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Testosterone Propionate is a testosterone ester steroid with the shortest half life of all the most commonly used testosterone esters, at just two to three days.

It therefore requires more frequent injections than most other forms of testosterone to maintain blood levels of the steroid. This also makes it one of the faster acting testosterone esters as is released over a period of just a few days.

Testosterone Propionate Cycle Guide
Testosterone Propionate Cycle Guide

Often Testosterone Propionate will be injected every day of a cycle. On the upside, if you need a quick decrease in testosterone concentration for testing purposes or because you’re experiencing adverse effects, this ester only takes a short time to leave the body once you stop injecting.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of steroids (PEDs).

What is Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone Prop is a testosterone hormone with the propionic acid attached to it. When injected, the ester slowly detaches in a controlled release time and this is when the testosterone becomes active. This means that at its core, Testosterone Propionate is simply pure testosterone and therefore comes with the anabolic and androgenic rating of 100 and 100.

Testosterone Propionate Structure
Testosterone Propionate Structure

When used at a moderate dose, Testosterone Propionate can effectively remedy symptoms of low testosterone in men. When used at a higher dosage, powerful anabolic effects are possible as we will see below.

Like all forms of testosterone, it’s also easily and effectively stacked with just about any other steroid out there making it a highly compatible and versatile steroid for many different uses.

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Testosterone Propionate Benefits

The benefits and effects of Testosterone Propionate are the same as you’ll get with all forms of testosterone, with the choice of ester mainly coming down to availability and your desired half life and how often you’re comfortable administering injections.

This in turn relates to how stable you can maintain your blood levels of the steroid, and Testosterone Prop comes with some advantage in this regard because the more frequent injections you’ll be using (because of this ester’s short half life) ensure that your blood levels are maintained to the most optimal level.

Thanks to its excellent anabolic activity, Testosterone Propionate comes with numerous benefits that boost both performance and results. These include the most important areas of anabolic processes in the body:

  • Enhances protein synthesis – This gives you a massive improvement in recovery and the growth of muscle tissue, since this process is how proteins are built by cells. The more efficient protein synthesis is, the faster your muscles recover from intense workouts and the quicker the muscle is repaired and grown.
  • Improves nitrogen retention – This is a critical process to keeping your body in the best anabolic state possible. When nitrogen becomes imbalanced, the body can fall into a catabolic state where you start losing muscle; this is to be avoided at all costs and the retaining of nitrogen ensures that your nitrogen output is lower than your intake of nitrogen – this is the prime state to be in for muscle growth. The better that nitrogen is balanced, the quicker the muscles recover the and faster they grow.
  • Increases red blood cells – More oxygen and nutrients getting to the muscles with greater blood flow equals increased muscle endurance so you can workout harder and for longer. Recovery is also enhanced with a greater red blood cell count.
  • Boosts insulin growth hormone (IGF-1) – This anabolic hormone is vital for many aspects of your bodybuilding goals: it’s involved in mass gain, endurance, fat burning and also boosts protein synthesis which in turn directly contributes to recovery through the repair of muscle tissue.
  • Reduces stress hormones – In particular testosterone inhibits glucocorticoids. While these are important hormones in some ways such as for fighting inflammation, they can also promote wasting of the muscles and fat gain.

Other benefits of this testosterone ester are:

  • It delivers fast results and is quick to leave the body compared with other esters
  • Useful for cutting cycles and muscle gains
  • More ideal for beginners and females compared to more slower release esters

Testosterone helps to stop glucocorticoid hormones from dominating so the body can retain a higher anabolic environment rather than a more catabolic one which can occur when glucocorticoids become too dominant. This is one of the most important yet little known or understood aspects of using testosterone steroids.

Testosterone Propionate Dosage

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Testosterone Propionate Dosage

Taking 50mg to 100mg everyday or every two days is a common dosing strategy for testosterone propionate.

Intermediate and advanced users may look at using testosterone propionate for more than 8 weeks and up to 12 weeks, with daily injections of 50mg to 100mg while stacking this ester with other anabolic steroids, or 100-200mg if using this ester on a testosterone only cycle.

