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Many of us bodybuilders with experience with anabolic steroids have taken an interest in the world of SARMs. These substances are compared to steroids in their effects, but without most or even any of the associated side effects of steroids.

RAD-140 for Sale
RAD-140 for Sale

But as you will find out, this is often a misunderstanding and some SARMs can come with a similar level of side effects to anabolic steroids.

RAD-140 (also called Testolone) is one of the SARMs that’s most talked about so it’s one of the very first that I decided to check out. Could this be a true replacement for steroids or is it all just hype? Find out all you need to know about buying and using RAD-140 in my guide below.

Author’s Note: If you decide to try Testolone I recommend buying it here (the source I am currently using). For those who follow me, you know I’d never steer you wrong.

RAD-140 Benefits (Effects)

The main benefit of RAD-140 revolves around its use as a bulking or mass gaining compound, and in this way we might think of it in similar ways as a steroid.

RAD-140 also comes with the additional effects of boosting strength, helping you burn fat and increasing vascularity. Here are the primary benefits of RAD-140:

  • Gaining muscle – Nice lean gains can come with a decent diet and training program when using RAD-140 even at low doses. Gains won’t be as huge as with many steroids, but a clean 10lbs gain in an 8 week cycle is an impressive result that’s more than achievable.
  • More strength – You’ll be able to lift heavier and this SARM is great for getting you through a plateau. Increased red blood cells gets more oxygen flowing to the muscles, and you can also expect nice boosted pumps with RAD-140 along the lines of what you’d see with steroids. In fact you might feel like you’re using a high dose of testosterone with RAD-140.
  • Losing fat – RAD-140 is one of the best SARMs for promoting subcutaneous fat loss because of its powerful anabolic effects. It may speed up your metabolism and when used alongside a cutting diet can give a nice reduction in overall body fat percentage. Ideally it will be combined with a more targeted cutting compound like Ostarine if the primary purpose is to burn fat.
  • Improved vascularity and muscle definition – one of the most valued benefits of RAD-140 is a hard and defined physique with less fluid retention than most bulking steroids (unless very high doses are used). These effects come about through a combination of increased lean muscle, loss of fat, and increased blood flow.
  • Higher energy levels – You should notice improvements to energy and endurance and these are the main reasons athletes who aren’t necessarily bodybuilders will use RAD-140.
  • Better bone density – although not a benefit we often think about, improved bone density with RAD-140 is possible because it selectively targets the androgen receptors in bone as well as muscle. Strengthened bones provides more support for lifting heavier weights, putting on more muscular weight, and reduces the risk of fractures.

In fact one of the advantages of RAD-140 over many steroids is its ability to promote a dry and ripped physique more so than steroids which cause a lot of water retention, which you should be able to mostly avoid with RAD-140 when it’s used moderately.

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RAD-140 Side Effects

Adverse effects of using RAD-140 for performance purposes is little known besides first hand accounts from other athletes and bodybuilders. Minimal official medical research has ever been on most SARMs including this one so there is no hard scientific data on what the short and long term risks could be.

The known Testolone side effects can be surprisingly severe, even when we compare it to many anabolic steroids. This isn’t a SARM that you can use without considering the side effects. With those powerful benefits come some equally harsh adverse effects that you’ll need to prepared for in a similar way that you do when using steroids.

And if you have used steroids before then you’re going to be familiar with most of the types of side effects that come with RAD-140, because they are alarmingly similar.

Let’s start with estrogenic side effects. Because RAD-140 can cause a rise in estrogen you will find that water retention or bloating, and gynecomastia can become a problem.

All in all, RAD-140 is known for its ability to give you quite a dry physique, but it’s at higher doses where you can lose that benefit and instead deal with the negatives of extra water weight. This in itself is a good reason not to take excessive doses of RAD-140.

As with steroids, we can use an aromatase inhibitor (AI) to control estrogenic side effects if needed but most users should be able to keep these issues at a manageable level simply by moderating the dosage and minimizing the length of a cycle to 8 weeks.

Many guys can be shocked to learn that some SARMs can suppress testosterone. RAD-140 is notorious for being a very suppressive SARM (likely the most suppressive one), again especially if you use it at the higher dosage range and use it for a long duration.

But even at moderate doses you will want to have PCT prepared, which is something that we don’t often have to do with most other SARMs.

Without PCT, a state of low testosterone is a real risk and with that comes debilitating symptoms including the loss of your hard earned gains from the cycle.

Then there are androgenic side effects to consider. This SARM can cause an increase in free testosterone which in turn can convert to DHT and it’s DHT that is the main cause of male pattern baldness. So this common steroid related androgenic side effect can also come about when using RAD-140.

