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ABULK is a formula that covers every aspect of bodybuilding and promotes muscle growth, strength gains, stamina, and improved recovery. It is useful for just about any purpose and goal as it excels in multiple areas: from muscle and strength gains to boosting performance to improving recovery.

ABULK Anadrol
ABULK (Anadrol alternative)

Author’s Note: I used ABULK as a part of a 12-week cycle using the Brutal Force stack, and it performed beyond my relatively low expectations.

ABULK looks to be a very viable alternative to the popular, powerful, and, without a doubt, very effective steroid Anadrol, but a steroid that comes with significant downsides. If you are looking for a steroid alternative that provides most of the benefits of Anadrol with none of the disadvantages, ABULK will certainly appeal to you.

ABULK as part of the Brutal stack
My Experience with the Brutal Stack

ABULK works in several ways, including providing high-quality protein sources packed with amino acids and vitally – ramping up red blood cell production to get more oxygen to the muscles so fatigue is delayed, pumps, and power output increases. Ultimately, we can end up working out for longer and get to the next workout faster with more efficient recovery.

If you decide to try ABULK, I recommend buying it here.

ABULK vs. Anadrol

Anadrol is a potent true anabolic steroid. It is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid so it acts in a similar way to testosterone. With steroids like Anadrol, you are directly putting hormones into the body.

ABULK, on the other hand, does not require the use of any synthetic hormones but instead uses only natural ingredients that gently but effectively stimulate the body’s natural anabolic processes without causing health damage. Let’s look at how ABULK and Anadrol really compare.

ABULK Benefits

ABULK is made to give you benefits throughout the entire spectrum of performance and physique enhancement. The big benefits of ABULK include:

  • Huge gains in strength and stamina
  • Exceptional and fast muscle gains
  • Much faster recovery so your next workout can be started sooner
  • Excellent for getting your gains going fast at the start of a new cycle
  • It decreases muscle fatigue and increases the amount of oxygen flowing to the muscles
  • Easy and fast to take once a day

This product has many advantages, including that, unlike with Anadrol, gains made with ABULK might be slower and steadier. Still, they also won’t fade away after you stop using the supplement and they also won’t be masked by water retention.

In other words, expect your ABULK gains to be high quality and more permanent. The advantages of ABULK can be summarized as follows:

  • You get significant effects that are similar to Anadrol but without the nasty side effects
  • There’s no need for anti-estrogen or other types of drugs to offset side effects
  • No post-cycle therapy is required because ABULK doesn’t play havoc with your hormones
  • Gains can be expected to last after your cycle has ended, which is often not the case with Anadrol
  • Your gains won’t be masked by water retention
  • Stacks well with DBULK, SBULK, CCUT and TBULK
  • The cost of an ABULK cycle is significantly less than an Anadrol cycle

Are there any cons to ABULK? It depends on your expectations, but these are to be considered:

  • You won’t get the full effect of an anabolic steroid; this is basic biology, as ABULK is not a synthetic hormone
  • Gains may not be as huge or as fast, but they will be high-quality

With the right expectations, it is hard to see many downsides to ABULK, particularly when we look at the benefits and consider the significant cons of Anadrol.

Anadrol Benefits

Anadrol, as a powerful anabolic steroid, clearly has some very enticing benefits for anyone wanting the most extreme results. These include:

  • It helps you bulk up very quickly
  • Increases your appetite so you’ll want to eat more and thus fuel your gains
  • Boosts red blood cell production to fuel muscle growth, strength, and power
  • Powerful at the beginning of a bulking cycle to get your gains going rapidly

The pros of the Anadrol steroid are many. It is highly valued for its ability to give you massive growth very quickly, even compared with many other steroids.

Anadrol starts working very fast, so it is perfect for kicking off a cycle, but most users will want to stack it with other slower-acting steroids, so it’s rarely used as a standalone compound. Additionally, Anadrol is an oral steroid, so it’s much easier to administer than an injection.

