Trenbolone Results

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What sort of results will I get with Trenbolone? This is the burning question you would have as a prospective user of this very potent steroid. It’s virtually guaranteed that your results will be outstanding with Tren, unless you somehow manage to completely mess up your training and diet.

Trenbolone Results
Trenbolone Results

Unfortunately, your positive results aren’t the only consideration with this steroid because the overpowering Trenbolone side effects won’t be something you can ignore while focussing on your progress.

On a per milligram basis we can easily place Trenbolone at the top of the steroid pile when it comes to sheer power. This is the steroid for those who want the best results without shying away from what can be some of the worst side effects known from any steroid.

Let’s take a closer look at what Trenbolone benefits you can expect and how these can translate into expected results whether you’re using this compound for bulking, cutting, or both.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of steroids (PEDs).

Trenbolone Benefits

Trenbolone has benefits for both bulking and cutting goals. This makes it not only a very potent steroid, but an extremely versatile one as well.

At its core, Trenbolone does what it does best by promoting nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and increasing count of red blood cells. The greater number of red blood cells circulating increases the amount of oxygen getting to your muscles. The result? More muscle endurance, more strength, and quicker recovery.

One of Trenbolone’s other benefits is one that’s critical for both muscle growth and retaining muscle while dieting; and that is the inhibition of the stress hormone cortisol as well as other glucocorticoids.

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone, and if levels become too high you can not only find it difficult to impossible to gain muscle, but if you’re dieting and doing cardio workouts to lose fat, you’ll also start to lose muscle. Trenbolone prevents loss of muscle and this is what makes it such a powerful cutting compound.

Legal Trenbolone Alternative

I always kick the real deal and in fact, it’s my opinion that most supplements are complete bullshit. HOWEVER, there are a few products that do in fact work well.

My Trenbolone Results
My results:enhanced fat loss, increased muscle mass, more prominent vascularity and greater muscle definition.

Trenorol is currently my #1 rated legal Trenbolone product. It replicates the muscle-building and fat-burning effects of Trenbolone, but without any unwanted side effects.

Trenorol will provide the user with some good, clean gains, and good definition and muscle retention, if you’re dieting. It’s something that can be used for both building up or cutting down.

For the money I don’t believe there is a better option than what Trenorol can do for you. You’ll get rock hard muscles and extremely good strength.

Trenbolone Alternative

Trenbolone Results

Your number one question when using Trenbolone for the first time is no doubt going to be: what will my results be like? What will I look like by the end of a Trenbolone cycle? How will I feel during the cycle?

You can’t really look at Trenbolone results without also looking at the side effects, because to some extent the adverse effects are going to have some impact on the results you can achieve.

If you’re not feeling great, this will have a detrimental effect on your workouts and recovery. This is why dosage is so important with Trenbolone so you can find a balance between the positives and negatives.

Your results will be focussed on three main areas: muscle gains, fat loss and strength gains.

A bulking cycle with Tren can go anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks (some users even extend to 16 weeks), and even in a short 8 week cycle the mass gains can be substantial – up to 30lbs in extreme cases.

Your fat loss results will greatly depend on your current body fat levels, and most users will stack Tren with a more specific cutting steroid like Winstrol to help burn the last bits of stubborn fat before a competition. Tren will in this case assist with retaining muscle.

Many people will say that Tren isn’t worth using because of its horrible side effects, after all this the most potent steroid known today and that works on both the good and bad sides.

Strength Gains Results

Trenbolone is capable of giving you substantial gains in strength. This is a favorite steroid among powerlifters which tells you a lot about what you can expect when it comes to increased strength. And these gains come on very fast, because Trenbolone Acetate is a quick acting steroid.

Within the first few four weeks of your Tren cycle it is not impossible that you’re adding an extra 100lbs to your bench press. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should though; being mindful of injury is critical. Adding substantial weight to your lifts during your first Tren cycle is going to put massive pressure on joints, tendons and muscles before they’ve had time to adapt to the new weight.

With your huge boost in strength comes supercharged pumps and you’ll be feeling it constantly during workouts. Even when you’re not at the gym you’ll enjoy the extra fullness and hardness that Tren delivers even if you have to go a few days without working out.

If this is your first time using Trenbolone, and if you’ve experienced satisfying strength gains with other steroids (even just with Testosterone), you should expect your strength to to reach levels that you have not previously achieved with other steroids; Trenbolone is just that much more powerful in this regard due to its astronomical anabolic rating.

Muscle Gains Results

Trenbolone’s only official and legal use is in livestock, and here it’s used to increase their appetite and their muscle mass so they grow bigger. This gives us a very good idea of what Trenbolone is good at: building muscle.

Muscle gains can vary substantially on a Tren cycle, with your results being different to the next guy because of the variables involved. Diet, training, cycle length, dosage, any other compounds used, and your body type and metabolism are all going to factor in to your own results.

