Parabolan (Tren Hex) Cycle

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Trenbolone is one of the most well known and respected anabolic steroids in bodybuilding, but there’s more than one form of Trenbolone available and one of those is Parabolan, or Trenbolone Hex. Like other forms of Trenbolone this is a modified form of one of the most powerful and popular types of steroids: Nandrolone.

Parabolan (Tren-Hex) Cycle
Parabolan (Tren-Hex) Cycle

Tren Hex with its modifications results in an even more potent form of Nandrolone and it comes with an extremely high anabolic and androgenic rating, compared with regular testosterone: Tren Hex is rated at 500 for both anabolic and androgenic properties, while Testosterone sits at 100 for both.

This is a versatile that is useful for a range of goals but not surprisingly is prized for its mass gaining benefits and the fact you can gain mass without fluid retention. Tren Hex or Parabolan comes with a number of additional benefits which are outlined below.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of steroids (PEDs).

What is Parabolan?

Parabolan is a Nandrolone based anabolic steroid and it is very similar to the famous steroid Trenbolone Acetate. It is in fact the same steroid with a different ester attached to it, which gives it the chemical name of Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or simply Tren Hex. Hexabolan is another brand name of this steroid, but Parabolan is the most widely known and used name.

Trenbolone Hex Structure
Tren Hex Structure

Compared with the more commonly used form of Trenbolone, Parabolan is a longer lasting and slower releasing ester which can have some benefits for users who do not like the more frequent injections required of Trenbolone acetate.

Besides this difference in the attached ester, the steroid structure itself is exactly the same with both forms of Trenbolone which results in them both having the same effects on the body.

This is a steroid with a number of benefits and some of the disadvantages that you would be familiar with when it comes to steroids. But even if some side effects with Tren Hex can be concerning, it is less likely to cause issues in some of the most familiar of steroid-induced impacts with the main one being its lack of estrogenic activity.

This immediately raises the interest not only of bodybuilders with bulking goals, but also physique competitors who are looking for a powerful steroid that will still provide results needed for competition where using a steroid that induces bloating or any sort of fluid retention is out of the question.

So like all forms of Trenbolone, Parabolan is considered to be a steroid with versatile uses and one worth looking at even if gaining huge mass isn’t your primary goal.

Tren Hex was discontinued by its manufacturer over 20 years ago so is now only available to buy through underground labs, which sometimes sell it under varying names. It is generally harder to find and more expensive than the more popular Acetate version of Trenbolone. Like all anabolic steroids, it is not legal to purchase or use Tren Hex in the USA or most other countries.

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Parabolan Benefits

If you’re familiar with what Trenbolone can do then you can expect very similar results to come from Tren Hex. This is a potent steroid that is significantly more anabolic and androgenic than testosterone itself which comes with both positive and negative effects.

Let’s look at the best benefits and effects of Tren Hex:

Mass Gains

With anabolic properties measuring five times testosterone, which itself is an excellent promoter of muscle gain, we can expect Parabolan to have exceptional ability to promote gains in lean muscle mass.

Because there’s no aromatizing activity, these gains come without water retention so there’s no masking of the weight you’ve gained.

Because of the equally high androgenic nature of Parabolan, your gains will contribute to the hard and vascular physique that this steroid is well known for producing.

Muscle Endurance

A lesser known benefit of this steroid is that it will increase your muscular endurance, which is going to supercharge your workouts. By boosting red blood cell count and IGF-1, more oxygen can get to the muscles allowing them to work for longer and at a higher intensity. This can be thought of as the underlying mechanism in propelling the muscle gains you’ll get with Parabolan.

Fat Loss

Parabolan can boost the metabolic rate by inhibiting stress hormones which themselves result in a less anabolic state of the body, moving towards catabolism where muscle is lost and fat is gained. When the metabolism is optimized with a suppression of stress hormones, your anabolic level is heightened and this leads to faster and more efficient fat loss.

Additionally, because Parabolan binds powerfully to androgen receptors it directly promotes lipolysis – the breakdown of fats. This allows Parabolan to have a direct impact on fat loss, making this a highly useful cutting steroid.

Parabolan Dosage

Parabolan is a powerful steroid with a long lasting, slow release ester that is very effective at delivering results at moderate doses. The majority of male users will not want the associated risks and severe side effects that can come with using very high doses of this Trenbolone steroid. Rarely will a dose of more than 300mg per week be desirable or useful, with superb results possible at even half that dosage.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Parabolan Dosage

Most beginner steroid users are unlikely to choose Tren Hex or any Trenbolone steroid as their first choice because this is a steroid that’s much more suited to more experienced users. However if as a beginner you choose to give Tren Hex a go, it’s vital to start at a low dose and evaluate its effects; ideally in the range of 100mg to 150mg weekly.