Female Testosterone Propionate Dosage

Testosterone Propionate is a strong male androgen hormone so is not often used by females due to the drastic side effects that can occur. However out of all the testosterone esters, if a female is to use one it is Testosterone Propionate due to its fast clearance from the body but only in very low doses of about 25mg weekly for no more than 8 weeks maximum.

Testosterone Propionate Cycles

Beginner Testosterone Propionate Cycle

A beginner user taking this ester alone in an 8 week cycle at 100mg every 2 days is a recommended cycle. A maximum beginner cycle of 500mg weekly for a 10 week cycle provides a good introduction for the new steroid user with a balance between results and side effects.

Intermediate Testosterone Propionate Cycle

A 10 week cycle is also suitable for intermediate users but commonly at this level Testosterone Propionate will be stacked with other compounds like Deca-Durabolin and Dianabol.

500mg weekly of Testosterone Propionate, with Dianabol at 25mg daily for 10 weeks and Deca for the first four weeks only at 400mg weekly is an effective intermediate cycle.

10-week Test Prop / Trenbolone Cycle

This intermediate cycle would consist of Trenbolone Acetate and Testosterone Propionate. You will inject three times a week for 10 weeks:

  • Weeks 1-10 – 300mg/week Test Propionate injected 100mg/eod (Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • Week 1-10 – 300mg/week Trenbolone injected 100mg/eod (Mon/Wed/Fri)

*eod – every other day

For this cycle you can load both compounds in the same syringe, it’s fine. Throughout the cycle use 0.5mg/eod Arimidex. PCT should be started three days after your last injection. Use 100mg/day Clomid for the first 10 days and continue with 50mg/day Clomid for another 10 days. Nolvadex can also be used at 40/40/20/20.

Advanced Testosterone Propionate Cycle

Advanced users are more likely to use Testosterone Propionate as a hormone support compound to replace the suppression of natural testosterone while using more powerful steroids.

This cycle makes use of the very powerful Tren Acetate as the primary anabolic compound at 400mg weekly and Testosterone Propionate for testosterone replacement at 100mg weekly.

10-week Test Prop/Tren/Winstrol Cycle

This advanced cutting cycle would consist of Test Prop, Tren and oil-based Winstrol (Winstrol Depot).

You’ll need a 3x10ml (100mg/ml) bottles of Test Propionate, 3x10ml (100mg/ml) bottles of Tren, 6x10ml (50mg/ml) bottles of Winstrol Depot, 30x50mg Clomid tabs and 70×0.5mg Arimidex tabs.

You will inject three times a week for 10 weeks:

  • Weeks 1-10 – 300mg/week Test Propionate injected 100mg/eod (Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • Weeks 1-10 – 300mg/week Trenbolone injected 100mg/eod (Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • Weeks 1-10 – 300mg/week Winstrol Depot injected 100mg/eod (Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • (PCT) Week 11-13 – Clomid at 100mg/day first 10 days, then 50mg/day for 10 more days (or Nolvadex at 40/40/20/20)

You can load all the compounds in the same syringe. Throughout the cycle use 0.5mg/ed Arimidex to combat estrogen related side effects (gynecomastia).

Testosterone Propionate vs. Alternatives

While I’m not a medical professional here to give you advice, I still highly recommend that you steer clear of Testosterone Propionate unless you’re already a very experienced steroid user. Even in that case you’d be well advised to still consider other alternative and safer options.

This is why:

Testosterone Propionate comes with many possible negative impacts on your health. The side effects and health hazards make Testosterone Propionate a risky proposition. This is why I recommend looking at Testosterone Propionate alternatives.

Many replacement products can deliver very similar benefits as Testosterone Propionate, and sometimes even stronger ones. This is without the horrible side effects that can impact both your short and long term health.

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Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

The potential side effects of testosterone propionate are the same as any other form of testosterone. Using the steroid at very low doses is unlikely to cause side effects, particularly when the purpose is to achieve a dose that’s at replacement level for low testosterone.