Muscle gains in the order of 20lbs or more in one cycle is very doable for most men. Muscle gains on the arms alone can get into 2lbs territory with the right gym work. It’s not unheard of for gains of 30 pounds to be achieved, but you’d have to be the most serious hardcore user to see such gains and work hard to maintain them after a cycle.

The other aspect of muscle gains with Trenbolone that is favorable is that they’ll come on fast, especially when you’re using Tren acetate. It delivers results much faster than any form of testosterone, and this is why it’s so valued as a pre-comp steroid which can be run for as little as 4 weeks. Muscle gains will come without the bloat of testosterone as well, allowing you to harden up and get shredded as you’ll almost certainly be losing fat at the same time.

Most guys will find gains in the order of 20 pounds to be more than satisfactory, and you don’t need high doses to achieve that. Even a 4 week moderately dosed cycle can have you gaining 15 pounds, or if you choose to extend to 8 weeks with the right diet and training then 25lbs+ is more than achievable. Just keep in mind that the longer you use it for, the more pronounced side effects will become.

Fat Loss Results

Trenbolone is a steroid that allows you to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. This simultaneous effect makes it a prime contest preparation compound, especially as it’s a steroid that doesn’t aromatize so you won’t be dealing with fluid retention. Tren is a steroid that will promote hardness and a shredded physique that’s dry, lean and vascular.

Tren is a popular steroid with power lifters who are aiming to reduce weight without compromising on muscle and strength, as well as competitive bodybuilders and the reason is simple: Trenbolone accelerates your fat loss and it does so without causing your body to become catabolic (where muscle is being burned for energy).

When you see someone who has used Trenbolone and used it properly, you will see extreme muscle definition and this simply isn’t possible without getting your body fat down to very low levels. An important point to keep in mind is this: if losing fat is your one and only goal and you don’t care to gain much muscle, there are much better compounds out there than Tren for that purpose alone.

Trenbolone’s fat loss capabilities are excellent but they’re only suited if your end goal is an extremely defined muscular body, not as a general weight loss steroid.

Best Dosages for Maximum Results

Trenbolone is a steroid that doesn’t require you to use high doses to get amazing results. We could say that a little bit goes a long way when it comes to Tren, but a common mistake is dosing too high. With that comes significantly more and severe side effects so what you should be aiming to do is find that sweet balance between results and being able to manage the adverse effects which can be harsh enough as it is even at low to moderate doses.

If your aim is to prevent muscle loss while cutting, a very low dose of Tren can do the trick and we’re talking 200mg weekly for this purpose. This is still enough that you’ll have side effects, but they’ll be kept as minimal as possible.

Wanting more muscle and strength gains? Your dosage can go to 400mg and gains will be substantial. You will be feeling strength that you’ve not had with any other steroid, and muscle gains will come on fast. At this point side effects will likely become more pronounced but most users will find a good balance at the 300-400mg weekly mark.

If you’re a pro bodybuilders or just an extreme user, 600mg weekly might be desirable territory for you, but at that point you’d want to have a good handle on side effects from previous cycles you’ve done at lower doses.

Each person will respond differently to Trenbolone, so just because you’ve heard a horror story from one person, or another saying they had no side effects it doesn’t mean your experience will mirror theirs and the same goes for the results you will see.

Trenbolone Reviews

Trenbolone is one of the most talked about steroids and many users won’t shy away from sharing their own personal experiences and results with this steroid. Not all reviews are positive though; there are just as many guys talking about their negative experiences using Tren as there are those who are sharing stunning photos of their results. It’s important that we look at both the good and the bad to get a complete idea of what Trenbolone is doing for people and whether you should buy Trenbolone or not.

Positive Reviews

Positive Trenbolone reviews focus on how much muscle has been gained and how quickly (expect it to be quite fast), strength gains, and fat loss or body recomposition.

Incredible strength and pumps are a common feature of any positive Tren reviews. This just makes workouts better and you will feel like every workout is bringing about improvements in one area or another. This just means increased weights, more reps and an overall greater capacity to workout well beyond your regular level.

Some of the additional positive results that Tren users see involve an increase in bone mineral content (you need to undergo tests to find this out), improved recovery, and increased libido at lower doses (higher doses can have the opposite effect here).

A lot of users state that they feel a big boost in confidence when using Tren – whether this is because of the awesome results or if it’s purely a psychological change is something you would need to find out for yourself!

Negative Reviews

It comes as no surprise that Trenbolone’s negative reviews are exclusively revolving around its side effects. There certainly aren’t going to be many people complaining about the results Tren can give you, but this is so often offset by the very harsh side effects.

For some guys it is too much to handle and they simply stop using Tren, allow it to leave the body, and recover from the side effects. Even those who are seeing outstanding results will note their suffering from side effects. This often includes poor sleep quality including a lot of night sweats.

