RAD-140 (Testolone) Cycle

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One of the newer SARMs is RAD-140, also known as Testolone. What is know about this compound is that it is very effective for muscle gains and bulking. In fact it is now considered as one of the best SARMs for muscle growth, making Testolone a common addition to a SARMs cycle.

RAD-140 (Testolone) Cycle
RAD-140 (Testolone) Cycle

Testolone has been created to potentially treat multiple health conditions including enlarged prostate, muscle wasting and as a testosterone replacement therapy.

Studies show it is very effective at mirroring the function of testosterone both anabolic and androgenic, but with a target of the muscle and bone we should not see the serious negative effects of the direct testosterone administration of anabolic steroids. That is what makes Testolone such an attractive option for those looking at an alternative performance enhancing compound.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of SARMs.

What is RAD-140?

RAD-140 is still an investigational drug, which means there’s a lot we still don’t know about it because of the early stages of research.

Testolone RAD-140 Structure
Testolone RAD-140 Structure

Testolone is still actively being researched including current clinical trials taking place right now, and these results are due to be released later in the year so it won’t be too long until we have a clearer idea particularly around the safety and toxicity aspects of this SARM which are an important part of the trials.

RAD-140 targets androgen receptors in the skeletal tissue and is considered as one of the better SARMs for building mass. But its the boost to strength that could be considered the hidden power of RAD-140, and potentially is the most important base function of this SARM that contributes to muscle gains: after all, if your strength has increased substantially then you’re going to see significantly bigger and faster gains from your workouts.

By binding to targeted androgen receptors, Testolone is able to trigger the all important process of protein synthesis while also increasing retention of nitrogen; these aspects are going to help stimulate muscular growth as well as improved performance and endurance during intensive exercise.

This is a SARM that will cause suppression of testosterone even at low doses, so users will need to implement some post cycle therapy to restore the normal functioning of testosterone after a cycle.

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RAD-140 Benefits

You can expect to see superb lean muscle gains when using this SARM. It also improves strength so you’ll be lifting heavier and seeing your results faster than usual both thanks to the way Testolone helps the body build muscle, and because you’ll be supercharging your workouts.

Even at low dosages users of Testolone can expect impressive gains in muscle mass so you won’t need to use a lot of this compound. Expect it to take around four weeks until you start really feeling great strength increases, although some guys will see positive changes within just a couple of weeks.

From there you can expect to see your mass gains compounding as the SARM really kicks in throughout your cycle. It’s not impossible to gain 20 pounds of muscle with RAD-140, but your workouts and diet will need to support these gains otherwise no SARM will work for you. Additionally this is a SARM that stacks well with other SARMs if you really want to ramp up both performance and results.

The main reason people will use RAD-140 is for bulking as it has excellent muscle building capabilities but even more so, it is a powerful strength builder. The more strength you have, the more intense your workouts are going to be and that naturally leads to greater gains.

RAD-140 has a powerful anabolic effect but is targeted to just where you need it – in the muscles and bones – unlike steroids which impact the whole body. This means we can use Testolone with minimal side effects compared with anabolic steroids.

  • Muscle Gains – Studies have proven that Testolone can live up to its intended purpose of increasing muscle mass and lean muscle weight gain. Some studies have shown that RAD140 is able to replicate the anabolic and androgenic effects of testosterone even at low doses. The amount of gains you can make is going to be highly individual and based on a range of factors from dosage to cycle length, diet and exercise program, and genetics. But there’s no doubt that Testolone’s ability to increase muscle mass is real, and while not as potent as steroids or even some other mass building SARMs in this regard, it will deliver high quality gains which you should be able to maintain well after your bulking cycles. Muscle gains made with RAD140 will be dry and hard and you should notice increased vascularity thanks to the lack if fluid retention.
  • Strength – The powerful and targeted androgen effects of Testolone will create a welcome rise in strength which you’re going to be able to take full advantage of to boost your pumps and general performance. With this extra strength can come some increased aggression in some people. It’s how you use this aggression that matters, and by channelling it into your workouts you’re going to see a big boost to performance and results from early on in your cycle.
  • Fat Loss – Some research is being done into RAD-140’s potential for helping with fat loss so while we’re still waiting for specifics on exactly how Testolone could encourage fat burning, what is certain is that by increasing your lean muscle when using this SARM you are going to automatically become more efficient at getting rid of fat because of a higher metabolic rate. It’s a well known biological fat that the more lean muscle you have, the better the body is at burning fat even when you’re at rest. This is what makes Testolone very useful for recomping purposes where you’re looking to improve the ratio of muscle to fat.
  • Mental Energy – Some users report a boost to mood and a reduction in fatigue and lethargy which is going to give you that extra kick to take on harder workouts and the motivation and energy you’ll need to maintain your planned workout program and dietary plan for the entire duration of your Testolone cycle.

