Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

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Testosterone Cypionate is one of many ester variants of the standard testosterone hormone, with this being one of the more popular testosterone esters alongside Testosterone Enanthate. And just like Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate is a slower acting steroid with a slightly longer half life than Testosterone Enanthate.

Testosterone Cypionate for Sale
Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

In practical terms most users won’t see a noticeable difference in the way these two steroids work so if you’ve used Testosterone Enanthate before, the way you use Testosterone Cypionate in a cycle will be similar.

In many cases the choice between these two steroids comes down to one factor: availability.

Testosterone Cypionate can often be easier to find for purchase, but you need to be vigilant in finding a high quality steroid. Whether you’re searching for pharmaceutical grade, black market generics, or Testosterone Cypionate from underground labs it can often be challenging to be sure you’re getting what you pay for. Here’s everything you need to know about Testosterone Cypionate for sale.

Author’s Note: If you decide to try Testosterone Cypionate I recommend buying it here (the source I am currently using). For those who follow me, you know I’d never steer you wrong.

Testosterone Cypionate Benefits (Effects)

Test Cypionate (like all testosterone steroids) is a straight up unmodified version of the testosterone hormone that the human body naturally produces.

Testosterone Cypionate Benefits (Effects)
Testosterone Cypionate Benefits (Effects)

Bodybuilders will use Testosterone Cypionate for two main reasons: to replace testosterone function while using other suppressive steroids (and this requires only a low dosage), or to maximize the anabolic effects by taking much higher doses of Testosterone Cypionate.

There are many major benefits of Testosterone Cypionate directly related to bodybuilding, as well as a good number of more minor benefits that will have a positive effect on your wider well being.

Let’s look at the four main core benefits of Testosterone Cypionate when it’s used at a performance dosage (usually 400mg per week at a minimum, with 1000mg being considered a very high dose):

Muscle Growth

The number one reason men will use Testosterone Cypionate for bodybuilding is for its powerful anabolic effects that promote growth of lean muscle.

Protein synthesis and nitrogen retention is enhanced considerably at performance doses of Testosterone Cypionate and these are the building blocks of lean gains.

It goes without saying that your diet needs to be able to support muscle growth, as does your training.

It is also worth considering that the amount of water retention that develops is going to make a big difference to how your physique appears with your new muscle gains, plus how much of your acquired weight you’ll be able to sustain post cycle.

Higher doses means more water retention and all users should take measures to control fluid as much as possible using anti-estrogen drugs and maintaining a diet low in sodium and simple carbohydrates, while consuming plenty of water to stay well hydrated.

Increased Strength

Testosterone Cypionate has some very specific functions that relate to strength and higher doses are only going to amplify these.

You can expect big strength gains with this steroid, through the improvement of muscle contractions and as a by product of the increased growth of muscle.

With more muscle gains comes a natural strength increase and with the right training plan you will see that this cycle of muscle and strength gains snowballs into what can, by the end of a cycle, be some of the most impressive strength gains seen with just about any steroid.

More Endurance

Testosterone Cypionate boosts red blood cell count well beyond what your body could do on its own with normal testosterone levels.

This oxygen and nutrient carrying blood gives a big increase to muscle endurance, essentially making it easier to work out longer and to lift heavier weights because you’re going to take longer to feel fatigued.

Whether it’s cardiovascular training or weight lifting, this extra endurance gets you pushing through previous maximum limits in reps, sets, weight, distance – you name it. You’ll simply become a better athlete who can work harder for longer.

The practical outcome of this increased endurance, stamina and performance is going to be faster results (as long as you’re prepared to push yourself to those limits while training).

Faster Recovery

Quicker and more efficient recovery should be a high priority for any bodybuilder, and Testosterone Cypionate makes this happen by improving the number of red blood cells in circulation and boosting protein synthesis.

When the damaged muscle tissue (as a result of weights training) is repaired, the muscle grows. This happens naturally without the use of steroids, but Testosterone Cypionate will speed up the process.

This allows you to get back to the gym sooner to work those same muscles again without over training and injury.

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Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects

Testosterone Cypionate is not without its side effects. Even though this is a steroid that’s exactly the same as our naturally produced testosterone, it’s the higher doses that will bring out unwanted adverse effects.

The androgenic rating of Testosterone Cypionate is 100 so those users with genetic predispositions to being more sensitive to androgens will soon find out whether hair loss or acne are going to be a concern when using this steroid.

These are the primary Testosterone Cypionate side effects to watch out for:

  • Gynecomastia and water retention: As a result of aromatization where testosterone is converted to estrogen, excess water retention can develop as can male breast enlargement. Higher doses will increase the severity of these side effects, but most men will find them manageable through the use of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERM) medication. Aromatase Inhibitors should be used with caution because they can have a negative impact on cholesterol.
  • Cardiovascular: Negative cholesterol changes leading to high blood pressure can occur with Testosterone Cypionate. Water retention can also worsen blood pressure. Testosterone Cypionate’s cholesterol risk is considered moderate, but a heart friendly diet should be maintained to lessen the risk.
  • Acne and hair loss: Androgenic side effects can be an issue for anyone with the wrong genetics. Those who have previously suffered with acne can find Testosterone Cypionate causes breakouts on the face and body. Male pattern hair loss is possible for those with this trait in their family history.
  • Testosterone suppression: This steroid will reduce or shut down your normal production of testosterone, so a PCT plan is a must after finishing a cycle of Testosterone Cypionate and allowing it to clear your system.