The cons of Anadrol are also numerous. Its side effects can be extensive, ranging from estrogenic effects like gyno and water retention (which will mask much of your gains if left unchecked) to dangerous effects on cholesterol levels.

Anadrol will require you to spend more time and money on drugs to offset the side effects and on more drugs for a PCT cycle afterward so your body can recover from the potent effects of anabolic steroids on hormone function.

Then, of course, we have the legal aspects to consider, and the potential difficulty in getting your hands on Anadrol and being sure you’re getting a safe, high quality and genuine product.

Additionally, there are other pitfalls to be aware of with Anadrol, which are not always so well known. This includes the fact that this steroid can actually decrease appetite rather than increase it if your dosage is too high. This can bring about the opposite effect on your gains than you intended.

While an oral steroid is an advantage for anyone who doesn’t like steroid injections, this comes with a massive downside, and that is toxicity to the liver, which increases the higher your Anadrol dosage goes.

Another con for Anadrol is that while gains can be substantial, they can also disappear quickly, so serious work needs to be put into maintaining your gains when using this steroid, and more often than not, this means using even more powerful steroids that come with their own side effects.

Typical Results at the End of The Cycle

The end of an Anadrol cycle will, for most steroid users, be relying on other steroid compounds, while Anadrol is mostly used at the start of a cycle. With Anadrol, you can expect to see a noticeable increase in your appetite, so you’ll be eating more.

This allows Anadrol and the other steroids in the cycle to ramp up your muscle gains even bigger and faster (provided your diet is right). Typical results will, therefore greatly rely on how good your training and diet actually are.

It’s possible to gain up to and beyond 30 pounds in just a month when using Anadrol but be warned these gains can be short-lived if not followed up correctly and if water retention isn’t controlled properly.

ABULK results should be noticeable within the first month and increase from there. This includes a noticeable improvement in your recovery and mass gains that can be anywhere from 6-10 pounds or more in the first month; much of this will naturally depend on your diet and how hard you’re pushing in the gym.

Expect your strength and energy to increase, so you’ll notice you can lift heavier, and your pumps are massively improved.

Side Effects

ABULK, as a natural alternative to Anadrol, has no side effect risks. Brutal Force states clearly that you get all the benefits of steroids legally and without side effects, and I certainly found this to be accurate with my use of ABULK.

Not only was I able to avoid any adverse effects during my ABULK cycle, but I didn’t have to concern myself with PCT either since there’s no impact on normal hormone function. This is a win-win for ABULK when it comes to negative effects because there are none.

Of course, it’s a different story when we look at Anadrol. There’s no escaping the bad effects of this or any other steroid. Anadrol causes an increase in estrogen levels and all the associated side effects like gyno and water retention.

These then require the use of anti-estrogen drugs while on cycle. More seriously, Anadrol is notorious for its negative effect on cholesterol and its potential to cause liver toxicity. We can clearly see the vast difference between ABULK and Anadrol when it comes to risks of side effects with each product.

How Much Does a Cycle Cost?

As a prescription drug in the United States, Anadrol is extremely expensive if bought with a prescription – you can be looking at over $4000 for 100 tablets. Needless to say, most steroid users look at the black market to buy Anadrol.

Black market Anadrol can not only vary in price substantially, but also in quality. You will want to know you’re getting high-quality Anadrol both for performance and safety reasons.

ABULK is much cheaper than Anadrol or any other steroid, for that matter. My entire 12-week cycle cost under $110.

That involved me having to pay for just 2 ABULK bottles (one month supply each), and the third bottle was free. I also didn’t have to pay for shipping (also free) or waste any extra money on drugs to combat side effects or for PCT.

It’s obvious that the cost of an ABULK cycle is considerably more affordable than Anadrol.

ABULK Ingredients

There are just five ingredients in ABULK, all of which are legal, natural, and safe to consume. Some of the ingredients will be very familiar. In contrast, others are ones that I was certainly interested in learning more about their benefits and how they contribute to ABULK as a whole.