Hair loss caused by steroids is often permanent, but many find with RAD-140 it is not a permanent condition and that the hair does in fact grow back – but only if RAD-140 isn’t used for prolonged periods of time. Continual longer term use could damage the follicles and cause permanent hair loss.

The risks to the liver from RAD-140 are little understood for now. A standard warning from the FDA that SARMs can cause liver damage are not known to be based on specific evidence, but rather a blanket warning about using SARMs in general with the many unknowns due to a lack of data.

We can minimize the risk of potential liver injury by keeping doses to a sensible level, keeping cycles short, taking a suitable break in between cycles, and even taking a liver support supplement if you have concerns.

Females who use RAD-140 can often do so with no additional side effects as it does not present high risk of androgenic effects. At higher doses, some virilizing effects might develop, but females who stick to the recommended dose of 10mg daily can usually use RAD-140 without serious issues.

The surprising number and severity of some of the RAD-140 side effects can make it a more difficult compound to use compared to some of then milder anabolic steroids. Testosterone and Anavar are two examples of steroids that most men will find can be used with more manageable side effects compared to this particular SARM.

Where To Buy RAD-140?

Your location will determine how easy or difficult – and how expensive – it is to buy RAD-140. For those in the United States, you will be pleased to know that SARMs are easily obtainable and it’s essentially through a legal loophole that still exists.

Technically buying SARMs for the purpose of research only is legal, as these are still nothing more than research chemicals with no approval or manufacturing for medical use.

Because monitoring of the sale and purchasing of research chemicals is almost non-existent, it’s not known to cause difficulties in buying RAD-140 for personal use and you are very unlikely to have to show any proof of being a researcher.

RAD-140 is easily found and ordered online in the same way as we buy any other products.

RAD-140 is usually sold as a liquid, but some companies will also sell capsules. In either case, take note of the concentration of RAD-140 in each product as this will determine how much you need to take at each dosage, and how much you’ll need to purchase for a whole cycle.

Pharmaceutical Grade RAD-140 for Sale

Because RAD-140 is an investigational drug only and has no approval yet for any medical use, it is not manufactured by any pharmaceutical companies.

SARMs like RAD-140 along with thousands of other experimental chemicals are researched and while some will eventually become approved medicines – after an extensive process of testing and clinical trials, as yet there are no SARMs available as pharmaceutical products.

So how can you get a similar quality to pharmaceutical grade when buying RAD-140, to ensure you’re getting the very best purity of this SARM?

RAD-140 is only available through research labs and suppliers who provide research chemicals for the purpose of research only. This might make it sound like you wouldn’t be able to obtain RAD-140, after all, you’re probably not a scientific researcher or chemist.

The good news for us bodybuilders is that in the US and many other countries, there are no specific laws prohibiting the sale of SARMs. So you will find it very easy to locate RAD-140 for sale, and provided the supplier is reputable the quality should be as good as it gets.

Many sellers will promote their RAD-140 as being of “99% purity”. Ultimately without your own lab testing you won’t be able to confirm the exact purity of a product.

Underground Lab RAD-140 for Sale

Research labs which sell SARMs including RAD-140, for research purposes only, may not necessarily be official labs but they can online retailers which obtain the SARMs from the research labs where they are manufactured.

When a SARMs seller states that RAD-140 is being sold “for research purposes only“, be aware that this is the legal disclaimer they must provide although it does not prevent you from purchasing. Enforcement or regulation of who is purchasing RAD-140 and other SARMs from research labs is, for now, almost non-existent.

RAD-140 users will find it a much less stressful process to purchase SARMs compared to buying anabolic steroids, particularly in the United States where strong laws exist around steroids and their sale and use.

Whether buying RAD-140 direct from a research lab or from an underground source, always check the reputation of the seller and in particular: the quality of SARMs they are known for supplying.

It’s not unheard of for under dosed or mislabelled ingredients to occur from certain suppliers and not only does this result in wasted money and disappointing results, but more importantly you can find yourself getting side effects that should not occur with RAD-140.

Typical Pricing

Many different research labs produce and sell RAD-140, so costs will vary between suppliers.

In the US, all SARMS are sold with the required disclaimer that they are only for research purposes, even though they come in capsule form some of the time which is obviously going to be an appealing option for those using RAD-140 for anything other than research.

A liquid form of RAD-140 is also widely available and is the most common way this SARM is sold. These small bottles will come in different concentrations. Some of the popular ones are 10mg/ml or 15mg/ml.