These advantages do come with some downsides and the main one to consider is the suppression of testosterone which I will cover further in the RAD-140 side effects section below. For most users of this SARM, the above positive effects far outweigh the downsides and even experienced steroid users will find something in RAD140 to gain benefits from.

RAD-140 Dosage

Testolone is a powerful SARM that does not require high doses to be effective. In fact lower doses are recommended even for the more advanced users, but there is still room to move if you want to slightly increase your dosage for better outcomes, while balancing any negative effects.

It’s more than possible to get some quality gains at just 4mg daily and this is where many beginners will choose to start. This low dose allows you to evaluate your results and monitor any adverse effects which will be much easier to address at low doses. Once you know how your body reacts to a low dose, you can consider increasing it in the later half of your cycle, or for your next Testolone cycle.

Testolone is a SARM that doesn’t have great popularity with women, and those considering its use should limit the dose to a very low level starting at 5mg daily with the possibility of increasing to 7.5mg. This will deliver excellent gains with women able to put on some quality lean muscle without worrying about the virilization effects of steroids.

Good Testolone results can be expected at dosages as low as 10mg daily. Some people will increase this to 20mg daily, but it’s important to balance your dosage and side effects and new users of Testolone are best advised to start low and gauge your response to the point where you can increase the dosage if needed.

Any dosage higher than about 20mg per day will require you to do PCT, while you can likely recover well without PCT at the lower doses. A maximum of 10 weeks cycle length is recommended as the upper limit if you want to avoid more severe suppression and other side effects.

RAD-140 Cycles

Testolone is known as a strength booster and enhanced strength is going to appeal to just about anyone with any goal. This means it is useful both as a solo compound and when stacked with something that can compound on its own effects; whether that be for bulking, cutting, enhancing athletic performance or body recomposition.

Some users will choose to use RAD-140 along with steroids but this is an advanced strategy. Those who are only wanting to stick with SARMs and SARM-like compounds will find four potential cycle suggestions for different goals below:

RAD-140 only cycle

With Testolone being such a powerful SARM it is possible to use it alone in a cycle and get great results. New users can start at a low dose of 10mg daily for the first two weeks and evaluate the effects – both positive and negative – and then increase the dose if desired up to 20mg. The cycle length is ideally limited to between 6 and 8 weeks to minimize testosterone suppression.

RAD-140 bulking cycle

A short and sharp 6 week cycle combining some of the most potent SARMs in a stack can deliver bulking results almost to rival those of steroids. In this case we can combine RAD-140 with YK-11 and LGD-4033 all with a dosage of between 10mg and 15mg daily each. Confident and advanced users can run this stack for 8 weeks or even 10 weeks but be prepared for a serious round of PCT following it.

RAD-140 cutting cycle

RAD-140 can add much to a cutting stack with its dry gains and ability to harden the physique, particularly near the end of a cycle. Two compounds that can combine with RAD140 in this stack are LGD-4033 and SR9009 which will combine to boost fat loss by improving efficiency of the metabolism. You can get by with awesome results on low doses of 10mg daily for both RAD-140 and LGD-4033.

