 be able to be certified by third party testing labs.

The ease of buying research grade MK-677 makes it mostly unnecessary to look for underground sources or black market MK-677.

Typical Pricing

Liquid and capsule forms of MK-677 will have similar price points, but variations between suppliers and online sellers is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean a more expensive product is better.

A standard dosing for capsule MK-677 is 12.5mg per capsule and often these are sold in 60 capsule bottles ranging anywhere from $60 to $120.

What makes the more expensive bottle worth so much more? Nothing – as long as you check out the ingredients closely (and ideally, the purity claims) then a lower cost 60 capsule 12.5mg bottle is going to be exactly the same as those twice the price.

In other words, it’s simply the retailer overcharging in most cases.

Availability of MK-677 and Legality

MK-677 is classed as an investigational drug in the US. It has no medical approval (and won’t necessarily ever have it). This makes it easily available for purchase, essentially using a loophole where research chemicals are able to be bought for “research purposes only”.

With little to no oversight of who is buying and selling MK-677, everyday people like you and I are able to quickly and easily go online and find countless websites selling MK-677 and delivering it right to your door.

Unlike anabolic steroids, which are highly restricted and very illegal in the US, MK-677 as well as SARMs have not yet come under the same sort of scrutiny and regulation but that may well change at any point in the future.

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Stacking MK-677

Muscle gaining stacks are the best option for MK-677, because with its ability to stimulate the appetite it can make for a challenging compound to include in a cutting stack where the last thing you want is the urge to eat more food. But this effect can be of great benefit in bulking cycles where you might struggle to eat enough to support your gains.

There’s a good number of SARMs and other similar compounds you can stack MK-677 with. LGD-4033 and RAD-140 are two common choices, but it’s recommended that a stack is limited to just two compounds rather than introducing too many potential side effects with three in a stack.

LGD-4033 and MK-677 can bring about some decent muscle gains – think in the 5-10lbs range. This is by no means huge but both compounds can also help reduce body fat and while water retention could cause issues, keeping doses of LGD-4033 to the lower end will help mitigate this.

MK-677 is a decent supportive compound which will give you some of those additional benefits that help take results from good to great in a stack, regardless of what you’re stacking it with.


Why do people use MK-677?

People use MK-677 for many different reasons: to strengthen bones and bone density, increase lean mass, to burn fat, to improve sleep quality, to stimulate the appetite and to enhance the skin and hair. MK-677 has wide ranging effects that are attractive to both the athlete and non-athlete.

What’s the best MK-677 dosage?

It depends what you want to achieve, but the most common dosage range is between 10mg and 25mg everyday. You can take MK-677 either once daily or split the dose in half and take half in the morning, and half in the evening.

How long should I use MK-677 for?

This is a compound that needs to be used for at least a few months to get good results. The longer you plan to use it for, the lower your dose should be to minimize side effects. A 6 month cycle at 10mg daily is an example that balances results with side effects.

Does MK-677 raise blood pressure?

Yes MK-677 can increase blood pressure and this risk increases with higher doses. 25mg is thought to be the maximum recommended dose before blood pressure risks become more serious, but some users will even find lower doses can cause problems and much of this will depend on your current cardiovascular health and your genetics.

Is MK-677 good for building muscle?

MK-677 cycle can help you build muscle but using it as a sole mass gaining compound is not likely to give you substantial gains. MK-677 can make you leaner and improve recovery as well as increasing your appetite, which makes it a useful compound to stack with others that have more powerful bulking effects.

My Conclusion and Recommendation

There are some good things to like about MK-677. Better sleep is one of the major things I liked about it. But man, the downsides of MK-677 are some of the worst even compared to steroids.

It’s not even that the side effects are THAT harsh compared to anabolic steroids or even many SARMs, but the negative effects of MK-677 just don’t make it worth using.

So many people find (me included) that the increase in hunger and the sleep benefits are the most we get out of MK-677. The rest of the time is spent worrying about side effects, and I did suffer with some of those nasty dreams a few times as well.

This also isn’t a compound you can use for 8 weeks or even 12 or 16 weeks and expect to get its maximum benefits. To make it worthwhile using you really need to be using MK-677 over a longer term: no less than 6 months at the very least. Some studies have been based on 12 months of use and we just don’t know what the optimal length of time is to use MK-677.

With MK-677 still under investigation and research (and possibly will never become an approved drug) we also can’t know the potential long term risks of using it over many months or even years.

I for one am not comfortable or confident in using any substance over such a long term. And more so is the fact that MK-677 crosses the blood brain barrier. That has been proven through research, and that takes us into some seriously unknown territory.

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