You should purchase the concentration that best matches your intended daily dosage: if you want to take just 10mg daily, it’s clearly easier to dose from a 10mg/ml bottle.

Costs can vary, with a 30ml bottle of 10mg/ml liquid RAD-140 often found for around $60 at the low end and over $100 from more expensive suppliers.

Capsule RAD-140 is often sold with 10mg capsules and in this form you are paying for the number of capsules in each bottle. Bottles of 60 10mg capsules can be found for around $80 from online suppliers.

The format of RAD-140 you prefer is a persona choice, but it’s likely that the liquid is better and more quickly absorbed than capsule form. The liquid is taken by simply putting the required dosage under your tongue and keeping it there for at least 10 seconds before swallowing.

Availability of RAD-140 and Legality

With the recognition that SARMs like RAD-140 bring about substantial performance benefits, the swift prohibition of all SARMs has been brought into effect within all worldwide sporting authorities and competitions where they are generally treated in the same way as anabolic steroids.

This means testing positive to SARMs in sporting competitions can come with severe penalties and expulsion.

But when it comes to buying and using SARMs as an individual, the laws in most countries are surprisingly relaxed, at least for now. One exception is Australia where most SARMs are not legal.

However in the United States, which has notoriously prohibitive laws for anabolic steroids, SARMs are actually legal to buy for research purposes. Naturally, athletes and bodybuilders are rarely interested in conducting research with SARMs but this legal loophole makes it easy to buy RAD-140 in the United States.

Many SARMs manufacturers are set up in the US so finding RAD-140 for sale is not difficult. There has been talk in recent years of banning some or all SARMs in the US, but as yet they do remain legal for research purposes.

Stacking RAD-140

RAD-140 is frequently stacked with other SARMs and similar compounds. This allows you to introduce additional benefits into a cycle, or to customize a stack with a certain result in mind – and thanks to RAD-140 being an excellent compound for making dry lean gains it’s versatile enough to be included in cutting and bulking stacks.

You can’t go past stacking RAD-140 with YK-11. This is one of the most used stacks, but it’s not for beginners. You’ll want a good deal of experience with both compounds first before combining them.

Another awesome stack is RAD-140 and Ostarine. This is very much a cutting stack where fat loss can be substantial (depending on your current body fat and what your diet will be like). Losses of 10% of body fat are doable with this stack.

RAD-140 and Andarine is a great body recomposition or pre-contest stack that will promote excellent vascularity and definition with some muscle gains and fat loss.

There’s countless stacking opportunities with RAD-140 and while it’s wise to only stack it with one other SARM to start with, as you gain experience it’s possible to combine with three or even more other compounds.

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Is Testolone a steroid?

Testolone is not an anabolic steroid, although it does some similar effects to steroids. It is in a class of drugs called selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) which are research or experimental drugs which do not yet have any approval for medical use in humans.

Does Testolone suppress testosterone?

Yes, RAD-140 can cause testosterone suppression and it can be at the severe end, rivalling the level of suppression you get with powerful anabolic steroids. Most male users will need to do a PCT cycle after RAD-140 cycle to get natural testosterone production back on track.

How much Testolone should I take?

You only need to take small dosages of RAD-140 to experience its powerful effects. As an investigational drug there are no dosage guidelines to use for reference but most men will take around 20mg each day for up to 12 weeks. Some users happy with just 10mg daily, while others raise the dose to 30mg.

Is RAD-140 better than testosterone?

RAD-140 is a popular SARM and is one of the most widely used which means people are seeing results. Although the results of RAD-140 can be similar to what you can get from testosterone, many do find that testosterone is actually easier to use with more manageable side effects. One exception here is women, who will be able to tolerate RAD-140 much better than a testosterone steroid.

Should females use RAD-140?

Women can use RAD-140 at low doses and see impressive gains in lean muscle, although it is considered a more advanced SARM and recommended for women who already have experience using other less powerful SARMs.

Does RAD-140 increase testosterone?

Yes RAD-140 can raise testosterone levels in males, but it won’t rise to very high levels and usually stays within a normal range. After finishing a RAD-140 cycle, testosterone levels will drop and PCT is usually required.

Final Thoughts

So we can see the benefits of RAD-140, but you can also see the negatives and there are a lot of them with this SARM.

It’s not much different to using steroids, yet the whole point of SARMs for performance is to avoid anabolic steroids.

The side effects of RAD-140 can ruin the experience of using it and can take your focus off what you need to be spending energy on: eating well, working out, and making gains.

I also like longer cycles and having to limit RAD-140 to 8 weeks is a drag. Yes, you can go for much longer but the risks are well known and not what I want to be dealing with.

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