SR9009 doses can start at 10mg and extend right to 40mg depending on how hardcore you plan to go with your cutting, with the latter needing to be administered two or three times daily due to its shorter half life. Run this cycle from 6 to 8 weeks for exceptional cutting outcomes.

RAD-140 recomping cycle

You want to improve your muscle to fat ratio when recomping so this cycle is a combination of making some gains while burning fat. An ideal compound to stack Testolone with for this purpose is S4 (Andarine). This combo will simultaneously reduce body fat while hardening the muscles, provided your diet is optimal and is rich in quality protein. You should run this cycle for at least 8 weeks, with up to 12 weeks possible as a maximum. An ideal S4 dose is 50mg daily while Testolone will be very effective at just 10mg daily, as you are trying to mostly maintain muscle rather than bulk up in this cycle.

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RAD-140 Post Cycle Therapy

SARMs in general have a reputation of having no suppressive effect on testosterone, but this is not the case. Several SARMs are known to cause at least mild suppression, while Testolone is possibly the most suppressive SARM you can use.

This means you will very likely need to do some form of post cycle therapy once finishing a RAD140 cycle if you want to stimulate testosterone to start being produced by the body again.

Without PCT, normal testosterone function can take months to come back and during that time you will lose muscle, gain fat, lose strength and energy, have a low libido and low mood, and generally feel terrible and have poor health. So getting testosterone going again is critical after you’ve used RAD-140.

The amount of suppression you’ll experience with RAD140 is going to differ between individuals, and your dosage and cycle length will be big factors; but it’s not uncommon for guys to have a 50-70% reduction in testosterone. Many users will have a much lower level of suppression.

This can only be measured through blood testing, but at that level you are sure to notice some negative changes so you’ll want to have your PCT planned out. Steroid users favor drugs like Nolvadex and Clomid for PCT and these will more than cover your needs for the less harsh suppression caused by Testolone compared with steroids.

RAD-140 Results

RAD-140 will propel your strength and contribute both directly and indirectly (through greater strength) to mass gains. And these will be nice dry gains without the added weight and bloat of water that you’ll get with most steroids.

Testolone is going to radically enhance your performance in the gym. You’ll feel stronger and able to workout at a higher intensity than before. By the second or third week of your cycle you can expect to be smashing through records, especially if this is your first time using a SARM. These gains in strength are going to continue through most of the cycle, although can begin to flatten out beyond 6 weeks which is one reason many will limit their cycle length to 8 weeks.

How much muscle can you gain with RAD-140 if your main goal is bulking? Well, it’s actually the big strength boost from Testolone that will contribute the most and it’s how you use that strength that’s going to determine results.

If you take on a seriously intense cycle of heavy workouts for 8 weeks you can potentially gain 10 to 15 pounds of lean mass during that cycle.

Those who don’t push themselves so hard at the gym might see 6 to 10 pound gains. It’s variable and there’s many factors involved; but once you do your first Testolone cycle you’ll know what you need to change for the next one to get even better results.

RAD-140 Side Effects

New users can assume that Testolone doesn’t come with any side effects as this is a common assumption about SARMs. It’s not the case though, and while you are right to assume you’re not going to have side effects that rival the intensity of those experienced with steroids, you still need to be aware of some of the negatives that can come with using RAD140. As with any compound, the higher your dosage and the longer you use it for is going to place you at higher risk of side effects.

A notable side effect of this SARM is an increase in aggression or a decrease in anger management; in other words, if you’re prone to a short temper then Testolone could possibly make it worse. This is usually a very individual side effect with some people not at all affected. Starting with a low dose and evaluating how you feel will help you keep this side effect in check if it becomes a problem.

Headaches are another potential side effect of RAD-140 but again, this is often seen at higher doses and can be mostly mitigated by keeping your dosages reasonable at no more than 20mg daily and by ensuring you’re buying high quality Testolone from a reputable source.