Intermediate users will be looking at dosage of 150-200mg weekly, while advanced users can also still achieve exceptional results at 200mg. Some of the most hardcore bodybuilders are known to up their dose of Parabolan beyond 300mg, and even up to 500mg per week in extreme cases but this comes with significant risk of side effects.

Proper Parabolan Administration and Timing

The long half life of Parabolan makes this a more convenient steroid to use compared to many others which can require daily injections. The ideal administration is for a twice weekly injection where you split your weekly dose in half.

Some guys will choose to take just one injection per week but you’re more likely to have a drop in blood levels in that case, while a twice weekly administration gives you the certainty that you can maintain optimal levels without any dip. The most common cycle length is between 10 and 14 weeks.

Female Parabolan Dosage

Like all Trenbolone steroids, Parabolan is powerfully androgenic and even the lowest doses are very likely to result in development of male traits in female users.

Most women therefore will choose not to use this steroid at all. Those who do proceed with a Parabolan cycle need to stop using it completely if any virilization starts occurring, otherwise the effects can be impossible to reverse.

Parabolan Cycles

Because Tren Hex is a slow release steroid we need to use it for a longer period of time than many other steroids, and for most users it will mean a cycle of at least 10 weeks. It’s not unusual for a Parabolan cycle to extend to 14 weeks. You might not see any noticeable results for the first month of this cycle because of the length of time it takes this steroid to start reaching its peak levels in the body.

Therefore, a Parabolan cycle needs to be undertaken only by those who are prepared to go the full length of the cycle without immediate gratification of instant results. Below are some example cycles to consider with your use of Parabolan:

Beginner Parabolan Cycle

Beginners should prepare for a 12 week cycle if you want to experience the full potential of Parabolan. You should already have experience with other anabolic steroids before attempting this cycle.

Even new users of Tren Hex will want to stack it with a similarly long acting testosterone ester like Testosterone Cypionate which in this cycle can be used at 500mg weekly, with Tren Hex taken at between 150mg and 200mg weekly.

This cycle is going to be perfect for gaining mass and bulking with these two steroids going hand in hand to promote muscle growth.

Intermediate Parabolan Cycle

Parabolan is a steroid that’s more suited to at least intermediate level steroid users and you can consider running it for an extended 12 week cycle for bulking or cutting.

This example is focused on cutting or contest preparation and includes the powerful cutting steroid Winstrol. Combined with Tren Hex, Winstrol is going to help you achieve maximum physique hardness and dryness for a very ripped appearance by the end of the cycle.

Fat loss and gaining of some lean mass will be ramped up in this cycle, without water retention caused by any of the compounds. Testosterone is also included to provide a functional level of the hormone. Parabolan can be used at up to 300mg weekly and Winstrol oral at 50mg daily maximum.

Winstrol should only be used for the first 6 weeks of this 12 week cycle as it will start working faster than Parabolan. Testosterone should be included in the stack at 100mg weekly for testosterone replacement purposes only.

Advanced Parabolan Cycle

Parabolan is going to mostly appeal to advanced and hardcore steroid users who have a good amount of steroid experience under their belt including knowledge of how to mitigate side effects so you can employ the best dosage for your goals without being hampered by side effects you don’t know how to control. The addition of some other very powerful compounds is going to take your mass gains to new levels.

Equipoise and Dianabol working alongside Parabolan and testosterone at replacement level dosage is going to provide one of the most powerful bulking combos possible. Dianabol at 25mg daily gives a potent kick start to the cycle and is only used for the first 6 weeks as it is a fast acting oral steroid.

400mg weekly of Equipoise and 350mg weekly of Tren Hex will take you through 14 weeks with these longer acting steroids. Testosterone enanthate is used only to provide a base level of testosterone and 100mg is sufficient for this purpose.

Stacking Parabolan

As we can see in the above example cycles, Tren Hex stacks very well with multiple other steroids and more often than not is stacked with at least one other compound.

The best stacking strategy is to select steroids that have similar half life or release rates as Parabolan, which means the slower release esters. This allows the steroids to have better compatibility and also for convenience of administration where you can maintain an injection schedule of just twice weekly across all the compounds in the stack.

Parabolan vs. Alternatives

I don’t claim to be a medical professional here to give you advice, but I must still strongly recommend that you avoid using Parabolan unless you already have a lot of experience with steroids. Even then it’s well worth your time and health to check out alternative (safer) options.


Because Parabolan comes with a long list of side effects and risks to your health, both in the short term and long term. This makes Parabolan not worth the risk and is why I seriously suggest looking to alternatives to Parabolan.

