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If you’re looking for Testosterone Enanthate for sale then you will find this is one of the easier steroids to source. But you still need to take care in avoiding counterfeit and low quality Testosterone Enanthate, or else you’re probably not going to get the results you expect from this usually reliable steroid.

Testosterone Enanthate for Sale
Testosterone Enanthate for Sale

Even though Testosterone Enanthate is widely available, buying any illegal substance will always come with its risks. So what’s the best place to find Testosterone Enanthate for sale and how can you be as certain as possible that you’re going to get a quality steroid?

Seasoned steroid users usually have their preferred sources, but when you’re relatively new to the world of using steroids you’ll need to dig around to find the best suppliers that can deliver quality gear every time.

As you will find out, you need to remain vigilant every single time you purchase Testosterone Enanthate because a good supplier can turn bad quickly. Let’s dig in to everything you need to know about Testosterone Enanthate and what it does, and how to go about buying it.

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Testosterone Enanthate Benefits (Effects)

Testosterone Enanthate’s wide ranging anabolic effects make it a steroid that can be used in different types of cycles including both bulking and cutting. Some users will also limit Testosterone Enanthate to a low dose purely for testosterone replacement (TRT) while using other suppressive compounds.

Testosterone Enanthate Benefits (Effects)
Testosterone Enanthate Benefits (Effects)

While the effects of Testosterone Enanthate are powerful in their own right, you can design and shape a cycle by stacking it with other steroids that have specific effects: such as cutting with Winstrol or Anavar or bulking with Dianabol or Trenbolone.

The most important benefits and effects of Testosterone Enanthate are:

  • Lean muscle gains: Testosterone Enanthate boosts the process of protein synthesis; the building blocks of muscle tissue. This process combined with faster muscle healing makes Testosterone Enanthate an excellent addition to a bulking cycle but users must be prepared for slower results with this longer acting steroid.
  • Better recovery: Through intensive, regular training muscle is torn and it’s the process of muscle repair that results in growth. Testosterone Enanthate speeds up this muscle tissue repair process, making your recovery times more efficient which allows you to undertake more frequent workouts – ultimately resulting in faster, larger muscle gains.
  • Preserve muscle while losing fat: If you’re on a cutting cycle then your diet will be a low calorie one and this runs the high risk of losing muscle while you burn fat. This catabolic state is to be avoided if you want to maintain body condition, whether it be for competitive purposes or just for your personal physique goals. With Testosterone Enanthate’s anabolic effects you are far less likely to fall into a catabolic state where you start to lose muscle. Testosterone Enanthate can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol which is responsible for loss of muscle tissue.
  • Endurance and stamina: With more endurance and stamina, your capacity to workout harder and longer will increase substantially. Primarily this endurance boost is brought upon by increased red blood cell production, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be circulated and carried to the muscles.

The intensity of the benefits and effects you can experience with Testosterone Enanthate will depend heavily on your dose, but that doesn’t mean dosages should be ramped up to unlimited levels to achieve extreme results.

The balance of side effects and benefits needs to be closely thought out when planning how much Testosterone Enanthate to take, and it’s usually better to stack Testosterone Enanthate with other powerful anabolic steroids to achieve more powerful results, than to increase the dose beyond the maximum recommendations.

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Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects

As with all testosterone steroids there are some familiar side effects that you should be prepared to deal with.

The extent and severity of any Testosterone Enanthate side effects will heavily depend on your dosage. At testosterone replacement levels you’re not likely to suffer with side effects caused by this steroid, but once you start raising the dose to performance levels a number of adverse effects can develop.

With sensible measures you can go a long way to reducing and even preventing many of the side effects caused by higher doses of Testosterone Enanthate and most males will tolerate this steroid well.

Testosterone Enanthate can convert to estrogen, so gynecomastia and water retention can develop. Keeping water retention under control is paramount if you are to avoid raising blood pressure. Using a SERM like Nolvadex will help reduce estrogenic side effects.

This steroid will cause a suppression of natural testosterone production and PCT is a must following your Testosterone Enanthate cycle.

Androgenic side effects like acne and hair loss are most likely in men who have a genetic predisposition to either or both of these conditions.

In the case of hair loss, a DHT blocker can sometimes be used to reduce this side effect but there’s no guarantee it will work to stop male pattern baldness.

At higher doses, Testosterone Enanthate can cause negative changes to your cholesterol. This in turn can also lead to increased blood pressure.

If you’re going to use this steroid then you should be prepared to include plenty of cardio work into your training, while avoiding foods that are known to be bad for cholesterol.

On the positive side, Testosterone Enanthate is not a liver toxic steroid so this is one that we can use without concerns about causing stress to the liver.

Where To Buy Testosterone Enanthate?