  • Aggression – Some men will see this as a positive impact of Testolone, while others might find it to be a negative. It will largely depend on your personality and whether you are already prone to anger issues at times. If so, monitoring your dose and its effects in this area is important as it’s certainly higher doses that are going to increase the chances of aggression developing. Those guys who see this as a positive will be able to channel it into workouts to pump out more reps and sets and lift heavier weights.
  • Testosterone Suppression – Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Testolone won’t be suppressive; in fact it’s one of the more suppressive SARMs we have. This will differ between individuals though and it can take a few weeks for effects of suppression to start being noticed, so be prepared early to prevent negative impacts. Many people will make use of small doses of testosterone to combat this suppression however that then requires using steroids. There are natural testosterone boosters available and the effects of these will differ wildly based on quality.
  • Nausea and Other Symptoms – Some users have reported feeling nauseous on Testolone. Others have reported mild headaches or rashes and dizziness. These are mostly individual reactions and users can adjust the dosage accordingly to reduce or eliminate these effects. If they continue however at low doses and become worrying, it’s best to stop using Testolone and consider a different SARM instead.

The majority of Testolone users are going to find any side effects to be manageable and some guys will have no side effects at all. As long as you’re not taking massive doses and you’re being sensible about cycle length then these short lived negative effects are going to be greatly outweighed by the potential benefits.

RAD140 vs. Other SARMs vs. Steroids

RAD140 can deliver some very similar effects to testosterone cycle and other steroids and is often thought of as one of the best alternatives to steroids, but it does so in very different ways.

It directly targets androgen receptors in muscles and bones, while steroids will imitate the entire effects of testosterone which has an impact on the whole body – this mass influx of hormones in to the body with steroids causes great muscle gains but also some very serious side effects. With SARMs like RAD140 the negative impacts are much less pronounced and sometimes non-existent.

The main differences between Testolone and SARMs generally compared with anabolic steroids are that most SARMs are going to be taken orally, so you do away with the need for injections. There are oral steroids as well, but these are often highly liver toxic while most SARMs have not shown to pose a serious risk of liver toxicity when used moderately.

When it comes to other side effects, the most common steroid related side effects that are both androgenic and estrogenic are sometimes experienced only mildly with SARMs and often not at all. Testolone does not cause estrogen conversion nor does it target androgen receptors elsewhere in the body so the familiar side effects in these two areas are not of great concern to Testolone users and users of other SARMs.

When it comes to results that can be achieved with Testolone and other SARMs versus steroids, we still have a lot to learn. But more and more bodybuilders are turning to SARMs and refining how to use them for best results. For many, the short and long term health impacts of anabolic steroids just don’t weigh up against the much lower risk of Testolone and other SARMs which have more than proven their ability to deliver quality results for bulking up, cutting and enhancing performance.

RAD-140 vs. Alternatives

While I’m not here to give you medical advice, I absolutely recommend staying away from Testolone RAD-140 unless you already have lots of SARMs experience under your belt. Even in that case, you’d be well served to seriously look at safe, legal alternatives instead.

This is why:

Testolone RAD-140 comes with some surprising short term side effects, and more concerning is the lack of information and research about its potential long term health impacts. These risks make Testolone RAD-140 fraught with danger and it’s why I suggest looking into safe natural Testolone RAD-140 alternatives.

Many replacements can offer comparable and sometimes even better benefits when compared with RAD-140 – but without the undesirable side effects that can seriously impact your health in the short and long terms.

So with all that in mind, if you want to go straight to the PREMIER RAD-140 alternative on the marker right now, look no further than TESTOL 140.

This stuff is powerful and can mimic the positive effects of Testolone RAD-140, but without those worrying side effects. Oh, TESTOL 140 is also 110% legal for anyone, anywhere in the world to purchase and use.

These important reasons are not the only ones that make me vouch for TESTOL 140. There’s one main reason why TESTOL 140 is the number one Testolone RAD-140 replacement that I’ve selected…

For its potent metabolism boosting, fat burning, and powerful muscle gaining abilities.