More than a few steroid users have been caught out with unexpected side effects, or particularly severe ones which aren’t what would be considered normal when using Testosterone Cypionate.

The culprit? Almost always it will be a low quality steroid that hasn’t been manufactured anywhere near to the purity of pharmaceutical grade and this is where disappointment can set in.

Whether it’s deliberate or accidental under dosing, inclusion of ingredients that shouldn’t be there, or poor safety and hygiene practices, if you experience any unusual side effects when using Testosterone Cypionate then you should look closely at the source of where you’ve purchased it from.

Where To Buy Testosterone Cypionate?

Where and how you’re able to buy Testosterone Cypionate will depend on where in the world you live. There are still some countries where obtaining and using anabolic steroids is barely policed or not at all.

While at the other end of the spectrum in the United States we have to deal with very tough laws and restrictions and the increasingly tight legislation around anabolic steroids in the US means people usually need to look overseas to find genuine pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Cypionate.

This is because pharmaceutical production of most or all steroids in the US is now minimal so even if US manufactured Testosterone Cypionate exists, it will be in short supply and very difficult to come by.

Despite this, Testosterone Cypionate is generally very widely available internationally as well as through underground lab suppliers in most countries. It’s one of the most popular steroids so virtually every supplier will maintain constant stock due to there being constant demand for this steroid.

Many online pharmacies sell generic Testosterone Cypionate, but quality will vary as will the reliability of suppliers.

When looking to buy Testosterone Cypionate there are two main classes of quality: pharmaceutical grade and underground lab grade.

Needless to say that pharmaceutical grade is the ultimate quality and one we’d all love to be able to obtain all the time.

Underground lab quality Testosterone Cypionate can vary substantially so you should look at research different labs because in the end, it will be the quality of your Testosterone Cypionate that will heavily influence your experience and results with this steroid.

Testosterone Cypionate is usually manufactured with cottonseed oil for pharmaceutical grade products. Some compounding pharmacies will formulate their own customized versions in different concentrations and vial sizes using grapeseed oil or sesame oil.

Pharmaceutical Grade Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

The best and most pure quality of Testosterone Cypionate you can get is pharmaceutical grade. These products have been manufactured in approved facilities that meet the highest standards and regulations required for all pharmaceutical medicines.

This means the Testosterone Cypionate will be perfectly dosed and uncontaminated which provides the certainty and peace of mind that you can’t get with underground lab Testosterone Cypionate.

Unfortunately the popularity of Testosterone Cypionate can also be its downfall, because it attracts a lot of counterfeit producers and their increasingly sophisticated methods when it comes to packaging and labels can make it very difficult to tell the genuine from the fake.

Both major brands and generic brands of Testosterone Cypionate are targets for counterfeiters. In many cases there’s just no way you will know if you’ve got a genuine product without being able to find out exactly where it was made.

Some of the most well known pharmaceutical companies sell Testosterone Cypionate, such as Pfizer with its Depo-Testosterone with its 200mg/ml 5ml vials.

Many pharmacies now compound their own versions of Testosterone Cypionate and sell them as generics. These can often be cheaper than genuine pharmaceutical brands but research should be done to confirm the legitimacy of the compounding pharmacy before purchase.

Different oils are usually used in compounded versions of Testosterone Cypionate; often you get a choice between sesame oil and grapeseed oil.

The type of oil solution can make a big difference to how comfortable your injections will be (and in some cases, how painful they might be) so it’s important to be aware of the differences in oils.

Underground Lab Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

When you don’t have access to any sources of pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Cypionate, underground labs are often the only other option if you intend to buy your steroids directly rather than through a local contact.

These labs are not approved by any regulators or government, so there is no oversight on the quality of the facilities where the steroids are being manufactured (or their ingredients).

Underground labs can essentially range from large commercial setups to small garage based labs. You won’t know where you’re buying from, even if suppliers advertise themselves as the highest quality (it’s in their financial interest to do so).

So when it comes to Testosterone Cypionate itself, the what is the difference between underground lab and pharmaceutical grade steroids?

If you can get top quality Testosterone Cypionate from an underground lab then at a practical and results level, you might not see any noticeable difference compared to pharmaceutical grade.

But there’s no getting around that with pharmaceutical grade (the genuine stuff) you’re guaranteed the highest purity. You can never have this guarantee with underground lab sourced Testosterone Cypionate.

The factors that largely determine the quality of underground lab manufactured Testosterone Cypionate are:

  • Purity: Does the product contain pure Testosterone Cypionate and no other filler or cheap ingredients?
  • Dosing: Does the actual dose in the vial match up with what’s on the label?
  • Sterility: Are the steroids being manufactured in a sterile environment with high levels of health and safety being adhered to to avoid dangerous contamination?

