Anadrol Results

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Anadrol can deliver some of the most extreme results from any anabolic steroid. This is the steroid you go for if you want fast, massive gains to transform your body in a matter of weeks.

Anadrol Results
Anadrol Results

Anadrol is the fast and the furious of steroids: it’s extreme and rapid in its results, but it can give you some pretty furious side effects as well. This isn’t a steroid that you use for months on end while you sit back hoping to gain a few pounds.

Anadrol has a specific use and that is to pile on the gains at the start of a stacked cycle, or to break through stubborn plateaus.

You need to know how and when to use Anadrol to get the best results it’s capable of because this is a very powerful steroid – possibly the most potent of all anabolic steroids and it’s not one to mess around with.

So what results can you realistically expect to see when you use Anadrol? Read on to find out.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the use of illegal steroids (PEDs).

Anadrol Benefits

The benefits of Anadrol (Oxymetholone) are legendary. They revolve around strength gains and weight gain. Weight gain does include fluid, but it includes a lot of muscle as well. This is a bulking steroid in every sense of the word. It’s not a cutting steroid – no one wants this amount of fluid retention when cutting.

Anadrol Effects
Anadrol Effects

With some steroid experience under your belt, you can gain benefit from Anadrol in cutting cycles but for the majority of us the place of Anadrol is in extreme bulking cycles and it’s there that you get to reap all the rewards that this steroid is capable of.

These are the main benefits you will get when using Anadrol:

  • Fast weight and muscle gains: Anadrol can deliver such fast and massive strength and mass gains due to its enormous boost of red blood cells (carrying oxygen and nutrients to the muscles), and substantial increase of nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Pumps and fullness will also be substantially supercharged and noticeable outside the gym.
  • Big strength gains: Using Anadrol is all about those strength gains where you’ll be lifting heavier than you probably ever have before. Few if any other steroids will be able to boost muscular strength to the level that Anadrol does.
  • Joint support: If there’s an upside to Anadrol’s tendency towards water retention, it’s the benefit of this increased fluid for the joints which will be able to move easier and with less pain. If you’ve ever used a drying steroid like Winstrol you’ll know how hard it can be on the joints. Anadrol can actually help offset Winstrol’s anti-joint effects as a supportive compound.
  • Recovery: Recovery times should see a notable improvement and this is an often stated favorite benefit among users.
  • Fat loss: Anadrol is not a cutting steroid by any means, but with its potent anabolic effects it can still contribute to fat loss if circumstances allow. Since you’ll likely be consuming thousands of excess calories each day, burning fat is not often a priority and it can be difficult to notice if any fat is being lost due to Anadrol’s water retention (which can wrongly have you thinking you’ve gained fat).

The fact that Anadrol is an oral steroid is a benefit for anyone who is not keen on using injectables. Orals come with some significant downsides, but from an administration point of view nothing can be easier than swallowing tablets.

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Anadrol Results

Anadrol delivers very powerful results and it does so quickly. You can buy Anadrol and use it for four or six weeks and experience its full benefits during that short time. It’s often used to kick start a cycle that also includes injectable steroids, because of how fast Anadrol gets working right away while you wait for the effects of the slower acting injectables.

The most talked about results from an Anadrol cycle are what you’d expect: amazing mass and strength gains on short cycles. The fullness of the physique is a desirable result and (especially when sodium in your diet is kept to a minimum), and users notice that pumps are excellent all the time and not just in the gym.

Not talked about as much is the big boost to mental motivation, confidence and all over energy that Anadrol gives you. This makes it that much easier to stick with your training and take your workouts to new levels.

On the downside of results, all the aspects you expect to be complained about are – but not by all users. Some of us can get manage Anadrol cycles with well controlled side effects.

Along with the usual suspects, you’ll find the occasional user complaining about nausea and general sick feelings. This will hamper your results considerably the longer it goes on, because you simply can’t put 100% into your physical training when not feeling well.

Weight Gain Results

Anadrol is obviously a very powerful weight gaining steroid. One of its medical uses is to treat muscle wasting, so it clearly excels in this area. Anadrol supercharges protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, red blood cell product, and testosterone.

Put all these things together and you’ve got the ultimate mass gaining compound. Gaining 15-20lbs of lean muscle is more than achievable with Anadrol.

Not all weight gained with Anadrol will be pure muscle. Far from it. A lot will be water weight (think 40% or even more) and what this does is give your muscles a pumped up appearance. Some users will like this, others will be hating the temporary fluid. It depends what kind of look you’re trying to achieve.