I know of countless people who are currently using TESTOL 140 and seeing exceptional results that they’re raving about. All the Testolone-like benefits, virtually no side effects at all, and more. TESTOL 140 is certainly the most ideal swap for your high-risk Testolone RAD-140.

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RAD-140 FAQs

Like all SARMs, Testolone is still a research drug so it’s not available for sale officially. The only way to get your hands on RAD-140 is through research labs. No matter how you obtain Testolone, it is still not legal to use in competitive sports and is listed as a prohibited substance. Some professional athletes have been caught through drug testing making use of SARMs like Testolone.

Does RAD-140 cause gyno?

RAD140 does not aromatize (convert testosterone to estrogen) so you’re very unlikely to have the worry of gyno developing like you do with steroids. Despite this, there are some reports from some users that mild symptoms of gyno have developed when they’ve used this SARM, although it is not known if very high doses are being used.

Potentially it is the suppression of testosterone and associated imbalance of hormones that have brought about this symptom in some users; again this is going to be a higher risk at high doses and long cycle lengths and will not rival the gyno that develops with steroids.

Is RAD-140 Safe?

No SARM can ever be confirmed as 100% safe. This is for several reasons: RAD140 like all SARMs is a research drug but it is one still in development and actively being tested, unlike other SARMs which had their research suspended. The fact that Testolone has no approval for human use means there is no long term data that can shed light on whether it is totally safe to use RAD140 regularly, or what effects it might have on the body over a longer term when used for performance enhancement. Anecdotal evidence from people who regularly use Testolone however have not noted any serious effects, and that is all we have to go on until further scientific research is completed.

Is RAD-140 suppressive?

Yes, Testolone is known as one of the more suppressive SARMs so you will need a PCT plan ready to go at the end of your cycle. The longer you use Testolone for, the higher you risk more severe testosterone suppression but in any case it is unlikely to be severe as that caused by steroid use unless you are using very high doses for cycle lengths beyond the recommended maximum.

Is RAD-140 safe to use though it is not approved by FDA?

There is always a risk in using any substance that has no approval for use in humans and limited studies on humans. As SARMs are experimental and research compounds, it’s not possible to fully understand the full effects, both positive and negative, on humans. So while many people use Testolone without any issues, the key is to moderate your dosage and cycle length and to closely monitor any side effects and how Testolone affects you as an individual.

Does RAD-140 cause water retention?

Testolone is known for its lack of estrogenic effects which means there is almost no chance of water retention happening. When you’re not retaining fluid you also eliminate the risk of increased blood pressure. This makes RAD-140 particularly appealing to steroid users who want to finish off a cycle with a compound that will dry and harden the muscles – and Testolone fits the bill perfectly.

Is a PCT mandatory with RAD-140?

Most users will want to do some post cycle therapy after using Testolone because it is will suppress testosterone to some extent. Allowing low testosterone to take hold will quickly kill your hard earned gains, have you putting on fat, losing your libido and generally falling into poor health. So your PCT plan should be just as important as your plan for your RAD140 cycle.

Does RAD-140 help burn fat?

By promoting strength and muscle gains, RAD-140 can lead to the easier and faster loss of fat. When you gain more lean muscle, the body is able to work at a higher metabolic rate and is able to burn fat even while you’re resting. So while it is not a specific fat burning SARM compared with some others, Testolone can still be very useful for cutting and particularly as it delivers a very dry, hardened and vascular physique which can make it valuable as a finishing compound when cutting or for pre-contest.

This is a go-to SARM for many bodybuilders simply because we know it works so well for mass gaining and strength boosting.

Final Thoughts

These are the two key areas that anabolic steroids are used for by serious weight lifters and while Testolone is not going to match your most hardcore steroids, it also won’t stress you out with the same side effects. Instead, this SARM provides a solid middle ground between excellent gains with minimal side effects.

There’s no question that Testolone RAD-140 definitely works. Despite this, the vast majority of people will never seriously think about actually using something like Testolone RAD-140.

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