Without the quality control and legal oversight of pharmaceutical labs you’re essentially rolling the dice when you buy underground lab Testosterone Cypionate and hoping you get a good product.

For many of us, this is the only option and good suppliers certainly do exist. Asking around with local contacts can reveal any underground lab or black market suppliers that others are happy with.

Typical Pricing

The positive side of a very popular steroid like Testosterone Cypionate is the competition from black market and underground sources results in a relatively low priced steroid.

Almost all suppliers will carry Testosterone Cypionate because it’s constantly in demand and this means no one supplier has a monopoly and the ability to raise prices to excessive levels. Most pricing is consistent across suppliers.

Online suppliers that have a minimum quantity you must buy can be cheaper compared to buying only very small amounts of Testosterone Cypionate.

For a standard 200mg/ml concentration you can expect to pay around $150 per 10ml vial from underground labs. For bulk purchases suppliers will often lower this cost to under $100. This can make it cheaper to buy from a local in person source who has purchased in bulk at the lower cost.

Legality Of Testosterone Cypionate

Most countries do not allow the selling, buying or using of Testosterone Cypionate or any other anabolic steroids without a legitimate doctor’s prescription required for medical use.

Outside of this, in the US and most other major countries the use of Testosterone Cypionate for performance purposes is completely illegal.

There are some exceptions, and people can be surprised to learn that in the UK it’s legal to have anabolic steroids for personal use. However, it’s not legal to post steroids in the mail in the UK or to import or export them. To legally obtain anabolic steroids in the UK, the sale must be in person.

In the US, harsh penalties can apply for the buying and selling of the steroid, as well as being caught if you are a competitor and are found through drug testing to have Testosterone Cypionate in your system.

In the US, Testosterone Cypionate is a Schedule III controlled substance which is a category that contains drugs which “may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence.”

Despite these heavy restrictions, those who are determined to buy Testosterone Cypionate will find that it’s easy to locate and purchase via the internet.

Most Testosterone Cypionate in North America is manufactured on the black market so caution must be taken to have the highest chance of buying good quality Testosterone Cypionate.

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Stacking Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is the type of steroid you can stack with just about any other steroid and for just about any purpose.

At its most basic, Testosterone Cypionate can be used as a testosterone replacement at low doses to offset the suppression caused by other steroids. At higher doses in a stack, Testosterone Cypionate will contribute significant anabolic effects from the second or third week of a cycle.

Any steroid you stack Testosterone Cypionate with is going to either compound upon the side effects listed above, or introduce new ones.

Some of the very commonly stacked steroids are Dianabol (a fast working oral steroid that can kick of a cycle quickly), Anavar or Winstrol for cutting, and Deca-Durabolin or Trenbolone for massive strength and muscle gains.


Testosterone Cypionate is not legal to buy or use in the US besides with a genuine doctor’s prescription. It is listed as a Schedule III substances under the Controlled Substances Act. It’s not legal to use Testosterone Cypionate in competitive sports in the US and regular drug testing is undertaken in most sports.

Is Testosterone Cypionate safe?

No steroid can ever be deemed safe when used at performance doses. Testosterone Cypionate would be considered the safest steroid simply because its an unaltered testosterone hormone. However, high doses will always pose a potential health risk including stress to the cardiovascular system.

How much Testosterone Cypionate do bodybuilders take?

A bodybuilding dosage of Testosterone Cypionate will depend on what you want to achieve and if you’re stacking with other steroids.

For basic testosterone replacement, 200mg per week is sufficient. For excellent strength, muscle and recovery results most bodybuilders will take between 500mg and 800mg of Testosterone Cypionate per week.

Where can I buy Testosterone Cypionate?

Bodybuilders will obtain Testosterone Cypionate from underground labs, black market suppliers and online pharmacies as well as through local contacts.

Many counterfeit products are sold under the Depo-Testosterone name so great caution should be taken when choosing where to buy your Testosterone Cypionate to ensure you get the highest quality.

Is black market Testosterone Cypionate dangerous?

Any non officially manufactured Testosterone Cypionate can potentially be dangerous because there is no regulation or approval of the facilities being used to manufacture the black market steroids.

Low quality black market Testosterone Cypionate may contain ingredients that shouldn’t be there, or healthy and safety risks from bacterial contamination.

My Conclusion and Recommendation

Testosterone Cypionate is without a doubt an effective steroid that is easier and more manageable to use than most others; after all it’s just the same testosterone as we naturally produce. But there’s no escaping the fact that if you want big results, you need big doses and that’s where the complications can start.

Testosterone suppression and estrogenic side effects means you can’t get away from having to use additional drugs to combat some of the negative effects of Testosterone Cypionate. These drugs themselves may also come with their own risks.

Then there’s the fact that you really need to use Testosterone Cypionate for 12 weeks minimum, and preferable for 16 weeks to get the results you want. This is a long time to be injecting steroids and although that lifestyle might suit some people, I have found it to be increasingly uncomfortable.

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