Testosterone Enanthate is possibly the easiest steroid to find for purchase and the most widely available one.

Many pharmacies around the world will stock Testosterone Enanthate under various brand names (these products are of course only legally sold to those with a prescription), but you’ll also find most black market suppliers carrying some of the top brands as well as generics.

Generic pharmacy grade Testosterone Enanthate is available in many countries. This type is exactly the same as more well known brands, particular those in North America like Delatestryl, but is usually cheaper.

In the past, Testosterone Enanthate was easier to come by in the US but since that country has seriously cracked down on both the use of anabolic steroids for medical purposes and its manufacture locally, you will no longer find pharmacies in the US stocking the best known brands of Testosterone Enanthate like Testoviron or Testoviron Depot.

In many cases, particularly for US residents, you’ll need to look overseas if you want a particular brand of pharmaceutical Testosterone Enanthate. Some favored generics are sold in Greece, while in India you can find Alpha Pharma Testobolin. The Serbian manufactured Galenika Testosteron Depot is an option, as is a generic product sold under the brand Aburaihan in Iran.

US residents shouldn’t despair though because there are still some generics available here including by manufacturers like Paddock, Watson and Sandoz just to name a few.

These products can still be difficult to locate on the black market though, with more and more sellers finding it too difficult to navigate the very strict laws surrounding anabolic steroids in the United States.

Regardless of where you look (especially outside the US), black market Testosterone Enanthate is in large supply because it’s such a popular steroid and most of these will come from underground labs.

Pharmaceutical Grade Testosterone Enanthate for Sale

Pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Enanthate refers to the products that are manufactured in approved facilities just the same as any other prescription medications are.

This means pharma grade Testosterone Enanthate is the highest quality, most pure form of this steroid you can get. They are perfectly dosed, not contaminated with filler or other ingredients, and are manufactured in the most sterile and professional environment to meet FDA or equivalent standards in respective countries.

If you can find Testosterone Enanthate at pharmaceutical grade level then you know you’re getting the very best version. The best pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Enanthate can be expected to also be the most expensive. In this case, you get what you pay for.

There are different pharmaceutical brands of Testosterone Enanthate in different countries. In the US and Canada the most widely available and well known brand is Delatestryl. But Delatestryl is no longer easy to find due to the strict regulations around anabolic steroids in North America. If you can find Delatestryl, it will be in 5ml vials.

There are generics available of Delatestryl which come in both 5ml and 10ml vials. Unfortunately it has become much more difficult to obtain any pharmaceutical grade steroids that are manufactured in the US due to the increasingly strict laws around performance enhancing substances, including those which are still used medically.

If you are still intent on looking for Delatestryl or generic versions of it, pay close attention to the potential for counterfeit products in circulation. Counterfeiters are well aware of the demand and popularity of Testosterone Enanthate so a fair number of fakes do exist and will not be of the quality that you’d get with genuine pharmaceutical Testosterone Enanthate.

Underground Lab Testosterone Enanthate for Sale

Underground labs refer to manufacturing facilities that are not legally approved and so have no regulation or oversight of their practices.

These labs can be anything from professional type facilities, down to a makeshift lab in basement.

You won’t have any idea of how or where your Testosterone Enanthate is being manufactured in underground labs, or indeed exactly what’s been put into it.

This does run the risk of purchasing poor quality, and potentially even dangerous Testosterone Enanthate products if health and safety measures haven’t been adhered to.

Some underground labs are capable of manufacturing high quality Testosterone Enanthate, but finding these sources can be easier said than done and one of the trickier aspects of buying steroids from underground lab sources is that you can get a top quality product one time, then the next time it’s under-dosed or contaminated.

It can be like rolling a dice each time you buy Testosterone Enanthate from an underground lab but that’s the risk we run when using steroids. Even the most reliable suppliers can, without warning, go bad or even disappear altogether.

If you’re heavily reliant on a consistent supply of Testosterone Enanthate from underground labs, it’s wise to have a few sources lined up because there’s a good chance your favorite supplier isn’t always going to be around, or isn’t always going to be able to deliver the high quality Testosterone Enanthate that you expect.

It’s essential to research these labs, and to ask around for opinions from more experienced users. While no one knows how many underground labs exist that are manufacturing Testosterone Enanthate, it’s widely accepted that while there are some good ones, the number of labs selling poor quality Testosterone Enanthate and other steroids are in the majority.

Even the most respected and sought after brands of Testosterone Enanthate from underground labs should be very affordable. This is one of the most affordable steroids we can use, leaving you with more money to spend on some of the other more expensive steroids that you might plan to stack it with.

Typical Pricing

The cost of Testosterone Enanthate will depend on both its quality and whether it’s pharmacy grade or from an underground lab, as well as where you source it from.

