Anadrol for Sale

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Although Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is one of few steroids manufactured pharmaceutically, obtaining that pure grade Oxymetholone is a luxury that most bodybuilders will not be able to have. Not only is it the most expensive form of Anadrol, it’s also hard to come by.

Anadrol for Sale
Anadrol for Sale

So we have two other options: to buy online through underground black market labs, or to purchase Anadrol from a local source without knowing where it was manufactured.

The quality of the Anadrol you buy can make or break your results. As you can see, there’s no straightforward way of buying high quality Anadrol, but those who really want to use this powerful steroid will find one way or another to obtain it, despite the potential legal and safety risks.

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Anadrol Benefits (Effects)

Anadrol’s benefits are legendary in the bodybuilding world. After all, a steroid doesn’t get used for decades unless it’s delivering some seriously good results.

Anadrol isn’t an easy steroid to use for a lot of us, and especially for beginners. But with knowledge and planning, you can see Anadrol results that you’d find very difficult to achieve with just about any other compound.

This includes:

  • Muscle growth and weight gain: When it comes to Anadrol, weight gain and muscle gain aren’t the same thing because you’ll also be dealing with some amount of water weight (for some people it could be 50%). But the big weight gains make Anadrol appealing for transforming from skinny frame into a filled out physique very quickly.
  • Strength gains: Anadrol’s other big benefit is massive strength gains. You will be powering past your previous maximum weights very quickly. After all, Anadrol is favored by powerlifters for a reason. It’s entirely possible that you’ll be lifting 50lbs or heavier towards the end of your Anadrol cycle. This will speed up your muscle gains substantially. After your cycle ends, you should be able to retain around half or more of your strength gains.
  • Joint support: A bonus benefit and one that provides an upside to Anadrol’s water retention is the support this provides for your joints. It may reduce inflammation while supporting extra flexibility and joint lubrication. This is a welcome benefit when you’re increasing the weight you lift by such a massive amount which is going to place considerable pressure on the joints.

A standard cycle can have you putting on 25-30lbs, and although some of this will be soon lost as water, even retaining 15lbs of muscle is a physique changing result. Massive pumps are another related aspect and users will often describe them as the best pumps they’ve ever had.

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Anadrol Side Effects

Anadrol is as famous for its side effects as it is for its benefits. When you have such a powerful steroid as Anadrol, you need to be prepared to deal with some adverse effects that can make life difficult, and also impact your results.

The more Anadrol you take each day, the worse your side effects can be expected to be (although this is not a hard and fast rule, and response varies between individuals).

Importantly, the quality of your Anadrol can play a huge role in the negative effects you suffer with. If you use a substance that contains little Anadrol but plenty of other unknown, cheaper substances, your side effects can fall outside the range of known Anadrol adverse effects.

Oxymetholone itself in its most pure pharmaceutical form still comes with a long list of negative effects and some of these are of the more dangerous type if not carefully monitored.

Cholesterol, blood pressure and liver can all be impacted by Anadrol and it can be a pronounced effect in these areas. Being a C17-aa steroid, Anadrol is particularly stressful to the liver (although many people believe at lower doses it’s liver toxicity is overstated). This also means Anadrol should never be stacked with any other C17-aa oral anabolic steroids.

Water retention is a notorious side effect that will result in a telltale bloated look, depending how well you’re able to control the fluid build up. Much of the weight gained with Anadrol will end up being water, but some guys do enjoy the fullness that results. Keeping to a low sodium diet can drastically reduce fluid retention, with some people being able to avoid it altogether.

Gynecomastia can also develop but aromatase inhibitors won’t help you, due to the way Anadrol directly stimulates estrogen receptors rather than being caused by aromatization. A SERM like Nolvadex can be effective in reducing and preventing gyno.

Anadrol can cause hair loss in some people, although this is usually temporary unlike permanent male pattern baldness caused by other steroids.

Acne can be a major problem for some individuals and can be quite severe in some cases, with excessive acne developing not only on the face but also the shoulders, arms and back.

Changes to mood and development of depression are individual responses that some Anadrol users experience. Other users will find the opposite occurs. This can also be dose dependent but is mainly thought to be something that each person will experience differently. Some users who find Anadrol too harsh on the mood and mental health may need to discontinue using it.

Anadrol will suppress testosterone and, without PCT, will result in a low testosterone state after your cycle. This means poor energy, loss of libido, loss of muscle, and a range of debilitating symptoms.

Since Anadrol is often used at the start of a cycle, you might not intend to do PCT after coming off Anadrol but instead waiting until any other suppressive compounds have cleared your system.

Where To Buy Anadrol?

