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Like most of us you’re probably very keen to try and predict what kind of results you will get on RAD-140 (Testolone). If you’ve used any other SARM previously but are now considering RAD-140 for the first time, you can expect your results to be different to other SARMs.

RAD-140 Results
RAD-140 Results

While they can have similar properties, every SARM has specific strengths and RAD-140 (Testolone) is no exception.

There’s two or three things that Testolone is exceptionally good at, but that still doesn’t mean you’re going to know exactly how much muscle you can gain or how much fat you will lose – that will all come down to several factors (some that you can control, others that you can’t).

The only way to discover what you can achieve with RAD-140 is to try it. But we can gain a general idea of possible effects and results by taking advantage of the knowledge and experiences of other people who have been using RAD-140 over the past few years.

Author’s Note: The following guide is based on my personal experience and does NOT promote the illegal use of SARMs.

RAD-140 Benefits

RAD-140 works similarly to many steroids like testosterone, but because it selectively binds to only androgen receptors in the muscle and bone you can use this SARM without most of the harsh side effects of steroids.

RAD-140 Benefits
RAD140 (Testolone) Benefits

RAD-140 isn’t completely free of all side effects though, and one in particular will affect most men who use RAD-140: testosterone suppression.

RAD-140 is actually very effective at the lower dosage range, so while men can minimize testosterone suppression by maintaining a sensible dose, you’re unlikely to be able to prevent it altogether – this makes PCT a must do after a Testolone cycle.

But let’s look at the positive benefits of this SARM, and there are a few of them:

Muscle gains

This is why most of us want to use RAD-140. Even with a pretty standard diet and regular weights training you will see some lean gains with RAD-140; its anabolic effects really does rival that of a lot of steroids. But it’s possible to get substantial gains on a serious bulking diet AND remember this: you don’t need a massive dose to get those gains.

10mg to 15mg time and time again is providing sizeable gains for most users. Five to ten pound gains are a reasonable expectation – it will come down to how much work you put in.

Fat loss

Although not its core strength, RAD-140 can definitely contribute to fat burning and a lot of this just comes from its powerful anabolic activity.

It may improve the metabolic rate, and also bring about lipolysis which is when stored fat is broken down into fatty acids and becomes available for use as energy.

Depending on what your current body fat ratio is, losing 5-10% of body fat is very achievable on a RAD-140 cycle where fat burning is a primary goal – in other words, where your food intake and cardiovascular training supports loss of fat.

Those on a bulking SARMs cycle can still see some moderate fat loss as lean muscle is gained, but it won’t be as substantial as on a targeted cutting cycle.


More strength provides substantial benefits for how much weight you can lift, and most users will see impressive increases in weight lifting capacity with RAD-140.

Strength gains with this SARM will rival those you can get with moderate testosterone doses and increased red blood cells getting to muscle tissues these strength gains also make RAD-140 an excellent SARM for breaking through stagnant times and plateaus.

Increased vascularity

As a result of RAD-140 delivering a hard and lean physique, vascularity should naturally increase. More prominent veins are a welcome bonus effect of reducing your body fat, increasing lean muscle and more blood flow going to the muscles.

Testosterone boost

RAD-140 can raise testosterone levels in men, but it will still be within the normal range of testosterone. If you had any testosterone deficiency, RAD-140 can overcome this (while you’re on the cycle at least) and this improves a wide spectrum of your health from mental health, libido, energy, sleep and more.

Despite the testosterone increase during the cycle, your natural production will be suppressed at the end of the cycle and this can lead to a testosterone crash unless PCT is implemented (highly recommended, for men only).

Increased bone density

Along with muscle, bone androgen receptors are targeted by RAD-140 and this can help strengthen bones by increase mineral density, in addition to the bone density improvements you get through regular exercise. Good bone mineral density helps prevent breaks and helps support increased lean muscle weight.

More energy

Endurance and energy will see a boost with RAD-140, this is why it’s been popular with athletes over the years. This takes in improved mental state as well, providing motivation to stay with your diet and training routine particularly in the earlier half of the cycle before big gains start becoming prominent.

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RAD-140 Results

What results can you expect from using RAD-140? This is the big question we all have before using this SARM for the first time. While you won’t be able to predict exactly what level of results you’ll see, you can get a good idea by learning from the experiences of others.

Most importantly though is knowing that RAD-140 is only part of your results formula. The guys and girls who get the absolute best from it are the ones putting in the time in the gym and who are disciplined in sticking to the diet that’s appropriate for the goal – whether that be bulking or cutting.

RAD-140 Results for Men

Men can be shocked to learn that muscle gains with RAD-140 can equal that of most anabolic steroids as long as your diet and workouts are supportive of those kinds of gains.