The amount you purchase can also play a role, with some online vendors having a minimum order limit that will generally give you lower pricing than purchasing smaller amounts.

Obviously, if you are only wanting to buy Testosterone Enanthate for yourself then buying in bulk is not practical, and that means accepting a higher price.

Alternatively, sourcing your Testosterone Enanthate from someone in person (who themselves has likely benefited from bulk pricing) can eliminate the need to purchase online and have to deal with the legalities of doing so.

Wherever you decide to buy Testosterone Enanthate there are two things to remember: buying any anabolic steroids is illegal in the US and most other countries, and due diligence is always required in terms of knowing what quality you’re getting and where it’s coming from.

With black market and underground lab Testosterone Enanthate still being at the mercy of counterfeiters at times, getting caught out with buying counterfeit or just plain poor quality Testosterone Enanthate will not only run the risk of not giving you the results you expect, but you can find yourself suffering with a whole lot of side effects that aren’t normally associated with testosterone steroids.

Pricing is not always indicative of quality and often the best method of finding a reliable supplier is simply through word of mouth via local contacts, rather than relying on any marketing or other claims from online sellers.

When you’re looking at pricing of Testosterone Enanthate, pay close attention to the concentration of the formula firstly. The most common available product is a 250mg/ml which gives you 250mg of Testosterone Enanthate for every milliliter of liquid. Some products are sold at 200mg/ml.

These will usually come in vials that can be as small as 1ml each, allowing you to easily measure out your doses as needed. Many of the 200mg/ml product come in in a 5ml vial. These 5ml vials can be found for as low as $30, or up to $100, depending on the brand and supplier.

Legal Testosterone Alternative

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Stacking Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is a versatile steroid that will fit into just about any type of steroid stack.

It’s very common for Testosterone Enanthate to be stacked in bulking cycles, as well as being used at a TRT dose to combat the testosterone suppression caused by other steroids.

Cutting cycles can benefit from Testosterone Enanthate’s ability to preserve lean muscle and increase strength.

Some of the steroids commonly stacked with Testosterone Enanthate include:

  • Deca-Durabolin
  • Dianabol
  • Trenbolone
  • Anavar
  • Anadrol

While these are some of the more common stacking options, Testosterone Enanthate can and is stacked with just about any steroid because of its versatility and wide ranging effects and benefits that cover bulking, cutting, recovery, performance and of course, testosterone replacement support.

Users will either stack just one of these additional steroids or combine several into a well planned stack. Because Testosterone Enanthate takes time to kick in and provide benefits, starting a cycle out with a very fast acting steroid like Dianabol and allow Testosterone Enanthate to kick in several weeks into the cycle is a common strategy.


Like all anabolic steroids, Testosterone Enanthate is a controlled and prohibited substance that is not legal to buy or purchase in the US without a genuine doctor’s prescription.

In world competitive sports, Testosterone Enanthate is illegal and drug testing will test for this and all other steroids.

Laws within individual countries differ so it’s important to know your local laws before buying or important Testosterone Enanthate for personal use.

What type of testosterone do bodybuilders use?

There are a number of different ester variants of testosterone, but they all contain the same unaltered testosterone hormone.

The enanthate ester attached to the testosterone hormone causes a slower release after injecting so you don’t require daily injections.

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the more popular testosterone steroids, along with Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Propionate.

How can I prevent acne while on Testosterone Enanthate?

If you’re prone to getting acne then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to prevent it while using this steroid.

Keeping a healthy skin regime can help – staying hydrated and avoiding oily and sugar filled foods – but acne can be a very difficult side effect to mitigate when using Testosterone Enanthate.

Can Testosterone Enanthate cause hair thinning?

Testosterone Enanthate can have strong androgenic side effects including hair loss.

Not all men will experience this, but if you are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness then you’re more likely to notice hair thinning or loss.

Using a medication like Finasteride can help to stop DHT from shrinking the hair follicles which causes loss of hair.

Does Testosterone Enanthate give you high cholesterol?

Testosterone Enanthate can change your cholesterol levels negatively, although it is rarely as severe as many other steroids.

If you already have poor cholesterol or cardiovascular health then you should take extra precautions when using this steroid as increased cholesterol can also raise blood pressure.

What happens if you take too much Testosterone Enanthate?

Taking excessive doses of Testosterone Enanthate can result in increased acne and hair loss, fluid retention, high cholesterol and blood pressure, mood changes like irritation or aggression, and shutdown of natural testosterone production.

Final Thoughts

Testosterone Enanthate can sound like an easy steroid to use. It’s often talked about as being very safe, and while it’s true that because this is an unmodified form of the natural hormone testosterone it is relatively safer than some of other much more harsh steroids out there, the fact is that ALL anabolic steroids come with a list of risks – both short term and long term.

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