Oxymetholone is still used in the United States as a prescription drug, but to treat only one condition: anemia. It’s one of few anabolic steroids still used pharmaceutically in the US.

In many other countries it no longer has any medical approval. Using Anadrol without a prescription in the US, and obtaining it and using it at all in many other countries is illegal.

Like all steroids, it’s a controlled and prohibited substance and a banned performance enhancing drug. Long time steroid users often have local, trusted contact to buy Anadrol from. But what if you have no sources? Where can you buy Anadrol and be sure you’re getting top grade, pure Oxymetholone?

In some countries outside the US where Anadrol is also sold pharmaceutically, some will be able to obtain it from pharmacies and similar outlets. But be warned: this is not legal (unless you actually have a prescription), and bringing it back into your home country is fraught with legal risks.

Likewise, having pharma grade (or any grade for that matter) Anadrol sent through the mail to your home address does have you running the risk of your package being held up and inspected. While the risk of this happening seems low, it’s not impossible and the consequences may be severe. These are the challenges we face when trying to find Anadrol for sale and working out how to get hold of it.

For the majority of us, where to buy Anadrol will come down to two main methods:

  • Finding a supplier online (these will almost always be underground labs)
  • Finding a reliable local source (usually at a gym) who can supply Anadrol

Both methods have their risks in terms of quality of the Anadrol you receive, and prices can vary substantially particularly when you’re dealing with a middle man who will usually want to take a profit as well.

Pharmaceutical Grade Anadrol for Sale

The ultimate form of Oxymetholone to buy is of course pharmaceutical grade. Since this steroid is still manufactured for pharmaceutical use in the US and other countries we know that this perfect purity of Anadrol does exist, unlike some other steroids where underground labs are the only option.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get your hands on pharmaceutical grade Anadrol. To obtain it legally, you’d need a prescription from your doctor to use Oxymetholone to treat anemia. Unfortunately pharma grade Anadrol is not only hard to find, but is very expensive. People have to spend several thousand dollars in the US to purchase Anadrol for medical purposes.

Sometimes, pharma grade Anadrol will be sold on the black market. Naturally this is not legal, but occurs for a number of reasons: people who have illegitimately obtained pharmaceutical grade steroids and on-sold them, or those who legally bought Anadrol with a prescription but then went on to (illegally) sell it on the black market.

Anadrol is just one brand name of pharmaceutical grade Oxymetholone. It’s certainly the most well known one, but this steroid is also sold under other names in various countries and those trying to seek out pharma grade Anadrol might come across any of these products from international sources.

Anapolon is the brand name of Oxymetholone sold in Turkey and Moldova. Oxyanabolic and Androlic are Thailand brands. It’s not uncommon for counterfeit pharmaceutical Oxymetholone to hit the black market under any of these names.

These counterfeiters often do a superb job in copying every aspect of the original product, right down to any holographic stickers, pill embeddings, or other unique markers on the the packaging or tablets.

But what you won’t get is the official manufactured, pure Anadrol that you think you’re paying for. While some black market counterfeit Anadrol may be decent quality, none will be able to match the real thing.

Underground Lab Anadrol for Sale

Because Anadrol is not legal to sell, buy or use for bodybuilding or any non-medical purpose without a prescription, the underground black market is where most bodybuilders need to go to purchase it. This brings with it a lot of risks in terms of quality, and in terms of the process itself of buying and shipping illegal substances.

Steroids that are made in underground labs can vary substantially when it comes to quality. These are labs with no regulation at all, so there’s no way knowing what practices, hygiene and quality control is being implemented to create the Anadrol you buy. But when you have no other options, these labs are often the only way to buy Anadrol. UGL Anadrol will (or should be) cheaper than pharmaceutical grade.

In the worst case scenario, questionable underground labs can include very little Anadrol in the pills they’re selling. Instead the tablets will contain cheap filler ingredients. Needless to say, these products won’t give you the results you’d expect from pure Anadrol. And they could introduce a whole lot of unexpected Anadrol side effects.

If underground black market Anadrol is your only option, always try and verify the source by asking more experienced users. While you can never be 100% certain that any particular lab will continue manufacturing high quality Anadrol, you will find that those who have been buying and using Anadrol for a long time will often have their favorite sources and it’s well worth making the effort to find this information, rather than relying on any marketing or guarantees coming from the labs themselves.

Typical Pricing

If you can buy pharmaceutical grade Anadrol, expect to pay top dollar for it. Even with a legitimate prescription it’s an expensive drug. You know you’re getting the best and most pure form of Anadrol when buying pharma grade, but it’s very scarce and expensive and most of us will not be able to find a source for purchasing this top grade Anadrol which is manufactured in regulated, professional pharmaceutical facilities.