Think anywhere in the realm of 10-15lbs of lean mass in a RAD-140 cycle. At the lower end of expectations even a gain of 5-10lbs is going to make a noticeable difference to your frame and that’s just after an 8 week cycle (longer cycles are not recommended).

Your strength gains will be just as noticeable and important as mass gains, after all that’s what will power your gains. You can expect to be lifting heavier, especially once you reach the three to four week mark. You should be able to do more reps at your max bench weight.

If you could only manage one, two or maybe three lifts at your maximum bench press weight without RAD-140, many users will find it’s possible to double that number thanks to RAD-140’s amazing strength boosting ability.

RAD-140 Results for Women

Women will be far more reactive to the anabolic effects of RAD-140 at lower doses. This means females will find that RAD-140 facilitates muscle gains as well as many steroids, but with the huge benefits of there being no virilizing effects.

All in all women can expect the same range of benefits as men when it comes to fat loss, increased strength and energy, and excellent body recomposition effects.

A reduction in body fat of 5% is more than possible on a suitable diet. This will result in increased muscle definition thanks to there being less subcutaneous fat.

Female RAD-140 users will see no advantage to raising the dose beyond the minimum, because this SARM does everything you need it to do at the dosages detailed below while reducing or eliminating side effects.

Strength Gains Results

The ability of RAD-140 to substantially increase your strength is possibly its biggest asset. This is what will take your pumps to extreme levels and ultimately will be what drives your ability to pack on mass.

While measuring strength gains is difficult, you will see this in your workouts where weights that you felt were your maximum limit before are now more easily lifted, and for more reps.

Your maximum bench press weight capability could easily increase by 30 pounds or more, while all users also see squats and deadlifts at a substantially greater capacity. In short weights you struggled with before will simply feel lighter as a result of RAD-140’s strength boosting effects.

It’s vital not to go overboard with weights, and to consider the increased stress that will be caused to tendons and joints as you increase your weights and number of reps. Too many guys get over confident with strength gains and forget about injury – and that could ruin your entire RAD-140 cycle.

Muscle Gains (Bulking) Results

There are plenty of before and after photos floating around showing the excellent results from RAD-140 when it comes to muscle gains after a bulking cycle. A lot of the time you won’t get the full story from viewing other people’s results.

Have they shared if they used RAD-140 on its own, what their diet was like, the exact details of their training, or any other factors that play a critical role in results?

Muscle gains of 5lbs are reasonable, and gains of 10lbs are often reported. At the more extreme end are those who claim gains of 20lbs on RAD-140 alone. There’s probably more to the story when you see those kinds of numbers – often RAD-140 is being stacked with other powerful mass building compounds.

All in all, most users of this SARM should be satisfied with lean muscle gains of up to 10lbs per cycle while simultaneously losing body fat weight.

Fat Loss (Cutting) Results

We can’t call RAD-140 specifically a cutting SARM but it can be very useful in a cutting stack where the main compound is something like Ostarine (MK-2866) which is an exceptional cutting agent.

But that doesn’t mean RAD-140 isn’t very good in itself at helping you lose fat. RAD-140 does contribute to fat loss, and of course increases strength and endurance so your fat burning results will come on faster with more intense training being possible.

How much fat you can lose on a cutting cycle with RAD-140 will of course depend if you are stacking it or using it alone and what your current body fat percentage is.

Make no mistake: you can lose a good percentage of body fat on a single RAD-140 cycle. A 5% body fat loss is a noticeable amount when you are currently sitting around the mid to late teens.

Yes, you will need something more powerful for fat burning if your body fat is already very very low and you just need that last 1% to go. That’s where pure cutting compounds are needed. But for the rest of us? A 5-8% fat loss is going to amplify your muscle definition beyond imagination, especially when your muscle gains are fluid-free.

To get maximum fat loss from RAD-140 you’d need to be on a calorie deficit diet and that’s why so many users won’t see those kind of fat loss results – because RAD-140 is mainly used for bulking. But the option and ability for impressive fat loss is there if you want it.

Best Dosages for Maximum Results

Men who use 15mg daily of RAD-140 can, without question, get astonishing results. Few will find it necessary to take the dose to 20mg and even fewer will risk a higher dosage than that (25-30mg is not unheard of).

There really is no need to consume more than 15mg each day of this SARM. Even 10mg is going to be enough for a lot of men in terms of size and strength gains, and better recovery. Some guys have called this level of RAD-140 life changing (in a good way). That’s how powerful this SARM can be.

While it can be tempting to increase your dosage to the maximum, it is widely understood that there is little to no benefit in doing this. Although more research would be needed to confirm the exact numbers, those experienced with RAD-140 are confident that you can experience 80% to 90% of the benefits of Testolone at doses of just 5-10mg.

What a higher dose will do is substantially increase testosterone suppression in men, raise estrogen levels which will worsen fluid retention, and possibly cause other side effects in general.