When higher doses are used you do run the risk of some side effects and most of these are related to estrogenic activity. When estrogen levels rise too much because of aromatization, there’s the risk of water retention and gynecomastia.

When water retention is not addressed, this can lead to high blood pressure. Nausea and fever are other possible adverse reactions some people experience

Due to testosterone’s natural function as an androgenic hormone, you may also see some side effects of this nature such as acne and hair loss; but only those who are predisposed to these conditions are at risk, especially when it comes to hair loss.

Suppression of your natural testosterone production is an inevitable side effect of using testosterone propionate and for this reason a suitable post cycle therapy plan is required.

Testosterone Propionate FAQs

How long does testosterone propionate take to kick in?

Test prop has a shorter half life than many other testosterone esters, at just 2 days. This means it is a short lived steroid that needs to be administered several times per week to maintain adequate blood levels. The time it takes to kick in and start noticing real results will vary depending on your dosage and other factors, but most users will see noticeable improvements within the first 4 weeks, and some as quickly as just two weeks into a cycle.

What are the benefits of testosterone propionate?

At higher doses you will see benefits focused on lean muscle mass and strength gains when using testosterone propionate. To get the most out of it you’ll need to have a suitable workout and diet regime for the duration of the cycle. Other benefits of testosterone propionate include being able to use it to maintain healthy testosterone levels while using other anabolic steroids that have suppressive effects. Test prop will also help to protect and maintain muscle by promoting an anabolic state while you’re in a cutting phase.

What is the fastest acting testosterone?

Testosterone propionate has the shortest half life of testosterone esters and as a result, can be considered the fastest acting. This is because the ester that’s attached to the testosterone hormone releases the hormone faster into the body once it’s injected, compared with longer acting esters which can take much longer to detach from the testosterone hormone. All esters of testosterone have no impact on the way the hormone works, besides to control its timing of release into the bloodstream.

How much does testosterone propionate cost?

Test prop isn’t widely used anywhere as a form of medical testosterone replacement therapy so underground or blackmarket purchases are your only option for this form of testosterone. It is easy to find and is considered a low cost steroid, but the amount you pay will depend on many factors, including: your country or location you’re purchasing from, the quality of the product and whether you’re buying Testosterone Propionate from a local supplier or an online supplier.

How much testosterone propionate should I inject a week?

Your dosage of Test propionate depends on your goals. Bulking up? 300mg to 600mg weekly will deliver amazing results. Cutting? You’ll certainly be stacking at least one other compound with Test prop in a cutting cycle like Anavar, Masteron or Primobolan and here Test prop at 100mg to 200mg weekly is suitable depending how much muscle you also aim to gain.

How often should you inject testosterone propionate?

This is a fast acting ester of testosterone so you will need regular injections to maintain a constant level of the hormone. Most bodybuilders will inject testosterone propionate every two days – so that’s about three times per week. This also allows you to divide your weekly dosage into smaller amounts rather than taking one big hit once or twice a week which can be the case with other longer acting steroids.

Is Test prop good for bulking?

Yes, the main reason bodybuilders use Test prop is for bulking. But it can also be used for cutting any other type of cycle since testosterone is such a powerful hormone that contributes greatly to anabolic activity. The dosage you take will determine your focus: higher doses are used for bulking, while at the other end of the spectrum Test prop can be used at lower doses for maintaining testosterone levels while using other steroids.

Final Thoughts

This testosterone ester is easy to come by online and is also known to be one of the more affordable steroids.

As with all steroids, the purchase, supply and use of testosterone propionate for performance enhancing purposes without a prescription is illegal in the USA and many other countries.

When buying testosterone propionate, always ensure the supplier is reputable to avoid low quality and potentially dangerous products.

Without a doubt, Testosterone Propionate works very well. However, very few people are still going to really contemplate using an anabolic steroid like Testosterone Propionate.

And there are good reasons why not! The side effect list is very concerning, with some of these things being a serious risk to your health in both the short and long terms.

Author’s Note: If you’d like more real, NO-BS information on using steroids be sure to check out Straight From the Underground (my recommended underground steroid handbook). Everything in this book is based on first hand experience, not theory.

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