Another complaint you might come across, and this is going to mostly be limited to guys using Tren for cutting or recomposition, is the increased appetite starts becoming a problem. Some people will see a massive appetite increase and find it hard to ignore, especially when you’re trying to cut calories and diet.

Appetite increase is one of the core purposes of Tren for its use in livestock, but not all bodybuilding users will welcome it and you really need to be mentally strong to resist the urge to overeat when you’re on a strict diet, or results will go out the window fast.

Acne breakouts are another common complaint in negative Tren reviews. This is an expected side effects but some individuals will have it pretty severe and feel like you’re revisiting your teenage years. Topical skin products or oral antibiotics as advised by a doctor can go some way in mitigating this problem. Those inclined to severe acne when using Tren will not likely see much relief from over the counter acne treatments.

Random bouts of depression often comes up in negative Tren reviews. This is such an individual side effect but one not to dismiss. It is comparable to a downer and can come about if your injection schedule isn’t regular enough. But some guys will just prone to low mood and this alone can be a deal breaker for using Tren in the worst cases.

Increased blood pressure and heartburn are additional noted negative aspects for some users.

Stacking Results

Naturally when we stack Trenbolone with any other steroid the results are going to change somewhat. Just to what degree your results will start altering depending the other steroid’s properties will be determined by the dosage of each compound, and your diet and workouts.

Clearly a cutting stack that includes more specialized cutting steroids is going to bring you a different outcome than if you’re doing a straight up bulking cycle with Tren and another mass building compound. Needless to say, stacking results will be extreme no matter what other steroid you use with Tren, because Tren is already itself delivering quite extreme results on its own.

  • Trenbolone 150mg + Testosterone 600mg: This common stack will simply enhance your gains and it will do so without worsening Tren’s side effects because you’re using Testosterone instead of upping your Tren dosage. Just be prepared for water retention in this cycle.
  • Trenbolone 150mg + Winstrol 25mg/day: To take cutting and fat burning to the next level just add Winstrol. You can both build muscle and burn fat on this stack and fat loss will be rapid. Winstrol does not aromatize either so your physique will be ripped, dry and shredded with these two non-estrogenic steroids. This is an excellent cycle if you’re already lean and want those last scraps of stubborn fat gone.
  • Trenbolone 150mg + Anadrol 50-100mg/day: Another bulking and strength stack that will get you jacked and have you lifting substantially more weights. Results will come on within days of starting this fast acting cycle.


What results can I expect on Trenbolone?

Depending on your workouts, diet, and any other steroids you might be using, muscle gains with Trenbolone can be anywhere from 10 pounds up to more than 25 pounds of body weight in a single cycle. As Tren is unlikely to cause any water retention, your gains will be pure lean mass and you will also find it easier to burn off fat at the same time.

How long does Trenbolone stay in your system?

The amount of time it takes Tren to leave your body depends which ester of Trenbolone you use. Trenbolone Acetate, the most commonly used form, has a short half life of just three days.

Trenbolone enanthate is a longer acting ester and its half life can extend up to 10 days. But the amount of time each can be detected in your system is much longer because of how long the metabolites can be detected in urine.

Trenbolone is particularly good at staying in the body for a long time because of its resistance to metabolism. This means Trenbolone can be detected in a urine test up to 5 months after your last injection.

Does Trenbolone affect you mentally?

Trenbolone is well known for causing increased anger, mood swings, irritability, aggression and anxiety. Higher doses will increase the chance of more severe psychological side effects and if you are already prone to having a short temper, Tren can potentially make it unbearable – not only to yourself, but to the people around you as well.

Is Trenbolone good for beginners?

Trenbolone is not considered an ideal steroid for new users simply because of its sheer power and potency, and the severity of its side effects which are likely to be more than a brand new steroid user is ready to cope with. If you’re brand new to steroids you should start on a milder compound, such as testosterone where you’ll still get excellent results but with less severe side effects.

What are the long term effects of Tren?

Potential long term health effects can relate to mental health and cardiovascular health. If Tren is used at high doses and for long periods of time (over many years), increased cholesterol can lead to serious heart health problems, while ongoing stress to the liver and kidneys can result in damage to those organs with persistent use of Trenbolone. Possible mental health problems can develop with prolonged use.

Is Trenbolone good for muscle gain?

Trenbolone is excellent for gaining muscle and boosting strength, so you can lift more and workout more intensively. It increases nitrogen retention and boosts protein synthesis; these core processes are vital for muscle growth. Tren also enables you to gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

Trenbolone can give you some astonishing results, but few people will be able to use it without suffering at some level with side effects that go beyond those which we would normally experience with just about any other steroid. Trenbolone’s bad effects can spill over into your everyday life and impact your job, relationships and more.

I had to ask if it was worth it, and the answer was simple: Trenbolone is way too harsh on both the mind and body to make it a steroid that I’d want to be using regularly (or to be honest, even one more time).

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