Here are the ingredients in ABULK and what they can do:

  • Tribulus Terrestris (600mg) – Tribulus is a famed natural testosterone booster. Enhanced testosterone equals faster muscle gains and increased strength, helping you lift and train heavier and for longer. The key compound in this extract is thought to be protodioscin, and when it’s taken at an optimal dose, such as that included in ABULK at 600mg, it is effective as a steroidal compound that can potentially increase testosterone, which is the critical hormone we need for muscle growth and a huge range of other functionality as a male.
  • Soy Protein Isolate (200mg) – An increasingly popular plant protein source, combining soy with whey gives ABULK an extra protein boost. Soy is one of the few plant proteins that are a complete protein source, and while it is not quite as powerful for muscle synthesis as whey is, it still packs a punch and is certainly higher quality than casein protein. Soy protein has added benefits, including healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (200mg) – A complete protein source that is the favorite of just about any bodybuilder. Whey is superb for stimulating nitrogen retention and insulin growth factor (IGF-1). It helps considerably with muscle retention and is absorbed quickly, so it becomes biologically available in the body. Most important is whey protein’s rich amino acid content, which is the building block of muscle growth. Whey protein contains high levels of the critical branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) of leucine, isoleucine, and valine as part of its makeup of all nine essential amino acids, making whey a complete protein. Whey concentrate is also low in lactose and is up to 80% protein.
  • Shilajit Concentrate 4:1 (100mg) – This natural extract may increase testosterone production and assist with muscle recovery as it is an anti-inflammatory. Shilajit is mineral-rich and consists of some amino and healthy fatty acids. Shilajit could be beneficial for maintaining hormone balance and improving sleep, healing, and endurance.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (50mg) – Formed from the L-carnitine amino acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine is particularly important for brain function and may help reduce post-workout fatigue. It is needed to produce energy and use stored fat as a source of energy, so this ingredient contributes to one of ABULK’s main goals: boosting energy.

Is ABULK safe?

Yes, ABULK is formulated to be a 100% safe and natural formula that doesn’t pose any risk to the liver, kidneys, cholesterol, or any other aspects of your health. It can do this because ABULK doesn’t contain any hormones or chemicals – only naturally occurring amino acids, proteins, and extracts.

Can ABULK be used for cutting?

The main purpose of ABULK is for muscle and strength gains. Just as the steroid Anadrol is best for kick-starting gains at the start of a cycle and is normally used in a bulking cycle, the same applies to the Brutal Force ABULK. Other bodybuilding supplements, such as HBULK, CCUT, and ACUT, are more suitable for cutting purposes than ABULK.

Are there any side effects for ABULK?

No, my own experience and the company’s own statement agree that this legal steroid alternative does not cause any side effects. This means I didn’t have to take any drugs to combat side effects as we must do when using the steroid Anadrol.

What is ABULK used for in bodybuilding?

It is used to boost red blood cell production, which carries more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles for more powerful pumps, more endurance, faster recovery, and bigger muscle growth. Boosting size, strength, and stamina are the core goals of ABULK for bodybuilding.

How long until I see results with ABULK?

Results will vary between individuals, but you can expect noticeable results within the 2-4 week period. A recommended cycle length is 8 or 12 weeks to allow time for maximum results.

Will I keep my results after stopping ABULK?

This is one of the great benefits of ABULK vs. Anadrol: with the steroid, it is well known that the results can be short-lived and can be lost without some serious work being put in after you stop using the steroid.

With ABULK, you can expect to maintain your gains as long as you maintain a regular nutrition and training plan. It is advised to take a break of 1.5 weeks after using ABULK for an 8-12 week cycle.

What does ABULK cost?

ABULK is much cheaper to use than Anadrol or virtually any other anabolic steroid. Most steroid users will buy Anadrol on the black market, but this still costs a significant amount compared with the legal alternative.

You can do a full 12-week cycle of ABULK for less than $110, and no additional costs of drugs are needed because there are no side effects to counter and no PCT needed.

If you decide to try ABULK, I recommend buying it here.

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