Some Parabolan replacements can offer you very comparable benefits, and sometimes even stronger ones. Importantly this is without the nasty Parabolan side effects that you’re certain to experience.

With all this considered, if you want to go directly to the premier alternative to Parabolan that can be bought over the counter today, Trenorol is the one to look at.

Trenorol is a potent formula which is powerful enough to mimic the positive effects of Parabolan, but not the side effects. Oh, it’s also totally legal to buy and use anywhere in the world.

There are many reasons why I can confidently vouch for Trenorol, but there is one specific reason why I’ve selected Trenorol as the number one legal Parabolan alternative:

It’s ability to promote nitrogen retention that results in huge muscle gains and faster fat burning – just like Parabolan.

I know of many people who are using Trenorol regularly and are seeing extremely impressive results for both bulking and cutting. Without side effects and with Parabolan-like results, Trenorol provides the most ideal and effective swap for high-risk Parabolan.

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Parabolan Results

This is a steroid that can be used for both bulking and cutting but there’s no doubt that Tren Hex really excels in the area of gaining mass and strength. With both anabolic and androgenic ratings at five times that of testosterone, it’s no surprise that Parabolan is a powerhouse for boosting strength and muscle gains. And without the dreaded effects of water retention, the lean mass you put on with this steroid is going to be top quality without the bloating you get with many other bulking steroids.

It’s this lack of water retention that makes Parabolan valued for cutting, fat loss and contest preparation where a hardened, dry and vascular physique is desired. Those who already have a low percentage of body fat will gain the most benefit from using Tren Hex as a cutting compound. You can expect a very hard and dry look from a Parabolan cycle, even more so when it’s used with other compounds that excel at fat burning without fluid retention, with Winstrol being a common choice.

Your results will be boosted by the enhanced muscular endurance that Parabolan promotes in addition to improved recovery, ultimately leading to more intense workouts and the ability to work out more often.

So what exactly can you expect with your Parabolan results. The huge number of variables makes it impossible to outline results in black and white. After all you can either use this steroid for bulking or cutting, then you must consider your dosage and cycle length, any other compounds you’ve added to the stack, the type, intensity and frequency of your workouts, your diet, your genetics – just for starters.

With any trenbolone steroid it’s not out of the question to gain up to 20 pounds in a cycle and this is going to be quality lean mass and your chance of reaching that level is going to be increased when you stack it with other powerful bulking steroids like Dianabol.

Parabolan Side Effects

If you’ve used any form of Trenbolone in the past then you will already be familiar with the potential side effects of Parabolan.

Each individual will be affected differently by this steroid and it’s not always the dose that will determine your side effect risk profile – some users will experience more severe side effects even at lower doses, while others can tolerate a higher dose and seemingly more mild side effects.

The key is to strike a balance between the benefits you’re getting and the adverse effects that develop. Here are the main side effect categories to be aware of with Parabolan:

Androgenic Side Effects

This is a seriously androgenic steroid which is going to put most users on high alert for those familiar androgen related effects like acne and oily skin and hair loss. If your genetics dictate that you were going to have male pattern baldness later in life, there’s a high chance that Parabolan will start this process earlier. The same applies to guys who are more prone to acne. The severity of these androgenic effects will vary greatly between individuals.

Women who use Parabolan are at great risk of virilization effects where male traits begin developing. It’s almost impossible for a female to use this steroid and not experience some level of virilization like a deepening of the voice and growth of body hair, even at low doses. Because of Parabolan and all Trenbolone steroids have such powerful androgenic effects, females will very rarely choose to use this steroid.


One great benefit of Trenbolone steroids is that there’s no aromatizing activity.

This can on the surface lead us to think there will then be no estrogen related side effects, but despite no direct estrogen activity there can still be some progestin activity and this can lead to some side effects that are similar to those caused by estrogen. However water retention will not be one of these which is a relief, but you can still develop gynecomastia.

While not all men will see gyno develop when using Parabolan it is always prudent to be on alert for early signs so you can halt the advance of gyno as soon as possible.


Parabolan falls in the mid range of steroids when it comes to impacts on cholesterol. There are others which are more severe, but this is an area not to be ignored.

This steroid can increase LDL levels while decreasing HDL levels, resulting in a poor balance of good to bad cholesterol types. If you already have known cholesterol issues you should think twice before using Parabolan.

All users should maintain a cholesterol friendly diet while on a cycle, including ample amounts of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Blood Pressure

Tren Hex can potentially impact on blood pressure so if you have existing blood pressure issues then this is a steroid you should avoid. This increase in blood pressure does not affect all users but if it’s your first time using a Trenbolone steroid it is highly advisable to closely monitor blood pressure throughout the cycle.