The astounding official pricing of pharmaceutical Anadrol per tablet in the US according to is over $44. That’s right, per 50mg tablet. That would cost you well over $4000 to use Anadrol for 12 weeks at 50mg daily. Naturally very few bodybuilders are going to pay that sort of money for Anadrol.

On the black market and from underground labs you can expect the price tag to be significantly less. Generally you should be able to find 50mg tablets in quantities of 100 for under $100. That’s less than $1 per tablet.

If you can find high purity Anadrol at such a price, it can turn out to be one of the cheaper steroids you can do. The key is being able to find a reputable source that isn’t selling low quality, filler, placebo or just plain dangerous products with an Anadrol label on it.

It might seem safe to purchase from a higher priced dealer, but without any regulation with underground labs, it’s all too easy for scam and unethical sellers to simply hike the price to appear legitimate. In other words, try and verify your potential supplier as well as possible before sending any money.

Stacking Anadrol

Anadrol can play a very useful role in a stack when used as a kick start compound in combination with one or more injectable steroids. If you’ve never used Anadrol before then forget about stacking it to start with.

You should do at least one (but preferably two or more) Anadrol only cycles to get a good feel for how you respond to this powerful steroid and all its possible side effects.

You will be dealing with compounding side effects when adding any other steroid to a stack with Anadrol. Most commonly used is the simple yet effective stack of Anadrol and Testosterone.

Testosterone will increase the risk of gyno and other side effects, but these should be relatively easy to control with the use of a SERM. This stack will boost muscle growth, strength and recovery beyond what you can do with Anadrol alone.

Other commonly stacked steroids include Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin. Advanced users will often stack Anadrol, Testosterone and Trenbolone into a very powerful mass and strength cycle but one which will certainly come with some seriously harsh side effects.

One word of caution: stacking any c17-alpha-alkylated steroids with Anadrol is strongly discouraged. Anadrol alone can have a seriously bad effect on the liver, so combining it with any other oral steroid that also causes liver toxicity should be avoided.

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How much does Anadrol cost?

The price of Anadrol will depend where you buy it from and its original source. When buying Anadrol from underground labs you should be able to find it for under $1 per 50mg tablet. This is significantly less than buying real pharmaceutical grade Anadrol which can cost you $40 or more for each tablet.

How do I know if I have real Anadrol?

Buying Anadrol from underground labs and other black market sources means you can’t be sure exactly what you’ll be getting in each tablet. Low quality Anadrol will give you poor results and worse side effects.

You can find out if you have real Anadrol by using a testing kit, easily bought online, which can detect the purity, composition and concentration of the Anadrol you’ve bought.

Can Anadrol make you sick?

Any drug can make you sick, and some users of Anadrol do report effects like nausea and stomach upset. When you buy Anadrol from unofficial sources like underground labs, the products can contain unexpected and unknown ingredients which can raise the risk of side effects and illness.

Can I stack Anadrol and Dianabol?

Dianabol is mostly taken as an oral steroid, and this makes it high risk to stack with Anadrol which is also a liver toxic C17-aa oral steroid. Combing these two steroids will place great stress on your liver and it is not recommended. Instead, Anadrol should be stacked with injectable steroids that are not of the C17-aa type.

Is Anadrol worth taking?

While many bodybuilders use Anadrol despite the side effects and risks, others find that it is too harsh and the side effects (including high blood pressure and water retention) are not worth it. Whether Anadrol is worth taking for you is a personal decision.

When will Anadrol kick in?

You should start noticing a boost to your strength within the first week of an Anadrol cycle. This steroid is valued for its fast action, which is why it’s often used to kick start a cycle and break through plateaus.

Why was Anadrol created?

Anadrol was originally made to treat some medical conditions, but currently its only medical approval in the US is to treat anemia which is a condition caused by a lack of red blood cells.

Anadrol is excellent at boosting red blood cell production which makes it a suitable treatment for anemia when used under prescription.

My Conclusion and Recommendation

Anadrol is such a harsh steroid and that applies to its positive effects as well as its negatives. You don’t get the truly powerful results that Anadrol can provide without suffering with some really serious (and possibly dangerous) side effects. A bit of acne we can all handle, but when it comes to things like high blood pressure and liver toxicity things get scarier.

Using Anadrol long term isn’t a strategy I’m willing to commit to. In fact, using it one more time isn’t something I want to do either. The risks are too great, and even trying to buy high quality Anadrol is a stressful experience. So much time and money can be wasted buying garbage. I’d rather be focusing on my results.

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