Gains of 10lbs in the first week of an Anadrol cycle are possible. A 30-35lbs gain by week 6 is common and some users quote 40lbs. How much of it is water will obviously vary between individuals but it will be a notable percentage of the total weight.

Keeping these gains after your cycle ends though is a whole other challenge. It’s virtually impossible to keep all your gains, and most guys will see weight decreases of 30% or more, depending what strategy you have in place to maintain your gains post-cycle.

Some users will take Anadrol as a contest prep compound, but you would want to be well experienced with how you respond to it before taking such a plunge.

You’d then obviously have to stop the steroid some time before the comp to let it clear your system fully. If done correctly, Anadrol can be a useful contest prep compound for the most experienced of users only.

Strength Gain Results

Increased strength is a primary effect of Anadrol and for so many of us, the main reason we use it. This is the strength boost that will help power your muscle gains. You’ll be adding substantial weight to your workouts, more than could ever be increased naturally.

Breaking through longer term stubborn strength plateaus is a job that Anadrol can help you with. A weight lifting plateau can stall your progress and simply results because you’ve reached your natural limit for how much you’re going to be able to lift.

You can no longer progress and you can’t lift any heavier weights than you’re doing now. You need a powerful compound to rise above a plateau like this, and Anadrol will not only give you a light push through, but more of a bulldozer effect. Expect to be able to add 10, 20, or even 30lbs to your weights when Anadrol kicks in.

You probably wont’ be able to keep all these strength gains after stopping Anadrol, but even maintaining half these strength gains (which is often the case) will be a substantial increase from your previous limits.

With these massive strength gains come the awesome pumps that Anadrol is famous for. For many guys this is the most prized benefit of Anadrol and it’s widely considered the very best steroid for big pumps.

Using Anadrol purely for pumps isn’t a strategy, but it sure does make a nice bonus. Some guys even get big abdominal pumps, and a lot of this comes down to the way Anadrol affects the way fluids are entering and exiting the muscles. These big pumps lead to that highly desirable fullness appearance that people will soon be paying attention to outside the gym.

Reduced Post-workout Pain and Fatigue

Anadrol can provide some benefits for the joints. In fact one of its possible uses medically is for osteoporosis, so it’s clearly shown benefits in this area.

The way Anadrol promotes retention of water can actually help the joints by providing some lubrication and reduced inflammation. This improves joint movement and reduces pain.

If you’ve taken a steroid like Winstrol before which is famous for its joint pain causing actions, due to removal of water and resulting drying out of joints, Anadrol has the opposite effect and it will be welcomed when you’re lifting much heavier weights as you will be on an Anadrol cycle, placing increased pressure on joints in the elbows, shoulders, hips, wrists and knees.

Best Dosages for Maximum Results

There’s an upper limit for Anadrol dosages and this shouldn’t be negotiable for the vast majority of users. Not only do excessive doses pose a big risk to liver and cardiovascular health, but they’re unlikely to provide any noticeable benefit to your results.

You’d be so busy trying to deal with side effects if using a high dose that any small benefit would likely not even be noticed. For best results, stick to the tried and tested dosage range of 50mg to 100mg per day.

Anything above 100mg of Anadrol is probably going to make life pretty difficult for you. There’s no compromise on results when taking 100mg or less. This is the dose the great majority use, including the most experienced bodybuilders.

The dosage guide of 50-100mg is suitable for male Anadrol users. Some females will choose to use this powerful steroid, but dosages should be kept very low for women with 25mg being the maximum.

Anadrol has a short half life so to maintain its effects in the body the dosage needs to be split throughout the day – even if you’re taking a low dose. Anywhere from two to four doses throughout the day is ideal and requires splitting the standard 50mg Anadrol tablets into the required portions.

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Anadrol Reviews

Anadrol has been in use for decades, so there’s a huge amount of talk going on about it both right now and spanning back over years.

After all, Anadrol has been around long before the internet existed so since the moment the world wide web became available, people have been using it to share their experiences with Anadrol.

Reviews, comments, photos, and questions about Anadrol from those using it cover the spectrum from very good, to very bad and everything in between. A common sentiment is that the results are awesome, but if only those side effects weren’t so dominant it would be a much easier steroid to use.

Positive Reviews

As you might expect, countless positive reviews sing the praises of Anadrol’s super ability to take strength and muscle gains to stratospheric levels.

Plenty of people who are positive about their Anadrol experience do note that they use it with at least one other steroid which is a normal strategy.