Testosterone Suppression

Parabolan will cause suppression of normal testosterone function, or shut it down completely. Trenbolone is one of the more suppressive steroids so you will certainly need a reliable PCT plan ready to go after your Parabolan cycle.

Additionally, a Parabolan cycle will need to include a testosterone steroid in the cycle at a dosage that at a minimum provides enough testosterone to act as a replacement so you don’t suffer the debilitating effects of low or no testosterone.

Increased Heart Rate

All forms of Trenbolone can potentially cause an alarming increase in the heart rate, night sweats and insomnia along with other anxiety related effects. These reactions impact some users, while others will not experience them at all.

Due to Parabolan’s long half life, if these effects do start occurring it will take some time for them to dissipate if you stop usage straight away; this is why new users to Trenbolone should instead consider starting with the faster acting Tren Acetate so you can gauge side effects.

The long lasting nature of Tren Hex means that it takes a long time to leave the system; this means any side effects you do experience can take longer to subside.

For this reason, new users to Trenbolone can greatly benefit from starting with the faster acting Tren Acetate so that its effects can be monitored and evaluated; as that steroid leaves the body faster it provides a quicker way out if any serious side effects do occur. This the puts you in a better position to use Tren Hex with greater confidence of its effects on you as an individual.

Parabolan Post Cycle Therapy

A post cycle therapy plan is essential after using Parabolan as it will bring about at least a moderate suppression of testosterone, but in many cases it will be high or total suppression or shut down. And if you’re stacking Tren Hex with any other suppressive compound this effect will be amplified. In short, PCT is a must after a Parabolan cycle.

Nolvadex or Clomid are the standard PCT drugs of choice, and due to the higher suppressive nature of Parabolan many users will also opt for HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) at a dose of 2500iu weekly for two weeks, to give your natural testosterone production the kick it needs to get back to normal function. This is critical not only for health reasons, but also to maintain the gains you’ve made during the cycle. Low testosterone will result in loss of muscle and the gaining of fat; essentially destroying the hard work you put in during the cycle.

Parabolan FAQs

What is Tren Hex?

Tren Hex (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) is the large ester form of the anabolic steroid Trenbolone. It has a long half life of about 14 days and provides a slow release of Trenbolone into the body after injecting. Tren Hex functions in the same way as other Trenbolone steroids, with the only difference being the release rate with the attached hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester.

Is Parabolan better than Tren?

Parabolan is Tren (Trenbolone). They are the same steroid hormone, with the most common form of Trenbolone being Tren Acetate. Parabolan is simply another name for a different variant of Trenbolone with a different ester attached to it, in this case Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. When it comes to the effects and benefits of both these forms of Trenbolone, they are exactly the same; the only difference is the ester attached which controls the half life and how slowly the hormone is released.

What should I stack with Parabolan?

Parabolan is frequently stacked with many different steroids, depending if you are bulking or cutting. Some examples include Anadrol, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise and Winstrol.

Many users will also add Testosterone to a Parabolan cycle. This can be for additional mass building benefits for simply to act as a testosterone replacement hormone throughout the cycle, as Parabolan and most other steroids will suppress normal testosterone function.

How long does Parabolan stay in your system?

Parabolan has a half life of approximately 14 days. By comparison, the more commonly used Trenbolone Acetate ester has a half life of just three days. The period of time that Tren Hex can be detected in your system extends well beyond its half life; it’s possible for this steroid to remain at detectable levels in the body for up to five or six months after finishing a cycle.

Is Tren Hex safe?

All anabolic steroids come with high risks to health both in the short and long term. Parabolan comes with side effects that include androgenic effects, potential impacts on cholesterol, and moderate to severe testosterone suppression. Using Parabolan at high doses will increase the risk of it becoming unsafe but many people use it regularly at low to moderate doses, with sufficient breaks in between cycles to allow time for the body to recover.

Is Parabolan toxic to the liver?

Trenbolone itself is not considered a high risk to the liver. It is not liver toxic in the same way that many oral steroids are and while it’s not impossible that Parabolan could cause stress to the liver in some users, this is unlikely unless very high doses are used.

Final Thoughts

Parabolan is a very versatile steroid that can be used for bulking, cutting, contest prep and performance enhancement particularly when it comes to boosting muscle endurance. Increased strength, muscle hardness, vascularity and quality muscle gains without water retention are the big benefits of Parabolan.

I can certainly say that Parabolan works very well. Despite this, hardly anyone is really going to consider actually using a steroid like Parabolan.

It’s smart to be cautious. Parabolan is associated with multiple side effects that range from the annoying like acne, to the serious such as cardiovascular changes.

If you enjoyed this guide and would like more real, NO-BS information on cycling steroids, then pick up Straight From the Underground (my recommended underground steroid handbook). Everything in this book is based on first hand experience, not theory.

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