RAD-140 Reviews

You will find hundreds of good, bad and in between reviews of RAD-140 from every type of person who has used it. Seasoned bodybuilders, new bodybuilders, athletes, women, men, young and old. Everyone has a unique experience with RAD-140 and yours too will be unique, but you can still gain some valuable insights by learning how RAD-140 has effected other people in both positive and negative ways.

Positive Reviews

You will find so many positive RAD-140 out there from both males and females. In fact the percentage of positive reviews and experiences being shared would far outweigh the negatives, probably more so than a lot steroids which can be a much greater shock to the system for first time users than a SARM like RAD-140.

RAD-140 review and results focus not only on the physical results that you can see, but just as importantly: how RAD-140 makes you feel. And that goes for both physical and mental feelings.

Vast increases in strength and pumps are one of the first positive benefits most RAD-140 talk about, as it comes on quite early in the cycle. This powers up workouts way beyond normal boundaries.

And of course, increased muscle mass is a common positive experience of just about anyone who uses RAD-140 – both males and females.

Confidence is increased noticeable with a lot of users, this can be attributed to a rise in testosterone levels while on RAD-140 which has wide ranging benefits for both mental and physical health in men.

Negative Reviews

Many of the more negative reviews about RAD-140 focus on the annoying yet not overly serious Testolone side effects that some individuals will experience. It’s simply always going to be the case that we react differently to different substances and while you can get lucky and have no niggling side effects, for other people it can almost ruin the otherwise positive benefits of RAD-140.

Common complaints include the development of acne (these people are probably already very prone to acne), lethargy, sore joints, irritability and anxiety, insomnia, night sweats, and hair loss or hair shedding. These can be considered temporary side effects and most people tend to push through them and continue with their RAD-140 cycle or decrease the dose.

Not surprisingly testosterone suppression comes up in negative reviews of RAD-140, but this is a side effect that is fully expected and one that all users should be prepared to deal with. Low testosterone symptoms should only become a big problem if you’re unprepared for getting your T levels back on track with post cycle therapy.

Stacking Results

RAD-140 stacks well with a good number of other SARMs and similar compounds. Bulking, cutting and body recomposition are all stacks that can be designed to include RAD-140.

The results of a stack with RAD-140 in it is going to vary wildly depending what it’s stacked with. Many users will select just one other compound to combine with RAD-140, while more advanced users can have a stack of three or even four or more compounds (not recommended for beginners).

Some of the more common stacks and potential results include:

  • RAD-140 and Ostarine: An excellent cutting stack that will have you losing much more fat than you could only with RAD-140. It’s possible to lose up to 10% of body fat on this cycle, and Cardarine will also boost endurance significantly.
  • RAD-140 and Andarine: This is a top recomposition stack where you can gain some muscle, lose some fat, but also get an increased level of vascularity and definition that’s not possible on RAD-140 alone.
  • RAD 140 and LGD-4033: Maybe the most popular of all SARM stacks, expect nice consistent gains with two SARMs that have powerful anabolic effects.

With the wide range of SARMs and similar compounds now available to us it’s possible to design a stack to meet very specific personal goals that you might have.

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How long does it take RAD-140 to work?

You will start noticing moderate changes in strength within the first week of starting a Testolone cycle, but the full effects of this SARM take three to four weeks to develop which is about halfway through a standard cycle.

What is Testolone good for?

Testolone (RAD-140) is great for building lean muscle mass, gaining strength, burning some fat, and body recomposition. It facilities a hardened, dry physique and also raises testosterone levels.

What’s better Ostarine or RAD-140?

Every SARM has different advantages for different goals. RAD-140 has stronger effects than Ostarine, but Ostarine usually has milder side effects. Both are good mass builders but RAD-140 will likely make it easier to gain more muscle than Ostarine.

Can you take RAD-140 by itself?

Yes it is common to do a RAD-140 only cycle, especially if you are new to this SARM. In fact it’s highly recommended that you do two or three cycles with only RAD-140, starting at a low dose, so you can evaluate its positive and negative effects on you as an individual.

Testolone is a prohibited substance in world sports because of its powerful anabolic effects. It is sold as a research chemical which is a gray area which allows amateur bodybuilders and athletes to purchase RAD-140.

Technically RAD-140 isn’t legal to use for any purpose besides research, but in most locations this is not heavily enforced as authorities prefer to focus on the anabolic steroid trade.

Final Thoughts

RAD-140 is a SARM that will deliver reliable results for most of us, but so little is still known about what adverse effects it can have that I consider it one of the more risky SARMs to use.

The testosterone suppression is near the level of some steroids, and with so many users experience hair shedding and hair loss, some guys are finding they have to stop a RAD-140 cycle well before the end.

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