Standard doses of 50mg daily deliver excellent results for most men. Some will take it for 8 weeks or even 10 weeks and feel confident about keeping side effects under control.

Trenbolone is commonly noted as a companion compound for people who’ve had positive Anadrol experiences, and these two combined are a formidable muscle building duo.

Everyone will be able to achieve different levels of gains, but 20lbs in 4 weeks is not unusual and Anadrol users regularly quote similar levels of results.

Positive reviewers often note their calorie intake to achieve these figures as well, with 4500-5000 calories consumed per day a common occurrence and necessary to make the massive gains Anadrol is capable of.

Negative Reviews

Not surprisingly, the majority of negative reviews and comments about Anadrol focus on its wide ranging side effects. For some people (especially anyone with minimal steroid experience) these adverse effects of Anadrol can be intense enough to warrant stopping use of the steroid completely.

But it’s not always the water retention and blood pressure issues that cause the most trouble for some Anadrol users. Many of the negative reviews out there focus on side effects that aren’t often talked about and are not universal (in other words, it could be a bad individual reaction).

Some of these negative reviews complain about bad anxiety occurring and brain fog to the point where Anadrol could not longer be taken at all. Fatigue and lethargy, heartburn, sleeping problems, muscle cramps and excessive acne are other complaints.

These might not always be deal breakers but they do make running an Anadrol cycle unpleasant. With Anadrol being such a powerful compound it can only be expected that some users are going to suffer with adverse effects as an individual response.

Stacking Results

Good planning is needed when stacking Anadrol with other steroids. You must consider the cumulative effects of Anadrol’s impact on the liver, cholesterol, blood pressure and other aspects. Anadrol is a powerful addition to bulking stacks, but it is not going to be much use in any cutting stacks.

Anadrol’s place in a stack usually takes on two forms: to kick start the cycle, or to break through a plateau mid-cycle. It may also be used as a pre-competition compound by more experienced bodybuilders.

Dianabol, Deca Durabolin and Testosterone are three steroids that are often stacked with Anadrol. All of these steroids promote muscle gains and strength gains like Anadrol.

Some people will stack Winstrol with Anadrol. Winstrol is mostly used as a cutting steroid, and it has the opposite effect of Anadrol in that it dries the body out while Anadrol promotes fluid retention.

Users who want to put on muscle while reducing water weight and gaining increased definition may use this cycle, but it’s a challenging one to implement given the opposing effects of each steroid. Anadrol does provide some additional benefit here with helping offset the joint pain that can occur with Winstrol.


Does Oxymetholone increase testosterone?

Anadrol will raise the level of free testosterone circulating around your body and this allows you to gain muscle faster and easier.

Once you stop using Anadrol, low testosterone can occur because you’ve suddenly stopped giving your body an external source of the hormone. This is where PCT is needed to restore testosterone production back to normal.

Why do bodybuilders use Anadrol?

Bodybuilders use Anadrol to achieve big gains in weight and strength and boost pumps and fullness. Muscle gains up to 30lbs in a cycle are possible, and strength gains will see you being able to lift well beyond your usual limit. Bodybuilders also use Anadrol to improve recovery and support joint health.

Is Anadrol better than DBol?

Anadrol is a more powerful steroid than Dianabol (Dbol) overall but it can also have harsher side effects. Both are liver toxic and can raise cholesterol and blood pressure. While some people combine these steroids in a stack, doses should be kept lower than usual for the above reasons.

Whether Anadrol will give better results for you than DBol will come down to your individual response as they are both very effective steroids.

What type of steroid is Anadrol?

Anadrol is an oral steroid of the C17-alpha alkylated. This makes it hepatotoxic and at higher doses can put considerable strain on the liver. At lower doses, some studies have found that the stress to the liver is only moderate but it is also an individual response. The benefit of a C17-alpha alkylated steroid is that you don’t need to worry about injections with Anadrol.

How much Anadrol should I take for bodybuilding?

If you’re using Anadrol for the first time, taking 25mg to 50mg is a good introduction. Experienced bodybuilders will usually take 50mg or 100mg per day.

Final Thoughts

I’ll say it straight out: I love Anadrol’s strength and mass gains. But the side effects can be a killer.

I really want to find something completely different. I want gains without water, and I’m tired of worrying about my liver, cholesterol and blood pressure and those are the most dangerous aspects of Anadrol.

Is there any way to get similar results without suffering the never ending list of Anadrol side effects? I could use other steroids instead, but none of them are side effect free and some are just as bad as Anadrol…

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